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The Gabe is back, Jack~! :D


PHILADELPHIA- Japan's Dragon Gate promotion has announced its expansion into United States with Dragon Gate USA at last night's Korakuen Hall event in Tokyo. It has named Satoshi Oji as the President and Gabe Sapolsky as the Vice President of Dragon Gate USA. DGUSA will make its online home at www.DGUSA.tv as the site was launched late last night.

Dragon Gate's roots go back to Mexico in 1999. Now Dragon Gate promotes over 250 shows per year in Japan. It will increase its schedule by running live events under the Dragon Gate USA banner every other month in the United States. The first show is scheduled for Philadelphia at The Arena on July 25th. Already announced for this event are CIMA, Dragon Kid, Naruki Doi and Masato Yoshino. Tickets will go on sale on April 29th. Information will be coming soon about DGUSA's Chicago debut on Labor Day weekend.

Oji has been a long time employee of the Dragon Gate promotion and will run an office out of Houston. Sapolsky, the former booker of ROH and office worker in the original ECW, will head the Philadelphia office.

"This is a natural progression in Dragon Gate's growth," Oji said. "The entire company in Japan is looking forward to bringing our style of wrestling to the United States. The wrestlers are all very excited to make a new home in the United States."

"This is a great opportunity to bring something new, fresh and unique to the American pro wrestling scene," Sapolsky said. "DGUSA is going to be about quality over quantity. This is the haven for pro wrestling fans. Our goal is to become known as the premium brand of pro wrestling."

We encourage you to visit www.DGUSA.tv for feature articles, a roster section, a mission statement, the chance to order Dragon Gate USA merchandise and more. All the latest information about this revolutionary promotion is now at DGUSA.tv.

Горе-долу редовни шоута на DG в САЩ и Gabe Sapolsky част от DG USA екипа... Интересно. :)

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Hello everyone!!! Please allow me to be your host to the pro wrestling haven known as Dragon Gate USA.

The benefits of several months of preparation are finally here as Dragon Gate USA is re-launched and www.DGUSA.tv is now officially launched. We all have one goal and that is to become known as the premium brand of pro wrestling in the United States. We will work our hardest to achieve that goal for you.

DGUSA is about quality over quantity. The plan is to present only a handful of live shows per year so each card can be treated as a major event. In fact, each match on every card will offer something special whether it is a star making opportunity for upcoming talent, a clash of Dragon Gate's top stars or a battle of only the most skilled combatants.

Most importantly, we will only be satisfied when you feel like you have received five star treatment. We strive to make every DGUSA show a destination event. This is OUR haven. You will get what you pay for with DGUSA. There are no "house" or "B" shows or throwaway matches. Again, we are about quality over quantity, like a fine meal at a top restaurant. You will experience how much appreciation we have for your support.

We are not going to hype "huge surprises" or tease you with inevitably disappointing announcements. We are just going to serve you and deliver. This website will be our news center. You will watch it grow before your eyes as we add free videos, articles and much more including new talent to the roster section. DGUSA.tv is only in its budding stage now. You will witness it progress. We hope you will join our communities on Myspace, Facebook and Twitter.

I am a fan of the Dragon Gate style and wrestlers. As a fan I am very excited and hope you will share this enthusiasm. This is the dawn of a new era. The opportunity for me to join Dragon Gate USA came very naturally. I jumped at this chance. Together we can evolve and bring something unique, fresh and different to the American pro wrestling scene while maintaining a high level of quality.

I hope you will mark July 25th on your calendar as we debut in Philadelphia at The Arena. Tickets will go on sale on April 29th. Check www.DGUSA.tv soon for ticket packages and information. In the meantime, please look at our new Dragon Gate USA shirts in the store section. We are also in the process of producing some new DVDs that will be available on this site shortly. We are also finalizing our Chicago debut on Labor Day weekend for fans in the Midwest and will have information soon.

Thank you for surfing over to www.DGUSA.tv and joining us as our journey begins.

Gabe Sapolsky

Vice President of Dragon Gate USA

Dragon Gate promotions announced on 4/15 in Japan that they are setting up a U.S. office and will be running six or more shows per year, using former ROH booker Gabe Sapolsky as the booker.

The concept is to bring in eight wrestlers from Japan for each show, concentrate on three or four markets, and fill the show out with U.S. independent wrestlers.

Satoshi Oji, out of Houston, who has worked as their translator, will be the President of the organization and Toru Kito will be the CFO. The first show will be 7/25 at the Alhambra Arena in Philadelphia, with Dragon Kid, Cima, Masato Yoshino and Naruki Doi as four of the eight wrestlers appearing. They are looking at doing six to seven match shows, with the Japanese as the headliners. The second event will be over Labor Day weekend in Chicago. The goal is to draw 400 to 600 fans per event, based on the idea that Dragon Gate itself has become well known enough in the U.S. to draw that level of a niche audience.

There will be some similar talent brought in on the shows as they can do programs, but they will vary which of the top 16 or so Dragon Gate are brought in for each show. The concept is similar to ROH at the beginning, where they will look at DVD sales as a primary revenue stream. The annual shows with the Dragon Gate wrestlers were always among the best selling DVDs each year for ROH.

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Много интересна новина. Аз лично съм фен на Dragon Gate и този expansion звучи супер.. Също ми се нрави идеята Gabe да е в екипа, трябва човек като него за да може продукта да пасне на предпочитанията на американската публика. От цялата работа не знам какво ще излезе, но все пак звучи интересно..

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At their afternoon matinee event in Philadelphia, PA at the former ECW Arena, Mike Quackenbush's CHIKARA promotion announced a working agreement with the Dragon Gate USA promotion.

At the least, this means CHIKARA talent will be working the 7/25 DG USA debut event at the same venue. At the most, it means the promotion will send matches to the DG promotion and possibly host DG matches at their own CHIKARA events.

А така. Още един добър ход за "Dragon GABE". :)

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Dragon Gate USA issued a press release today, announcing that G-Funk Productions, which produced the ROH PPVs, will now produce and distribute taped DGUSA PPV. That means the debut event on 7/25 at the ECW Arena will also be the promotion's debut PPV.

The complete press release reads:


PPV/VOD Distribution Deals Bring DGUSA into 60 Million Households

New York, June 17, 2009 - Dragon Gate USA (DGUSA), in association with G-Funk Sports & Entertainment, has concluded programming and distribution deals for PPV and VOD wrestling programs with iN DEMAND Networks and TVN in the United States, and Bell and Viewer’s Choice in Canada making the critically-acclaimed DGUSA brand available for the first time ever to approximately 60 million North American households. Similar deals with additional pay-per-view providers are pending.

The agreement calls for a card from North America’s newest, most cutting-edge wrestling company approximately every 60 days from shows filmed in the United States, and will premier in September. A total of six cards are planned throughout ‘09/’10. DGUSA President Satoshi Oji and Vice President Gabe Sapolsky made the announcement today with G-Funk’s President Ken Gelman.

The debut event, entitled “Enter The Dragon,” will be taped July 25 in Philadelphia from The Arena (former New Alhambra Arena/ECW Arena), and will feature a spectacular array of talent from Japan, the U.S. and more.

Long revered by a loyal underground fan base, Dragon Gate has been one of the hottest wrestling promotions in Japan over the past few years. The company started out as a local promotion in 2004 and has quickly risen up the ranks, regularly packing houses in excess of 10,000 fans and producing more than 250 shows a year nationwide in Japan. Dragon Gate has been a staple on Gaora TV and produced pay-per-view events in its home country.

“Wrestling fans around the world know the Dragon Gate stars, “ Oji stated. “The next logical step was to launch Dragon Gate USA and showcase these athletes in North America. We are excited to partner with G-Funk Sports & Entertainment and look forward to bringing the next evolution of wrestling to pay-per-view throughout the United States and Canada.”

DGUSA’s Sapolsky has enjoyed a celebrated 15-year behind the scenes career in wrestling. Sapolsky started in the business with the original ECW, working directly for ECW executive producer Paul Heyman. Sapolsky studied his craft carefully under Heyman for seven years. A year after ECW ended its run, Sapolsky started cult-sensation Ring Of Honor and served as the creative head and producer of the critically acclaimed company for almost seven years. Sapolsky's service earned him four consecutive "Booker Of The Year" awards.

“I’m truly excited to be involved with such a progressive wrestling organization,“ said Sapolsky. “The North American wrestling scene has grown stale in recent years and many fans have jumped ship completely for MMA. Dragon Gate USA will swing the pendulum back and sound a resounding wake-up call for fans that crave athleticism, action and excitement. This powerful product will bring a cutting-edge wrestling style never before seen on these shores and present wrestling fans with an authentic reason to tune in and order DGUSA on pay-per-view.”

G-Funk Sports and Entertainment represented DGUSA in its negotiations with the PPV companies and the company will also handle all affiliate relations for the wrestling programs moving forward. DGUSA PPV affiliates will have access to a newly created affiliate website, www.dgusa.tv/affiliates which will contain easy-to-implement marketing materials and all event information. Each show will also be supported by a range of targeted national consumer advertising and promotion.

According to Mr. Gelman, “Dragon Gate USA will offer wrestling fans throughout North America a reason to celebrate. These distinctive programs will present a showcase for the most talented and athletic wrestlers on the planet and provide a popular new option for cable operators and satellite providers as they expand their transactional offerings.”

About Dragon Gate USA

Dragon Gate USA recently launched on April 15th of this year and received an immediate following. The combination of Sapolsky and†a talent roster focused on Japan's renowned Dragon Gate athletes saw the company's website (www.DGUSA.tv) gain 20,000 unique visitors in just its first week and DGUSA's debut event, scheduled for July 25th in Philadelphia, is already a near-sellout. Dragon Gate USA is based on a motto of "Evolve, Progress and Appreciation."

Dragon Gate USA is the North American brand of Dragon Gate in Japan. Dragon Gate is now Japan's hottest promotion with regular PPVs, 250-300 live events per year and attendances that top 10,000 fans.

About G-Funk Sports & Entertainment

G-Funk Sports & Entertainment (www.g-funksports.com) is a full-service agency dedicated to brand activation, strategic integration and driving maximum return on investment for its clients, headed up by Award-winning NHL and WWE marketing and television veteran Ken Gelman. G-Funk's strengths center on three primary areas, Marketing Services (consumer promotion, affiliate activation and events), Partnership Alliances and Content Management (including distribution drives and launch strategies). Client partners include the National Football League, Ring Of Honor and Strikeforce.

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Dragon Gate USA announced today that WWE announcers Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler will be appearing at the September 6 show in Chicago.

Ross and Lawler will be signing autographs as part of a deal with highspots.com, which is an official sponsor of DGUSA. Tickets must be purchased to the Sept. 6 show in order to meet & greet with Ross and Lawler.

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Дебютното шоу/PPV taping засега изглежда така:

Dragon Gate USA presents Open The Historic Gate

July 25th- 8:00pm belltime

The Arena (former New Alhambra Arena/ECW Arena)

7 Ritner Street, Philadelphia, PA 19148

Main Event #1 - Non-Title

Naruki Doi (Open The Dream Gate Champion) vs. Shingo

Main Event #2

Dragon Kid vs. Masato Yoshino

Main Event #3

BxB Hulk vs. YAMATO

Tag Team Challenge

CIMA & Susumu Yokosuka vs. The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson)

CHIKARA Eight Man Tag Team Showcase

Fire Ant, Soldier Ant, Jigsaw & ??? vs. Amasis, Gran Akuma, Icarus & ???

Special Attraction Match

2 Cold Scorpio vs. Ken Doane (a.k.a. Kenny Dykstra)


Bonus match: The Fray

Participants: Flip Kendrick and Johnny Gargano (and six more wrestlers)

Plus: "Live Event Hostess" Dawn Marie and others!!!

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Open The Booking Book For The 7/25 Philly Event

by Gabe Sapolsky

The July 25th Dragon Gate USA debut show in Philadelphia is less than two weeks away and we know most of the details of the lineup. Now I will do something that I never would have done in the past. This blog will focus on opening up the booking book and letting you in on the matchmaking thought process.

We need to begin by looking at the current card:

Main Event #1- Non-Title

Open The Dream Gate Champion Naruki Doi vs. Shingo

Main Event #2

Dragon Kid vs. Masato Yoshino

Main Event #3

BxB Hulk vs. YAMATO

Tag Team Challenge Match

CIMA & Susumu Yokosuka vs. The Young Bucks

CHIKARA Eight Man Tag Team Match

Fire Ant, Soldier Ant, Jigsaw & TBA vs. Gran Akuma, Icarus, Amasis & Hallowicked

Special Attraction Match

2 Cold Scorpio vs. Ken Doane

"Bonus Match" For Golden Ringside and VIP Balcony Ticket Holders at 6:30pm:

The Fray featuring Johnny Gargano, Cheech, Cloudy and five others. It will start with two competitors. Every three minutes a new wrestler will enter the ring. Eliminations can take place at anytime by pinfall, submission or DQ. There are no countouts. Entry is drawn at random. The last survivor is the winner.

First, let's look at the structure of the card. We are promoting DGUSA as the premium pro wrestling brand. This means that every moment has to matter. You aren't paying to see filler or a toned down undercard. The idea of DGUSA is to get a maximum amount out of a minimum number of matches and wrestlers. This is about quality, quality and more quality. Thus, the six match main show format was born. This allows DGUSA to present six high quality matches, let each bout stand out as its own "event" and have importance, while at the same time not pummeling the audience with a 4-5 hour show. The six match format gives four high quality first half contests and then two main events after intermission, which should give the fans a satisfying, but not exhausting, night of action.

Now that we have set a card structure that emphasizes quality over quantity while allowing every wrestler to perform on a high level without burning out the audience, it is time to decide exactly what the pairings are. The foundation of this event are the tremendous athletes of Dragon Gate. The first question to answer when putting together the lineup is what to do with these eight talents. The obvious answer was a six man tag, but I believed this would come off as more of an exhibition match and it has been seen in the United States without any build before. Another option was hosting a Japan vs. USA type format, but I felt that first we needed to establish the fresh faces that DGUSA is being built around. I can't state enough that July 25th marks the beginning of a full fledged wrestling promotion. Wins and losses mean everything. This isn't a collection of exhibition matches with no consequences. We need to establish a hierarchy on the roster and put these fresh talents in the best light possible. This is the genesis of new stars and wrestling styles on the North American independent scene.

In my opinion, the best way to accomplish this was set three main event quality one-on-one matches featuring the new DGUSA talent roster. These matches are Naruki Doi vs. Shingo, Masato Yoshino vs. Dragon Kid and BxB Hulk vs. YAMATO. We accomplish several things with these three matches. First of all, big time singles bouts with this talent has never been featured in the United States before. Secondly, these three contests give us a can't miss backbone of the show. Most importantly, the winners and losers immediately establish the hierarchy of the roster. Wins and losses are everything here. Who will be the faces of DGUSA? Who are the top stars? Who will gain the victory on pay-per-view? Right now, all three of these matches are a pick 'em to me. After July 25th, we'll know who stands where in DGUSA.

The other advantage of these three one-on-one contests is that it leaves us with two more athletes in CIMA & Susumu Yokosuka so the card can feature a kick ass tag team match. It didn't take long to think of opponents for CIMA & Yokosuka. The Young Bucks of Nick & Matt Jackson are everything that DGUSA represents- hungry, fresh and new. They are first round draft picks. They are blue chippers. They have toured Dragon Gate so they know the style. Again, most importantly, it also creates a situation where it is close to impossible to predict the winners.

