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WWC Halloween Wrestling Xtravaganza - 31 октомври 2009


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Grudge Match - If Ray Gonzalez loses his head will be shaved!

"Mr. Raytings" Ray Gonzalez (w/ Felix 'Tito' Trinidad) vs. Orlando "The Nightmare" Colon (w/ Debbie Rose)

Barbed Wire Steel Cage Match: WWC World Tag Team Titles vs. Thunder & Lighting's masks!

The American Family ("Superstar" Idol Stevens & Shawn Spears) © vs. The Heavy Artillery (Thunder & Lighting)

Scaffold Match

"The Sensational" Carlitos vs. "The Ruler of the World" Hiram Tua

Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match to determine the N1 contender for the WWC Universal Title

"The Phenomenon" BJ vs. Abbad vs. "The Rebel" Noriega

Някакъв gimmick мач, чието име на мога да преведа

"The King of Pro-Wrestling" Chicky Starr vs. Jose Chaparro

Hardcore Match

"The Buffalo" Bison Smith vs. El Bronco

WWC Jr. Heavyweight Title Match

"The Havana Pitbull" Ricky Reyes © vs. "The Man Beast" Angel vs. "Mr. San Juan" Tommy Diablo vs. Ricochet

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WWC Halloween Wrestling Xtravaganza

October 31st, 2009

Attendance: 1000

1.WWC Junior Heavyweight Title: Ricochet def. Ricky Reyes, Tommy Diablo & Angel to win the Title

2.El Bronco def. Comandante

3.Chicky Starr def. Jose Chaparro

4.Noriega def. BJ & Abbad to become the N1 contender for the WWC Universal Title - Very good match. Lots of blood and weapons in this one.

5.Scaffold Match: Carlito def. Hiram Tua

6.Grudge Match: Ray Gonzalez def. Orlando Colon - Good, bloody match.

7.Steel Cage Match - Titles vs. Masks: Thunder & Lightning def. Idol Stevens & Shawn Spears to win the Titles and keep their masks - Fantastic match.

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