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Интервю с Брет Харт


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The Sun in the UK has an interview up with WWE Hall of Famer Bret "The Hitman" Hart. Here are some highlights.

On The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 25:

"I’ll be the first to say that I thought Taker v Shawn was the best match at WrestleMania, maybe one of the best matches I’ve seen in years. To a certain degree, I was proud of both of them. I never take away the fact that Shawn was a great wrestler and he did a lot of great stuff. I’ve always been really proud of the match we had in Anaheim, when I dropped the title to him."

On leaving pro wrestling:

"If you look back when I first won the title, too many guys – Warrior, Hogan, Jake Roberts – didn’t pass the torch back. When I left the business I had a lousy ending, but I would have loved to have wrestled Steve Austin one more time at the end of my career and really put him over – or Shawn. I would have loved to have given back. I didn’t end up being able to pass the torch back, that was an honour I would have liked to have done."

On Mickey Rourke and "The Wrestler":

"I don’t know what that was all about at WrestleMania. I don’t know why they started it. I loved the film for the drama, the acting, the directing and the story. But I’ve talked to different wrestlers and asked them what they really thought of it. And a lot of them told me they felt like a whore after they watched it."

On John Cena being a "company man":

"When Chris Benoit died he was on Larry King and somebody asked him if wrestlers need a union – and he shot that down and said ' no '. The truth is only an idiot would say wrestlers don’t need a union, because we do! But it is hard not to take that company position and be a company guy when you’re the team leader. I was in his shoes and you try and do the best you can. As far as his career and how they’re using him – he’s better off working with them and doing everything the way he’s doing it."

Доста стабилно интервю :) ,просто е задължително да се види.Ето я и цялата статия:


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