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CHIKARA Young Lions Cup VII


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CHIKARA “Young Lions Cup VII: Night One”

August 14, 2009 ~ Palmer Community Center, Easton, PA

It was quite the opening night in the seventh annual Young Lions Cup as half of the field took to the field and only one man walked away victorious. That man was Colin Delaney, the third UnStable member and the only member of that trio yet to have tasted Young Lions Cup gold.

However, the story of the night was not Colin getting one step closer to joining Vin Gerard and STIGMA in the winner’s circle, but the transformation of Create-A-Wrestler.

For the third consecutive year the former Moscow and Ultimo Breakfast received a fan-created character. This year’s winning entry created by this site’s own Smurf and George has arguably already brought him the most success, as Dasher Hatfield, the baseball player from yesteryear, stepped into the ring. He raised a number of eyebrows in the opening round by surviving Jason Hades’ Killswitch and going on to win, but nobody could have expected what happened in the 6-way. Dasher eliminated both Cloudy and Brendan Michael Thomas, debuting the Grand Slam to finish off the former, and he took Colin to the very limit, kicking out of numerous moves before falling at the final hurdle. Colin Delaney is your finalist but Dasher Hatfield may be here to stay.

1. Young Lions Cup ~ Opening Round: Brendan Michael Thomas beat Frightmare (7:53) with a low crossbody.

2. Young Lions Cup ~ Opening Round: Hydra beat Tim Donst (9:14) with a front bridge.

3. Young Lions Cup ~ Opening Round: Dasher Hatfield beat Jason Hades (8:35) with a sheerdrop Beach Break.

4. Young Lions Cup ~ Opening Round: KC “Cloudy” Day beat Chimaera (10:42) with a flipping Square Driver.

5. Young Lions Cup ~ Opening Round: Colin Delaney beat Homeless Guy (7:24) with the RKO.

6. Young Lions Cup ~ Opening Round: Lince Dorado beat Prince Mustafa Ali (12:33) with the One-Man Spanish Fly.

7. Brodie Lee beat Cheech Hernandez (10:02) with a powerbomb.

8. Fire Ant & Soldier Ant [The Colony] beat Jagged & Shane Matthews [2.0] (13:33) when they used the Ants Go Marching on Jagged.

9. Young Lions Cup ~ Semi-Final ~ 6-Way Elimination Match: Colin Delaney beat Lince Dorado, Brendan Michael Thomas, KC “Cloudy” Day, Dasher Hatfield & Hydra (20:08). Dorado eliminated Hydra (7:18) with the Lynxsault. Delaney eliminated Dorado (7:32) with the STF. Hatfield eliminated KC Day (13:57) with the Grand Slam. Hatfield eliminated Thomas (15:40) with the CHIKARA Special. Delaney eliminated Hatfield (20:08) with a high speed prawn hold.


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Фен съм на CHI.. но този евент въобще не изглежда интересен! Може би ще се гледа заради The Colony ("баси" якия стейбъл) vs Jagged & Matthews.. Главният мач е fluke! Като цяло добър tournament с lame край.. Delaney who?

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Не гледам CHIKARA от отдавна, но съм останал с впечатление, че YLC е шоу за подчертаване на нови звезди и да се даде шанс и на по-младите да блеснат. Пет от имената не ми говорят нищо, но предполагам, че са ученици от Chikara Factory и това сигурно са им първите по-големи изяви, така че може да се изгледа, за да се види какво ни очаква завбъдеще. Първите две вечери ще са така, третата обаче ще е страхотна.

The Colony вече събраха 3 точки, ако се броят турнената им в Япония, така че стига да не ги изгубят, може скоро да се очаква The Colony vs. Osirian Portal и предвид от колко време OP държи титлите и колко пъти са ги защитавали, май е време да ги пуснат.

“The ECW” (Extremely Cute Wrestler) Colin Delaney лично на мен ми е забaвен в CHIKARA и пародирането на по-известните WWE финишъри и маниеризми от посредствен до болка на вид кечист, но все пак съм малко разочарован - очаквах Lince Dorado да спечели. Вярно, че си е достатъчно известен и няма нужда от победа в турнира, но същото може да се каже и за Delaney, а между двамата предпочитам Dorado. Да се надяваме, че плана не е да направят всички в UnStable Young Lions Cup holder-и.

Ето и кардовете за 15 и 16:

15 August

Young Lions Cup: Night Two

YLC Tournament Opening Rounds:

Soldier Ant vs. Carpenter Ant

Darin Corbin vs. Ryan Cruz

Player Uno vs. Player Dos

Leonino vs. Grizzly Redwood

Shane Hollister vs. Trik Davis

Yellow Dog vs. Bret Race

Non-Tournament Bouts:

Mascarita Dorada & Turbo vs. Jorge “Skayde” Rivera & Pierrothito

Arik Cannon vs. Lince Dorado

16 August

Young Lions Cup: Night Three

YLC Final -

Colin Delaney vs. ???

Lucha Libre Explosion

Mascarita Dorada vs. Pierrothito

Anniversario Rematch

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Eddie Kingston

Golden Dream: Triangle Trios Match

The Future Is Now (Equinox, Jigsaw & Helios) vs. The UnStable (Vin Gerard & STIGMA) & Chuck Taylor vs. Fire Ant, Arik Cannon & Hallowicked

Mike Quakenbush & Jorge “Skayde” Rivera vs. ???

4 Corners Elimination Tag Team Match

F.I.S.T. (Icarus & Gran Akuma) vs. The Order of the Neo-Solar Temple (UltraMantis Black & Delirious) vs. ??? vs. ???


