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IPW:UK - 5th Anniversary Show - 13 септември 2009


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Едно от по-значимите британски шоута за тази година. Официални резултати:

IPW:UK - 5th Anniversary Show

Match 1 - Dream Tag Team Match: The All Stars (Mikey Whiplash & Robbie Dynamite) defeated The Kartel (Terry Frazier & Sha Samuels) with a double team Elevated Face Plant, after some mis-communication between Frazier and Samuels, in 14:43.

Match 2 - No Disqualification Match: Spud defeated Nick 'Oblivion' Aldis (a.k.a. Brutus Magnus) via pinfall after a Top Rope Sunset Powerbomb in 9:31. The bout went all over the Wyvern Hall, and during the bout Spud darted into a daring Suicide Senton from the stage down onto Oblivion.

During the night IPW:UK fans had the chance to hear from some of the stars of IPW who were unable to compete. Dave Moralez injured his ankle and knee last week and is out for 2-3 months, even more of a shame now than ever as in one month's time he is scheduled to go and complete a training course with OVW in the United States. Dave says he will recover as fast as possible, still go to the States, and come back in 2010 looking to defeat the winner of tonight's Kincaide/Shane bout.

Match 3 - The Anniversary Gauntlet Match: James Mason defeated Lionheart in 12:41; Martin Stone defeats James Mason in a further 6:48 after a Lariat; Martin Stone defeated Jon Ryan in 10:40 via London Bridge to win the Gauntlet match in a total time of 30:15.

After the bout, Stone was in the ring bringing up his best memories from 5 Years of IPW:UK, including going to a time limit draw with Samoa Joe and winning the IPW:UK Title 2 times, before he was interrupted by a man making his way to an IPW:UK ring for the first time, the hard as nails Danny Garnell. Garnell blindsided Stone and managed to beat the former champion down solidly for minutes, introducing himself to the crowd on the microphone, before word got back to The Kartel who made the save. Numbers were soon evened up however, as The All Stars came down to attack their opponents from earlier in the evening.

With the teams levelled, Stone proposed that on November 22nd at Brawl @ The Hall 09, we see The Firm (Stone/Frazier/Samuels) take on The All Stars (Whiplash/Dynamite) and Garnell. The challenge was accepted and the match has been signed!

---- Interval ----

Match 4 - Cruiserweight Contendership Singles Match: The returning 'Wonderkid' Jonny Storm defeated The British Eagle via pinfall in 10:36 after the Wonderwhirl.

Match 5 - IPW:UK Title & All England Title Unification Match: Leroy Kincaide [All England Champion; 1st defence] defeated 'The Showstealer' Alex Shane [iPW:UK Champion; 1st defence] via pinfall after 2 Spears in 19:38 to unify two major British singles titles and become the Undisputed IPW:UK British Champion!

Match 6 - Main Event - Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match for the Undisputed British Tag Titles: The Leaders (Scurll/Sabre) © [4th defence] defeated The Thrillers (Haskins/Redman w/ 'Gentleman' Gilligan Gordon) after retreiving the tag belts from above the ring in 26:16 of absolute chaos! Highlights for the fans included (and are just some of the numerous) a dive from the balcony by Marty Scurll, a Ryanoku Driver through a table laced with ladders and chairs by Zack Sabre Jr, and a Top-Rope Tombstone Piledriver through two fully set-up chairs by Joel Redman onto Zack Sabre Jr.

And, to top everything off, fans saw Gilligan Gordon, who had tried to interfere for the entire bout, get his come-uppance as Sabre Jr hit a solid head kick to the manager of the Thrillers knocking him out cold, and finally allowing The Leaders a fair fight, leading to them retaining their titles and finally getting physical posession of both belts!


The Kartel vs The All-Stars was a good opener. The moment where Terry was maneuvered into hitting an ace crusher on Sha was convoluted, and the only hint at the potential Kartel break-up, that hopefully isn't going to happen quite yet.... aside from that, solid action, and with events later in the show, it made sense that they didn't go completely OTT with everything they had here.

Spud v Oblivion was a good strong no dq match. They took it all over the hall and on the entranceway too and was an enjoyable match.

The star of the Global Gauntlet for me was James Mason, who had his working boots on. I missed some of the opening Mason/Lionheart segment, so I can't fairly comment on that other than second hand info, but the Stone vs Mason segment was great. Mason even busted out some lucha, which was very impressive. The final bit with Stone vs Jon Ryan was stupidly stiff (Jon was bleeding from his chest), but really intriguing. The two work well together. Ryan lost, of course.

As for the post match, I've seen Danny Garnell wrestle live, but I actually had no clue who Generic Man #17 was when he ran out and attacked Stone. It wasn't until he introduced himself to the crowd that I actually realised who it was. Garnell is one of the best LDN-ers, and the fact that he's immediately being plugged into a feud with The Guvnor can only bode well for him. I wonder what percentage of the audience got the the "You're Bagga's BITCH!" comment.

During the interval Brutus was letting people get a photo holding the IGWP belt for £3 so got one taken which was cool. Massive line for that too.

Jonny Storm vs British Eagle was pretty good. I'd say both guys had better matches in Chatham, but this was almost booked as comedy filler before the main events, so you can't criticise for them filling the role required.

Next was Leroy Kincaide vs. Alex Shane. Alex Shane came out and cut an awesome promo. Really came across as an arrogany pyscho and got a lot of heat by throwing out some good insults at anyone heckling him. This helped create a big grudge match feel to this. This match was brilliant I thought. Leroy took a real beating but everytime you thought he was down and out he came back. Lots of near falls. At one point Alex slapped a 'fan' across the face who was shouting at him which was really well done with security rushing over to check he guy was alright. Later on in the night a fan (not sure if this was the same guy) started squaring up to him and Shane just smashed him in the face with a huge punch to the jaw and a little scuffle with the guys friends and security broke out. I was sitting literally right next to this in the front row and it was such a harsh punch - the impact and sound of his fist connecting with the guys jaw was nasty. It was a pretty amazing worked shoot that came across very real. When Leroy won the place erupted and it was a great match. Would love to see a rematch at some point but they seemed to be suggesting Shane wouldn't be invited back to work with IPW.

The TLC main event was everything everyone expected - amazing. Highlight had to be seeing Zak take a top rope tombstone through two chairs. Was a real holy shit moment with Zak being taken backstage after and he me genuinely worried about his health. He made his return later in the match and Leaders got the win and the place erupted again. A real classic.

Overall it was a fantastic show by IPW:UK and certainly a very fitting anniversary show. They arena was sold out too so that's another plus for the promotion.

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