One match I didn't put a lot of thought into was the CHIKARA eight man tag team bout featuring Hallowicked, Gran Akuma, Icarus & Amasis vs. Fire Ant, Soldier Ant, Jigsaw & to be announced. There was no doubt that CHIKARA had to be a part of this card. I was blown away by their King Of Trios tournament. Then they took it to the next level with the eight man tags on their recent "Aniversario Yang" and "The Bobliographon" events at The Arena. This is cutting edge wrestling. I highly recommend seeking out these DVDs at SmartMarkVideo.com. The partnership was a natural one, especially since both groups have strong roots with the same trainer, Jorge "Skyde" Rivera.

One thing I've learned over the years is when to step back. The people in CHIKARA know their talent and style better than I ever could. I made one call to their "Director Of Fun" Leonard F. Chikarason and asked him to send a match our way for July 25th. Once again, this match is much more than an exhibition match. The winner of the fall will make an immediate name for himself in DGUSA and become established on the roster. Winners and losers are everything.

This brings us to what was literally the final addition to the card and perhaps the most interesting match. We realize that you are paying a premium price, so we wanted to bring you some national names that weren't overexposed and fit the athletic DGUSA style. 2 Cold Scorpio was an obvious addition. He's a pioneer of innovative, high-flying action and a legend in The Arena. In addition to that, he still loves to wrestle and has expressed to me that he is very much looking forward to working on this kind of show. I have heard great reports of him tearing it up against Davey Richards for IWC and more recently I got nothing but positive reviews about his match against CW Anderson at Francine's ECW reunion show. Adding Scorpio was a no brainer.

We searched far and ride for an opponent for Scorpio. Ken Doane always intrigued me. I thought he showed some remarkable athleticism in WWE, but was hampered with a lower card spot. I always wanted to see what he could do if he was cut loose. I received word that he is now hungry and has a new attitude. He wants an opportunity. On top of that, he proved it on a recent Sheldon Goldberg NECW show with an excellent showing. I started to ask around about him. I asked Paul Heyman and CM Punk about the former Kenny Dykstra (both had worked with Doane in the WWE system) and they each gave him an enthusiastic recommendation. The deal was sealed with help from Bill Behrens and Doane was added as Scorpio's opponent. Scorpio and Doane are each coming to Philly for the same reason: To prove that they each have much more to offer fans of professional wrestling and to get a big win on the very first Dragon Gate USA show.

Finally, for Golden Ringside and VIP balcony ticket holders we have The Fray. My next blog will take a deep look at this match and what it means for the talent involved.

There you have it. Now that the booking book has been opened the only thing left is to see how it all plays out on July 25th when "Open The Historic Gate" goes down at The Arena in Philadelphia. We are at the genesis here. We have one shot to establish the DGUSA brand and prove that it is the premium product. This is our chance to suck you in and get you hooked. It's just a matter of days before it all becomes a reality.

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(1) Yamato beat BxB Hulk w/ cradled inverted piledriver.

(2) 2 Cold Scorpio beat Ken Doane with a sloppy 450 leg drop that landed right on doane's face leaving him with a bloody mouth. They shook hands after the match.

(3) Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw & Fire Ant & Soldier Ant beat Hallowicked & Amasis & Gran Akuma & Icarus in an eight-man tag.Chikara faces over heels when Quacksaw hits jig and tonic on Icarus. Afterwards Quakenbush grabs the mic and talks about how Chikara and Dragon Gate are like family because of their mutual training by Jorge Rivera. A Jorge video package is shown. Quack the says he would love to see how any dragon gate wrestler does against any Chikara wrestler. Yamato comes out and says something in Japanese and kicks Quack in the family jewels. Jigsaw comes in for the save followed by Gran Akuma who turns on jigsaw. Cheech, Cloudy and the Ants come in for the save.

(4) Dragon kid beat Masato Yoshino with a springboard dragonconrana.

Justin says, "The crowd is on fire. It Was a little quiet during the slow 2 cold Scorpio match. Building is pretty packed. I'd say at least 850 people. Maybe close to 1000."

(5) The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) beat CIMA & Yokosuka with that 450 splash, moonsault combo they do (More Bang for Your Buck) onto Yokosuka. Amazing match. Crowd was quiet coming back from intermission, but by the end of the match the entire arena was on their feet screaming. One of the best tag matches I've ever seen.

(6) Naruki Doi beat Shingo when Doi hit his finisher. Tons of near falls in this one. There were several dueling "let's go shingo" "let's go Doi" chants but it seemed more of the crowd was pulling for Shingo.

Dragon Gate USA Results 07.25.09 - Philadelphia, PA

Dragon Gate USA debuted tonight in Philadelphia, PA at the ECW Arena. The following is live coverage written as the show was ongoing.

The Fray: Lince Dorado vs. Cheech vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Cloudy vs. Chris Jones vs. Louis Linden vs. Aaron Arbo vs. Andy Harper

A special bonus match for ringside ticket holders with staggered entrances and eliminations.

Arbo and Harper opened the bout, going back and forth with some good wrestling. Number three in was Johnny Gargano, who works regularly in the Mid-West and recently had a TNA tryout. He quickly eliminated both. Gargano got a chair from ringside and stood atop it celebrating while he waited for the fourth entrant, then brandished the chair. Referee Mike Kehner took it away before lucky number four, Louis Linden made his way to the ring. Linden, from the Michigan area, nailed some cool Lucha style takedowns and martial arts kicks. Gargano came back with a thrust to the throat and then began choking Linden against the ropes. Linden battled back out of the corner but Gargano raked his eyes. Gargano continued to work over Linden, clobbering him across the back of the neck. He went for a Dragon suplex but it was blocked.

The fifth entrant, Chris Jones, hit the ring. Jones works the Florida indies. He and Gargano go back and forth. Gargano retreated to the floor. Linden and Jones exchanged headlocks and mat wrestling counters. Jones nailed Gargano on the apron but was caught with a double chop by Linden. Linden leapfrogged over a Gargano charge, causing Jones to be speared. Cheech, a Tony Devito student who has wiorked ROH and CZW, among other indies, was sixth. He got a nice reaction since the Philly fans were familiar with his work.

Cheech and Jones exchanged chops. Jones charged him but got tossed into a flapjack. Cheech hit a springboard moonsault off the ropes. Gargano knocked him out of the ring but Linden kicked him in the face. Cheech hit a back suplex on Linden. Jones leapfrogged Cheech and did a forward headscissors takedown. Jones and Linden exchanged strikes in the center of the ring. Linden caught him with a running big boot. Gargano catches Linden with a thrust and pins him.

Number seven was Lince Dorado, who came in with a flying bodypress on everyone. Dorado went after Gargano but was dropkicked out of the ring by Cheech. Cheech hit a Thesz Press on Jones. Everyone locked on an insane looking submission combination on the other but no one tapped. Cheech nails Jones with a big boot to the face, then hits a knee strike in the throat. Gargano sneaks in and covers Jones, but Cheech breaks it up.

Number eight was cloudy, Cheech's partner and sometimes rival. He hit a double knee charge on Dorado in the corner. Cheech hit a slingshot on Dorado into a Cloudy STO. Cheech and Cloudy continued the double-team assault. They turned their attention to Jones, who ate stereo kicks top the head. Cheech and Cloudy then hit stereo dives over the top to the floor. Back in the ring, Jones was eliminated about a double team knee strike off the top by Cloudy into a powerbomb across the knees by Cheech.

Lince Dorado and Cloudy went at it and Dorado got a quick elimination. Crowd booed that somewhat since Cloudy was so impressive. Gargano rolled up Cheech and eliminated him, then tried to do the same to Dorado, who kicked up. Dorado dropkicked Gargano as he was on the ropes and stunned him. Gargano flipped over to attempt a sunset flip powerbomb but Dorado avoided it. Gargano dropped Dorado on his head out of the corner but Dorado kicked up. The crowd got into the kickout and clapped for Dorado to rally.

Gargano went for a full nelson suplex. Dorado went for one of his own but it slipped, the only miscue of the entire bout, which is impressive when you have eight guys who are for the most part unfamiliar with each other working for the first time.. Dorado went to the top and nailed a shooting star press for the pin.

Your Fray winner, Lince Dorado!

After the match ended, DGUSA opened for the general admission fans.

At 8 Pm, the lights went out for an awesome countdown video. When they hit one, Dawn Marie was in the ring to welcome everyone to the PPV and introduce the first bo


Hulk was accompanied by dancing girls, who were Daizee Haze and Kelly Dempsey (ROH star Bobby's sister). They went right to the mat with YAMATO taking the early advantage. Hulk was caught in a wristlock and chopped his way out before reversing it. They faced off and the crowd applauded. YAMATO shoulderblocked hulk down, but he kipped up. Hulk came back with a series of dropkicks to take YAMATO out. The crowd chanted for Hulk. He followed up with another dropkick for a near fall. Hulk nailed a reverse crescent kick but was caught in a legbar. Hulk got to the ropes as the crowd rallied both.

YAMATO missed a charge in the corner but Hulk's leg got caught when he went for a kick. YAMATO charged and kicked him off the apron to the floor, the followed. He slammed Hulk's leg into the guard rail on the floor and continued to work on it as when they returned to the ring, using kicks to the knee. He torqued the leg but Hulk tried to fight out. Hulk finally used a spinkick to break YAMATO's momentum, but was taken down with another leglock. YAMATO locked on a sleeper, then went for a unique leg submission from a crab position while on his back. The crowd chanted for Hulk. YAMATO worked Hulk in the corner with chops. He whipped Hulk out of the corner but his knee gave out and he collapsed in the middle.

The crowd continued to rally Hulk, who cartwheeled out of another takedown attempt then hit a beautiful dropkick off the middle rope. He flipped over YAMATO and nailed a clothesline. He went for a Mafia kick, It was reversed and he reversed it. Hulk hit a standing moonsault press for a two count. They exchanged strikes in the center of the ring with Hulk getting the better of the exchange, YAMATO nailed a forearm off the ropes for a two count. YAMATO speared Hulk for a two count, then rolled him over into a Sharpshooter. The crowd chanted for Hulk not to tap. He made his way to the ropes but was pulled away and locked away in a crossface. He finally got to the ropes again.

YAMATO went for an over the shoulder slam but Hulk reversed it into a Lucha takedown. He nailed a running kick to YAMATO who was in the ropes, then hit a Spanish Fly off the top on YAMATO. Hulk began beating down YAMATO with kicking combinations to the face. He picked him up for a pumphandle into a Michinoku Driver for a two count but YAMATO got his legs on the ropes. Hulk slammed him and went for a twisting moonsault press but missed. Hulk grabbed at his knee.

YAMATO made his way to his feet, smiling at Hulk. He charged with a forearm smash and a big head dropping suplex but Hulk kicked out again. YAMATO hit an overhead kick but Hulk battled his way to his feet. YAMATO locked on a sleeper then suplexed Hulk over. Hulk again kicked out. YAMATO finally hit a Michinoku Package Driver for the pin.

Your winner, YAMATO!

Great, great opening match. The crowd is absolutely loving it. It was cool to see them do a variation on BXB Hulk's dance entrance here to bring some of the pageantry over.

Ken Doane vs. 2 Cold Scorpio

Doane is former WWE star Kenny Dykstra. Scorpio is obviously well known in these parts. The crowd chanted the Dykstra name at Doane early, then chanted for Scorpio. Scorpio tried to shake hands but Doane slapped it away. The crowd chanted "Spirit Squad" at Doane. They finally locked up and Scorpio got the better of the first exchange, pushing him into the corner with a clean break. The next chant was "Where's your pom poms" followed by "We want Ziggler."

They locked up again, with Doane getting the better of it and slapping Scorpio. They locked up and Doane took Scorpio down with an armbar. Scorp bounced out of it and faced off with Doane. Doane grabbed a top wristlock but Scorpio used his acrobatics to escape. Doane grabbed a side headlock but Scorp used a back suplex. Doane hung onto the move and rolled around, getting back to his feet. Scorp shot him off into the ropes and nailed a dropkick, then used a superkick.

Doanie retreated to the floor. Scorpio teased a dive and Doane retreated. He slammed the ring steps in frustration. While the opener was balls to the wall hot wrestling, this is more of a traditional heel vs. face bout with a slow early build. Doane returned to the ring for a test of strength but Doane cracked him with a right hand. They boxed for a second with Doane nailing a dropkick. Scorp returned to his feet for a dropkick of his own. Doane drove Scorpio's mid-section into the turnbuckles. Scorpio battled back and began chopping Doane around the ring. He whipped Doane, who reversed. Scorp hit the turnbuckles and came off with a flying bodypress off the second for a near fall.

Doane battled back with a dropkick into the midsection, then cradled Scorpio for a two count. Scorp began mounting a comeback with a series of punches but Doane snapped his neck on the ropes, then dropped an elbow across the back of his head and neck for a two count. Doane unloaded with rights but Scorp began psyching himself up. He made his way top his feet but was caught with a thrown suplex. Doane got a two count.

Doane ducked a kick and caught a German suplex with a bridge for a two count. He locked in a side chinlock and Scorpio's arm dropped twice but at the third, he began to fight back. Doane tried to push Scorpio's arm down in a funny heel move. Scorp got to his feet and rolled through but Doane kept the chinlock on. Scorpio escaped but was immediately grabbed in a sleeper. Scorp escaped and backdropped Doane over the ropes to the apron, then back into the ring. He took down Doane with a punching combo but Doane returned and did the same. They began exchanging kicks and strikes. Scorp finally got the best of it with a big standing kick to the face. He nailed a running clothesline in the corner, then hit a springboard into an Arabian Press for a two count.

Doane came back with an Alabama Jam off the top but there was no water in the pool. Scorp went for a moonsault but Doane got his knees up and covered him for a two count. Doane charged Scorpio in the corner but missed and Scorp took him out. Scorp hit the Tumbleweed off the top and scored the pin.

Your winner, 2 Cold Scorpio!

Scorpio offered his hand after the bout and Doane took it. Scorp raised Doane's arm as if to endorse him. Doane left and Scorpio bowed before the crowd.

More of your traditional bout than the opener, but a really good face vs. heel chemistry mixed with some strong back and forth wrestling. Watching Doane here, you couldn't help but feel that WWE completely blew it. Scorpio is older than his glory days era, obviously, but can still go with the best of them and in a lot of ways, was the perfect opponent for Doane's debut here. By competing and losing to someone this audience loves, it gave him credibility.

Dawn Marie announced there were fans from Great Britian, France, Japan and Canada, among other countries in the house. She plugged the 9/6 Chicago debut and 11/28 return here. She promised a special announcement by the end of the night.

CHIKARA 8 MAN TAG: Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw & Fire Ant & Solider Ant vs. Hallowicked & Amasis & Gran Akuma & Icarus

Given the amount of talent here, it's going to be impossible to do a traditional play by play, so we'll just do some highlights. Quackenbush got a monster pop coming out. It was actually bigger than Scorpio. In fact, all the talent got their names chanted. All the CHIKARA talents have colorful outfits and gimmicks as they do an Americanized Lucha Libre style in their home promotion.

As you can imagine, a ton of Lucha style stuff with fast tags in and out, counters, etc. Team Jigsaw worked on Solider Ant for some time. Amasis hit a spinebuster. Soldier Ant finally came back with headscissors on Gran Akuma but was jumped by Icarus. He ducked under an Icarus charge and tagged Quackenbush, who cleaned house and tagged in Jigsaw. Jigsaw hit an enziguiri and rolled him up in a small package for a near fall. Jigsaw used a Lucha armdrag to toss Hallowicked out of the ring. He went for a dive but was kicked and cut off. Icarus hit a spear. Jigsaw tried to cradle him for a two count. He ate a kick to the head. The heels continued to work over Jigsaw while tagging in and out.

