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NCW - 13 юни 2009


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Нека да има. :)

Hannibal cuts a promo on Dan Paysan: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8aywyHnrVDQ

Promo video clip (featuring Sid Vicious clips):

Promotion: NCW

Date: June 13th, 2009

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Attendance: 550+ (sold out)

0. Dark match: Electrico & Mike Sydal def. Masked Soviet & Lex Lerman

1. Pretty In Pink def. Anarchy Rulz

2. LuFisto def. Anna Minouhska

3. Inter-Cities Championship: Jay Phenomenon © def. "Paranoid" Jake Matthews

4. 4-way Dance for the Triple Crown Championship: Urban Miles © def. Mr. Cobra, Mark Andrews & Busty Love

5. James Stone def. Samson

= Handsome JF came out and introduced his new tag team partner - "Marvelous" Jeff Johnson

6. NCW Tag Team Championship: Project 13 (James Kraven & Guil Reno) © def. Chakal & Jeremy Prophet

7. NCW Quebec Championship: Don Paysan © def. Hannibal via disqualification

8. Sid Vicious vs. Franky The Mobster ended in a no contest when The Expenses (Handsome JF & Jeff Johnson) interfered

9. Sid Vicious & Franky The Mobster def. The Expenses (Handsome JF & Jeff Johnson)

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