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XPW 10 Year Anniversary Super Show Spectacular - 22 август 2009


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Обявени участници:

"The Human Horror Film" Supreme

"White Trash" Johnny Webb

Homeless Jimmy

"The Hardcore Homo" Angel

Pogo the Clown

GQ Money

"The Southern Stomper" Luke Hawx

"M-Dogg 20" Matt Cross

Joey Ryan

Scorpio Sky

Lizzy Valentine


Altarboy Matthew

Youth Suicide

Marcus Riot

The Step Family

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  • 5 weeks later...


Pogo the Clown Highlight Reel

"The Hardcore Homo" Angel issues a challenge to Supreme

Supreme has some choice words for Angel and crew

Vinnie Massaro makes Joey Ryan a promise!

Joey Ryan with a special surprise for Vinnie Massaro!

Carnage predictions for XPW X

Mr. McPhenom has plans to ruin XPW X!

Luke Hawx will be at XPW X, but who will be his victim?

SPW - Dante & Christina lay out a challenge for XPW

The No Mercy Crew signs Leroy up to face Pogo the Clown at XPW X

Youth Suicide has a plan for Carnage, a plan to make him bleed!

GQ Money has an offer for Mr. McPhenom

"M-Dogg 20" Matt Cross Music Video

Johnny Webb creates team to combat the evil forces of SPW!

XPW King Of The Deathmatch Title Match

"The Human Horror Film" Supreme © vs. "The Hardcore Homo" Angel (w/ Kraq & Amanda)

For the pride of XPW!

"White Trash" Johnny Webb, Matt Classic, The Fabulous Thunderkitty & "Cast Iron" Cothern vs. Team SPW (Dante, Christina Von Eerie, Chupacabra & Timmothy Thatcher)

Homeless Jimmy vs. "The Southern Stomper" Luke Hawx

First Time Ever Encounter

Scorpio Sky vs. "M-Dogg 20" Matt Cross

Joey Ryan's Sleazy Strip Wrestling Iron Man Challenge Match

Joey Ryan & Lizzy Valentine vs. Vinnie & Monica Massaro

Burned in Hell Grudge Match

Carnage vs. Yough Suicide

Pogo the Clown vs. Leroy "The Ring Crew Guy" (w/ Liinx & Trizz)

Also Scheduled to appear: GQ Money, Mr. McPhenom, Tool, Kris Kloss, Larry Rivera and many more!



6 Man Tag Team Competition:

Joey "Rico" Dynamite, Steve Pain & Oso Loco vs. "Playboy" Clay Motley, "The Rookie" 88 & Lucha Machine

Dynamite D Memorial World Famous 4 Corners Match

Willie Mac vs. Daimien Arsanic vs. Marcus Riot vs. Famous B vs. Chimera vs. Jerome "LTP" Robinson

The Step Father & Red Headed Stepchild vs. Robby Phoenix & BC Killer

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The last time XPW held a reunion show, more than five years had passed since the promotion's previous event. This time, organizers weren't going to wait that long.

Saturday, XPW hosted a 10-year anniversary show for several hundred loyal fans in the heart of Hollywood. Hoping to piggyback off that other wrestling show happening in town the same weekend ("Summer-something," I think), "XPW X" was a greatly toned-version of last year's "Cold Day in Hell" event, and while a little messy at times, provided fans some excellent hardcore action.

Saturday's event started with a "pre-show" that concluded with The Stepfather and The Red-Headed Stepchild calling out Sexy Chino, who was sitting ringside, then bringing him into the ring and beating him down until Tool ran down to make the save. At this point there was an intermission, which was followed by Kris Kloss and Larry Rivera leading a 10-second countdown to the start of the event.

XPW's new promoter brought out the first-ever XPW heavyweight champion, "The Real Deal" Damien Steele, who was announced as the organization's new commissioner. Steele was accompanied by Nikki "The New York Knockout" Jameson and Baby Slim, the latter of whom was carrying the old XPW championship belt in a display case. He then announced that the title is being resurrected, and that a tournament will be held to determine who will be the next champion. Several tournament matches were announced, but before everything was revealed, Homeless Jimmy came down to say he wanted to be included in the tournament. Baby Slim attacked him from behind, and - because a referee had coincidentally entered the ring during this faceoff - suddenly Jimmy had the tournament match he wanted.

The bout started with a fairly lengthy beatdown of Jimmy, with the action spilling out onto the floor. Helped by Jameson's blatant interference, Slim continued to assault Jimmy in the midst of the fans, hiptossing him onto a group of folding chairs, then suplexing him onto the floor. Jimmy turned things around, though, hitting a DDT onto the floor. Back in the ring, the match ended with Jimmy winning by, of all things, a schoolboy out of the corner. Jimmy advances in the tournament. Apparently this will not be a one-day tournament, so I guess we'll have the next elimination match whenever XPW has another event.

Our eight-person mixed tag match was next, which featured Team XPW (Matt Classic, White Trash Johhny Webb, Cast Iron Cothern and The Fabulous Thunderkitty) taking on Sacramento's Team SPW (Dante, "The British Messiah" Timothy Thatcher, El Chupacabra, Dante and Christina von Eerie). Things began when a bloody Webb came stumbling out of the back, with all four SPW wrestlers beating him down. After several minutes, Webb's teammates finally came to his rescue, and he was helped to the back. Another wrestler came down, wearing the same mask and tights as Matt Classic, and the match officially started. The bout was probably the least-exciting of the evening, with ringside fans far more interested in sexually harrassing von Eerie than actually watching the match. Team SPW won when Dante hit a 450 frog splash.

