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Клипове и блогове от Ken Anderson (...Anderson)


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The Olimpic Hero

Mr. Kennedy fucking rulezzzzzzzzzzz ! Ето заради това казвам, че е следващият Крисчън Кейдж за TNA !


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Ексклузивно за сайта на Heyman, Ken Anderson oбяснява защо всяка седмица пуска нови клипове и каква е идеята зад тях. Добро четиво.

A Personal Message From Ken Anderson (..... Anderson)

So, what am I doing here, and why am I not just sitting out my 90 day no-compete clause with World Wrestling Entertainment? Why am I not just waiting for day number 91, when I can make a big announcement? What's the real message behind these videos?

Good questions.

Here are my answers:

I got my start in the wrestling business out of a desire and a passion to entertain people, period. I worked hard on the independent scene for over 6 years. I put hundreds of thousands of miles on my Ken Andersoncars (that I could barely afford) traveling from state to state, honing my skills and perfecting the art of sports entertainment. Somewhere along the way I caught the eye of a few people who eventually stuck their necks out on the line for me. These people went to bat for me and said “Hey, give this guy a shot, because I think he has something special.” One of those people is a man who I grew to admire while toiling away on the indies, and who I came to call a mentor and a friend when I finally “made it”. This man believed in me, this man gave me my shot, and he helped create the “character” of Mr. Kennedy. That man is Paul Heyman.

When I arrived at OVW, I was practically penniless, but rich in passion and a desire to succeed. I almost failed. Jim Cornette didn’t see much in me at first. I wasn’t featured on OVW programming and I basically filled random spots on the card until a week or two before Jim was headed for “Greener pastures”.

Then Paul E. came in, and pulled me into a room. He said: “I see the same qualities in you as in Dwayne Johnson and Steve Austin. You’re the next guy out of here. We’re gonna do so much stuff with you on TV over the next few weeks that WWE is going to be salivating to get their hands on you, they’ll HAVE to pull you up!” They say in the wrestling business: “believe half of what you see and none of what you hear", and I really didn’t know Paul too well at the time so I wasn’t sure if he was serious or just blowing smoke up my ass. Well it turns out that he was serious as a heart attack and five weeks after that little discussion I was debuting on Velocity against Funaki. Two weeks later I was debuting on SmackDown, and the rest is history. At first, I was told not to worry about being a “heel” or “face”. Just go out there and get the crowd to know you. I was uninhibited and on fire. Within a few weeks, as people were filing into the arenas to see the shows, fans were screaming my catchphrase along with the Wooooo’s . I was allowed to do funny dot com segments that were getting more views than anything else they were putting out at the time. My promos were funny and entertaining and I was matched up with some of the biggest names in the industry.

I love to wrestle. I take pride in my performances. I can even be a bit obsessive about trying to have the best match possible no matter who my opponent is. But my wrestling didn't get me noticed by Vince McMahon. The fact I had a certain entertainment factor attached to my character is what got me pulled out of developmental and onto the main roster.

And yet, it's the very thing that got me noticed that lead to the proverbial hand on the back of my neck, holding my head down. The very entertainment factor that got me hired was being thrown back in my face as the thing I needed to work on the most.

This is not a bitching session, where I complain about how WWE held me down on purpose, took away my dreams, shoved my career up my ass, or singled me out and screwed me over.

This is an explanation about the purpose of these videos, which is to show everyone what I have to offer. I'm a home run hitter being told to be satisfied with landing on first base. Ken Anderson 2I love being part of a team, and if we need runners on first base, I'll lead off. But when you have a lack of entertainment in the industry of sports entertainment, and you can hit the ball out of the park, it's the worst feeling in the world being told to draw a walk.

I want to entertain people. It's what I've always wanted to do. And I think I have the ability to do it, and in more ways than just the payoff of the matches we use that entertainment factor to build towards.

These videos are my way of letting everyone know I have a lot to offer, and not just in the ring. I have a deep seeded desire to entertain the audience. The reaction to the videos has been fantastic. If I can do this on my own with a crappy little handheld camera, imagine what I can do with a staff, infrastructure and marketing plan behind me.

It doesn't matter what last name I use. It doesn't matter if I'm a Kennedy, an Anderson, a Smith, Doe, or Jones (......Jones).

What matters is that I want to put it all on the line and see how far I can go both in the ring and behind the mic.

These videos are not only my way of telling WWE that I had so much more for them to exploit, but my audition to the rest of the world at the same time.

I want to entertain. It's in my blood. It's what I live to do. It's the only thing I want to do with my life.

