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WWC Camino A La Gloria - 11 април 2009


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WWC Universal Title


"Mr. Wrestling" Steve Corino © vs. "The Phenomenal" BJ


"The One And Only" Ray Gonzalez vs. "The Carnival Freak" Kizarny


"Glamour Boy" Shane Sewell vs. La Pesadilla

WWC World Tag Team Titles


Thunder & Lightning © vs. "Superstar" Idol Stevens & "Mr. Hardcore" Rico Suave


Orlando Colon vs. El Bronco

Lumberjack Match

Chicky Starr vs. Mr. Mac

Ricky Santana vs. Huracan Castillo

Carlitos, Hiram Tua & Angel vs. Ricky Reyes, Tommy Diablo & Johnny Styles

WWC Women's Title

Killer Kat © vs. Sara Jay

The D'Jour Twins vs. Los Adorables

Между другото, Sara Jay е австралийка и от днес е членка на категорията "кечистки, които nWoHulkster™ държи под око". :)

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Show: WWC Camino A La Gloria

Date: April 11th, 2009

Attendance: 1,000-1,300

Carlitos, Hiram Tua & Angel def. Ricky Reyes, Tommy Diablo & Johnny Styles - Very good opening match. The babyfaces won after Hiram Tua hit a Shooting Star Press.

WWC Women's Title: Sara Jay def. Killer Kat

Note: Sara Jay is very hot!

The D'Jour Twins def. Los Adorables

Huracan Castillo def. Ricky Santana - Slow match.

Lumberjack Match: Chicky Starr def. Mr. Mac - One of the heel lumberjacks (Mr. X) tried to help Mr. Mac win the match but he hit Mr. Mac instead which then lead to the finish of the match.

Ray Gonzalez def. Kizarny - Pretty good match with the two brawling all over the field. The match ended when La Pesadilla ran down and tried to throw powder in Ray's eyes but Ray pushed Kizarny into La Pesadilla and then school-boyed Kizarny for the win. After the match the heels attacked Gonzalez but Shane Sewell ran down for the save which then lead to the next match.

La Pesadilla (The Nightmare) def. Shane Sewell - Good match.

El Bronco def. Orlando Colon - Orlando was about to win the match when La Pesadilla attacked him and cost him the match. La Pesadilla then unmasked as...Ray Gonzalez! Gonzalez and Orlando started brawling but were then separated. Finally, Gonzalez took the Pesadilla mask and threw it at Orlando, saying "I believe this is yours".

WWC World Tag Team Titles: Thunder & Lightning def. Idol Stevens & Rico Suave - A very good match. T&L hit the 3D on Rico and won the match.

WWC Universal Title: Steve Corino def. BJ - Tremendous match. They did a Dusty finish where BJ won the title but the decision was overturned by the heel referee (Mr. Mac) who disqualified BJ for hitting him earlier in the match.

World Wrestling Council Presents: Camino a la Gloria (Road to Glory) from Bayamon, PR on April 11th, 2009

Attendance: Around 1,300

-Six-Man Tag Team Match

Los Aerios (Carlitos & Hiram Tua) & "The Man Beast" Angel defeat "The Havana Pitbull" Ricky Reyes, "Mr. San Juan" Tommy Diablo & "The Stylish Man" Johnny Styles. Excellent opener by all six junior heavyweights. The problems between Carlitos & Tua seem to be over.

-WWC Women's Title:

Sara Jay defeats Killer Kat by pinfall to become the new champion. Sara is a hottie and this was her first match with WWC. Match was slow and the crowd was dead until the finish.

- The D'Jour Twins defeat Los Adorables by pinfall. More of the same since these two teams have faced each other at least 100 times over the last few years. Decent if unspectacular.

- Huracan Castillo defeats Ricky Santana by pinfall. Clash of old-school guys here. A slow match, but the crowd was into it.

-Lumberjack Match:

Chicky Starr defeats Mr. Mac by pinfall. The lumberjacks where all wrestlers with leather straps. Starr won after nailing Mac with the baseball bat.

- "Mr. Ratings" Rey Gonzales defeats "Carnival Freak" Kizarny by pinfall. La Pesadilla tried to interfere, but Rey whipped Kizarny into Pesadilla and school-boys Kizarny for the win. La Pesadilla attacks Rey, but Shane runs in for the save and starts the next match.

- La Pesadilla defeats Glammour Boy Shane by pinfall after nailing him with a set of brass knuckles.

- Bronco #1 defeats Orlando Colon by pinfall when La Pesadilla attacks Orlando and Bronco picks up the scraps to win the bout. Pesadilla then unmasks, revealing himself as Rey Gonzales!! He and Orlando brawl as the face locker room separates them. Rey then tosses the mask at Orlando's face and tells him that "The mask is yours" in obvious reference at Orlando being the real Pesadilla. Orlando does the Carlito-like heel smile and then spits at a Rey Gonzales poster that was located in the entrance. So it seems Orlando is the real Pesadilla and Rey just one-upped him.

-WWC Tag Team Titles:

Thunder & Lightning defeat "Superstar" Idol Stevens & "Mr. Hardcore" Rico Suave by pinfall after the 3D on Rico to retain the belts. T & L are then beaten down by the heels.

-WWC Universal Title:

"Mr. Wrestling" Steve Corino defeats "The Phenomenal" BJ by DQ. Mr. Mac was the official ref. He refused to count whenever BJ was pinning Corino. BJ looses his cool and knocks out Mac. A new ref came out and BJ got the pinfall win to a huge pop!! But we get the Dusty finish as Mac says he was the official ref and he DQ's BJ for attacking him! Loud chorus of boo's. BJ says that he proved that he is the real champion and he wants a rematch.

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