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WWC Summer Madness: 14-15 aвгуст 2009


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WWC Summer Madness 8/14/2009:

"The Phenomenon" BJ vs. "The Nightmare" Orlando Colon

WWC Puerto Rico Title Match

"Glamour Boy" Shane Sewell © vs. "Superstar" Idol Stevens

Thunder & Lightning vs. "The Rebel" Noriega & Shawn Spears

Ricky Steamboat, Jr. vs. Hiram Tua

"The Man Beast" Angel vs. "The Havana Pitbull" Ricky Reyes

Los Gemelos D'Jour vs. Los Emperadores

WWC Summer Madness 8/15/2009:

Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat & Ricky Steamboat, Jr. vs. "The Nightmare" Orlando Colon & Hiram Tua

WWC Unified Universal Title Match

"The Phenomenon" BJ vs. "The Rebel" Noriega

WWC World Tag Team Title Match

Thunder & Lightning © vs. The American Family ("Superstar" Idol Stevens & Shawn Spears)


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WWC Summer Madness - August 14th, 2009

1. Los Gemelos D'Jour def. Los Emperadores

2. Angel def. Ricky Reyes

3. Tommy Diablo def. El Comandante

4. Hiram Tua def. Ricky Steamboat Jr. after Orlando Colon interfered in the match. Afterwards BJ came out to help Steamboat which then lead to the next match.

5. BJ vs. Orlando Colon ended in a double count out. Noriega came out after the match and hit BJ with the Title belt. Noriega then took the mic and said that he's the only Universal champion.

6. WWC Puerto Rico Title: Shane Sewell © def. Idol Stevens to retain his Title. Idol attacked Sewell after the match but Thunder & Lightning made the save.

7. Thunder & Lightning def. Noriega & Shawn Spears - Towards the end of the match BJ came out and started brawling with Noriega which left Spears alone in the ring with both Thunder & Lightning. Spears got hit with a 3D for the 1-2-3.

Днес Ricky Ortiz ще направи WWC дебюта си.

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Не ми се занимава да пускам подробни резултати (има ги само на испански, така че аз ще трябва да ги превеждам и пиша..) и затова пускам само резултатите:

WWC Summer Madness - August 15th, 2009

1. Angel def. Zona Rosa

2. Ricky Reyes def. El Comandante

3. Chicky Starr def. Tommy Diablo

4. WWC Puerto Rico Title: Shane Sewell def. Ricky Ortiz

5. WWC World Tag Team Titles: The American Family (Idol Stevens & Shawn Spears) def. Thunder & Lightning © to win the Titles

6. WWC Unified Universal Title: BJ vs. Noriega ended in a no contest

7. The Steamboats (Ricky Steamboat & Ricky Steamboat Jr.) def. Orlando Colon & Hiram Tua.

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