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AAA Verano de Escandalo - 21 август 2009


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Steel Cage Match for the AAA Heavyweight Title

(The first person to escape the cage wins the match)

Dr. Wagner Jr. © vs. El Mesias vs. Cibernetico

Hair/Mask Steel Cage Match

(The last remaining person in the cage loses his hair or mask)

Fabi Apache vs. Billy Boy vs. Aerostar vs. Sexy Star

No Rules, No Disqualification Match

Chessman vs. Charly Manson

Octagon, La Parka & Marco Corleone vs. La Wagnermania (Silver King, Electroshock & Ultimo Gladiador)

Ladders & Chairs Match

Gronda II & Elegido vs. La Hermandad Extrema (Nicho el Millionario & Joe Lider)

AAA Cruiserweight Title Match

Extreme Tiger © vs. Jack Evans vs. Teddy Hart vs. Alex Koslov vs. Rocky Romero

Psycho Circus (Murder Clown, Zombie Clown & Monster Clown) vs. Los Yakuza (Kenzo Suzuki, Sugi & Oriental)

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Не знаех, че Кензо Сузуки се подвизава в AAA. Както и да е. Като цяло, въпреки че рядко гледам неща от Мексико, кардът изглежда повече от интересен, къде заради участниците, къде заради правилата на мача. Определено Cruiserweight Championship-a хваща окото с участниците в него. Имам интерес и към МЕ-та и естествено към мача на Корлеоне (личен фаворит е, все пак). Щом е утре има ли шанс в събота да се появи из някой по-известен тракер?

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Шоуто е утре, а излъчването му по тв в Мексико e следващата седмица. Всъщност, в момента ААА и телевизията, която излъчва главните им шоута имат някакви проблеми и миналата седмица нямаше шоу на ААА по тази телевизия, така че нищо не е сигурно на 100%. Излъчването на шоуто в САЩ е през последните две седмици на септември (ако, както обикновено, шоуто бъде излъчено на две части) и обикновено тогава се появява по тракерите, освен ако преди това някой мексиканец не се навие да го качи в някой тракер веднага след излъчването на шоуто в Мексико (най-вероятно пак на две части).

Между другото, Kenzo Suzuki е в ААА oт две години и половина. :)

И второ между другото, за незапознатите: Sugi = Takuya Sugi = El Blazer = Yoshitsune = останалите имена на един от топ high-flyer-ите в света.

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Steel Cage Match for the AAA Heavyweight Title

(The first person to escape the cage wins the match)

Dr. Wagner Jr. © vs. El Mesias vs. Cibernetico

Lol това наистина изглежда много добре.. в колко tag мача участваха тези имена през изминалите месеци, много оригинална идея да ги вкарат за титлата на Wagner и то в клетка. Определено ще се гледа!

AAA Cruiserweight Title Match

Extreme Tiger © vs. Jack Evans vs. Teddy Hart vs. Alex Koslov vs. Rocky Romero

Това също изглежда специално! Еванс направи няколко участия тези месеци ще е добро попълнение.. Verano de Escandalo ще кърти наистина.. няма как да не се тегли.

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AAA Verano de Escandalo


Centro de Convenciones de Ciudad Madero

1. Psycho Circus (Murder Clown, Monster Clown & Zombie Clown) def. Los Yakuza (Kenzo Suzuki, Oriental & Sugi)

2. AAA Cruiserweight Title Match: Alex Koslov def. Extreme Tiger ©, Jack Evans, Rocky Romero & Teddy Hart to win the Title

3. Hardcore Match: La Hermandad Extrema (Nicho el Millionario & Joe Lider) def. Gronda II & Elegido

4. La Wagnermania (Electroshock, Silver King & Ultimo Gladiador) def. La Parka, Marco Corleone & Octagon

5. Street Fight: Charly Manson def. Chessman

6. Mask/Hair Steel Cage Match: Billy Boy lost his hair to Fabi Apache

7. Steel Cage Match for the AAA Heavyweight Title: Dr. Wagner Jr. © def. Cibernetico & El Mesias to retain his Title.

Monster Clown pinned Kenzo Suzuki with a big senton. Psycho Circus' undefeated streak continues.

After many many moves, Koslov fouled Tiger and pinned him. Teddy helped out, distracting the referee.

Hardcore match saw people bleed and the tag champs win. As had been rumored, the original Gronda (Groon XXX) returned to AAA, helping beat up the tecnicos post match thus setting up a Gronda vs. Gronda match.

Ultimo Gladiador was introduced as a surprise addition to the Wagner team. He also wore a mask. Silver King yanked Parka's mask and got the pin. Tecnicos - including Octagoncito - danced post match.

They saved the ligthbulb tubes for Charly vs. Chessman. No big Chessman fall. It sounds like Chessman got partially knocked out on a hurracanrana, Charly put him him in La Poza, and Charly grabbed Chessman's hand and forced him to tap out.

In the hair/mask cage match Sexi escaped first, then Aerostar. Fabi and Billy battled on the cage, and finally Billy lost his hair once again.

In between cage matches, Tirantes turned up again to confront Joaquin Roldan - vowing that if AAA was going to make him disappear, then AAA needed to disappear. Tirantes brought out a friend - Konnan, who brought out his new group of Teddy Hart, Nicole, Rain (Payton Banks) and Roxxi (Nikki Roxx). Fabi confronted the women, and was jumped by the returning Esther Moreno. Sexi Star wasn't sure which way to side.

Main event was changed into an quasi-elimination match. First elimination was pinfall/submission, and Cibernetico was beat after going through a table and being pinned by Mesias. It turned into a first person out of the cage wins bit after that. Silver King and Electroshock prevented Mesias from leaving, Wagner got him with the Wagner Driver, and escaped.

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