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Former skateboarding star Jason Ellis was on Howard Stern yesterday and they got into a discussion of Chyna. He said Chyna was on a guest on his (Ellis' show on Sirius) show and she asked him out after the show. He also said she was in an altered state while on the air. So they went to her apartment and had sex. "She was screaming" Ellis said, who claimed Chyna told him that he was bigger than HHH (poor girl needs to move on, it's been how many years?, I hope to got she wasn't doing that when she was dating Sean Waltman because what could be creepier than having sex and having the girl obsess about one of your best friends?). He said he freaked out because Chyna was drunk at this point, and then was taking Ambien. He said he tried to leave, but she fell asleep on his arm. Jason needed to talk to Stan Lane about this predicament. I think you're supposed to chew your own arm off at the shoulder at this point. Then, Chyna's assistant showed up with a cell phone because she had an early morning radio interview. He said Chyna was naked in bed doing a radio interview while he got dressed as fast as he could and tried to leave. She then chased him down the hall and he ran to the elevator and pressed the down button. Ellis said she kept calling and he told Chyna he was getting back together with his wife. He said she would still call him when she got drunk after that. (thanks to Jeff Cohen & WrestlingObserver.com)

:D:D :D

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