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Викам това да стане официална тема за шоуто. :)

Some notes on the Wrestlicious women's promotion/TV series that came to light yesterday:

*The promotion is headed up by Johnny Cafarella, who was a ring announcer on the original GLOW and later also worked on the WOW women's promotion a few years back.

*The wrestling footage seen in the video was taped in August 2008 at a production facility in St. Petersburg, Florida. The talent that worked the taping were instructed not to publicly disclose the taping, to the point they were asked not to even post photos online.

*There were four-five hours worth of shows taped with all of the female performers working roles designed for the series, not their usual "independent wrestling" personas. I was told by several who worked the taping that the wrestling was good but the characters were designed to be "silly and kitschy."

*Jimmy Hart was brought in as a consultant to work with Carafella on the booking and to appear as the face of the promotion. Hart also wrote the rap lyrics seen in the video as well as a pop tune written for Lizzie Valentine, who will be doing a "Britney Spears" type character for the show.

*Michael Vedder, who worked as a director for TNA, directed the tapings. Colin Bowman, who edited WCW Magazine and has worked with Jimmy Hart on a number of projects, including the XWF and 6:05 WWL PPV, ran the wrestling aspects of the taping backstage.

*Most of the women seen rapping in the video were actresses who were cast in the roles before the female wrestlers were hired for the iinitial taping. There were some characters who were later "re-cast" when it came time to shoot the wrestling portions of the show, such as former ROH star Lacey working in the ring painted up as the voodoo character that appears in the rap.

*Talent that worked the initial taping included Daffney (who has signed with TNA since), Amber O'Neal, Lizzie Valentine, Christie Riccie, Becky Bayless, Lacey Von Erich, Daizee Haze, Portia Perez, Lexie Fyfe, Serena Deeb, and Danyah among others, including some girls from WOW.

*Fyfe was also in charge of training some of the younger, more inexperienced performers.

*While she appears in the promotional reel, Former WWE Diva Search contestant Leyla Milani was not present at the tapings.

*Several of the women that worked the initial taping were contacted in the last week and told they would be brought in to film new footage shortly, but I don't know if that means another taping or promos to supplement the original tapings. The belief is they are working on signing a syndicated deal for a longer series.

Wrestlicious promo video

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И собственикът на федерацията е:


Los Angeles, CA-Saturday March 28, 2008

The Executive Producer of the new Jimmy Hart's Wrestlicious TV show creating a huge buzz on the internet, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ei93yTpJSj0, 19 year old Jonathan Vargas, is excited about the overwhelming response. Vargas, the youngest Powerball winner ever, won 35.3 million in May 2008, and wasted no time pursuing his dream of being involved the wrestling business. Vargas, who lived in Gaston, South Carolina at when he bought the winning Powerball ticket recently moved to Tampa, Florida to be closer to the Wrestlicious production.

"It definitely always been a dream to be in the wrestling business. I grew up watching Jimmy Hart, Greg "The Hammer" Valentine and Nasty Boy Brian Knobbs, and it seems surreal that they are all part of Wrestlicious now. We have assembled some of the best producers and talent in the business, I know in my heart Wrestlicious will be a home run"

Vargas will appear in the show as "JV Rich", the laid back and affable Rapper/Owner of Wrestlicious. Regular features will include "JV's CRIB", a look at the goings-on inside JV's mansion frequented by The Wrestlicious Girls.

"I thought he was very nice, and doesn't seem to be affected at all by his good fortune. He was totally respectful to all the ladies on the set. He seemed to me to be involved in Wrestlicious solely because he genuinely loves wrestling and not as a vehicle to meet young women" said Wrestlicious star Lacey Von Erich.

