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WWC Honor vs. Tradicion V - 15-17 май 2009


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May 15 - Pepin Cestero Arena at Bayamon

May 16 - Ydelfonso Solа Morales Stadium at Caguas

May 17 - Luis T. Diaz Coliseum at Aguadilla

WWC Honor vs. Tradiciоn - Bayamоn 5/15

Ray Gonzаlez & BJ vs. Steve Corino & La Pesadilla

WWC Honor vs. Tradiciоn - Caguas 5/16

WWC Universal Title match

Sabu vs. Steve Corino ©

WWC Puerto Rican Title match

BJ © vs. Idol Stevens

Ray Gonzаlez vs. La Pesadilla

+ Shawn Spears (debut)

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WWC Honor vs. Tradicion

May 15th, 2009

Bayamon, Puerto Rico

1. Hiram Tua def. Johnny Styles

2. Shawn Spears (debuting) def. Angel

3. Thunder def. Huracan Castillo Jr. (after a run-in from Lightning)

4. Chicky Starr def. Mr. Mac via DQ

5. La Pesadilla & Steve Corino def. Ray Gonzalez & BJ (Pesadilla over Ray)

6. Idol Stevens def. Lightning (Idol had his feet on the ropes)

7. Hardcore Match: Sabu def. Rico Suave

^ Savio Vega и ко. са се подвизавали около залата и са раздавали флайери за днешното шоу на IWA в същата зала. :D

WWC Honor vs. Tradicion

May 16th, 2009

Bayamon, Puerto Rico

1. The battle of Los Adorables ended in a DQ - Very entertaining match.

2. Thunder & Lightning def. Shawn Spears & Mr. X

3. Rico Suave def. Hiram Tua - A tremendous match.

4. Chicky Starr def. Mr. Mac - After the match Chicky dressed Mr. Mac in a dress and painted his lips with a lipstick.

5. Tommy Diablo def. Carlitos & Angel - A great match.

6. WWC Puerto Rican Title: Idol Stevens def. BJ to win the Title - BJ survived a shot with Idol's loaded glove but then Jose Chaparro interfered and distracted BJ long enough for Idol to hit his finisher and win the match.

7. Ray Gonzalez vs. La Pesadilla ended in a DQ after La Pesadilla attacked the referee - The match was pretty good. Ray kept on going after The Nightmare's mask and trying to rip it off. He finally managed to do so but it turned out The Nightmare had two masks on so Ray tried to rip the second mask off as well. He didn't quite manage to do so but you could see that it was indeed Orlando Colon under the mask (just like Ray had been suspecting). Anyway, The Nightmare finally got the advantage and handcuffed Ray to the ropes. He then gave him a beatdown and went to cut his hair but Los Aereos (Carlitos & Hiram Tua) and Angel made the save.

8. WWC Universal Title: Steve Corino def. Sabu to retain his Title - A good hardcore match where all sorts of weapons were used (chairs, tables, steel steps, etc.).

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