Amasis used a series of strikes and a clothesline for a two on Jigsaw. Icarus tagged in and was powerbombed atop of Jigsaw for a two count by his regular partner Gran Akuma. Akuma continued to use kicks to the chest, then rammed Jigsaw into the corner. Jigsaw hit a dive over the top on Akuma and Icarus. Fire Ant and Hallowicked went back and forth. Amasis ducked a double kick from the Ants but then got nailed on the rebound off the ropes.

It settled down to Icarus and Fire Ant. He picked up Ant and ran him into the corner. Soldier Ant kicked him out of the ring. Hallowicked nailed a press into a gutbuster. he and Solider Ant battled in the corner. Quack hit the ring and hit a top rope frankensteiner. Soldier Ant came off the ropes for the pin but Amasis broke it up. Amasis hit a face first driver on Ant. Quack hit a lariat and Amasis took a 360 bump. Quack nailed a side slam. Fire Ant went to the top but was suplexed off by Akuma, who then hit a moonsault for a two count. Great match.

There was an amazing flurry of Lucha dives, leaving Jigsaw with Icarus. He hit a sitdown Michinoku Driver and scored the pin.

Your winners, Team Quackenbush!

Great, fun Lucha bout. The crowd chanted CHIKARA after the bout. There was no way to keep up with this match, that's how insane it was.

Mike Quackenbush took the mic after the bout. He said that if the home office in Japan hasn't figured it out yet, "Doesn't Dragon Gate and CHIKARA make a splendid combination?" He said that they were all part of the same extended family, having been trained by an often underappreciated Luchadore, Jorge Rivera. He asked everyone to watch a video on Rivera, which was a collection of his highspots.

Quack said it feels like there's a bit of sibling rivalry in the back and issued a challenge to see how any CHIKARA talent fares against any talent from Dragon Gate. YAMATO came to the ring. YAMATO cut a quick promo, then kicked Quack low. Jigsaw hit the ring and attacked YAMATO, stomping him. Gran Akuma came to the ring to check on Quack, but then attacked Jigsaw. Akuma and YAMATO worked over Quack and Jigsaw. Several CHIKARA wrestlers hit the ring but were laid out. The other CHIKARA babyfaces finally cleared the ring to check on Quackenbush. Dawn Marie said that YAMATO told her he doesn't have respect for Quackenbush, Jorge Rivera or CHIKARA. Quack was pissed but was helped out of the ring.

Dawn Marie plugged the 8/16 CHIKARA event in this venue.

Dragon Kid (with Shingo) vs. Masato Yoshino (with Naruki Doi)

Yoshino and Kid had some awesomely fast back and forth counter wrestling early. Kid used a head scissors takedown to shoot Yoshino to the floor. He went for a dive but when Yoshino got out of dodge, faked it with a slide around the ropes. Yoshino walked around the floor and returned, getting cut off by Kid. Yoshino ducked under Kid and caught him and slammed him down. He measured and came down with a splash across Kid's arm. He continued to work over Kid's arm, wrapping it around the ropes as the referee warned him to break. Yoshino used his leg to twist the arm and slam Kid to the mat, then pretzeled him with a leg submission around the neck and torso.

Yoshino broke when Kid got to the ropes, but continued assaulting Kid. Kid faked a rebound off the ropes and kicked him in the face. Kid went for a springboard and was shoved down onto the apron. Yoshino charged in the corner but was kicked away. Kid did several rotation spins around Yoshino's neck before sending him to the floor. Kid hit a standing moonsault to the floor on Yoshino.

Kid tossed Yoshino back in and hit a springboard missile dropkick for a two count. Kid psyched himself up and charged. Yoshino evaded and came off the ropes, slammed Kid down neckfirst. Yoshino went to the top rope but was caught by Kid, who followed. Kid went for a superplex but Yoshino fought back. Yoshino went for a sunset bomb but Kid turned it into a rana and hit a 619 in the ropes. Yoshino caught Kid with a powerbomb to cut off his momentum, but was locked in an Octopus submission. Yoshino caught Kid with a boot. He charged Kid, who was on the apron but Kid kicked him in the legs. Yoshino went down and Kid went for a springboard moonsault but Yoshino got his knees up. Yoshino hit a monster missile dropkick for a two count and the fans chanted his name.

They exchanged chops. Kid nailed a twisting DDT. Kid set up Yoshino in the corner but was pushed off. Kid landed on the apron and fired away with chops. He got to the middle rope as Yoshino went to the top. Yoshino went for Splash Kid but Kid turned it into a rana in mid-air, which the Arena popped for huge. Yoshino caught Kid and slammed him down with a tornado. He locked in a submission but Kid rolled him upside down for a two count. Kid nailed a Stone Cold Stunner. Kid came off the ropes with a springboard into a rollup for the pin.

Your winner, Dragon Kid!

Yoshino shoved down Kid after and Shingo got in his face. Doi got in Shingo's face. 2 Cold Scorpio came to the ring and took the mic. He said he was here when Eddie Guerrero and Dean Malenko was a classic. He said he was here when Psicosis and Rey Mysterio "blew our minds." The Arena chanted ECW. Scorpio said he was involved in a few classics here as well with Sabu. He told Yoshino and Kid that they are today's version of those classics and said that he and everyone here would love to see a rematch. Yoshino and Kid both agreed.

A really good bout, but as good as this was, they can do ever better based on tapes I've seen. I was surprised it was as short as it was, but given the angle afterwards, it was probably by design to build the rivalry here in the United States for a new audience. There was definitely a lot of nods to old school Rey in Kid's performance here (which was the booking plan, to make Kid the modern day equivalent of Rey Jr.) and it was smart booking to have ECW alumni Scorpio come out to tie all the history in the venue to these talents to help get them over.

Dawn Marie announced the 11/28 show will feature a one night tournament to crown the first-ever Dragon Gate USA Open the Freedom Gate championship.

After intermission, Dawn Marie plugged her Wrestler's Rescue charity.

CIMA & Susumu Yokosuka vs. The Young Bucks

The Bucks are from California and have worked for PWG, ROH and the NWA. Both teams got big reactions from the crowd. Yokosuka shoulderblocked Matt Jackson several times until Jackson got the better of him. CIMA and Nick Jackson tagged in. Nick nailed a good rana. The Bucks did a double backflip followed by stereo dropkicks. Yokosuka tagged in and dragged Nick into the corner. CIMA and Yokosuka continued to work over Nick. Nick struggled to make a tag but was held back. He finally muscled Yokosuka into the corner and tagged his brother. Yokosuka and CIMA regained control and stomped Nick Jackson's face.

Jackson was propelled into the air by his brother and dropkicked CIMA. CIMA came back with kicks and punches to the chest. Yokosuka tagged in and rode Jackson to the mat, riding him with a side chinlock. Jackson was caught with a knee to the gut, bumping over. Yokosuka locked in leg scissors as CIMA interfered to help. Nick Jackson struggled to get into the ring to help but the referee held him back. Yokosuka grabbed Jackson in a wheel barrow position and CIMA drilled him down into his knees. They took Jackson outside to the floor. Yokosuka held held across the ring barrier and CIMA came off of them with a double stomp.

Back in the ring, CIMA began beating Jackson with drilling kicks to the chest and head. They whipped Matt Jackson into the corner then nailed lariats in succession. Jackson came back with a quick flurry of offense and made the hot tag to Nick. Nick clotheslined Yokosuka and took down CIMA with a Mexican armdrag. Nick did a twisting dive over the ropes onto CIMA and Yokosuka on the floor. The Arena chanted for the Bucks.

Nick came off the ropes with a double stomp on CIMA's arm. The Bucks hit stereo dive splashes onto CIMA for a two count. CIMA and Yokosuka made a comeback in a major way. Yokosuka caught an Exploder suplerplex on Matt Jackson for a two count. Jackson caught him with a big boot and hit a Blockbuster for a two count. He went to the top but CIMA caught him and hit a forward flip slam off the top. CIMA went to the top for a splash but Matt got his knees up. The Bucks caught Yokosuka with a double team move for a two count. Matt was left with Yokosuka and put him on his shoulders. Outside, CIMA kicked Nick in the face.

Yokosuka caught Matt with a lariat. CIMA went for a forward roll and got a two count. Nick got on the apron but was kicked off. They tied up Matt in the corner. CIMA hit a Van Terminator dropkick to the back of the head. They slammed Matt down for a pinfall but Nick broke up the pin. The fans chanted for Dragon Gate. Yokosuka went for a powerbomb but matt escaped. CIMA superkicked Yokosuka by accident. Nate kicked him in the head. Matt nailed a rolling forward splash. Nate hit a swanton and Matt scored the pin in a major upset.

Your winners, The Young Bucks!

Excellent match all around. Two stars are born. Unbelievable.

After the bell, everyone shook hands and the fans chanted for each of them before giving the bout a standing ovation. Matt Jackson took the mic and told CIMA and Yokosuka they were two of the best wrestlers in the world. He said that they went from getting their High School diplomas to working for Dragon Gate, which was like getting their college degrees. He said that everyone calls them the tag team of the future, but he disagrees. He said that tonight, in the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, they proved they are the tag team of the present. He said this ring is their turf and if there is a tag team in Dragon Gate that wants to step to the plate, then "step right up, baby!"

Open the Dream Gate & Brave Gate champion Naruki Doi vs. Shingo

The crowd chanted for Shingo at the bell. Shingo muscled Doi into the ropes but broke clean. They went into a test of strength, which Shingo easily won. Doi was able to reverse the knucklelock and went into a standing wristlock. Doi rolled him over with a leg takedown and tied up Shingo's legs. Shingo escaped and went for headscissors on Doi. Doi escaped and they faced off.

Doi tried to run through Shingo but was shoulderblocked down. Shingo caught him with a Fireman's Carry into a Stunner. Shingo slammed Doi and rubbed his boot across Doi's face. Doi nailed a Dragon Screw legwhip. Doi began focusing on Shingo's legs, stomping on his knee. The Arena began dueling chants. Doi grapevined Shingo's leg. That was a set up for the figure four leglock. Shingo reversed it but Doi rolled it back over to the original submission position. Shingo grabbed the ropes to break the hold. Doi went for a cannonball in the corner but Shingo caught him and powerbombed him down. Awesome. He hit a kneedrop to the back of the head.

Doi made a comeback but was hit with a lariat. Shingo went for a standing vertical suplex and held Doi up there for a count of 30 before snapping him back. He chopped Doi in the corner, shushed the crowd and did it again. He whipped Doi into the corner but was kicked in the face during a charge. Shingo caught him with a powerslam for a two count. Shingo worked over Doi on the mat.

Shingo went for a suplex but Doi escaped and kicked him in the legs. He tied up Shingo in the ropes and dropkicked his legs several times. Shingo hung through the ropes, where Shingo hit a diving knee drop off the ropes. Doi ducked a charge and nailed a strike to the chin. The crowd rallied both men. Shingo began unloading with jabs but Doi dropkicked him in thje knee. Doi charged Shingo in the corner but was caught in the goozle and suplexed him over. Shingo nailed a kneedrop off the ropes for a two count.

Shingo grabbed Doi in a Fireman's Carry but Doi escaped. He went for a kick but Shingo evaded it and caught him with an STO. Shingo hit several lariats but Doi nailed a sidewalk slam. Doi tied up Shingo upside down and hit a cannonball splash. Doi nailed a back superplex for a two count. Doi caught them with a Fireman's Carry into a death valley driver. Shingo begasn punching the back of Doi's head as Doi wobbled on unsteady legs. Shingo hit an exploder into a Michinoku Driver for a two count.

Shingo hit as running clothesline in the corner but Doi came back with a sprinting leg lariat. Doi grabbed him in a wheel barrow position but Shingo broke free, then drove Doi headfirst into the mat. Doi and Shingo exchanged forearms and slaps in the center of the ring. Doi nailed several kicks and lariats before nailing a back suplex with a bridge for a two count. Doi hits a sliding kick and rolls up Shingo for a two count.

Doi hits a Package Driver for the three count.

Your winner and still Open the Dream Gate & Brave Gate champion Naruki Doi!

A great main event. Tons of stiff work here.

Overall, from top to bottom, a really strong card designed to please the niche audience it was designed for. Gabe Sapolsky had to feel some level of vindication tonight.

Dragon Gate USA Notes: I'd estimate the crowd at 900-950. The pre-sale before they opened the doors was 598...In a smart inside idea, they were playing music from Japanese American rock band Loudness as fans entered the building....The Arena was a boiling hot, the hottest I can recall in some time, made all the worse by the crowd size....The DG roster from Japan did a free meet and greet for the ringside VIP fans, who were allowed to enter early. The VIP ticket holders also received a gift bag with a poster, a coupon for a t-shirt and inflatable thundersticks similar to the ones you'd see at a major league baseball game...Dragon Gate USA PPV Producer Ken Gelman of G-Funk Productions was in attendance....I saw a lot of fans who were familiar faces at the original ECW and Ring of Honor that I haven't seen at shows in quite a while, so the first outing brought some fans out of the woodwork....The NYC bus trip (I wasn't involved in this one) sold out, which I was really glad to hear....Commentary for the DVD release was done live in the building by Lenny Leonard and Leonard F. Chikarason. Mike Quackenbush replaced Chikarason for the final two bouts.

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Най-накрая успях да приключа с гледането на дебютния им event и съм меко казано очарован. Добрите неща, които прочетох из новинарските сайтове за това PPV, са истина на 100%. Едва ли това шоу ще се хареса на средностатистическия WWE фен, но пък за хората, гледали Dragon Gate (не съм от тях) или ROH (от тях съм) някога, това PPV е чиста наслада. Нямаше слаб мач. Какво говоря... нямаше дори средно добър мач. Всичко беше нагоре, нагоре, като мои лични фаворити станаха ME (Shingo vs Naruki Doi), който между другото май не беше за титлата въпреки това, което пише в report-a, и Dragon Kid vs Masato Yoshino. Евала на Гейб, че се е сетил и да сложи конфронтацията след големия отборен мач, защото това поосвежи нещата. Което ме подсеща - не знам дали Саполски е добър букър, но знам, че този кард бе пълен с добри кечисти. Мачовете бяха страхотни, дори за леко завишените ми от ROH изисквания.

Интересно е какво ги чака занапред? Изглежда ще е точно както Мелцър е казал: "...like ROH in the beginning." Шоуто определено си струваше гледането, предполагам след добрите оценки това ще доведе до по-голям интерес. Да, имената са непознати, но някои от кечистите вече са се появявали на ROH еvent-и (BxB Hulk is our heroooo!), така че това не е проблем. Дано редките шоута (веднъж на 2 месеца се падат май) да не са проблем, не съм наясно с материята. Забележки: Dawn Marie. Понася се, но само дотам. Другото е, че в релийза, който аз гледах (запис на PPV-то мисля) мачът между 2 Cold Scorpio и Ken Doane го нямаше. Някой друг да сподели впечатления?

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На 28 ноември ще се проведе "Open the freedom gate" еvent на DGUSA, който ще съдържа шампионски турнир, който ще короняса първия Open The Freedom Gate Champion. Турнирът ще започне с четири мача в първия кръг, победителите от които ще продължат напред. Обявени досега имена са:

-Brian Kendrick


-Davey Richards

-Mike Quackenbush

-Super Crazy


-Nick Jackson

-Matt Jackson

Веднъж седмично ще бъдат обявявани нови имена. На event-a ще има и мачове, несвързани с турнира.

Малко новини никога не са излишни.The Untouchable PPV-то ще бъде излъчено на 6-ти ноември, а този event (Оpen the freedom gate) ще бъде излъчен на PPV през януари. Така че това са месеците, в които може да очаквате DGUSA из тракерите, хъхъ.

