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IGF Genome 10 - 3 ноември 2009


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IGF "GENOME10", 11/03/2009

Tokyo JCB Hall

1. Naoya Ogawa vs. Yoshihiro Takayama

2. Bob Sapp vs. Montanha Silva

Междувременно, в New Japan Pro-Wrestling:



Shinsuke Nakamura calls out Antonio Inoki

Right after capturing the IWGP Heavyweight Title Shinsuke Nakamura took the microphone and said (roughly), "Does the IWGP title shine like it did in the old days? I don't think it does. It isn't good enough. Inoki! I'll get back the old IWGP title!" Nakamura gave the impression that he wanted to retire the fourth generation title and "find Inoki's belt", the original IWGP Heavyweight Title. Could this mean interaction with Inoki or IGF or IGF kingpins Naoya Ogawa and Josh Barnett? Still to this day Nakamura seeks the "strong professional wrestling" that was lost due to the now-dead MMA boom in Japan and this perhaps explains finally why he created CHAOS - to pursue said route in a changing environment where it was no longer supported like in the past, with "showman" Hiroshi Tanahashi as the poster boy. Nakamura has fully revived his "Strong Style" route only with an edge nowadays that those he used to fight (Fujita, Takayama, Suzuki, Shibata, etc.) had. Shinsuke makes his V1 defense of the title at Sumo Hall against ZERO1 boss Shinjiro Otani and will be hoping to start his reign positively so that his words can be turned into actions.


New Japan vs. IGF imminent?

Signs are emerging of a possible war between New Japan and Antonio Inoki’s IGF. Shinsuke Nakamura is relentless in his attempt to get Antonio Inoki’s attention as he is seeking the first generation IWGP Heavyweight Title, the symbol of Strong Style. New Japan isn’t sure how to handle Nakamura and President Sugabayashi is maintaining a “no comment” stance. IGF officials have responded, saying Nakamura’s remarks are courageous and suggesting something could happen at IGF’s 11/3 Tokyo JCB Hall show. New Japan has another Sumo Hall show five days after that, so it is possible they could be linked to each other.

The master himself, Antonio Inoki, has yet to comment as he is in New York at the moment, and neither Naoya Ogawa or Josh Barnett of IGF have commented either. Nakamura at present has no interest in IGF, only in hearing Inoki’s thoughts. This is all very remniscent of the New Japan vs. UFO feud from the late 90s when Inoki went to war with the company he founded, using Ogawa as his assassin which eventuated in him completely defeating the legendary Shinya Hashimoto and forcing Hashimoto into temporary retirement. While this could become one of the hottest storylines of recent years, especially if Nakamura vs. Ogawa becomes the center of it, there is always a risk of chaos when New Japan and Antonio Inoki butt heads.

Hiroshi Tanahashi held an emergency interview today to comment on Nakamura. This represents a battle of ideologies as the New Japan of today is very much painted in Tanahashi’s “color”, allowing him to excel as the ace. Should Nakamura do what he plans to do and revive the “old Strong Style” then that could make him the poster boy of the company. Tanahashi naturally doesn’t see any reason why New Japan should change as he believes the NJ of today is fine. Tanahashi is eager to return early so he can try and get the belt off Nakamura and avoid Nakamura entering risky territory, but when the G1 Tag League was mentioned to him, Tanahashi ruled it out and said he doesn’t have a tag partner anyway.

Of course, Nakamura has always been fearless and dabbled with danger (such as his MMA advances) so would probably love the chance to fight IGF’s best and risk the title. Nakamura is no stranger to controversy, having won the IWGP Heavyweight Title as a rookie then a month later, having beaten Yoshihiro Takayama to win the NWF Heavyweight Title and sealing it right after. Nakamura then went on to seal the IWGP U-30 Openweight Title (though it made a brief comeback) and was the man who ended the IWGP 3rd Belt debacle by beating Kurt Angle and sealing it. If he could capture the original IWGP Heavyweight Title somehow, he would then have two more generations of the title in his hand and we could once again see a famous “Nakamura seal”.


Josh Barnett calls out Nakamura

Former New Japan gaijin ace, Josh Barnett, now of IGF, has broken his silence on the issue of Shinsuke Nakamura seeking the “original” IWGP Heavyweight Title. Barnett provoked Shinsuke by saying if he wants the old IWGP belt to enter IGF and fight him, and prove himself on Inoki’s turf.

Should Nakamura accept Josh’s challenge, the company’s 11/3 show at JCB Hall in Tokyo would seem like a fitting destination. The show currently has Naoya Ogawa vs. Yoshihiro Takayama and Bob Sapp vs. Montanha Silva set but Barnett isn’t booked yet. Barnett, much like his days in New Japan, continues to juggle MMA with pro wrestling successfully, and is still considered to be one of the top heavyweight fighters in the world.

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IGF "GENOME10", 11/03/2009 (Samurai! TV)

Tokyo JCB Hall

2,780 Fans - Super No Vacancy Full House

1. Next New Generation: Akira Sada vs. Keisuke Okuda ended in a Time Limit Draw (10:00).

2. Hideki Suzuki def. Katsuhisa Fujii (5:05) via Pinfall.

3. "Strongman" Jon Andersen def. Masato Shibata (3:00) with a Powerbomb.

4. Eric Hammer def. Taka Kunou (7:33) with a German Suplex Hold.

5. Super Legend Match: First Tiger Mask & Yoshiaki Fujiwara def. Tatsumi Fujinami & Ultimo Dragon (12:18) when Tiger used a Japanese Leg Lock Clutch Hold on Ultimo.

6. Hyper Monster Battle: Bob Sapp def. Montanha Silva (2:52) with a Beast Slam.

7. Who´s Next Challenger: Josh Barnett def. Atsushi Sawada (9:23) with a Liger Bomb.

8. King of Kings: Naoya Ogawa def. Yoshihiro Takayama (12:05) with a Doujime Sleeper.

- Atsushi Sawada came out for his match with the 1st Generation IWGP Belt, which Shinsuke Nakamura has been talking about bringing back to New Japan. After losing the match Sawada gave the belt to Josh Barnett who then proceeded to challenge Nakamura and said that it doesn't matter where they would fight (IGF, NJPW or AJPW).

- The 15-year-old Akira Sada (11/24/1993, 176 cm, 90 kg) is the second youngest debutant in the history of mainstream puroresu (the youngest debutant ever is Katsuhiko Nakajima).

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