"Mr. Vargas has been a pleasure to work with since he first expressed his interest in women's wrestling to me last summer" added Wrestlicious Senior Producer and GLOW alumni Johnny Cafarella "He's a very smart young man and surprising business acumen for a guy his age"


Почти всички кечистки ще имат образи/имена специално за това шоу и няма да използват indy имената си. Ето някои от имената:

Portia Perez = Faith от отборът "Faith and Hopе - The Naughty Girls"

Daizee Haze = Marley Sebastian

Mercedes Martinez = Maria Toro

Becky Bayless = Brooke Lynn

Daffney = Draculetta (обаче, сигурно ролята ще отиде при някоя друга кечистка, тъй като Daffney подписа договор с TNA)

Сайтът на шоуто/федерацията отвори врати: http://wrestlicious.com. Засега единственото по-любопитно нещо в него е лозунга на предаването: "The hottest action/comedy on TV!".

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Я виж ти. Това е име, което не беше се чувало в кеч контекст от няколко години насам:

Bobbi Billard joins Wrestlicious

(Los Angeles, CA) Internet Sensation and former WWE development talent Bobbi Billard has signed with Wrestlicious, the hot new action comedy starring Jimmy Hart.

"The response to Wrestlicious has been tremendous" stated an upbeat Bobbi Billard. "I am excited to be part of this innovative, funny and sexy show. Wrestlicious delivers beautiful women, some comedy, fun characters, and is, at the same time, serious about wrestling. And trust me, Bobbi Billard will put a headlock on fans hearts. I'm Wrestlicious, baby!'

"Wrestlicious is thrilled to have Bobbi Billard on board," said Jay Vargas, Wrestllicious founder. "She brings a huge fan base and so much more to the table and is a perfect fit for Wrestlicious" "Heck, if just 2/3 of Bobbi's 1.5 million MySpace fans tune into our show to see her every week, we'll do a better rating than some of the WWE programming!, he said with a laugh.



With almost 1.5 million MySpace friends ( http://www.myspace.com/BobbiBillard ), YouTube Channel ( http://www.youtube.com/user/BobbiBillard ), magazines, posters, calendars, television, and a strong internet presence, Bobbi Billard is a media sensation. The former WWE developmental talent is currently rated the Top Model on the Internet by AOL & Netscape, and the #3 female profile on MySpace.



За незапознатите:


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Wrestlicious TakeDown” Premieres March 1 on Dish Network in U.S., Bite TV in Canada

LOS ANGELES, January 19, 2010–Jimmy Hart announced tonight that Wrestlicious TakeDown will premiere in North America on Monday, March 1, 2010 on Dish Network Channel 361 in the U.S. via MavTV (www.mavtv.com) and on Bite TV (www.bite.ca) in Canada. Mr. Hart made the announcement during a live appearance on Bite TV’s late night program “The Surf” hosted by Jason Agnew. Autumn Frost, Mr. Harts’ co-star on TakeDown, also appeared on the program.

Key personnel for Wrestlicious LLC include founder Jay Vargas, the youngest Powerball winner in history, former G.L.O.W. (Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling) executives Steve Blance and Johnny Cafarella, and Hart, a legendary WWE manager and Hall Of Fame member.

Bite TV and MavTV have signed one-year deals to broadcast TakeDown on Mondays and Fridays in prime time. In addition to carriage on Dish Network, the fastest growing TV provider in America, MavTV is also available on local cable in 75 U.S. markets via Time Warner, Comcast, Verizon’s FiOS and several other cable distributors. MavTV is in about 33 million homes.

“MavTV has long been the home for our male audience to enjoy innovative wrestling events and some of the most beautiful women on TV” said Rob Stevens, SVP of Programming for Mav TV. “We believe our viewers are going to love Wrestlicious TakeDown for both the great quality of the wrestling and for the stunning women featured. For a network like MavTV, Wrestlicious TakeDown is a perfect fit.”