EDIT: Тъкмо написах инфото и открих ъпдейт от 1 октомври със структурата на турнира за титлата:

Ще има общо 13 участника в турнира. В първият рунд ще има четири мача като победителите ще отидат на финала, който ще е Fatal 4 Way мач за титлата. В първият рунд ще има два 1-на-1 мача, един 3-Way мач и един 6-Way мач. Тройният и шесторният мач ще бъдат само с един туш, т.е. първият туширал някого печели. Мачът за титлата ще е Fatal 4 Way Elimination, т.е. очертава се доста интересен турнир и ми е много интересно кой хора и на какъв принцип ще бъдат сложени в 1 на 1 мачовете.
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Айде, да върнем малко живот на тая тема. Ще опитам и да го поддържам, въпреки смазващия интерес към компанията.

Dragon Gate USA

"Enter The Dragon 2010" PPV Taping

1st Anniversary Celebration

July 24th

The Arena

7 Ritner Street

Philadelphia, PA 19148

Main Event #1 - Open The Freedom Gate Title Match

BxB Hulk defends vs. Masaaki Mochizuki

Main Event #2 - Battle Of The Aces

Bryan Danielson vs. Shingo

Main Event #3 - Elimination Match

CHIKARA Sekigun - Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw, Hallowicked and a partner yet to be determined


Kamikaze USA - YAMATO, Akira Tozawa, Gran Akuma & Jon Moxley

Special Challenge Match

Naruki Doi vs. Dragon Kid

Current Talent Roster:

-Open The Dream Gate Champion Masato Yoshino


-Johnny Gargano

-Chuck Taylor

-Super Shen Long

-Lince Dorado

-Drake Younger


-Brodie Lee

-Adam Cole

-Rich Swann

-Plus even more to be added!!!

Bryan Danielson will be available for autographs!!!

Bonus Card Main Event

Jimmy Jacobs vs. Sami Callihan

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Dragon Gate USA: Enter the Dragon


1. CIMA defeated Johnny Gargano with the Meteora.

2. Chuck Taylor defeated Richochet, Adam Cole & Arik Cannon when he used the Awful Waffle on Richochet.

3. Naruki Doi defeated Drake Younger with the Bakatari Sliding Kick.

4. Open the Freedom Gate: BxB Hulk © defeated Masaaki Mochizuki with a high cradle to retain.

5. Rich Swann defeated Scott Reed with a standing 450 splash.

6. 8-Man Elimination Match: Masato Yoshino & CHIKARA's Sekigun (Mike Quackenbush, Hallowicked & Jigsaw) defeated Kamikaze USA (YAMATO, Gran Akuma, Akira Tozawa & Jon Moxley):

~ YAMATO eliminated Hallowicked with the Galleria;

~ Jon Moxley was eliminated via DQ for using a chair;

~ YAMATO eliminated Jigsaw with a brainbuster;

~ Mike Quackenbush eliminated Gran Akuma with a wheelbarrow Ligerbomb;

~ Mike Quackenbush eliminated Akira Tozawa with the CHIKARA Special while Masato Yoshino eliminated YAMATO with the Sol Naciente.

7. Bryan Danielson defeated Shingo with a modified crossface hold.

Lince Dorado vs. Super Sheng Long. Didn't really work for me. In a match with expectations of highflying actions, there was a lot of mat work and the highflying stuff, once it happened, was not very crisp, with miscues and space between bodies in certain spots. 10 minute time limit draw. After watching Chikara, it was weird seeing Lince not in his BDK whites and going for the cheers.

Rex Reed and Tomasso Ciampa vs. Up in Smoke. Rex Reed's a bigger fellow that got great air on a top rope senton that he missed. Up in Smoke won with their double team finisher on Ciampa. After the match, Brodie Lee came out and destroyed Cheech and Cloudy with an impressive big boot and black hole slam. I like Cheech and his facial expressions and charisma, and Brodie Lee is a monster in a world of junior heavyweights that is the indies.

Bonus card main event: Jimmy Jacobs vs. Sami Callihan. Callihan looks like he's slimmed down and toned up since I last saw him wrestle. Jacobs wins with the End Time. A back and forth match with both guys hitting their big stuff.

The main show started with Cima thanking everyone for supporting Dragon Gate USA for the first year. Johnny Gargano interrupted and said if Cima is looking for an American for Warriors International, it should be him. Gargano wanted a match, Cima agreed, and the bell rang. Cima won after hitting a Schwein and Meteora.

Chuck Taylor vs. Arik Cannon vs. Adam Cole vs. Ricochet. Chuck Taylor pinned Ricochet after an Awful Waffle. If you love the spotfest craziness, this is for you. Tons of good fast paced action.

Announced an October 30 date in Rahway, NJ.

Drake Younger vs. Naruki Doi. Doi started the match working on Younger's knee. Doi won with a bakatare kick after Doi 555 and dozens of strikes to the face. After the match, Younger offered his services as an American rep for any of the stables, but was attacked and bloodied by Johnny Gargano.

Masaaki Mochizuki vs. BxB Hulk for the Open the Freedom Gate Championship. Hulk came out with a wig on, which he took off after his trademark dance. Hulk won after a corkscrew splash and then won again after a superkick. A woman came to the ring to distract BxB Hulk while Kamikaze (Shingo, Yamato, and Moxley) came to attack Hulk. Before Yamato could tombstone Hulk on the belt, Bryan Danielson came to stop them. Moxley said "we already knew [Danielson] is a p**sy so we'll wait til we can make money off him" and left. Danielson returned the belt to Hulk.

Rich Swann vs. Scott Reed (w/Nicole Matthews). Swann won a quick match with a really interesting 450. Brodie Lee came out and destroyed ref Jonathon Barber, Swann, Reed, and eventually big booted Nicole Matthews. Lee then said he didn't care if it was a man, woman, or child, but next time he's at DGUSA, he's coming after a Japanese guy.

Elimination 8 Man Tag: Masato Yoshino and Chikara Sekigun (Quackenbush, Jigsaw, and Hallowicked) vs Kamikaze USA (Akira Tozawa, Yamato, jon Moxley, and Gran Akuma). Hallowicked was eliminated by Yamato after his tombstone. Jon Moxley was disqualified for using a chair. Jimmy Jacobs (complete with nipple rings) attacked Moxley and took him through the front door. Jigsaw was eliminated by Yamato right after. Akuma was eliminated by Quackenbush with powerbomb counter to Yoshi Tonic. Yamato was eliminated by Yoshino's Sol Naciente at the same time as Tozawa was eliminated by Quackenbush's Chikara Special.

Shingo (seconded by Tozawa) vs. Bryan Danielson. After a long, hard-hitting match, Danielson finally made Shingo tap with what looked like a variation of a crossface. They both hit everything and kicked out of everything. Strong MOTY candidate. After the match, Yamato came down and had a staredown with Danielson. Once Shingo snuck behind Dragon, BxB Hulk made evened the odds. Moxley came out to coax Shingo and Yamato to the back. Danielon took the mike and offered to join Hulk in World 1. Hulk accepted the offer, and Danielson requested Final Countdown to play.

Notes: Super Sheng Long was ringside all night doing all the cleanup of streamers and security and helpfulness with dives to the floor.

When the crowd was quiet, I could hear Lenny Leonard on commentary, which is a bit distracting.

Danielson came out to no music and was referred to as American Dragon.

Well-paced show even with what felt like long intermissions between "bonus show" and main show and in the middle of the main show. Cheech was trying to attract attention to his merch by yelling, "Stop going to Danielson. He doesn't need the money. I do." Which I found funny.

Overall, a good fun show that you'll dig, if you like the Dragon Gate style. Definite recommendation for the PPV when it airs.

Dragon Gate USA presented their first anniversary show, which also doubled as a PPV taping for "Enter the Dragon II" at the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, PA on Saturday 7/24. The show was most likely the best all around live event the promotion as ever put together. The show featured no bad matches, a phenomenal Bryan Danielson vs. Shingo main event, an excellent show stealer Four Way bout, a tremendous Elimination Tag bout and much more. Complete details, written as the match was taping place:

The show opened with a video showing highlights of the last year and thanking the fans for their support

CIMA came to the ring and took the ring mic. He welcomed everyone and thanked them for coming to the show. He thanked everyone for their one year anniversary and asked the fans if they were ready for the DGUSA show. As he psyched up the crowd, Johnny Gargano hit the ring. He took the mic and told CIMA he knows he is looking for an American representative for Warriors International. He said that he has someone in mind..and shock of shocks, it's Johnny Gargano. He challenged CIMA for a match right now. CIMA asked him if he was serious and what he was talking about. Gargano slapped him in the face. CIMA asked him if he wanted a fight, he would get one and asked them to ring the bell.


CIMA attacked Gargano and chopped away at him. Gargano came back with an enziguiri, knocking CIMA through the ropes to the apron, then hit a kick off of the apron. Gargano followed up with a dive out of the ring to the floor. Gargano worked over CIMA on the floor, then tossed him back in. He dropkicked CIMA for a two count and followed up with a neckbreaker. CIMA came back with a double stomp, then began working over Gargano's legs, slamming his knees into the mat. He worked Gargano into position for a bow and arrow. CIMA began kicking Gargano in the chest. He whipped Gargano into the corner. Gargano failed to fight off CIMA and was drilled with a forearm that sent him out of the ring. Gargano came back with a spear, then stomped CIMA in the face.

Gargano used a series of kicks to the face. He began grandstanding but CIMA came back. Gargano caught him in a submission hold, then rolled him over for a two count. Gargano used a sunset flip for another near fall. The crowd began rallying CIMA. Gargano went for a suplex but CIMA escaped and hit a backstabber. CIMA came off the ropes with a nasty double stomp for a two count. CIMA hit a top rope sunset flip for a two count. CIMA nailed a double knee strike in the corner but Gargano came back with a kneelift to the face, running snake eyes into the center turnbuckle and a superkick for a two count.

Gargano chopped CIMA into the corner. CIMA nails a superkick of his eye. He and Gargano go back with a series of suplex counters until CIMA hits a Michinoku Driver for a two count. CIMA ties Gargano to the tree of woe and nails a dropkick to his face. He nails a Van Terminator dropkick from one corner to the other. CIMA hits an Emerald Frosion, then nails a diving double knee strike off the top rope for the pin.

Your winner, CIMA!

CIMA offered Gargano his hand after the match but when Gargano went to take it, CIMA blew him off and walked out.


The first man to score the pinfall is the victor. Cannon and Ricochet started, feeling each other out. Ricochet takes Cannon out and goes for a dive but Taylor tags in. He takes out Ricochet and Cole hits the ring. Cole took him out and hit a nice tope suicida to the floor. Richochet went for a dive but was caught with a Cannon clothesline. There were a series of dives, culminating with Ricochet hit a twisting springboard dive out on everyone. They did a Tower of Doom spot out of the corner. Cannon dumped Taylor into the corner with a suplex. Cole caught Taylor with a Northern Lights suplex with a bridge for a two count. Crazy level of action here.

Cole and Cannon fired back and forth with chops. Cannon killed him with a clothesline for a two count. Taylor missed a big boot on Cannon but came back with another kick. Ricochet caught him with a rana and standing moonsault press for a two count. Ricochet hit a backslide driver on Cole then a twisting DDT on Cannon. Cannon nailed Cole with Total Anarchy for a two count. This is just an insane bout - the type that makes stars. Fans began chanting, "This is awesome."

Ricochet went for a dive but was pulled out and hit with a back suplex onto the apron by Cole. Taylor went for a plancha but missed. Cole hit a flying bodypress on Cannon. Cannon caught him with a backdrop suplex out of a guillotine choke for a two count. Cole and Cannon battled in the corner. Ricochet hit the ring but was caught by Cannon with a spinebuster. Cole hit a Canadian Destroyer. Ricochet went for the most insane twisting dive ever and missed. Taylor hit a leaping piledriver and scored the pin.

Your winner, Chuck Taylor!

That was incredible. CIMA was watching the match from behind where I was stationed and was popping huge. That's the type of bout that takes guys from just being wrestlers on a roster to stars.

Fans chanted "Chucky T" and then, "That was awesome." Unlike a lot of times where we hear the chant, it really was.


Younger is a substitute for the injured Dragon Kid. Doi appeared to have his ribs taped and wore a t-shirt into the ring. They went back and forth until Doi was tossed out of the ring. Younger went for a senton to the floor but missed. Younger was selling his knee coming back into the ring. Doi went right after the knee, tying Younger's leg up in the ropes and nailing him with a running dropkick. Doi locked in a one-legged crab but Younger made his way to the ropes. Doi began nailing a series of shinbreakers, then snapped him with a belly to back suplex.

Younger tried to mount a comeback but was kicked with a basement dropkick. Doi nailed a charge but Younger caught him and nailed a back suplex. Younger tried to rally himself and nailed several flying forearm splashes. Doi went for a waistlock but Younger used a series of elbows to escape. Doi caught him with an elbow to take Younger back down. Doi went for a an F5 but Younger escaped and drilled him with a lariat for a two count. Doi tied up Younger in the ropes, then nailed a series of dropkicks and a senton off the ropes.

Doi went for the F5 but Younger rolled him up. Younger avoided a sliding kick and hit a package bomb for a two count. Younger went for a Gringokiller but Doi dropped down, slamming Younger down face-first into a Pedigree type move. Doi followed that up with a cannonball in the corner. He nailed the Doi-5 and then a series of slaps. He drilled Younger with a charging dropkick and scored the pin.

Your winner, Naruki Doi!

Younger took the mic after. He said that there a lot of fans out there that may know who he is, but tonight, he proved he can take the onslaught of offense that the best of DGUSA has to offer. He told the stables that if they are looking for an American representative, he is offering his services. Johnny Gargano attacked Younger and whipped him into the railing. Younger came up busted open..


They lock up and Hulk backs up Mochizuki to the ropes. Clean break. They lock up again with Hulk pushed against the ropes. This time, Mochizuki chops him across the chest. Mochizuki kicks Hulk stiffly but Hulk comes back with a dropkick. They go back and forth and it's a face-off. Mochizuki takes down Hulk, who fires back. They exchange stiff kicks with Hulk getting the worst of it. Hulk tossed Mochizuki over the top to the floor and they battle on the floor.

Back in the ring, Hulk dropkicked Mochizuki in the knee, taking him down. Hulk focuses on his knee and uses a stepover toehold to wear down Mochizuki,. He continued to work on Mochizuki's leg, focusing on the ankle as well before a rope break forced him to release. Hulk went right back after the leg, kicking at the hamstring. He turned Mochizuki into a standing Sharpshooter but Mochizuki again got to the ropes. He came back to drill Hulk with a kick to the chest. He missed a charge, but came off the ropes to kick Hulk off the ropes, then hit a charging kick, sending Hulk to the floor.

Mochizuki followed Hulk to the floor. Hulk went for a kick but Mochizuki ducked and Hulk kicked the ringpost. Mochizuki nailed a shinbreaker on the apron. He locked in a leglock. Hulk tried to kick him off but was unsuccessful. Hulk finally fights his way to the ropes. Mochizuki goes for another shinbreaker but doesn't get it. Instead, he hits a running kick to Hulk's shinbreaker. Mochizuki locked in a figure four leglock in the middle. Hulk fought to turn it but Mochizuki rolled through and Hulk was trapped again. Hulk was almost pinned while in the move.

Hulk finally made his way to his feet and began kicking at Mochizuki. Mochizuki kept challenging him to bring it on before delivering one of his own that sent Hulk upside down. Mochizuki locked in an ankle lock in the center of the ring and scissored Hulk's leg. Hulk made it to the ropes but was holding his leg. His kicks had lost their spring when he went after Mochizuki. Both men went for Yakuza Kicks and drilled the other in the head. Hulk charged but was sent up and over to the apron. He came back with a springboard missile dropkick.

