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IWA Juicio Final - 16 май 2009


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IWA Undisputed World Title

Jerry Lynn vs. Chicano vs. Joe Bravo ©

Brother vs. Brother

Savio Vega vs. Dennis Rivera

IWA Intercontinental Title

Super Crazy © vs. Rick Stanley

Grudge Match

Blitz vs. Noel Rodriguez

IWA Caribbean Title

"Ravishing" Richard Rondon © vs Golden Boy

IWA Puerto Rico Title

Chris Joel © vs. Kahagas

Любопитното в случая е, че WWC ще имат шоу в същата зала на предишния ден. Tова определено добавя допълнителна интрига в цялата работа. :)

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IWA Juicio Final


As Usual in P.R. they started an hour late (bell time was 8p)

Attendance was around 900. This is very good because Carlos Colon (WWC) ran the same building the night before.




FAST MOVING GREAT MATCH!, Cuervo pinned Vertigo with a neck breaker variation.

Then there was an in ring with Barbie Boy and the GM Edwin Vasquez (Cobra). This was in regard to Barbie Boy getting an official shot at the women’s championship even though he technically has male sex organs (I put that in there).And that the current top female’s are an embarrassment (kind of a shoot).

I didn’t get the Barbie Boy gimmick at first. But, this kid has really stepped it up and got over!! He was a “cheap heat” heel doing a gay gimmick. It sucked!

Now he comes out as a “baby face” with a rainbow flag and kind of fights for the right to be who you are! Best part is the Puerto Rican wrestling fans LOVE it!! My hats off to the kid!

Plus the current women wrestlers on the Island are “flatter than a fart in church”! Barbie Boy breathes some life into them.

Match 2 CHAMPIONSHIP PR CHRIS Joel vs Casanova

I guess this match went all over the building! They even ended up on the second tear of the stadium. Casanova won the match when the ref made it back to the ring and got some sort of order to start a count. Casanova made it back into the ring first to win by count out.


GOLDEN BOY VS Caribbean Champ Ravishing RICHARD

Golden Boy (who used to be Richards partner) beat Richard with his finishing move. Richard had Golden Boy in a submission move as a mysterious masked man that had been “stalking” Richard appeared on the apron. Richard let go of the hold and went after the mask. He was able to pull the mask off to expose Gilbert! a former friend that Richard has embarrassed and humiliated on Total Impacto (IWA TV).

The amount of internet fans is growing in P.R. Even they loved this angle!

4th Ki Ki CRUZ and DIABLO vs. ELI RODRIGUEZ VS Bacano(The Dominicans).

Dean Rose (who was out with the Dominicans) went to clothes line Cruz with the Dominican flag while Bucano held him. Cruz ducked Dean nailed Bucano and Diabolico and Cruz won the match.

5th For the Tag team titles

Niches cousin & NICHE vs. THE ARABIC Connection

The Arabs won thanks to the aid of Ray Monsales

6th Rick Stanley defeated Super Crazy (who dominated the match) for the


Stanley turned the referee around and snuck a low blow in on Crazy and then executed his finish which is a variation of the Pedigree.

Match 7 was a GRUDGE match

Apparently IWA has been building something between Blitz and Noel (the son of Victor the Body Guard).

I’ll bet this was a GREAT match because they are both great workers!

Somehow Blitz “snatched the win” and Rick Stanley came down almost instantly! As they were getting heat on Blitz, his former partner, the 6’ 10” Mr. Big came to his aid and the 2 of them “cleaned house”!!! (Mr. Big left the company about a year ago. He and Blitz were a tag team known as Los Rabiosos. They were VERY over with the P.R. fans!!)I guess the fans “came unglued” and “many a beer” was consumed in the celebration!!

Match 8 was for the



While Joe Bravo was bumped to the outside, Lynn and Chicano went back and forth. Lynn was eventually able to cut Chicano off and put his cradle pile driver finish on Chicano. The whole place thought the match was over! Before the ref could hit the 3 count, Bravo broke it up and “shit canned” Lynn and hit Chicano with a variation of a DDT to win the match and the Championship!!

The last match of the night was a Family War

Savio Vega vs. his younger brother DENNIS RIVERA. Savio is coming out in his original gimmick which was TNT. This character means something to Puerto Rico and the people are really behind him!!!

I guess this really was a WAR! Dennis bled like a “stuck pig”! The fight went all over the outside. And the baby faces came out to try and break it up because they thought it was too much violence in front of their sisters and mother. To no avail! Savio finally got the “upper hand” on Dennis.

Their father finally came into the ring and “begged” Savio to stop beating on his brother. He was then able to get Savio to calm down.

This gave Dennis a chance to recover a little from the beating and when he got his composure, he actually kicked his father from behind!! Dennis then took off for the locker room.

Their family all came into the ring to make sure the father was ok which he was. And while they were in the ring the Dominicans led by Joe Bravo came down to ringside and got a hold of the microphone. Here they insulted the entire family, especially addressing Savio’s mother and sisters! Savio’s father got the women out of the ring and out of harms way.

The Dominicans then came into the ring where Savio Vega preceded to “clean house” on them!!! After several minutes of Savio’s comeback the Dominicans were able to cut him off and beat the hell out of Savio!

Now Savio was “bleeding buckets”!! Savios father ran to the dressing room to try and Get Dennis to help his brother. Dennis wouldn’t. Then his sisters joined in and Dennis still said no. Finally, his mother came to the dressing room door and Dennis methodically made his way to the ring!

Dennis cleared the ring with a stick in his hand! And when the family went to Savios aid, Dennis looked at his brother in a bloody mess, turned his back, and walked off!

Overall, it was an excellent show with some good matches and strong angles, particularly the last one which was just red hot.

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