TakeDown will also debut in syndication on 15 broadcast stations in February 2010 including Top 10 DMA’s Dallas and Atlanta. Additional markets are being cleared, and a full list will be posted on the Wrestlicious website the week of Feb 1, following the 2010 NATPE convention in Las Vegas. Internationally, the series has been cleared in Bermuda, The Bahamas, The Caymans, Trinidad and Jamaica via Caribbean Cable Cooperative Ltd. Several other foreign distribution deals are pending. Aired episodes of TakeDown will be available over the internet at www.bite.ca

Closed set production of TakeDown continues during January and February in Florida. Live TV tapings, open to the public, will be announced soon. Many outstanding female wrestlers will be featured on TakeDown, including 17 (33%) of the PWI (Pro Wrestling Illustrated) “Female 50”.

“We are thrilled about the premiere of our first TV series” enthused Wrestlicious founder Jay Vargas “Everyone has worked extremely hard to make this dream a reality. TakeDown will be the first of several Wrestlicious programs available to fans worldwide as we build our brand globally.”

“As a life-long wrestling fan and long time host of The LAW: Live Audio Wrestling, I'm extremely excited to bring Wrestlicious TakeDown to Canada on BITE Television” stated Jason Agnew, Executive Producer of BITE TV. “I've always attempted to keep Canadian wrestling fans entertained with elements of pro-wrestling on the channel, but the combination of comedy and wrestling that Wrestlicious TakeDown offers is something I'm very much excited about adding to the channel's broadcast line-up! What better way to sum up BITE's’ airing of Wrestlicious than with the words on the late great Billy Red Lyons; "Don'tcha Dare Miss It!"

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Wrestlicious Owner JV Rich Talks About ‘TakeDown’ Premiere

Wrestlicious premieres it’s new flagship show, TakeDown next Monday night across North America after nearly two years of planning and preparation. As Monday night draws nearer, we have been given exclusive access to the stars of Wrestlicious including founder and owner JV Rich.

Winning millions in the Powerball at just 19 years old, JV coupled his passion for wrestling and love of hot women into Wrestlicious. So, with his very own wrestling show about to premiere, we got all the scoop from JV:

Just days away from the series premiere of Wrestlicious TakeDown, are you feeling nervous at all?

Much more excited than nervous. I am confident we have a great show.

As has been mentioned in the media, you are of course a Powerball winner and invested some of your millions into this project. Would you say it’s been money well spent?

I think it has. Time will tell of course. It certainly has been an awesome learning experience. Best case, we have a huge hit. Worst case, I have a tax write off. By the way, if I could, I would like to clear up the misconception that I put millions of dollars into this project. For the record, I put considerably less than 10% of my after-tax lottery winnings into Wrestlicious. And our team brought it in on budget.

It’s been nearly a year since Wrestlicious was announced, what has the process been like in the last year getting from that original promo clip to the television series?

To be honest, easier than I thought. We did have a small delay that moved us from late-Fall 2009 to Winter 2010, but besides that everything pretty much moved along according to our plan. I can’t say it enough, everyone has worked extremely hard to make TakeDown happen.

What can we expect from the first show when we tune in on Monday night?

A fun sexy show, that everybody but the most serious, die-hard wrestling fans will enjoy. You’re going to be introduced to some great, entertaining characters including Cousin Cassie, Felony, Toni The Top, Tyler Texas, Autumn Frost, Kandi Kisses and Bandita in that first episode. And the wrestling will be stronger than most people think it will. It will be very, very character driven. In fact two thirds of the show will be sketches and other character development stuff, with about one third being in-ring wrestling. Even the commentary will be as much about describing the characters as describing the action. Remember, TakeDown is an action-comedy show, The Man Show meets Hee Haw meets female wrestling. This is the premise it was sold as, an action-comedy with wrestling as the vehicle. And that’s how we’re delivering it

As an on air personality on the show, what can we expect from JV Rich?

A guy fresh off acting lessons, so be gentle! On camera, I’m just trying to live my new life and am thrown into the Wrestlicious chaos. There is also an issue that I want to clear up here. I never demanded or even suggested that I appear in the show. Our team thought it would be a good idea to have a on-air personality that reflected our target demo. They actually had to talk me into it. And they brought it up after the show was financed. [Laughs]

I’m sure you’re fond of all of the Wrestlicious girls but do you have any particular favourites or standouts?