Hulk nailed a standing moonsault off the top to the floor on Mochizuki. Back in the ring, Hulk used a series of kicks to sweep Mochizuki's legs and hit a standing moonsault press for a two count. He nailed an overhead kick and an uranage They battled back and forth with kicks and strikes. Mochizuki tied Hulk to the tree of woe. He began drilling Hulk with kicks to the chest. He went for a hesitation dropkick but faked out Hulk, who began pulling himself up. He attacked Hulk, who crumpled into the corner.

Mochizuki went for a back suplex but Hulk landed on his feet and killed Mochizuki. He hit several fast offensive maneuvers until Mochizuki came with a series of stiff kicks. Mochizuki hit a twisting suplex for a two count. Hulk went to the top but Mochizuki leaped and caught him with a superplex. He grabbed Hulk and placed him across the center turnbuckle. He charged with a spinning kick to the gut. Fans began rallying Hulk.

Mochizuki went for a back suplex but Hulk landed on his feet and caught him with an EVO. Fans began chanting, "This is wrestling." Hulk's kick was blocked. They began going back and forth with stiff strikes. Hulk caught Mochizuki with a stiff kick. He placed Mochizuki on the top rope and came off the top with an EVO. Mochizuki kicked up at two. Hulk came back with a Phoenix Splash for a two count. The timekeeper rang the bell. Hulk caught Mochizuki with a cradle and scored the pin.

Your winner, BxB Hulk!

The timekeeper's screw up messed up the finish but it was an awesome match beyond that.

A woman in goth makeup and a white dress rolled into the ring. Hulk looked confused and shocked. Kamikaze USA attacked Hulk. Jon Moxley said they took his hair in Japan and they took his dancing girl (she was Hulk's dancer Wrestlemania weekend), so now they are going to finish the job. They began working over Hulk until Bryan Danielson came out. Kamizake and Danielson faced off. Moxley said that they know Danielson is a P*ssy, so they will wait until they can make some money off of beating him up. They walked out. Danielson took the title belt and presented it to Hulk, then walked out. The Danielson segment of the angle was just for the live house and the DVD.


They went back and forth early. Reed caught Swan with a belly to belly suplex for a two count. Swan scored with a kick but was caught with a German suplex for a two count. Swan drilled him with a twisting kick and a standing moonsault press, then a standing 450 splash for the pin.

Your winner, Rich Swan!

Brodie Lee hit the ring and laid waste to everyone, including the referee and Nicole. Lee took the mic and said he didn't care if it was a man, a woman or a child. He said if something is in front of him, he's going to mow it over. He said the next time he comes to DGUSA, he's aiming for a Japanese star.


Kamikaze USA attacked their opponents before the bell. YAMATO and Quackenbush battled in the ring. Everyone else battled outside the ring. Moxley and YAMATO choked and worked over Quack. It settled into a traditional tag. Quack knocked YAMATO and Moxley out of the ring. He hit a standing moonsault to the floor on Team Kamikaze. Yoshino and Tozawa went nuts going back and forth. Akuma and Hallowicked joined the fray. Jigsaw and Hallowicked worked on Akuma. Tozawa took out Hallowicked. Moxley chokeslammed him for a two count.

YAMATO chopped away at Hallowicked and drilled him with a running forearm in the corner. Kamikaze USA worked over Hallowicked in the corner. Akuma went for a move off the top but Jigsaw turned it into a super rana. He made the tag to Hallowicked who went back and forth with Tozawa. Tozawa nailed a Saito suplex. Kazimake USA laid waste to the CHIKARA team and all worked over Hallowicked, pinning him.

Hallowicked has been eliminated.

Jigsaw battled with Tozawa and Akuma. He nailed a double stomp and then a suplex on Akuma. Moxley broke up the pin. Quack hit the scene and he and Jigsaw worked over Moxley with a doubleteam kick to the face. CHIKARA tripleteamed Moxley with a series of kicks into the corner. Yoshino hit an awesome missile dropkick off the top on YAMATO. Jigsaw nailed a brainbuster on Moxley, scoring a two count. Moxley came back with a cross face chickenwing into a suplex. Jigsaw kicked out at one and came back with a kick but was cut off with a superkick. Jigsaw kicked up at one. Moxley grabbed a chair and slammed it over Jigsaw's head.

Moxley was DQ'd and eliminated!

Jimmy Jacobs hit the ring and speared Moxley. They brawled out.

YAMATO hit a brainbuster on Jigsaw and pinned him.

Jigsaw has been eliminated!

Tozawa and Yoshino went back and forth with fast paced spots. Yoshino missed a missile dropkick. Tozawa missed a top rope headbutt. Yoshino missed a senton and was caught with a German suplex. Tozawa caught Yoshino with a kick but Quack broke up the pinfall. Akuma hit the scene and drilled Quack with a tombstone into a reverse lungblower to the gut. Akuma hit a 450 splash for a two count. Quack whipped Akuma into YAMATO. He wheelbarrowed Akuma into a sitdown powerbomb for a two count.

Akuma has been eliminated!

YAMATO and Yoshino went back and forth. YAMATO missed his knockout kick. Yoshino hit a sick looking head scissors for a two count. Yoshino spear for a two count. Tozawa broke up the pin. All four battled in the ring. Quack accidentally nailed his partner, Yoshino with a forearm. YAMATO and Tozawa worked over Quack. Quack grabs YAMATO in a crucifix and runs him into a slam position, then cradles him for a two count. YAMATO came back with a choke sleeper and hit a back suplex on Quack. Tozawa hit a bridging German for a two count but Yoshino broke it up. Yoshino and YAMATO battled back and forth.

YAMATO kicked Yoshino low. Quack returned the favor. The babyfaces locked in stereo submissions and both tapped.

Your winners, CHIKARA!

As you can imagine, this was extremely fast paced and I couldn't even hope to keep up with them move for move.

After the match, Yoshino and Quack did quick mic work to push tomorrow's CHIKARA event. Quack said that tonight wasn't a night off and tomorrow won't be, either.


Danielson came out to a "Dragon" chant and a standing ovation. No theme music. They slapped and shoved each other at the bell. Shingo missed a chop in the corner but Danielson didn't miss a forearm. They exchanged strikes. Danielson went for the cattle mutilation early but Shingo grabbed the ropes and went to the floor. When he returned, there was a test of strength. Shingo and Danielson went back and forth with Shingo getting the better of the exchange. Danielson escaped from an armbar and dropkicked Shingo.

Danielson rides Shingo to the mat after escaping a single leg takedown. He ties up Shingo's arm. They exchanged strikes and punches. Danielson got the better of the exchange. Danielson pulled Shingo to the middle of the ring and cinched in a bow and arrow. He then pulled Shingo into a choke sleeper. When Danielson released Shingo, Shingo grabbed at his knee. Danielson began focusing his attack on Shingo's arm and mid-section. Danielson nailed a butterfly suplex into a cross arm breaker. Shingo made it to the ropes. Danielson went for a suplex. Shingo tried to reverse it but he was too hurt to get him over. Danielson attacked but Shingo blocked it and muscled Danielson over for a suplex.

Shingo takes Danielson to the floor and whips him into the guard rail. He works over Bryan with several tosses into the rail. Back in the ring, Shingo steps on his chest and face. He cinches in a rear chinlock. Danielson forced his way back. He battled back but Shingo punched Danielson down. He choked Danielson with a boot across the throat. Shingo suplexed Danielson, then hit a senton splash. He scissored Danielson's body, working him over. Fans began rallying Danielson, who rolled Shingo into a submission attempt.

When Shingo escaped, the two went nose to nose with forearms and chops. Danielson was suplexed over but landed on his feet and hit as leg lariat. Danielson worked over Shingo in the corner, then whipped him into the opposite corner. Danielson went up and over on Shingo, then drilled him with a clothesline. Danielson kicked Shingo off the apron and he flew into the first row. Danielson hit a springboard dive off the top into the crowd. He looked to have slipped but thankfully was OK. Fans chanted, "Best in the world."

Danielson tossed Shingo back into the ring. He came off with a missile dropkick in the face. Shingo came back with a Northern lariat and a Saito Suplex. He nails a second but Danielson kicks out. Danielson kicks off a charge but is caught with a snap powerslam. Shingo locks on an Anaconda Vice. Danielson fought to get to the ropes and finally makes it, forcing a break. Shingo began strangling Danielson and then chopped him across the back of the neck. Danielson charged but was caught with an overhead belly to back suplex.

Danielson used a Backlund Bridge for a two count but Shingo came back with a Torture Device into a Death Valley Driver. Danielson was able to land on his feet, then kick Shingo in the face. Both men collapsed from exhaustion. Danielson made his way back up first and began drilling Shingo with kicks to the face and hard chops to the face. Shingo absorbed them and drilled Shingo with a forearm. Danielson rebounded off the ropes but was caught with a Death Valley Driver.

Shingo mauled Danielson with a running clothesline in the corner. Shingo sets up Danielson on the top rope and attempted a superplex. Danielson slipped out the back door and tied Shingo upside down in the corner. Danielson nailed a sliding kick into the corner, then went for a belly to back superplex and nailed it. Danielson then began stomping Shingo's head in and locked in a triangle choke. Shingo's arm dropped twice but he muscled up. Danielson turned it into a crucifix for a two. He began raining down elbows and went for another near fall. Shingo muscled himself up and climbed the ropes, hitting a Death Valley Driver off the ropes;. Danielson kicked up at the last minute.

Fans began dueling chants. They began cracking heads with butts on their hands and knees, They battle up to their knees and trade strikes. They make their way to their feet. Shingo went for Made in Japan but Danielson fought it off. He finally caught it but Danielson kicked out. Shingo murdered Danielson with a lariat for a two count. Fans began chanting, "This is awesome." He went for Made in Japan but Danielson caught him with a small package for a two count, Danielson locked in a cattle mutilation, then nailed a Tiger Suplex. Shingo kicked out at two.

Danielson began raining down elbow after elbow. After ten, he went for cattle mutilation but Shingo rolled through for a two count. Danielson caught Shingo with a forearm and a back suplex for a two. Danielson locked in a triangle choke. Shingo muscled him over but Danielson nailed elbow strikes. Danielson locked in a Crossface until Shingo finally tapped.

Your winner, Bryan Danielson!

Fans began immediately chanting, "Match of the Year!"

YAMAYO came out and went face to face with Danielson. Shingo looked to attack from behind but BxB Hulk made the save. Jon Moxley dragged Kamikaze USA off. Fans chanted for Danielson to give a speech, so he took the mic. Danielson said that he hears Hulk is looking for an American representative for World-1 and offers himself to them. He then thanked "the best wrestling fans in the world, the fans in Philadelphia." He said that wanted to thank everyone for making the PPV so great and said it felt like something was missing. Fans chanted for Final Countdown, so Danielson called for the song. Everyone had some fun to end the show.

Notes: The promotion held three pre-show matches for VIP ringside ticketholders...Lenny Leonard and Chikarason did commentary for the PPV and DVD release...The promotion will debut on 10/30 at the Rahway, New Jersey Rec Center....The four way wasn't originally planned as a PPV bout but was so incredible, it will now be included on the PPV.

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Dragon Gate USA "Untouchable 2010" PPV Taping

September 25th, 2010

N. Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL

Non-PPV Main Event

Bryan Danielson vs. YAMATO

Grudge Match

Dragon Kid vs. Shingo

Tag Team Challenge Match

Open The Dream Gate Champion Masato Yoshino & Naruki Doi vs. CIMA & Ricochet

Chicago Street Fight

Jimmy Jacobs vs. Jon Moxley

Non-Title Three-Way Match

Open The Freedom Gate Champion BxB Hulk vs. Akira Tozawa vs. Mike Quackenbush

Four Way Freestyle

Chuck Taylor vs. Drake Younger vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Rich Swann

Brodie Lee is coming to Chicago to mow down anything in his way!!!

Bonus Card

Kyle O'Reilly vs. Arik Cannon

Gran Akuma vs. Silas Young vs. Samuray Del Sol

Da Soul Touchaz vs. 3 wrestlers selected from the Seminar/Tryout that afternoon

Dragon Gate USA "Way of the Ronin"

September 26th, 2010

N. Oakland Ave, Milwaukee, WI

The Main Event - Dragon Gate Style Six Man Match

BxB Hulk, Masato Yoshino & Naruki Doi


Shingo, YAMATO & Akira Tozawa

Exit The Dragon

Bryan Danielson vs. Jon Moxley

Special Attraction Match

Dragon Kid vs. Mike Quackenbush

Warriors International Challenge

CIMA vs. Chuck Taylor

Grudge Match

Drake Younger vs. Johnny Gargano

Six Way Freestyle

Jimmy Jacobs vs. Arik Cannon vs. Brodie Lee vs. Rich Swann vs. Silas Young vs. Kyle O'Reilly

Special Challenge Match

Gran Akuma vs. Ricochet

Bonus Match

Aeroform of Flip Kendrick & Louis Lyndon vs. Zero Gravity of CJ Esparza & Brett Gakiya


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Мача му с Moxley май ще е последен в Индитата, преди WWE да го приберат......чакам го с нетърпение!


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Dragon Gate USA "UNTOUCHABLE 2010"

25.09.2010 (US-PPV)

Chicago The Congress Theater, USA

962 Fans - Super No Vacancy

1. 3 Way Match: BxB Hulk beat Akira Tozawa & Mike Quackenbush (11:42) when he used the E.V.O. on Tozawa.

2. Handicap Match: Brodie Lee beat Willie Richardson, C Red, Marshe Rockett & Acid Jaz (1:58) with a big boot on Red.

3. SHINGO beat Dragon Kid (15:23) with the Last Falconry.

4. Jon Moxley beat Jimmy Jacobs (13:24) with a chairshot.

5. 4 Way Match: Chuck Taylor beat Drake Younger, Johnny Gargano & Rich Swann (10:25) with the Omega Driver on Younger.

6. CIMA & Ricochet beat Masato Yoshino & Naruki Doi (20:45) when Ricochet used a double rotation moonsault press on Doi.

7. Bryan Danielson beat YAMATO (23:24) with the LeBell Lock.



Milwaukee The Miramar Theatre, USA

720 Fans - Super No Vacancy Full House

1. CIMA beat Chuck Taylor (11:07) with the Meteora.

2. Johnny Gargano beat Drake Younger (11:54) with the Hurts Donut.

3. Dragon Kid beat Arik Cannon via pinfall.

4. 6 Way Match: Brodie Lee beat Mike Quackenbush, Jimmy Jacobs, Silas Young, Rich Swann & Kyle O´Reilly (11:22) with a big boot on Swann.

5. Ricochet beat Gran Akuma (7:15) with a 630 press.

6. Bryan Danielson beat Jon Moxley (14:58) with the LeBell Lock.

7. SHINGO, YAMATO & Akira Tozawa beat Masato Yoshino, Naruki Doi & BxB Hulk (26:28) when SHINGO used the STAY DREAM on Hulk.

Dragon Gate USA – Chicago, IL


Bonus Card

- Da Soul Touchaz with C Red beat Danny Duggan, Billy Rayz and El Gringo Hood.

- Silas Young beat Gran Akuma & Samurai Del Sol.

- Arik Cannon beat Kyle O’Reilly.