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The big Young Lions Cup weekend rolls on tonight with the second night of tournament action in Easton! After a night that saw the birth of a star in young Dasher Hatfield (the new gimmick for Create-a-Wrestler) along with a huge upset as Brandon Michael Thomas put away Frightmare in the first match of the night, the tournament’s already been one where the fans have grown to expect the unexpected. Now, with three inter-stable showdowns and the mysterious “Bret Race” making his debut, it’s certain that tonight should be more of the bizarre and incredible.

Show’s starting a bit late than usual. Lince Dorado is out for his match with Arik Cannon after last night’s knee injury suffered in his match with Prince Mustafa Ali. Also, Turbo is out after some issues traveling into the country. Replacements will be made for both matches. All 12 of tonight’s competitors are brought out; Bret Race mysteriously didn’t come out when his name was announced.

CHIKARA “Young Lions Cup VII: Night Two”

August 15, 2009 ~ Palmer Community Center, Easton, PA

1. Young Lions Cup ~ Opening Round: Vökoder beat Yellow Dog (3:37) with a SDT.

2. Young Lions Cup ~ Opening Round: Soldier Ant beat Carpenter Ant (10:06) with the CHIKARA Special.

3. Young Lions Cup ~ Opening Round: Ryan Cruz beat Darin Corbin (12:12) with the “Boom Shaka-laka”.

4. Young Lions Cup ~ Opening Round: Trik Davis beat Shane Hollister (13:58) with the Perfect Driver.

5. Young Lions Cup ~ Opening Round: Grizzly Redwood beat El Leonino (7:12) with the French-Canadian Brainbuster.

6. Young Lions Cup ~ Opening Round: Player Dos beat Player Uno (11:50) with a frog splash.

7. Jigsaw beat Arik Cannon (10:50) with a jackknife pin.

8. Pierrothito beat Mascarita Dorada (10:59) with a back-bridging chinlock.

9. Young Lions Cup ~ Semi-Final ~ 6-Way Elimination Match: Player Dos beat Vökoder, Soldier Ant, Ryan Cruz, Trik Davis & Grizzly Redwood (17:35) .Vökoder eliminated Cruz (4:07) with the SDT. Soldier Ant eliminated Redwood (7:24) with a small package. Vökoder eliminated Davis (12:03) with the SDT. Player Dos eliminated Vökoder (12:58) with a standing skytwister press. Player Dos eliminated Soldier Ant (17:35) with a frog splash.

Значи Player Dos vs. Colin Delaney за финал... fuck. Явно все пак UnStable ще бъдат All YLC Winners. Лошо няма, това ще си е стимул да помпат арогантността на групата, но наистина ми се щеше Lince Dorado да спечели това.


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The big day is here, readers of CHIKARA Fans – the final day of Young Lions Cup VII! In just a few short hours, a new king of the singles’ land will be named, and it’ll either be The UnStable’s Colin Delaney, or one of this year’s biggest surprise singles competitors, Super Smash Brother Player Dos. That’s not all that’s set for today, though, as we’ll also see the continuation of the traditional Golden Dream match as three trios of former YLC holders will do battle. Add into the mix a four-corner elimination tag match that could see a team gain three points in a matter of one match, a rematch from last night’s showdown between Mascarita Dorada and Pierrothito, the latest battle in the ongoing feud between Claudio Castagnoli and Eddie Kingston…and we’re in for one heck of an afternoon in Philadelphia! again today.

CHIKARA “Young Lions Cup VII: Night Three”

August 16, 2009 ~ Palmer Community Center, Easton, PA

1. Player Uno, Yellow Dog & Dasher Hatfield beat Tim Donst, Hydra & KC “Cloudy” Day (8:12) when Hatfield used the Grand Slam on Hydra.

2. Brodie Lee & Grizzly Redwood beat Darin Corbin & Ryan Cruz (8:42) when Lee pinned Cruz after a doomsday device.

3. Gran Akuma & Icarus [F.I.S.T.] beat UltraMantis Black & Delirious [Order of the Neo-Solar Temple], Soldier Ant & Green Ant [The Colony] and Chiva V & Halcon Guerrero (18:31). UltraMantis Black eliminated Chiva & Guerrero (12:37) when he used the “Cosmic Doom” on Chiva. UltraMantis Black eliminated The Colony (16:08) when he used the Praying Mantis Bomb on Green Ant. Gran Akuma eliminated The Order of the Neo-Solar Temple (18:31) when he used a schoolboy roll-up on UltraMantis Black.

4. Mascarita Dorada beat Pierrothito (11:32) with the Paquette Dorada.

5. Mike Quackenbush & Jorge “Skayde” Rivera beat Turbo & Frightmare (14:36) when Quackenbush used a Quackendriver #1 on Turbo.

6. Claudio Castagnoli beat Eddie Kingston (15:45) via count out.

7. Golden Dream Triangle Trios Match: Fire Ant, Hollowicked & Arik Cannon beat Vin Gerard, STIGMA [The UnStable] & Chuck Taylor and Jigsaw, Helios & Equinox (13:57) when Hollowicked used an avalanche-style fisherman's buster on STIGMA.

8. Young Lions Cup VII Tournament Final: Player Dos beat Colin Delaney (18:27) with a super plancha.

Въпреки че не бях фен на идеята Delaney да спечели купата, след определянето на финала предпочитах той да е победител, което щеше да е плюс за UnStable. Сега... не виждам точно с какво Dos оцветява самостоятелната дивизия.

Йей, F.I.S.T. Получиха трета точка. Чудя се само след като Green Ant е туширан дали Fire Ant и Soldier Ant губят своите точки.

Разочарован съм от изхода на Castagnoli vs. Kingston, надявах се на твърда победа за някой. Останалото в шоуто е ала-бала.


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Делейни не спечели което може само да ме радва, въпреки, че и Mario тъпаците не са за предпочитане.. и все пак ууу..ууу..ууу ю ноу ит!

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