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AJPW Jr. Heavyweight League 2009


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The final standings for this year’s Junior Heavyweight League are as follows:


1. KAI [6]

2. Super Crazy [5]

3. Kaz Hayashi [3]

4. NOSAWA Rongai [2]

5. Toshizo [0]


1. Minoru [8]

2. Shuji Kondo [6]

3. MAZADA [2]

- Hiroshi Yamato [2]

- Petey Williams [2]

AJPW, 8/7/09 (GAORA TV)

Tokyo Korakuen Hall

1,650 Fans

1. Ryota Hama & Petey Williams beat NOSAWA Rongai & MAZADA (5:01) when Hama used a running body press on Rongai.

2. Osamu Nishimura & Manabu Soya beat Masayuki Kono & Seiya Sanada (9:21) when Soya used a sheer-drop Death Valley Bomb on Sanada.

3. Junior Heavyweight League - Semi Final: Super Crazy beat Minoru (8:21) with a horizontal cradle.

4. Junior Heavyweight League - Semi Final: Shuji Kondo beat KAI (9:08) with a King Kong lariat.

5. Satoshi Kojima, Kaz Hayashi & Hiroshi Yamato beat TARU, Hate & Toshizo (13:31) when Yamato used a German Suplex hold on Toshizo.

6. Keiji Muto & Suwama vs. Yoshihiro Takayama & Minoru Suzuki (30:00) ended in a time limit draw.

7. Junior Heavyweight League - Final: Shuji Kondo beat Super Crazy (13:42) with a King Kong lariat (Kondo wins the 2009 Junior Heavyweight League).

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