Just as actors in Hollywood feel a certain creative connection with certain directors, and with no ill will or criticism of other "directors" that I've worked with, I love working with Paul. We made "beautiful music" together in OVW, and we now have the opportunity to do it again with no one telling us what we can and cannot do. This is the freedom and creative outlet that I've been searching for. I've had more fun shooting these little YouTube videos over the past month than I have in the past 2 years of my career. I hope that you hop aboard this train with us.

For this trip, I'll be your loyal conductor Mr. Anderson

(......wait for it.......)


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Нека да има. :)

Playing Dodgeball With HealthCare

As I write this, the biggest story on the news today is the fight that President Obama (.....Obama) is having in trying to pass Health Care Reform.

I’d like to go on the record right here and now to say that I am, in fact, in favor of a widespread overhaul of the decrepit and unfair health care system in America today.

As an injury prone professional wrestler relishing the 90 day no-compete (and therefore, no-injury) clause that I agreed to with my former receiver of independently contracted services, I need to make certain that I can get the coverage necessary to be able to see LOTS of doctors when I get injured ... which as all of you know is quite OFTEN

I'm EXTREMELY concerned about signing any kind of contract after my 90 days is over. I am stressed to the absolute MAX about the thought of appearing in ANY kind of ring, be it 4, 6, or 8 sided. CTM …that’s “chuckle to myself” and I made that up because how many people actually LOL? ... If I do appear, I could -- and probably WILL -- get hurt again, as I am prone to do. If this happens then my medical status will surely be "injured" and therefore "injured" will be declared as a pre-existing condition, and under the current flawed system, I will be denied coverage.

Then what will I do? How will I continue to entertain my loyal fans?!?

Well, the sure way to solve this dilemma is to root for President O. to be able to get this Health Care Reform pushed through the legislative branch of government as quickly as possible, with little to no resistance from anyone (and in the middle of the night without reading it first, if necessary) so that I may be covered just as the members of Congress and the Senate are. That would be such a major relief, because if my reputation is accurate (and you know it is, because I read it on the internet), I'll probably be hospitalized after my first match.

Until next week, please enjoy the video, and remember to keep counting down the days until you can see me compete again, this time under my new name of Misterrrrrrrrr Fragility .......FRA-GILI-TY!!!

Oh my God…..

I have to go.

I just injured my finger on that last exclamation point.

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Между другото, преди няколко дена Ken Anderson записа 4-часово shoot интервю, което би трябвало да плъзне по тракерите в не чак толкова далечното бъдеще. Интервюто e било доста подробно и като цяло се чуват много добри отзиви от него.

От малкото, което чух като задкулисни детайли в общи линии позицията на Anderson е била, че някои от главните звезди не са го харесвали и това е изиграло голяма роля при уволнението му. Според Anderson Cena, Triple H & HBK не са го харесвали, даже в интервюто Anderson разправял някаква история как отишъл при HBK и директно го попитал "Защо ме мразиш?". :)

Друга много любопитна тема, за която е говорил са коментарите на "Hardcore" Bob Holly, който по принцип ненавижда Anderson (дълга история...) и се е зарекъл да го потроши от бой, ако го срещне някъде. :D

Разбира се, има и още много други работи, но тези най-много ми хванаха окото.

Като цяло интервюто звучи доста интересно и определено ще се гледа като излезе.

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Ken просто цепи. Всичките издания на Video Blog-a ми допадат и са забавни :D Остава ни само да чакаме да му свърши non-compete клаузата и да върви в TNA :)

[center][center][b]Proud to be a PEEP![/b]

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The Olimpic Hero

Бах, нямам търпение да гледам това shoot интервю. Сигурен съм, че тотално ще изкъртва. Mr Kennedy, извинете ме Anderson rulezzzzzz! :)


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Mr. Anderson's Mailbag

If there is a lesson to be learned by this week's video, it lies in self evaluation.

People piss and moan, cry, and complain when things don't go their way. They point fingers and blame others for their shortcomings.

One of my main concerns about society today is a lack of ownership and responsibility for one's actions, which is why attorneys everywhere are making money hand over fist.

It's also why counselors are able to get away with making excuses for their clients because "such and such" happened when they were young so it's okay to go around kicking people in the balls on a daily basis!

I hope you like this week's video and understand that when you screw up, (and you inevitably will) never be afraid to realize you did so, admit it, learn from it, and move on. Oh, and if you're me, you'll poke fun at yourself because of it from time to time. :-)

Example: I screwed up, I admitted it in interviews, I learned from it and now, when you see this video.......well......