Main Card for PPV:

Hulk comes out to a nice pop and has a single dancer with him. Its one of the two girls from the last Chicago show, and I think it was Dempsey’s sister. She walked out with Hulk but was acting bored and didn’t do any dancing at all. Hulk shoved her out of the way to do his moonsault and when he landed the dancer hit him with a low blow from behind. Out comes Moxley and Tozawa. Tozawa started to work over Hulk as Mox and the dancer celebrated and walked to the back as out came Mike Quackenbush and the match started.

- BxB Hulk beat Mike Quackenbush and Akira Tozawa with a clean pin on Tozawa.

After the match, Hulk celebrated and took the mic. It wasn’t real clear, but I think he said he’s coming after Kamikazee USA and taking them out one by one.

Out came Da Soul Touchaz with C Red. C Red grabbed the mic and said while there are a lot of great tag teams in Dragon Gate, the best tag team in the world is from right here in Chicago. He put out an open challenge to any tag team. Out came Brody Lee. Brody grabbed the mic as C Red ran off and said he didn’t need a partner because he is a team.

- Brodie Lee beat Da Soul Touchaz.

The three guys got in some offense and looked good but Brody was just a beast and destroyed everyone including C Red. That guy is a monster. Not sure if this was 3 on 1 or 2 on 1...Brody said on the mic that he wasn’t done and was coming for a Japanese man later.

- Shingo beat Dragon Kid.


- Jon Moxley beat Jimmy Jacobs in a Chicago street fight.

Mox is in the ring when Jacobs comes out. He is wearing the white suit coat stained in blood. His hair is nuts and he is wearing a chain. He gets on the mic and warns Mox that “one time in Chicago I even hung a man upside down and drank his blood in this jacket”. Took it off (the jacket) and threw it in the ring. He said “That was in the past, though. Also in the past, I used to be a little Berzerk” Then tore off his pants to reveal trunks with “HUSS” on the back and some fuzzy boots. Match started on the stage and went through the crowd then into the ring. Jacobs took 2 huge spikes of his boots and Mox reached for something too….Jacobs hit him with the spike and Mox did a VERY obvious blade job. The brawl was pretty good and then in came YAMATO to help out Moxley and Brody Lee came out to run him off to the back. Mox got control of Jacobs and covered his head with the blood stained white jacket and wrapped the chains around his neck…beat on him with a chair and got the pin.

- Chuck Taylor beat Drake Younger, Johnny Gargano, and Rich Swann.

Fun match. Taylor and Gargano worked together for a while and then turned on each other. Rich Swann has something special and looked good. Drake got rammed head first into the steel guard rail early in the match. He got cut up bad. Think it was hard way cause it was a huge, nasty gash all around his head.

- Richochet and CIMA beat Speed Muscle (Yoshino and Doi).

This match was about one thing, making Richochet a star. It was different for me, as usually when I see Richochet he is the best in the match and in this case he was being carried to a great performance. These three guys really made him look great. Im not sure if it was a 450 or what that he did as a finisher but it was AMAZING. A clean pin, right in the middle of the ring on Naruki Doi. I was shocked. The place went NUTS! CIMA got on the mic after the match and said how incredible Richochet was and lead us all in a “Holy Sh@t” chant for Ricochet. He and Dragon Kid looked ultra impressed. CIMA got cut off as Johnny Gargano came out. Gargano even put over Richochet with out an incident…interesting. CIMA then got back on the mic and named Richochet the new member of Warriors International. Very Very cool.

- Bryan Danielson beat YAMATO.

Bryan came out to that awful Star Wars theme from WWE. The crowd also did a good “You’re gonna get your fu$&king head kicked in” chant. This was a really good match and a whole lot more than I expected. I thought Danielson would be really safe, I was wrong…he even did a huge dive into the crowd. Bryan teased the “I’ve got til 5” bit several times…then finally did the line…that drew a “That was awesome” chant. Bryan won the match with his new WWE finisher. After the match, he thanked the crowd and said he’s not the biggest guy and never will be…he’s also not a superstar…he is a wrestler and is proud to make a living being a wrestler. Jon Moxley then came out to ruin the party but BxB Hulk came out to make the save. Bryan got back on the mic and said he’s not going to wrestle Moxley in Milwaukee…”I’m gonna kick his fu^%ing head in so come and watch me do it” Then we got the Final Countdown and went home happy.

Dragon Gate USA – Milwaukee, WI


Before they opened the doors, Gabe Sapolsky came out and explained to everyone that their ring wouldn't be arriving as scheduled as the owner of the ring they had rented had been assaulted the night before outside a club and couldn't make it. He told everyone they were working on getting another ring and if they couldn't, the wrestlers would still put on a show but without the ring. Eventually, a ring was found so the show started but was delayed a bit.

Bonus Match for Golden Ringside Ticketholders:

-Aeroform defeated Zero Gravity. Flip Kendrick got the pin with a twisting moonsault.

Official Card:

- CIMA pinned Chuck Taylor with the Meteora.

A fun comedy match with some good action. Johnny Gargano came out and begged for a spot in Warriors One. Drake Younger attacked Gargano, which kicked off their match.

- Johnny Gargano pinned Drake Younger with the Hurts Donut in a good brawl.

- Brodie Lee won a Six Way, defeating Mike Quackenbush, Rich Swann, Jimmy Jacobs, Kyle O'Reily and Silas Young after he killed Swann with a boot to the face.

- Dragon Kid pinned Arik Cannon with a Crucifix Bomb. OK. A decent match with Cannon holding his own.

- Ricochet pinned Gran Akuma with a 630 splash.

- Bryan Danielson forced Jon Moxley to tap out with the LeBell Lock after head stomps.

Great match! Dragon offers Moxley his hand after but Moxley and Akuma attack him. Jimmy Jacobs made the save. Danielson cut a promo after putting over Jacobs and Dragon Gate USA. No United States championship belt. Danielson bled during the match and joked during his promo afterward that he "might get fired" for it.

Edited by Remus


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Dragon Gate USA "Bushido: Code of the Warrior" iPPV

October 29th, 2010

Fall River, MA

Open The Freedom Gate Title

BxB Hulk © vs. Shingo

Dragon Gate Tag Team Wrestling At Its Best

CIMA & Genki Horiguchi vs. YAMATO & Akira Tozawa

I Quit Match

Jimmy Jacobs vs. Jon Moxley

Dream Match - Non-Title

Open The Dream Gate Champion Masato Yoshino vs. Austin Aries

Giant Tag Team Attraction

Brodie Lee & Akebono vs. The Osirian Portal

Special Challenge Match

Homicide vs. Rich Swann

Four Way Freestyle

Chuck Taylor vs. Ricochet vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Arik Cannon

Bonus Card:


Sami Callihan, Cheech, Tommaso Ciampa, Shane Alden, Silas Young plus more!

Top Rope Promotions Match

"H20" Ryan Waters vs. Vinny Marseglia

Top Rope Promotions Tag Team Match

Scott Reed & "Maestro" Guy Alexander vs. "Devils Reject" Brandon Webb & Matt Taven

Dragon Gate USA "Freedom Fight 2010" Cable PPV Taping

October 30th, 2010

Rahway, NJ

Main Event #1 - Non-Title

Open The Dream Gate Champion Masato Yoshino vs. YAMATO

Main Event #2 - Tag Team Attraction

Open The Freedom Gate Champion BxB Hulk & Homicide vs. Jon Moxley & Akira Tozawa

Main Event #3 - Special Challenge Match

CIMA vs. Shingo

Battle Of The Giants

Brodie Lee vs. Akebono

Austin Aries will be in action against the best possible opposition!

Genki Horiguchi & Ricochet will team up for a Dragon Gate style tag team match!

Plus more with:

- Jimmy Jacobs

- Johnny Gargano

- Chuck Taylor

- Arik Cannon

- Sami Callihan

- The Osirian Portal

- Silas Young

- And others!

И така, започва инди похода на Austin Aries. Без значение какво прави, нямам търпение да го гледам в която и да е промоция.


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DGUSA Bushido: Code of the Warrior iPPV Results

1. 4 Way Match: Chuck Taylor beat Arik Cannon, Ricochet & Johnny Gargano (9:46) when he used the Awful Waffle on Cannon.

- Post Match: CIMA accepts Chuck Taylor's proposal to join Warriors International, but Taylor declines and says he doesn't want it anymore. Gargano begs to join, but CIMA ignores him.

2. Homicide beat Rich Swann (11:25) with a lariat.

- Post Match: Austin Aries interrupts Homicide's celebration to aanounce himself a free agent, says wrestling is not fake and says Rich Swann could use someone to look up to so he invites him to sit at ringside during the next match.

3. Masato Yoshino beat Austin Aries (17:59) with the Sol Naciente.

- Post Match: Swann comes in to help Aries up... but drops him on his ass and leaves to “You Got Swanned!” chants.

4. I Quit Match: Jimmy Jaconbs beat Jon Moxley (12:28) when Moxley said “I Quit!” after Jacobs grinded a spike to his groin.

5. Brodie Lee & Akebono beat Amasis & Ophidian (4:49) via double pinfall.

6. YAMATO & Akira Tozawa beat CIMA & Genki Horiguchi (24:02) when YAMATO used the Gallaria on Horiguchi.

- Post Match: Johnny Gargano again begs CIMA to join Warriors International, but superkicks him before the answer. Chuck Taylor & Rich Swann attack Ricochet at ringside. Taylor takes a mic and announces the new stable – Ronin. CIMA introduces them to the new member of Warriors International – Brodie Lee, who chases Ronin away.

7. Open the Freedom Gate Match: BxB Hulk © beat Shingo (26:09) with the H Thunder.

DGUSA Freedom Fight 2010 PPV Taping Results

1. Jimmy Jacobs beat Arik Cannon (12:12) with the End Time.

2. Brodie Lee beat Akebono (2:49) with a big boot.

3. Homicide & BxB Hulk [World 1] beat Jon Moxley & Akira Tozawa [Kamikaze USA] (13:31) when Hulk used the FTX on Tozawa.

- Post Match: Moxley and Homicide had a brawl, which ended with Moxley destroying Homicide with a chair.

4. CIMA beat Shingo (17:10) with the Meteora.

5. Sami Callihan beat James Small (2:40) with a stretch muffler.

6. Chuck Taylor, Johnny Gargano & Rich Swann [Ronin] beat Austin Aries, Ricochet & Genki Horiguchi [Warriors International] (21:13) when Gargano used the Hurts Donut on Ricochet.

7. Masato Yoshino beat YAMATO (23:41) with the Sol Naciente.

RONIN~! Още една компания в която Chuck Taylor да се изявява = MARK OUT! Забавно ми е, че човека в момента е активен в три компании (не броя EVOLVE, която едва ли може да се нарече точно 'активна' с мощните си 3-4 шоута на година) и в трите компании си има трио стейбъл (CHIKARA – F.I.S.T., PWG – The Taylor Boys, DGUSA – Ronin) и само Gargano се повтаря в два от тях. Също така чета и че тримата са брутално трио, така че нямам търпение да ги видя в действие.

Жалко, че Austin Aries няма да е heel в DGUSA, но поне ще е активен. Също марквам и за Brodie Lee в Warriors International – каквото и да го държи на екрана ми, аз гласувам с две ръце 'за'. Изобщо, интеграцията на „гайджините“ в DGUSA върви много брутално, макар че вече надхвърлят японците... това малко убива смисъла от компанията, която много бързо се превръща за ROH в това, което TNA е за WCW (или отвреме навреме WWE...). Нищо, въпросът е, че ми дават все повече причини да гледам компанията и сега с новите придобивки определено ще й отделям повече внимание.


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Dragon Gate USA "United: NYC"

January 28th, 2011 @ Manhattan, NY

Open The Freedom Gate Title Match

BxB Hulk © vs. YAMATO

Open The United Gate Title Tournament Match

CIMA & Dragon Kid vs. Masato Yoshino & PAC

Open The United Gate Title Tournament Match

Naruki Doi & mystery partner vs. Chuck Taylor & Johnny Gargano

Grudge Match #2

Austin Aries vs. Rich Swann

Grudge Match #1

Jigsaw vs. Jon Moxley

Special appearance by Playboy Playmate and 2009 Ms. Howard Stern Reby Sky

Plus more to be announced with:

-Jimmy Jacobs

-Akira Tozawa

-Brodie Lee


Dragon Gate USA "United: Philly"

January 29th, 2011 @ Philadelphia, PA

Open The United Gate Title Tournament Match

Masato Yoshino & PAC vs. Naruki Doi & mystery partner

Open The United Gate Title Tournament Match

CIMA & Dragon Kid vs. Chuck Taylor & Johnny Gargano

Open The Freedom Gate Title Match (if Hulk is still Champion)

BxB Hulk © vs. Jon Moxley

Special Challenge Match

Austin Aries vs. Akira Tozawa

Six Man Freestyle

Ricochet vs. Jigsaw vs. Frightmare vs. Scott Reed vs. Tommaso Ciampa vs. Rexx Reed

Special appearance by Playboy Playmate & 2009 Ms. Howard Stern Reby Sky

Plus more to be announced with:


-Jimmy Jacobs

-Brodie Lee

-Rich Swann

Dragon Gate USA "United: Finale"

January 30th, 2011 @ Union City, NJ

Open The United Gate Title Tournament Match

CIMA & Dragon Kid vs. Naruki Doi & mystery partner

Open The United Gate Title Tournament Match

Masato Yoshino & PAC vs. Chuck Taylor & Johnny Gargano

No Rules Match

Homicide vs. Jon Moxley

Open The Freedom Gate Title Match (if Hulk is still Champion)

BxB Hulk © vs. Akira Tozawa

Special appearance by Playboy Playmate and 2009 Ms. Howard Stern Reby Sky

Plus more to be signed with:

-Austin Aries

-Rich Swann

-Jimmy Jacobs

-Brodie Lee


Ако не е ясно – DG USA ще си прави отборни титли, които ще се наричат Open the United Gate championship. “Турнирът”, за който става на въпрос, всъщност е Round Robin състезание, така че титлите ще идат при отбора с най-много точки или ако има равенство, предполагам ще има мач между отборите с равен резултат. Любопитно ми е кой ще е партньора на Naruki Doi, но не тръпна на палци да разбера – едва ли ще е чак толкова изненадващ. Тъй като групата Ronin (Taylor & Gargano) сега събира инерция, едни титли ще бъдат невероятно полезни, но и няма да е нищо, от което се нуждаят. PAC не е от най-редовните, така че моето предположение е, че CIMA и Dragon Kid имат най-големи шансове за победа (най-малкото, което CIMA заслужава, тъй като разбирам, че на практика той е Човекът в DGUSA). Doi и Г-н Х имат шанс ако Х е някой редовен, но малко ме съмнява. Все пак остават моите два огромни проблема в целия „турнир“ - а) това НЕ Е турнир, а титли по двойки заслужават такъв, да не говорим, че за три вечери може да се спретне един доста приличен; и б) Kamikaze USA не са част от турнира?! Но отделно всеки от тях заслужава мач за световната титла? Пъ-лийз.

Говорейки за световната титла, мачовете за нея звучат повече от добре, особено последния (въпреки че щом Tozawa е последен силно се намеква, че няма да има смяна този уикенд), но имам един проблем с тях. Надписът „(if still champion)”. Какво означава това? Че ако BxB Hulk не е шампион мачът няма да е за титлата? Че мачът е за титлата само защото шампионът е в него, а не защото опонентът му го е заслужил? Или просто неграмотно предадена информация, след като скобите са сложени след заглавието на мача, а не след името на шампиона. Слабо, много слабо.

Относно мачът, който най-много чакам от изброените... Austin Aries vs. Akira Tozawa. Ще мачка, кърти, буши, убива кучки и властва. Това го казвам като абсолютен марк на Tozawa и като свидетел на последните му 10-на мача, най-вече този с Chris Hero в PWG.


