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WSW European Championship - Portugal 2009 (11-12 септември 2009)


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Нека да има. :) Ей така в сферата на любопитното:

Promotion: WSW (World Stars of Wrestling)

Event: WSW European Championship - Portugal 2009

Dates: September 11th & September 12th, 2009

Location: Portimao, Portugal

Participants in the two night, single elimination style tournament to crown a new WSW European Champion:

Ulf Herman (Germany)

"The Wonderkid" Jonny Storm (UK)

Juan Casanova (Spain)

"The Phoenix" Jody Fleisch (Spain)

Kenzo Richards (Holland)

Mad Dog (Portugal)

Johnny Moss (UK)


Also scheduled for the events:

Rob Van Dam

Lance Cade

Travor Murdoch

Joe E Legend

"Gracious" Gabriel DeRose

The Archangel

Ultra Psycho

Arte Gore

Seth Bollinger

Dianna Dark

Joanna "Lightning" Gault

Miss Sylvie

and many others.

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RVD won over Joe E. Legend to become the new WSW Champion, on September 11th and retained his new Belt on September 12th with a win over Lance Cade.

Portugal's own Mad Dog is the new WSW EUROPEAN CHAMPION after wins over Spains Juan Casanova, Italy's Giorgio Castano and the WildCard of the ournament in the finals, ICEBORG.

Thousands upon thousands of fans gathered for 2 days of fun, hard, fast and entertaining WSW action at the Portimão Arena in Portimão, Portugal.

Quick set of results :

Day 1

European Championship Quarter Finals:

Kenzo Richards (Hol) d. Johnny Moss (Uk)

6 person mixed tag team:

Arte Gore, "Gracious" Gabriel DeRose & Dianna Dark d. Archangel, Seth Bollinger & Joanna "Lightning" Gault

European Championship Quarter Finals :

Giorgio Castano (It) d. Jonny Storm (Uk)

European Championship Quarter Finals :

Mad Dog (Por) d. Juan Casanova (Sp)

Portuguese Championship qualifyers :

Ultra Psycho d. Tony De Portugal

Lance Cade d. Trevor Murdock to become the #1 Contender for the WSW World Title

European Championship Quarter Finals:

Iceborg d. Jody Fleisch (Uk)

WSW World Title Match:

Rob Van Dam d. Joe E. Legend to become the NEW WSW Champion


Day 2

3 Way Uk Glory Match

Jonny Storm d. Johnny Moss & Jody Fleisch

European Championship Semi Finals:

Iceborg d. Kenzo Richards (Hol)

APW Portuguese Title Match

Juan Casanova Retained with a win over Ultra Psycho

#1 Contender match for the WSW World Title:

Joe E. Legend d. Trevor Murdock

European Championship Semi Finals :

Mad Dog (Por) d. Giorgio Castano (It)

Gauntlet to determine the #1 contender for the WSW European Championship and European Championship Ranking

Juan Casanova took the win for the opportunity to face the European Champion. Other partgicipants on the gauntlet :

Kenzo Richards, Seth Bollinger, Arte Gore, Ultras Psycho, Danny Hell, Gabriel DeRose, Giorgio Castano, Jonny Storm, Jody Fleisch, Johnny Moss, Dnamite.

European Championship Finals :

Mad Dog (Por) defeated Iceborg to become the New WSW European Champion

World Title Match:

ROB VAN DAM defeated Lance Cade to retain the WSW World Title

Pictures from the shows available at:


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