When "Mr. Kennedy" exploded on the scene in WWE, I was given the opportunity to do media interviews all over the world which can be EXTREMELY intoxicating. You're living out your dream, making serious money, finally achieving all your goals, and you're getting the chance to build on the already-intense fame by talking to the media.

"No comment" or "I do not recall" should have been in my vocabulary(Hey, it worked for Ollie North, right?) I admit that I just wasn't media savvy enough at the time to deal with all that comes with the responsibility of talking to the press. I said some very sophomoric things and that mistake was mine and mine alone, and I have learned from it.

That mistake set in motion a chain of events that allowed my detractors, both inside the company and outside, to jump all over me. I left myself open.

Vince McMahon didn't screw "Mr. Kennedy." WWE didn't screw "Mr. Kennedy." Ken Anderson screwed "Mr. Kennedy."

I promise you, it WON'T happen again.


Ken Anderson

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Anderson вчера е направил второто си post-WWE интервю (pwrshow.com). Забавно интервю. :) Очевидно няма как да даде пълната информация и вероятно премълчава някои неща, но Anderson сподели, че вече е говорил с TNA и засега не са се споразумяли за нищо. Aко TNA го искат - там е. :) Основното нещо, което му харесва в TNA е, че дават по-голяма креативна свобода на кечистите.

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Безплатния трафик е изчерпан или нещо от тоя сорт :(


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Безплатния трафик е изчерпан или нещо от тоя сорт :(

Не е, но явно и ти си от проблемните юзъри. http://dox.bg/files/dw?a=d2234cfc70

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^ Някой да не се обърка: това е PWR интервюто му, а не RF Video Shoot интервюто му. А междувременно ето highlights от PWR интервюто:

Regarding the circumstances of Anderson's release from WWE - "To be quite honest with you, I really don't quite understand all the stuff that led up to it. It was a bunch of different things. I had some detractors in WWE obviously. I made some mistakes along the way and I will take full responsibility for those mistakes. The line I was given was that they were not happy with the things that happened that Monday Night and they decided not to go with the Ken Kennedy Character anymore."

"You get the people who say, he's just pointing fingers...I worked my ass off for the company. I did everything on my end for the company besides opening my mouth when I should not have."

"To be honest with you I kinda had a weird vibe all day. Randy Orton and I had become very good friends...we rode together, we were tight, we were buds...when I got to the building I ran up behind him and gave him a big bear hug from behind and he treated me like I was just an acquaintance of his. And then the fact that he made such a big stink about supposedly dropping him on his head. He literally blew up in front of all the talent including Vince and Stephanie and began to lecture me about how I had to be careful and his health was very important. It just doesn't make sense to me."

"It got to the point where everything I did was wrong"

Regarding the allegations of a botched suplex on Randy Orton leading to his release - "Randy jumped really, really hard. In wrestling it's give and take....It was a matter of either I drop him on his head or I help him through this. His neck never even touched the mat which makes me wonder why he even went to the trainers room to get his neck taped up. He was so injured that he went on to wrestle three nights in Mexico."

Regarding the WWE environment and planning - "Your never told anything. It kinda sucked being the talent being in the dark all the time. When certain guys get injured they make a big deal about their return. When I came back I had a match with Scotty Too Hotty, not much of a splash."

"There are two mountains in the WWE, the mountain that the Undertaker stands on and the mountain the other guy stands on...and it's not just HHH...You can't compete with Sunday Brunch"

"You hear all the horror stories about how WCW died...that's the way it is now in WWE. Sometimes shows continue to be written after the show has started"

Regarding lack of consistent enforcement of the WWE Wellness Policy - "I can neither confirm or deny. All I know is I was tested regularly...it was random...I was the one that was always on the list. I was tested probably 10 times in a year."

Regarding WWE's view of TNA - "I don't think that WWE views TNA as a threat at this point. I do think that TNA is very close to breaking through that glass ceiling. There is always room for change. They are about one or two stars away from being a major competitor."

On whether or not he will go to TNA - "I have absolutely no idea at this point...there's been some talks...it's just pleasantries at this point. Yes, I would go to TNA...TNA gives guys opportunities...I want an opportunity to show that I can entertain. I want an opportunity to work in that environment"

Anderson made it a point to say the following - "The stuff that I have said so far is not just coming from me...there are a lot of guys in the locker room that are just frustrated"

There is much more to the interview which went over 90 minutes including comments on The Undertaker, Bob Holly, Shawn Daivari, Paul Heyman and much more!

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