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Ronin awesomeness:

Taylor: “Why’re you carrying a guitar?”

Gargano: “You carry that everywhere?”

Swann: “Well, y’know…”

Gargano: “Jeff Jarrett? … What? He’s cool.”

Swann: “Yeah, he’s cool, but don’t piss me off… slapnuts.”

Swann: "I'm gonna do this song... but I'm gonna do it with my mouth!"

Taylor: "Like Doogie Howser?"



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Dragon Gate USA – United: NYC


1. Akira Tozawa beat Sami Callihan (11:51) with a German suplex hold.

2. Jon Moxley beat Jigsaw (6:33) with a crossface chickenwing.

3. Open the Freedom Gate Title Match: YAMATO beat BxB Hulk © (22:20) with the Gallaria to become the 2nd champion.

4. Brodie Lee beat Jimmy Jacobs (6:10) with a powerbomb.

5. Open the United Gate Tournament Match: Chuck Taylor & Johnny Gargano [2] beat Naruki Doi & Ricochet [0] (16:13) when Taylor used the Awful Waffle on Ricochet.

6. Austin Aries beat Rich Swann (16:51) with the Last Chancery.

7. Open the United Gate Tournament Match: Masato Yoshino & PAC [2] beat CIMA & Dragon Kid (20:20) when PAC used a German suplex hold on Dragon Kid.

Dragon Gate USA – United: Philly


1. YAMATO beat Brodie Lee (8:55) with a sleeper hold.

2. Rich Swann beat Jimmy Jacobs (9:19) with a standing 450 splash.

3. 6 Way Match: Sami Callihan beat AR Fox, Jigsaw, Frightmare, Cheech Hernandez & Rexx Reed (9:17) when he used a shoulder block on Fox.

4. Akira Tozawa beat Austin Aries (14:27) with a German suplex hold.

5. No DQ Match: BxB Hulk beat Jon Moxley (7:56) with the First Flash.

6. Open the United Gate Tournament Match: Chuck Taylor & Johnny Gargano [4] beat CIMA & Dragon Kid [0] (19:06) when Gargano used the Gargano Escape on CIMA.

7. Open the United Gate Tournament Match: Masato Yoshino & PAC [4] beat Naruki Doi & Ricochet [0] (19:51) when Yoshino used the Sol Naciente on Ricochet.

Dragon Gate USA – United: Finale


1. Brodie Lee beat Rich Swann with the Truck Stop.

2. AR Fox beat Cheech Hernandez with an avalanche-style inverted lungblower.

3. Akira Tozawa beat BxB Hulk with a straight-jacket German suplex hold.

4. No Rules Match: Jon Moxley beat Homicide via pinfall.

5. Rexx Reed beat Pinkie Sanchez with a fireman's carry backbreaker.

6. CIMA, Naruki Doi, Dragon Kid & Ricochet beat Austin Aries, Jimmy Jacobs, YAMATO & Sami Callihan when Doi used a Bakatari sliding kick on Jacobs.

7. Open the United Gate Title Match: Masato Yoshino & PAC beat Chuck Taylor & Johnny Gargano when PAC used a German suplex hold on Gargano to become the 1st champions.

Подробен report за последната вечер:

Brodie Lee defeated Rich Swann. Both men got great reactions from the crowd during their entrances. Swann tried to frustrate Brodie by avoiding locking up with him and dancing. Brodie finally just laid him out with a superkick to the face and then nailed him with a hard chop in the corner and hit a delayed vertical suplex. Brodie stood on Swann's face with no hands, hit another hard chop, and a butterfly suplex before turning him inside out with a hard clothesline for 2. Swann dodged a running Yakuza Kick in the corner and escaped a Brodie Slam and started chopping Brodie down with kicks to the knee. He tried a German Suplex on Brodie, but Brodie blocked and continued to no sell until Swann ducked a clothesline and hit a spinning enziguiri. Swann went for the triple jump 450 but Brodie dodged and gave Swann the Brodie Slam for the win. Swann is a selling machine and made it look like Brodie was killing him out there. Great opener.

The rest of Blood Warriors came out and CIMA started snapping pictures of what was left of Rich Swann. Brodie gave Swann a running Liger Bomb as the rest of Ronin came down to ringside and stood watching helplessly. Finally Brodie chokeslammed Swann over the top onto Taylor and Gargano. Ricochet says that he and Doi were supposed to wrestle CIMA and Dragon Kid tonight, but they're all on the same side and aren't going to fight each other. Ricochet thinks they should take the night off, and CIMA agrees and thinks they should go downtown and do some karaoke instead. They start to leave, but Jimmy Jacobs comes out and says he does a badass version of I Touch Myself on karaoke, but the fact is that he's gone 0-2 this weekend, and he's laid out a challenge to any Japanese talent, but none of them accepted, so they're either ignoring him or they're scared. Jacobs says he has something to prove tonight, and asks which one of them is going to step up to the plate. Ricochet tells Jacobs to go to the back and find three guys, and suggests that he and his crew take on Ricochet, CIMA, Doi, and Dragon Kid in an eight man tag. Jacobs tells them they're on.

AR Fox defeated Cheech. They do a feeling out process to start and Cheech got AR Fox in a bodyscissors and did situps and hit Fox with elbows everytime he came up, then got him in a no hands Sharpshooter. Cheech put Fox on the second rope and hit him with a dropkick and then nailed an STO for 2. Fox hit a Stratusfaction and then two Stunners that sent Cheech to the floor and over the guardrail, and Fox hit a running dive over the top rope onto Cheech. They head back into the ring and Fox tried a top rope Vader Splash but Cheech got his feet up and hit a pump handle suplex for 2. Cheech superkicked Fox into the corner but Fox went up top and hit a top rope Codebreaker for the win.

Akira Tozawa and Jon Moxley come out for the next match, and Reby Sky walks out to the ring and comes on to Moxley, saying she knows they've had some tough times, but thinks they can figure things out and suggests they head to the back. Moxley tells Tozawa he's going to go hang out in the back and says Tozawa's got this one.

Akira Tozawa defeated BxB Hulk in an easy Match Of The Year candidate. They start by doing a mat wrestling sequence and Hulk winds up on top and starts firing knees in on Tozawa. Tozawa escapes and they do the indy standoff, then go to a Greco-Roman knucklelock, Hulk turns it to a wristlock but Tozawa rolls through into a wristlock of his own, then Hulk cartwheels out and armdrags Tozawa and takes a side headlock. They do a back and forth sequence off the ropes and Hulk gets a pair of armdrags and a dropkick. Tozawa takes a powder on the otside before coming back in and absorbing a series of kicks from Hulk. Hulk kills Tozawa with a superkick to the face, then picks him up and fires more kicks to the chest until Tozawa catches the boot and sweeps Hulk's leg. Now Tozawa takes Hulk to the corner and unloads with kicks before getting a short dropkick to the face. Tozawa is getting a big reaction from this crowd. Tozawa gets a three quarter nelson and hit a kneestrike to the face for 2, then went back to the three quarter nelson while repeatedly telling the referee to ask Hulk if he wants to quit. Hulk makes the ropes and they start exchanging chops in the middle of the ring, Tozawa wins that and then takes Hulk to the corner and gouges his face before unloading with more hard chops, and Hulk tries to block the last one so Tozawa just jabs him in the face and then kicks him in the back. Nice spot. Tozawa nailed more hard kicks but Hulk superkicked him out of nowhere, but Tozawa hit a pair of roaring forearms and went for a hiptoss, but Hulk cartwheeled through and superkicked Tozawa. They go outside and fight on the floor before coming back in and Hulk gets a three quarter nelson and peppers Tozawa with kneestrikes before getting a snapmare running kick, and standing moonsault for 2. Hulk puts the boots to Tozawa and continues to unload with kicks but Tozawa dropkicked Hulk's legs out from under him and hit a running knee to send Hulk to the outside. Tozawa hit a Heat Seeking Missile that nearly bent Hulk in half, then hit another one and, at the crowd's urging, hit a third. Crowd is really into Tozawa and cheering loudly for him at this point. Hulk blocked a backdrop suplex and tried to elbow and knee his way out of it, but Tozawa held on and dumped him for 2. Hulk tried coming off the second rope but Tozawa caught him coming down in a Codebreaker and then went for a backdrop, but Hulk hit an axe kick and then unloaded with kicks. Hulk hit a standing shooting star press for 2 and then went for a straitjacket choke, but Tozawa fought his way out. Hulk with a spinning kick to the head and the EVO, but Tozawa kicked out at 2. Hulk set Tozawa and went up top but Tozawa hit a leaping bicycle kick and then they fought it out on the top rope and Tozawa headbutted Hulk so hard it made an audible impact you could hear throughout the building and then got a superplex for 2. They exchanged hard elbows in the middle of the ring and Hulk got the Guile Kick and a clothesline but Tozawa tried a German Suplex, Hulk rolled through and hit a series of kicks, Tozawa ducked the last one and rolled him up for 2, then got a Frankensteiner and a Shining Wizard and both men are down. Fans are on their feet cheering and chanting Dragon Gate. They go back to trading elbows and then went back and forth exchanging Yakura Kicks that connected full on but Hulk got a backdrop into a Northern Lights Suplex for a very close 2, then hit a Here It Is Driver and STILL only got 2. This is a star making performance by Tozawa. Hulk with more kicks and another EVO attempt but Tozawa slips out and gets an inverted DDT and a double kneedrop for 2. Tozawa goes for the German Suplex but Hulk escapes and kills Tozawa with a clothesline, but Tozawa no sells and gets a German Suplex for 2, then dedadlifts Hulk into a second German Suplex and immediately follows that with a Straitjacket Suplex for the win. Fans are on their feet applauding that and chanting Tozawa's name, and rightfully so. This was absolutely Tozawa's career match in DGUSA, both men worked their asses off here and this was easily the best match of the weekend so far. Hulk pounds the mat in anger at the loss and leaves without shaking Tozawa's hand.

Austin Aries comes out for his match, but Jimmy Jacobs comes out and says that they have a crazy past, but he has no other friends and can't fight four men by himself, and asks Aries to help him out, and then if Aries ever needs someone to watch his back he'll be there. Aries says that he knows there's no way he can follow that last match, and he doesn't have a lot of friends in the back either, and tonight they can put their pasts behind them and work together. Jon Moxley comes out with Reby Sky and says he hates both their guts, but this Blood Warriors thing can become a problem and offers YAMATO to be their partner tonight. Jacobs says he hates to make a deal with the devil, but YAMATO is the DGUSA Champion and he'd be a fool to turn that down. Suddenly, Homicide runs out and attacks Moxley from behind to start their match.

Jon Moxley defeated Homicide in a No Rules Match. They started out brawling around the ringside area, Homicide dumped Moxley on a talbe and then picked him up and tossed him on it again before tossing him into the entranceway and knocking the metal barricade on top of him, then throwing chair after chair on top of Moxley. They continue brawling to the other side of the building and I couldn't quite see what was happening from my vantage point, but Moxley picked Homicide up and powerbombed him into the metal gate in front of a door. They finally wound up in the ring and Moxley laid Homicide out with a lariat, then suddenly Reby Sky got in the ring and smacked Moxley in the face so Homicide could hit a backdrop suplex. They exchanged blows in the ring and Homicide got an Ace Crusher, but Moxley responded with one of his own for 2, then locked Homicide in the crossface chickenwing while yelling at him to quit like he did last time. Homicide rams Moxley to the corner and then backdrops him to the floor. Moxley tries to run back out into the crowd but Homicide hit his somersault dive through the ropes. They head back into the ring and Homicide nails a bloody Moxley with a lariat for 2, then an Ace Crusher and another lariat for another 2. Moxley asks Homicide why he can't put him away since they've been at this for months and says Homicide can't beat him. Homicide sits him up top and hit a top rope Ace Crusher and still only got 2. Moxley yells at Homicide that he really can't pin him, can he? Homicide responds by kicking him low and hitting the Cop Killa, but doesn't go for the cover. Crowd chants "one more time" at Homicide, but he suddenly pulls Moxley on top of himself and lets Moxley pin him.

Moxley's music starts to play but Homicide says to cut the music and he gives Moxley another Ace Crusher and then goes over to the concession stand to grab a pair of scissors. He piledrives Moxley and tells Moxley that he doesn't care if he wins or loses (to which Moxley replies that Homicide makes it too easy), but he's got a perfect present for Moxley that's definitely going to make him shut the f*** up. Homicide tries to cut his tongue out but Akira Tozawa runs out and attacks Homicide while Moxley runs. Tozawa takes off, so Homicide tells the ring announcer to get into the ring and announce him as the winner. The announcer complies, and Homicide goes around leading a Dragon Gate chant.


Rexx Reed defeated Pinkie Sanchez. Reed overpowered Sanchez early but Sanchez dumped Reed to the floor and hit a somersault dive and then tried a move off the guardrail, but Reed caught him and slammed him on the ring apron. They headed back in where Reed hit a running forearm in the corner and a diving clothesline, and finally squished Sanchez with a running senton. Reed tried another charge but Sanchez moved and nailed Reed with a leg lariat and a springboard clothesline for 2. Sanchez went up top but Reed hit a leaping enziguiri and a cannonball in the corner, then finished Sanchez with a fireman's carry backbreaker. Solid match to get the crowd going again after intermission.

