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IWA 10th Anniversary Show - 18 юли 2009


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Challenge of the Decade

"El Mesias" Ricky Banderas vs. Dennis Rivera

Match for respect and for the IWA Undisputed World Title

Joe Bravo © vs. Savio Vega

Flag Match

Los Boricuas (Savio Vega, Miguel Perez, Huracan Castillo, Lynx & Niche) vs. La Revolucion Dominicana (Joe Bravo, El Bacano, Eli Rodriguez, Balbuena & Dean Rose)

IWA World Tag Team Titles Match

Chicano & Bryan Madness vs. Chris Joel & Golden Boy vs. Noel Rodriguez & Richard Rondon vs. Los Arabes

Ladder Match for the IWA Intercontinental Title

Rick Stanley © vs. Diabolico

The Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky) vs. Jay Adonis & Ramone

Battle Royal

Stefano vs. Bouncer Bob vs. Paparazzi vs. Anarchy vs. Agente Bruno vs. El Profe vs. Angel Rodriguez vs. Franco El Enjabonao

Lucha X for the Extreme Combat Division Title

Cuervo vs. Empio vs. Vertigo vs. Psycho vs. Cold vs. Mike Biconeau

Referee vs. Referee

Pelayo Vazquez vs. El Atletico

Обаче и IWA не си поплюват. :) E, 10-тата годишнина на IWA въобще няма да draw-не колкото WWC Aniversario, но все пак очаквам най-добрата публика за IWA от известно време насам. Banderas, Bryan, Chicano, Castillo! 4 големи завръщания (+ oще няколко в battle royal-a)! При предишното си завръщане в Пуерто Рико Ricky Banderas сам качи 2 бона и нещо публика отгоре. Сега поради ред причини това едва ли ще стане, но все пак завръщането му (макар и най-вероятно само за една вечер) си е голямо събитие. Другите три завръщания също никак не са дребна работа. Освен това ще има и участие от The Beautfil People, макар и срещу гей опозиция лол. Казано накратно: стабилно, доста стабилно.

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IWA held their 10th Anniversary event at the Jose "Pepin" Cestero Arena at Bayamon on July 18, before a reported crowd of over 4000 fans.

Hector Melendez (Voz de Trueno, not Moody Jack), Jey Rivera and Axel Cruz welcomed the fans. Miguel Perez and Savio Vega also came in and thanks so many many people who were there, including former WWE female wrestler Nidia, former referee El Martillo, former wrestling star Invader 1, former referee Heriberto Lopez and introduced and welcomed Dynamite, who was billed as the WAR champion of Ecuador.

1-La Momia Zaruxx won a former IWA wrestlers Royal Rumber. Other participants were El Profe, Payaso Totín, Agente Bruno, Bouncer Bob, El Enjabonao, Angel Rodriguez (the brother of Victor The Bodyguard).

2-Ona match between referees, with former IWA wrestler Anarchy as referee, Pelayito Vazquez defeated Atlético. After the match Anarchy (who was a former referee for IWA as well) hugged and congratulated Pelayito.

3-El Cuervo won the Xtreme Combact Title on an X Division when he defeated some other wrestlers, like Empio, Vertigo, Cold, Psycho and Mike Biconeau (formertly indie wrestler Mike Piconese)

4-In an intergender match Beautuful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky) defeated Paparazzi & Stefano. Original schedulled match was the ladies vs. Ramone and Jay Adonis, but Paparazzi and Stefano just came in and said that they will be wrestling the TNA ladies. Basically a comi match where both Paparazzi and Stefano worked as being gays and took advantage and spend a lot of time of the match touching the ladies butts. Barbie Boy interfered, kiised the referee and helped the ladies. Later Ramone, the actual female champion, came in and blinded Stefano with spray, so there came the ladies victory.

5-Diabólico defeated Rick Stanley to win the IWA Intercontinental Title on a ladder match. A report said that apparently Stanley may be ended injured.

Just Perfect came in and host a contest to pick up a 'Miss IWA'. A lady billed as India won it.

6-Savio Vega vs. Joe Bravo for the IWA Title ended with the title being held up. During the match Bakano came in and attacked Savio with the dominican flagpole, making Savio to bleed. Mr. Casanova interfered several times (he was wearing a mask) as well and make Joe to retain it. But Luke Williams came in and said he saw what took place and is ordering that the title must be held up. Then he was attacked by La Revolucion guys. Niche, Lynx and Huracan Castillo came to rescue him.

7-The Arabians (Zaer Arafat & Hardam Kadafy) became the new IWA Tag Team champions when they won a match between 4 teams, that also incuded Golden Boy & Chris Joel, who one of them were the pinned man, as well the teams of Chicano & Bryan Madness (former WWC Universal Champion Bryan using his former IWA ring name) and the other team of Noel Rodriguez & Richard Rondon, where those two last teams were counted out. Raymond Sales helped the Arabians to win that match interfering.

8-Savio Vega & Miguel Perez & Huracan Castillo & Niche & Lynx defeated La Revolucion Dominicana, composed by Joe Bravo, Bacano, Eli Rodriguez, Balbuena and Dean Rose. During the match both Puma Jr. and Mr. Casanova came in to be on Revolucion's corner. On the other hand, At the first stage of the match Miguel Perez wasn't there wrestling, so it seems to be 7 vs. 4 at some times. A brawl that saw risky moves by Savio and Bravo. Miguel Perez came in and also did a risky move jumping to the other wrestlers that were outside the ring. The Dominicans tried to confuse the referee when they extracted a second dominican match to make the referee believe that they took their flag first, but he noticed that it wasn't the official flag and declared Savio's team as winner.

9-Ricky Banderas defeated Dennis Rivera with his Mesias Splash. After the macth La Malicia came in and turned on Dennis. Promoter Edwin Vazquez came in and was trying to stop them. Then Las Revolucion came in and were added to the attack against Dennis. Then promoter Vazquez also attacked Dennis as well. Savio Vega came in to help his brother but was dominated. Then Ricky Banderas grabbed a chair and cleaned the house and made Dennis hug his brother Savio to a great pop.

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Mежду другото, сега се сещам да спомена, че IWA stream-наха шоуто на живо по Интернет. За съжаление, да се таковам у акъла, не се сетих да проверя на същия ден и видях едва на следващия ден. Както и да е. Три клипчета:

Луди spot-ове в Lucha X

Entrance-ът на The Beautiful People

Масивният pop за entrance-a на Ricky "El Mesias" Banderas

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