Out next was Mr. McPhenom, a Vince McMahon knockoff who came out to announce his plans to buy XPW. McPhenom said that XPW needed to more family-and-sports-entertainment based. He then introduced GQ Money as a financial-adviser type. Money carried a burlap sack into the ring with what McPhenom called "the green." Once McPhenom figured out that "the green" wasn't currency, but rather a less-legal type of green substance, he got mad and attacked Money. A match between the two was set for later in the show.

The "First-Ever Joey Ryan Sleazy Strip Wrestling Iron Man Challenge Match" was next on the card, featuring heels Joey Ryan and Lizzy "J Love" Valentine against Monica and Vinnie Massaro. The rules of this 10-minute ironman match (yes, seriously) were that, every time someone was pinned, that wrestler had to remove an article of clothing. Each wrestler was pinned once before Valentine was pinned twice more, including right at the final bell. She refused to remove her top, however, and brought out a "body double," a girl who stipped off her top and removed her bra. Each of her breasts was covered with a black "x," which the crowd booed.

The McPhenom-Money match got under way following a 15-minute intermission. As Money posed on the turnbuckles before the match, McPhenom dropped his pants and pulled out two grapefruits, which he threw at Money's back. Money then attacked him, with the action spilling onto the floor. They teased a series of table spots back in the ring, before the match ended with Money scoring a three count. Afterward, he put McPhenom through the table, but the crowd didn't really pop because the table barely broke. Other than the funny McPhenom charater himself, this segment was kind of weak.

The high-fliers were up next, as Scorpio Sky took on "M-Dogg 20" Matt Cross. Their match featured some good chain wrestling, as well as a few really cool spots on the ropes by the ex-gymnast Cross. After a series of near-falls, the bell suddenly rang, and the match was declared a time-limit draw. With the crowd chanting "five more minutes," Luke Hawx appeared on the stage with a mic in his hand. No mention of his scheduled match with Homeless Jimmy was made. Instead, he said that Cross was a former XPW tag-team champion, and said that since he wasn't included in the day's title tournament, Hawx and a mystery partner wanted to challenge Cross and Sky to a tag title match. After Sky and Cross shoook hands and accepted, Hawx revealed his partner to be Sky.

After Hawx and Sky went on a double-team offensive, Tool came out to even the score. Suddenly we had an official tag match, which ended when Cross - who had spent almost the entire match on the floor, selling the beatdown - tapped to a guillotine choke. Hawx and Sky were announced as the new XPW tag-team champions, even though there were no belts.

Following a pointless destruction of Leroy by Pogo The Clown, the ring crew set up the "Burned in Hell Grudge Match" between Carnage and Youth Suicide, the latter of whom was accompanied to the ring by Vic Grimes. This was basically a death match under a different name, with Youth Suicide drawing first blood with a barbed-wire bat. Carnage wreaked havoc of his own, though, blasting Youth Suicide with everything from a computer keyboard to light tubes, and throwing him through a glass shower door. With the crowd chanting "this is awesome," Carnage slammed Youth Suicide head-first off the stage, through a table. Grimes then attacked Carnage on the outside with a staple gun, taking dollar bills from the crowd and stapling them to Carnage's head. Grimes threw him back in, lit a pizza cutter on fire, and took it to Carnage's skull. Holy crap, this is awesome. Carnage finally got the win by throwing lit flash paper into Youth Suicide's face.

Supreme then had the daunting task of having to follow that up with a defense of his King of the Death Match title, taking on Angel the Hardcore Homo. Not really sure why the ring crew bothered sweeping up all the broken glass from the previous match. Anyway, both wrestlers were introduced, with the ring announcer saying that the match was being dedicated to Supreme's father, who had died earlier in the week. Angel, who announced to the crowd that he would give up his "Hardcore Homo" nickname if he lost, was accompanied by Kraq and BFF Amanda. The match started with a 3-on-1 attack, but Supreme cleaned house and sent them running up the ramp. He went out after them, but Kraq threw him off the stage onto a table of mouse traps. The match itself was not too different than its precedessor, though Supreme did bleed a gusher, and the tables wrapped in barbed wire and light tubes were more impressive. Angel dished out most of the punishment, with Amanda throwing in some incredible spots (including jumping off the room's balcony and landing on Supreme, then later being slammed - twice - through the light-tube-barbed-wire tables), but Supreme ultimately won the match.

Not that anyone in the crowd was complaining, but back-to-back death matches might have been a small bit of overkill, and unfair to the guys in the main event. Maybe XPW just wanted to differentiate itself from the TV-PG world of pro wrestling, and re-establish itself as a haven for hardcore fans. There was also not a lot of good mic work, with the exception of Luke Hawx, who came across well as an arrogant heel.

"XPW X" had much less of a reunion feel than its 2008 predecessor. There was no Sabu, no Terry Funk, no X-Pac, no Raven, no Sandman (though Colt Cabana was announced as being in attendance). Instead, this show featured more home-grown talent, which didn't seem to be a problem for the fans.

No announcements were made for XPW's next show, and as of Sunday afternoon, there was still no information about how to order "XPW X" online. Fans of death matches should consider buying the show on DVD for the final two matches on the card, but there was also a decent amount of slow-moving filler. If XPW can present its title tournament as something important, fans may follow...provided, of course, that another show is announced.

Пичът е пропуснал да спомене някои неща, но като цяло добър report.

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