Cousin Cassie really impressed me. All the girls have been great, but she gives 110% all the time. She really is that character, sweet and down-home.

You have an extremely experienced team working on Wrestlicious with you including Johnny C [GLOW] and Jimmy Hart [WWE Hall of Famer], what has been your backstage input in the product?

Jimmy, Steve Blance and Johnny run everything by me for my input and approval. But most of the time, I just nod. [Laughs] You’re right, those guys really know what they are doing. I’ve learned alot from just being around them.

You’re a wrestling fan just like the rest of us, was there anything you saw in other products and thought, “I can do this better” with Wrestlicious?

Not really. I just thought wrestling could use a modern day GLOW. I have seen the tapes and loved that show.

We’ve seen a lot of the crazy characters in the promo videos but our readers love their women’s wrestling. Just how good is the wrestling would you say? Better than TNA or WWE?

I would say that most of it is on a par with those companies. Remember we have 17 of the PWI top 50 female wrestlers in the world on our roster. That’s one third!

Wrestling fans have always associated Mondays with wrestling, Wrestlicious is in prime real estate on Mondays at 11pm following Raw. Was that a conscious decision by Wrestlicious’ producers?

We sold the show to the networks and they placed it there. But we’re thrilled with the time slot, of course. America One has us programmed Saturdays at 11:30pm ET, which is also a great time slot for our product. Most of our syndication partners are running the show at 4pm ET on Sundays, with a 12:30am encore. That 4pm time slot should help us get some kids into our fan base, which was a huge part of GLOW’s success.

And of course, TNA is now moving to Monday nights giving wrestling fans 5 hours of first-run content on Mondays alone. How do you think that will affect or help Wrestlicious?

It should help drive viewers to us after those shows air.

Finally before we wrap up, can you give us a Wrestlicious rap?

# I’m JV Rich, I own the show / I’ve got the ring, I’ve got the bling and I’ve got the dough / This new show has fulfilled all my wishes / So thank you guys for helping Wrestlicious! #

Wrestlicious TakeDown premieres on Monday, March 1st at 11pm ET on Mav TV in America and Bite TV in Canada. Episodes will also air on America One on Saturdays at 11.30pm ET. For syndication, check your local listings. Full length episodes of Wrestlicious will appear at www.bite.ca/wrestling the day after transmission.

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Дебютният епизод:

Kandi Kisses (Lizzy Valentine) live performance!

Spotlight: Autumn Frost (Jennifer Blake)

Toni The Top ("The New York Knockout" Nikki) vs. Maui

Cousin Cassie, Tyler Texas (Lorelei Lee) & Charlotte (Amber O'Neal) vs. Bandita, Maria Toro (Mercedes Martinez) & Felony (Rain)

Link: http://www.bite.ca/video/Wrestlicious-Takedown-Ep-1

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Уау... просто, уау. И не знам в кой смисъл да го кажа. Определено радва окото и е толкова абсурдно... че се чудиш какво ще се случи после и не можеш да отделиш поглед от екрана. Вече си имам нова мечта - мястото на Bryce Remsburg (който, btw, изглежда толкова дребен между ОГРОМНИТЕ въжета). Жалко, че нямаше изява и на (THE) Layla. Половината от изявилите се едва ги познах (^едва сега видях, че Amber O'Neal е Charlotte). Веднага се разбира коя си има идея какво е кеч, но това не пречи и на другите - размяната на Bandita и Cousin Cassie беше просто ужасна, но изиграна така, че да не ти пука, просто гледаш за кеф. Все пак към края мача се оправи, щом влязоха Toro, Felony и Texas, както казах - който си разбира си разбира. Felony е с интересен образ, това с опитите да бяга е брилянтно. Единственото, което ме дразни е коментатора. Имам чувството, че просто се насилва да говори глупости и на моменти просто мрънка.

Ще се следи. :rolleyes:


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