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Adrenaline MMA III - Sylvia vs. Mercer


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Tim Sylvia knocked out by Ray Mercer in 10 seconds at Adrenaline MMA III

Any claim former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia may have retained as a top-10 fighter crashed to the ground along with "The Maine-iac's" 6-foot-8 frame on Saturday night in Birmingham, Ala.

In a contest that has was relocated and rescheduled due to sanctioning challenges, Sylvia was knocked out in just 10 seconds by 48-year-old former boxing heavyweight champion Ray Mercer (1-0).

The bout served as the main event of "Adrenaline MMA III: Bragging Rights" at Birmingham Jefferson Civic Center in Birmingham, Ala.

A report from NextMMAFighter.com stated that a missed kick by Sylvia led to a powerful right hand from Mercer that ended the fight.

Prior to the contest, Mercer told The Birmingham News exactly what he had planned for the contest.

"I'm not going to be kicking," Mercer said. "I'm going to wear shoes and all that. I want him to know straight up where I'm coming from. I am a boxer, I'm not a MMA fighter."

Mercer's only prior exposure to MMA was a 2007 submission loss in an exhibition contest with Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson. Sylvia has now dropped four of his past five contests.

While the bout was intended to a boxing match, regulation challenges from the Association of Boxing Commissions forced Adrenaline MMA III promoter Monte Cox on Thursday to change the contest to a mixed martial arts fight.

In other notable action, Jeremy Horn (81-19-5) earned a first round submission win over Chris Davis (5-1), while Rich Clementi (33-14-1) submitted Sasuke Zapata (17-2), also in the opening frame.

While there was no television or internet broadcast of Adrenaline MMA III, Cox told MMAjunkie.com (www.mmajunkie.com) that HDNet would be on hand to film highlights for Friday's edition of "Inside MMA."

Aко не друго, то поне днешният ден започва с весели ММА новини. :D

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