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AEW - 10 май 2009 (дебютно шоу)


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Нека да има. :)

Федерация: AEW (Asociacion Espanola de Wrestling)

Място: Барселона, Испания

Дата: 10-ти май 2009

Организитор: Най-популярното испанско кеч списание/най-популярният испански кеч сайт

Обявени кечисти:

Super Crazy

Matt Cross


Doug Williams

Paul Tracey

El Ligero*

Zack Sabre Jr.

Ultimo Chingоn

Sean South

J.C. Williams


Kidman (НЕ Billy Kidman)


Scorpius Mask

Sargento Apolo


Gein Brothers

Обявени мачове:

Main Event: Super Crazy vs. PAC vs. Matt Cross

England vs. Ireland: Doug Williams vs. Paul Tracey

Latino American Title Match: Ultimo Chingon © vs. Makoto**

Street Fight: Kidman vs. Mandril

Zack Sabre Jr. vs. El Ligero*

Elimination Match: Sean South vs. J.C. Williams vs. Scorpius Mask

CIL Tag Team Titles: Gein Brothers © vs. Sargento Apolo & Iceborg

*El Ligero се контузи преди няколко дена, така че няма да участва в шоуто и сигурно ще има променени в card-a.

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1. Sargento Apolo def. Scorpius Mask

2. JC Williams def. Iceborg, Lo Perico Enmascarat & Kazkanuezez

3. Zack Sabre Jr. def. Sean South via submission

4. Street Fight: Kidman def. Mandril via a Diving Splash - Very good match. All sorts of stuff were you used during this match (tables, ladders, chairs, the steel fances, etc.).

5. Latin American Title: Ultimo Chingon © def. Makoto via submission - A very good high-flying match. Chingon retained his Тitle, which he recently won in Peru.

6. England vs. Ireland: Doug Williams def. Paul Tracey via Chaos Theory - A pretty good technical match.

7. Main Event: Super Crazy def. PAC & Matt Cross - Fantastic match. One of the best matches to take place in Spain during the last several years. Crazy won via two consecutive moonsault (one from the second and one from the third rope).

- After the match Ultimo Chingon challenged Super Crazy (the IWA: Puerto Rico Intercontinental champion) to a Title vs. Title match at the next AWE show later this year.

Като цяло отзивите от шоуто определено са добри, но за съжаление посещаемостта е била много слаба (около 250 човека) главно поради факта, че Barcelona/Vilarreal мача е бил по същото време. :(

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