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Hustle Aid 2009 - 26 юли 2009


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По традиция едно от двете топ шоута на "fighting opera" федерацията Hustle. Както винаги, Hustle brings the WACKINESS~! :)


July 26, 2009

Tokyo Ryogoku Kokugikan

8,126 Fans - No Vacancy

1. "Ketsu Oyaji" Shiro Koshinaka, "Hustle Buzzsaw" TAJIRI & KG beat REY Ohara, Super Virus & The Devil Pierrot (12:48) when TAJIRI used the Buzzsaw Kick on Pierrot.

2. "Love & Hustle" Wataru Sakata & Akira Shoji beat "Monster K" Toshiaki Kawada & Anjo Shireichoukan (17:12) when Shoji pinned Anjo.

3. Summer Vacation Special ~ Monster Rumble: Aka Onigumo beat KIDATA Low 2009, The Monster C, Nise HG, Punch The C, Choshu Ka, Ookami Otoko & Kyou Itako (15:42) when he used a double spider thread on Monster C and Punch The C.

4. "Hard Gay" HG & "Real Gay" RG beat Abdullah The Butcher & Tiger Jeet Singh (7:35) when RG pinned Singh.

5. "Hustle General" Genichiro Tenryu & Bono-kun beat Arma & Geddon (7:58) when Bono used the Makai Otoshi Brainbuster on Geddon.

6. Magnum TOKYO beat Esperanza The God (7:58) with the AV Star press.

Тhis was supposed to be President Takada's farewell. He announced some time ago that he was going to be retiring after this show, and would name his successor.

Most of the undercard stuff isn't important, other than the fact that RG scored a pinfall over Tiger Jeet Singh, when Abdullah accidently forked him. Abdullah and Singh began fighting after the match, setting up a singles match on July 30th.

Tenryu wrestled most of the semi-final alone. Apparently Bono-kun had been having strange nightmares as of late, which led to him transforming into an incarnation of the Great Muta. He made the save for Tenryu, and misted Francoise.

Magnum scored the win over "Esperanza The God" using his old AV Star press finisher for the first time in years. Now this is where it gets nutty.

As promised, Takada announced his successor after the match, announcing that it would be...Magnum TOKYO. To the surprise of the Tokyo fans, Takada said that he aimed to radically change pro-wrestling, and feels he had accomplished his goal. Magnum refused Takada, only to be confronted by the President himself in the ring. Takada once again stunned everyone by shaking the hands of all of the Hustle Army members. However, a man known as "King RIKI" appeared (the actor Riki Takeuchi), and announced his intentions of invading and destroying Hustle. Takada dismissed RIKI, and tried to use his Laser Bitan Attack. RIKI however countered with a Laser Bitan Attack of his own, which proved to be STRONGER than Takada's. Takada was struck with the attack... Wounded, Takada cried out, "HUSTLE WILL LIVE FOREVER!" before vanishing in a cloud of smoke.

P.S. За незапознатите:

Super Virus = Super Crazy

Bono-kun = Akebono

Arma = Tomko

Geddon = Rene Dupree

Esperanza The God = (shoot) кеч легендата Nobuhiko Takada a.k.a. Generalissimo Takada

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