CIMA, Naruki Doi, Dragon Kid & Ricochet defeated Jimmy Jacobs, Austin Aries, Open The Freedom Gate Champion YAMATO, and Sami Callihan. Each wrestler got their own individual introduction by the announcer, and at the end Sami Callihan came out and told Jacobs that he wanted in. After an all out skirmish to start the match, Jacobs and Dragon Kid wound up alone in the ring and had a back and forth sequence with Dragon Kid outmaneuvering Jacobs, but Jacobs simply nailed him with a clothesline and Kid bailed out to the floor. Callihan tagged in and went at it with CIMA, and CIMA ran him over with a shoulerblock and a kick to the chest, but Callihan tripped him and got the Horse Collar. CIMA kicked him off so Callihan took him out with a clothesline. Next up was Aries and Doi, and they hit a shoulderblock with neither man moving, Doi tried several chops but Aries boxed his ears and they exchanged armdrags and came to a stalemate. Ricochet and YAMATO came in next and Ricochet tried shoulderblocks and couldn't budge YAMATO, so he got a flying headscissors instead. YAMATO creamed him with an elbow, but Ricochet armdragged him to the floor and went for a dive, but Aries stepped in front and Ricochet stopped short. YAMATO took his time and came back in but got nailed from behind by CIMA and YAMATO wound up in Blood Warriors' corner. CIMA tagged in and worked over YAMATO's arm, then tagged Dragon Kid for a snapmare and a couple of kneedrops. YAMATO picks Dragon Kid up and takes him to his own corner and the babyfaces work him over 4-on-1 and then Aries tags in and hits the slingshot senton for 2. Aries with the figure four stump puller and turns it into a pinning combination for 2, but then Aries gets caught in the wrong corner and they beat him down 4-on-1. Ricochet with a dropkick to Aries for 2, then hits a springboard twisting senton for 2. Ricochet tries a corner dropkick but Aries dodges and hits an STO. Callihan tags in and wears Ricochet down with double axhandles, then tags Jacobs who hits several stomps and an elbowdrop, then hits a spear for 2. YAMATO back in and nails Ricochet with a hard chop, but Ricochet gets a leaping enziguiri. Ricochet tries to get to his corner but YAMATO drags him back and tags Callihan, who gets a hard slam and a slingshot splash for 2. Ricochet catches him in the face with a nice spinning kick and finally tags out. Doi and CIMA come in and wishbone Callihan several times before CIMA pulls his straps forward and snaps them back on Callihan's chest. Now that's just adding insult to injury. Doi with a running dropkick in the corner and Aries drops off the apron to go after Brodie, so CIMA and Doi crotch Callihan on the ringpost, then pulls him to the outside and pick him up in an atomic drop for a running crotch on the ringpost. They toss Callihan back in and Dragon Kid puts him down in the corner and goes fora Bronco Buster, but Callihan moves and CIMA comes in and cuts Callihan off from making the tag. The referee again gets distracted as Blood Warriors work Callihan over with Dragon Kid keeping Callihan in an Indian Deathlock while Doi and CIMA repeatedly curb stomp him into the mat. Finally Aries and YAMATO come in and break it up and Callihan is able to get back to his feet and exchange chops with CIMA. Callihan comes off the ropes but CIMA drills him in the face with a dropkick, then hesitates to mouth off to the crowd and Callihan comes from behind and hits a backdrop suplex and finally makes the hot tag to YAMATO. YAMATO cleans house on Blood Warriors and Aries makes the tag, hitting a neckbreaker on the second rope for 2 and then hitting a bulldog/clothesline on Dragon Kid and Doi. Aries locks Dragon Kid in the Last Chancery as Callihan gets Ricochet in a horse collar, YAMATO gets Doi in a choke, and Jacobs gets CIMA in the End Time. CIMA finally picks Jacobs up and dumps him on Aries and then double stomps him on the chest and hits a somersault senton for 2. Aries goes for the shinbreaker/suplex but CIMA fights out so Aries hits a roaring elbow for 2. CIMA blocks a brainbuster and gets an Indian Deathlock on Aries and suplexes Jacobs while still in the hold. Now Callihan comes in and unloads on Ricochet, but Ricochet sweeps his legs and hits a stnading moonsault cannonball for 2. Ricochet goes for a springboard move but Callihan catches him in a Russian Legsweep and Ricochet tries a victory roll, but Callihan dumps him on his face and gets a deadlift German Suplex. YAMATO and Doi go at it next and YAMATO hits a leaping enziguiri and a brainbuster for 2. YAMATO goes for the sitout piledriver but Doi escapes and they exchange hard shots until Doi trips YAMATO onto the ropes and hits a running kick, followed by a springboard Stunner from Dragon Kid. CIMA and Doi hit a wheelbarrow Codebreaker followed by a running shooting star press from Ricochet for 2. Dragon Kid goes for a Frankensteiner on YAMATO but YAMATO blocks and Aries comes in and kicks Kid in the head for 2, then hits the IED in the corner and goes for the brainbuster but Kid reverses to a Stunner and then Jacobs nails Kid with the Contra Code for 2. CIMA puts Callihan on top and sets him up for the Mega Frankensteiner from Dragon Kid, and then Ricochet hits the top rope senton on Callihan and Ricochet gets a Lionsdault for 2. Blood Warriors all take turns nailing Jacobs in the corner with high impact moves and then Doi, CIMA, and Dragon Kid hit Jacobs with a triple coast to coast and CIMA hits a 2K1 Bomb for 2. Aries dumps CIMA and Dragon Kid to the floor and hits a Heat Seeking Missile, Ricochet follows with a dive of his own. Jacobs is left in the ring with Doi and gets the End Time, but Doi counters to Doi Fives and hits the sliding knee kick for the win. Unbelievable match and exactly what you'd expect from a Dragon Gate eight man. Blood Warriors finishes the weekend strong while Jacobs goes 0-3.

Finally, we've come to the main event of the evening, the finals of the Open The United Gate Title Tournament, with Open The Dream Gate Champion Masato Yoshino & Open The Brave Gate Champion PAC facing Chuck Taylor & Johnny Gargano of Ronin, who have both earned 4 points with a pair of victories over the two Blood Warriors teams. The winner of this final match will be the first Open The United Gate Champions.

Masato Yoshino & PAC defeated Johnny Gargano & Chuck Taylor to become the first Open The United Gate Champions. Gargano and Yoshino started off with a feeling out process, but Yoshino killed Gargano with a running dropkick out of nowhere. A fast paced sequence ensues and Gargano gets a jawbreaker to send Yoshino to the floor. PAC and Taylor tag in and go for a test of strength, but PAC sends Taylor off the ropes and Taylor takes him down with a shoulderblock. They do another sequence and PAC sends Taylor to the floor with a dropkick and goes for a dive, but Gargano had made a blind tag and nails PAC. He quickly winds up in World-1's corner and PAC and Yoshino take turns coming off the top rope onto Gargano's arm and then Yoshino rolls Gargano into a seated Royal Octopus but Gargano makes the ropes. Taylor gets into a loud argument with referee Bryce Remsburg as PAC hits a moonsault on Gargano for 2. Gargano drives PAC into his corner and Ronin tries a double team but PAC takes them both out, then he tries coming off the ropes and Taylor rams PAC into Gargano's feet. Now PAC is the one in trouble and Gargano hits a running clothesline in the corner for 2, then Taylor comes in and gets a senton for 2. Ronin with a double back elbow and they start stomperin'. Gargano covers for 2 then gets a seated abdominal stretch on PAC, and PAC hitosses out of it but Taylor tags in and nails PAC with a big boot. PAC fires back with some kicks and a leaping enziguiri, then comes off the second rope with a dropkick and makes the hot tag. Yoshino comes in but immediately gets double teamed by Ronin. Yoshino dodges and Taylor accidentally nails Gargano, but quickly recovers and hits Sole Food and a uranage for 2. Yoshino gets a standing Royal Octopus but Gargano nails him, and then Gargano and PAC go at it and PAC hits a slingshot Ace Crusher and a second rope shooting star press for 2. Gargano and PAC exchange suplex attempts and Gargano hits a leaping enziguiri and a running Snake Eyes into the second rope, then superkicks PAC for 2. Yoshino goes after Taylor but Gargano hits a spear through the ropes and Taylor hits a Lionsault for 2. Taylor gets a windmill backbreaker followed by a Shining Wizard from Gargano for 2. PAC and Taylor exchange blows but PAC hits a leg lariat then slams Taylor and Yoshino comes off the top with a dropkick/senton on Gargano and Taylor, and PAC hits a standing twisting senton for 2. Taylor springboards off Gargano with a Blockbuster for 2, then he and Gargano get a Splash Mountain Cutter for 2. Gargano hits a dive onto Yoshino on the floor and Taylor hits the Awful Waffle but only gets 2. Taylor is shocked, but he and Gargano hit a double team Codebreaker/wheelbarrow suplex and then Gargano catches PAC in a Border City Stretch. Yoshino tries to come in but Taylor nails him and they go to the outside. Yoshino comes back in and furiously tries to break the hold, but Taylor cuts him off and they brawl and Yoshino gets TAylor in the twisty leg thing while Gargano still has PAC in the Border City Stretch. Gargano finally breaks to save Taylor, then fires up and goes for his full nelson slam thing but Yoshino blocks and hits Ghanarea. PAC dumps Taylor and he and Yoshino double enziguiri Gargano and PAC hits a second rope Phoenix Splash for 2. Gargano superkicks him in the face and then Taylor, who was fighting in the crowd with Yoshino, springboards off the guardrail and kicks PAC in the face and Gargano rolls him up for 2. Gargano dumps PAC on his head with a German Suplex, but PAC comes back with a German Suplex of his own to get the win and become champions. Ronin try to grab the belts away, then stop and extend their hands to the new champions. They share a handshake and a hug and then Ronin leaves as the new champions hold up their new belts in the ring. PAC gets a microphone and puts Yoshino over and calls him his brother in World-1, and wrestling in America to become the first champions was great and they will defend them in Japan with pride. He thanks everyone for coming out and supporting Dragon Gate, and then leads the crowd in a Yoshino chant. Yoshino thanks everyone for coming tonight and asks if everyone liked the show, then says that they'll be back because they love New Jersey.


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Dragon Gate USA "Open The Southern Gate"

April 1st, 2011 @ Mid Atlantic Sportatorium, Burlington, NC

Stable Shootout pitting Blood Warriors vs. Ronin

The Shootout will have the following matches:

1) 1-on-1 battle between one member of each stable.

2) A dream partner tag team match, but a participant cannot team with someone from his own stable.

3) This is actually two matches. Each stable will get to book a member of the opposing team against any available opponent.

Dream Partner Tag Team Match

PAC & Ricochet vs. Chuck Taylor & Akira Tozawa

Blood Warriors vs. Ronin One-On-One

CIMA vs. Johnny Gargano

Ronin Picks Doi's Opponent

Naruki Doi vs. Jon Moxley

Blood Warriors Pick Swann's Opponent

Sami Callihan vs. Rich Swann

Four Way Freestyle - Breakout Challenge Match #1

Arik Cannon vs. AR Fox vs. Facade vs. Shiima Xion

Four Way Freestyle - Breakout Challenge Match #2

Jimmy Rave vs. Jon Davis vs. Kyle Matthews vs. Sugar Dunkerton

Breakout Challenge Final

BC Match #1 winner vs. BC Match #2 winner

- Plus Brodie Lee and many others!

Dragon Gate USA "Mercury Rising 2011"

April 2nd, 2011 @ The Presidential Ballroom, Atlanta, GA

Main Event #1 - Open The Freedom Gate Title Match

YAMATO © vs. Austin Aries

*Aries has stated he will leave DGUSA if he does not win the Championship

Main Event #2 - Grudge Match - The Six Man Tradition Returns

Blood Warriors (CIMA, Naruki Doi & Ricochet) vs. Ronin (Chuck Taylor, Johnny Gargano & Rich Swann)

Main Event #3 - Open The Brave Gate Title Match

PAC © vs. Akira Tozawa

Special Attraction Match - Non-Title

Open The Dream Gate Champion Masato Yoshino vs. Sami Callihan

Elimination Match

Jimmy Jacobs vs. Brodie Lee vs. Stalker Ichickawa vs. Silas Young vs. AR Fox vs. Jon Davis

Special Challenge Match

Jon Moxley vs. Arik Cannon

Dragon Gate USA “Open The Ultimate Gate 2011”

April 3rd, 2011 @ The Presidential Ballroom, Atlanta, GA

Open The United Gate Title Match

Masato Yoshino & PAC © vs. CIMA & Ricochet

Grudge Match #1 - Non-Title

Open The Freedom Gate Champion YAMATO vs. Akira Tozawa

Grudge Match #2 - Blood Warriors vs. Ronin

Naruki Doi vs. Johnny Gargano

Six Way Freestyle

Brodie Lee vs. Jimmy Rave vs. Sami Callihan vs. Jimmy Jacobs vs. Chuck Taylor vs. AR Fox

Plus much more to be signed with:

-Austin Aries

-Jon Moxley

-Stalker Ichikawa

-Rich Swann of Ronin

-Arik Cannon


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Dragon Gate USA – April 1st Results

1. Brodie Lee beat Jon Davis with the Truck Stop.

2. Breakout Challenge #1: Jimmy Rave beat Kyle Matthews, Sugar Dunkerton & Lince Dorado with a running knee on Dunkerton.

3. Stable Shootout: Sami Callihan beat Rich Swann with a stretch muffler.

4. Breakout Challenge #2: Arik Cannon beat Façade, AR Fox & Shiima Xion with a brainbuster on Fox.

5. Naruki Doi beat Jon Moxley with the Bakatare Sliding Kick.

6. Stable Shootout: CIMA beat Johnny Gargano with the Meteora.

7. Breakout Challenge Final: Arik Cannon beat Jimmy Rave with the Glimmering Warlock.

8. Stable Shootout: PAC & Ricochet beat Chuck Taylor & Akira Tozawa when PAC used the 360 Shooting Star Press on Taylor.

Dragon Gate USA – April 2nd Results

1. Jon Moxley beat Arik Cannon with a small package after a low blow.

2. Six Man Elimination Match: Brodie Lee beat Jimmy Jacobs, AR Fox, Silas Young, Jon Davis & Hollywood Stalker Ichikawa.

~ Davis pinned Ichikawa with a lariat.

~ Jacobs pinned Fox with the Contra Code.

~ Jacobs eliminated Young with the End Time.

~ Jacobs pinned Davis with a crucifix hold.

~ Lee pinned Jacobs with the Truck Stop.

3. Masato Yoshino beat Sami Callihan with the Sol Naciente.

4. Open the Brave Gate Title Match: PAC © beat Akira Tozawa with a German suplex hold.

5. Open the Freedom Gate Title vs. DG USA Career Match: YAMATO © beat Austin Aries with the Galleria.

6. Blood Warriors vs. Ronin: CIMA, Naruki Doi & Ricochet beat Chuck Taylor, Johnny Gargano & Rich Swann when Doi used the Muscular Bomb on Swann.

Dragon Gate USA – April 3rd Results

1. Johnny Gargano beat Jimmy Rave with the Gargano Escape.

2. Six Way Freestyle: Rich Swann beat Lince Dorado, AR Fox, Silas Young, Arik Cannon & Sami Callihan with the Stanging 450 Splash on Dorado.

3. Brodie Lee beat Hollywood Stalker Ichikawa in a squash with the Truck Stop.

4. Brodie Lee beat Chuck Taylor with a Ligerbomb.

5. Open the United Gate Title Match: Masato Yoshino & PAC © beat CIMA & Naruki Doi when Yoshino used the Sol Naciente on Doi.

6. Arik Cannon & Sami Callihan (The Dirty Ugly Fucks) beat Jon Davis & Cory Chavis (The Dark City Fight Club) when Cannon pinned Chavis after a lariat/superkick combo.

7. Austin Aries Farewell Match: Jimmy Jacobs beat Austin Aries with a small package.

- Post-match: Jimmy Rave & Ronin came for a speech. Aries said “Goodbye”… and then turned on everyone, joining the Blood Warriors, beating down Ronin!

8. No DQ Match – if Tozawa wins, the match against YAMATO will be a title match: Akira Tozawa beat Jon Moxley with a German suplex.

9. Open the Freedom Gate Title Match: YAMATO © beat Akira Tozawa with the Galleria.

Баси уикенда за DGUSA. От една страна, деба това си беше Fuck Ronin weekend. Oт друга - turn-ът на Aries си беше готин swerve, сериозно очаквах да напусне след втората вечер. MARK OUT за Jimmy Rave в компанията, дано получи повече място за изява, защо не да се присъедини към Ronin, например? Като стана на въпрос, зная, че Ronin станаха face-ове след турнира за отборните титли, но кога пък Blood Warriors станаха heel-ове?! CIMA не беше ли най-големия face на компанията? Сега кой изпълнява тази роля? Tozawa?! Не че имам нещо против, но му е рано...

И сериозно - следващото трио издания е чак през юни?! Fuck... в такива моменти ми се ще да закрие EVOLVE и да се занимава само с тази компания, тъкмо започна да става интересно.

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degenerat 2

Dragon Gate USA returns to pay-per-view television this Friday night and they've got a pretty stacked lineup for their return to the airwaves after a successful run of iPPV shows earlier in the year. Here's how Friday's show looks heading into the weekend....

1st Ever Eight Way Freestyle: Rich Swann vs. Sami Callihan vs. Jon Davis vs. Scott Reed vs. Flip Kendrick vs. Louis Lyndon vs. Pinkie Sanchez vs. Caleb Konley

Brodie Lee vs. Tony Nese

Austin Aries vs. Susumu Yokosuka

Four Way Freestyle: YAMATO vs. CIMA vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Masato Yoshino

Masaaki Mochizuki vs. Arik Cannon

Akira Tozawa vs. AR Fox

Three Way Freestyle: PAC vs. Ricochet vs. Rich Swann



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