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Резултати от Dream 9 - 26 май 2009

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DREAM 9, which featured the promotion's featherweight grand prix and "Super Hulk" tournaments, as well as a middleweight title match, took place earlier this morning (Tuesday, May 26) from the Yokohama Arena in Yokohama, Japan.

If you missed it you'll be able to catch the replay on HDNet this Friday, May 29 at 10 p.m. ET.

First up was the opening round of DREAM's open weight tournament billed as the "Super Hulk" tournament, which featured eight fighters of varying size and ability … or lack thereof.

To kick off the show would be Japanese fan favourite Ikuhisa Minowa. He was charged with the task of knocking of the modern day Goliath, Bob Sapp, which he did by locking in an achilles lock that forced "The Beast" to tap.

Former baseball slugger Jose "Can"seco has a similar assignment against 7' 2" gargantuan Hong Man Choi; however, he experienced a very different result, getting quickly trounced in his mixed martial arts debut via strikes. Hopefully, that's the last we have to see of him in a ring ever again — he's quite made out for this fighting stuff to say the least.

UFC washout Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou was able to get back to his wining ways, but was be considerably outsized in his attempt to do so when he clashes with 6' 11", 330-pound Jan "The Giant" Nortje.

Despite that he was able to take "The Giant" down and pound on him furiously, which the referee had to intervene; however, Sokoudjou continued the onslaught in a moment of depravity, which lad to both corners storming the ring. The good news is that cooler heads eventually prevailed.

Gegard Mousasi, who vacated his DREAM middleweight title recently because he desired a move to light heavyweight, faced off against dangerous kickboxer Mark Hunt. He took his much larger counterpart to the mat quickly where he would go to work for a kimura straight away, eventually getting it and forcing "Super Samoan" to tap.

In non-tournament action Japanese mainstay Tatsuya "Crusher" Kawajiri was able to outmuscle highly regarded lightweight standout Gesias "JZ" Calvancante en route to a unanimous decision victory.

Now it was time to get underway the quarterfinals of the featherweight grand prix.

Crowd favourite and underdog Hideo Tokoro pulled off a superb win in a great all out scrap against Abel Cullum. He defeated the BJJ expert at his own game by submitting him with a rear naked choke late into the fight.

Hiroyuki Takaya was able to upset Yoshiro Maeda in their quarterfinal bout by catching him off-guard with an overhand right to the face and continuing the punishment on the floor, forcing the referee to jump in and save Maeda late into the first round.

Jiu-jitsu ace Bibiano Fernandes advanced to the semifinal stages by garnering a decision.

And of course the event boasted the long awaited return of 139-pound superstar, Norifumi "Kid" Yamamoto. However, Greco-roman wrestling stud Joe Warren would ruin the party and certainly proved his worth by bullying "Kid" for the duration of the bout, going on to earn a hard fought decision victory.

Truly shocking.

Especially because this was only Warren's second professional mixed martial arts bout. Even though he still has a ton of work to do to make himself more well rounded, this is an enormous feather in his cap — his superb strong wrestling base has served him well so far and looks to continue to do so.

The event had been a thrilling series of affairs that unfortunately was marred with a poor ending. The main event of the evening — a bout for the vacant DREAM middleweight title between grappling phenom Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza and charismatic Jason "Mayhem" Miller — had to be halted early because of an errant blow from Miller to a downed Souza.

The strike carved a deep laceration to Souza's head, which forced ringside officials to call off the match prematurely because of the severity of the cut. The fight was ruled a no contest. It was certainly a disappointing end to an otherwise stellar event.

Perhaps "Jacare" and "Mayhem" can reschedule and throw down once more for a more decisive result.

Here are the official results for DREAM 9:

"Super Hulk" Open weight quarterfinals:

Ikuhisa Minowa (42-30) defeated Bob Sapp (10-4-1) by achilles lock (1:16-R1)

Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou (6-4) defeated Jan Nortje (2-6) by TKO (Strikes) (1:18-R1)

Gegard Mousasi (25-2-1) defeated Mark Hunt (5-6) by kimura (2:28-R1)

Hong Man Choi (2-2) defeated Jose Canseco (0-1) by TKO (Strikes) (1:20-R1)

Featherweight grand prix quarterfinals:

Hideo Tokoro (22-16-1) defeated Abel Cullum (14-3) by rear-naked choke (1:37-R2)

Hiroyuki Takaya (11-6-1) defeated Yoshiro Maeda (24-7-2) by TKO (Strikes) (9:39-R1)

Bibiano Fernandes (5-2) defeated Masakazu Imanari (16-7-1) via unanimous decision

Joe Warren (2-0) defeated Norifumi Yamamoto (17-2) via split decision

DREAM middleweight title:

Ronaldo Souza (10-2) fought Jason Miller (22-6) to a no-contest

Non-tournament bout:

Tatsuya Kawajiri (24-5-2) defeated Gesias Calvancante (14-3-1) via unanimous decision

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Sapp, KID, Hunt, Nortje... Ц,ц,ц, може ли така. Как можаха всички мои лични фаворити от това шоу да загубят мачовете си. Boооoo!

EDIT - Само да уточня, че като казвам "лични фаворити" имам предвид любимци, а не фаворити за победа.

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За Сап нищо изненадващо.В кеча може и да има данни,но в К1 иММА доколкото съм го гледал се представя доста колебливо.Много е голям,мускулест и страшен,но няма никаква издръжливост,а техниката му също не е много на ниво.Въпреки това той направи няколко много впечатляващи нокаута и за атракция става.

Все пак мисля,че Лашли ще го бие-не е постигнал кой знае какво досега и е 50 паунда поне по- лек,но н би трябвало да има проблем с него.


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