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JCW Bloodymania III - 8 август 2009


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Може би най-наблъсканото със звездна сила indy шоу за 2009:

5-man Tag Team match

The Juggalo World Order (Corporal Robinson, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Shaggy 2 Dope & Violent J)


"Holy" Trent Acid and the Alter Boys (Tim, Tom, Terry & Todd)

Raven (with Sexy Slim Goody) vs. Sabu (with Evil Dead)

Ken Shamrock vs. Jimmy Jacobs

"Loser leaves JCW" match with special guest referee "Rowdy" Roddy Piper

2 Tuff Tony vs. Big Daddy V (with Scott D’Amore)

Mad Man Pondo vs. Todd Bridges

Tough Man match

Butterbean vs. Bull Pain

JCW Tag Team Championship match

The Thomaselli Brothers (Brandon and Vito Thomaselli) © vs. The Weedman and Billy Bong

"One More Time" singles match

Abdullah the Butcher vs. Rude Boy


= MMA seminar with Ken Shamrock.

= Musical performances by The Insane Clown Posse, Ice Cube & Gwar.

= Stand-up comedians Jimmie Walker & Pauly Shore will be present as well.

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Наистина много яко шоу ще се получи, преди 2 месеца гледах Bloodymania 1 и маркнах мега здраво. Пълно с мои любимци, като Сабу, Рейвън, Хол, Абдула. Които иска да си дръпне bloodymania 1 да заповяда на този линк - - upload-а е лично мой, голям fun :)

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