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Dragon Gate Invasion: UK - 31 октомври 2009


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A-Merchandise.co.uk is proud to present its second "promotional supershow" with details being slowly released over the upcoming months. Last year Amerchandise was responsible for bringing Pro Wrestling Noah to these shores for the critically acclaim European Navigation events, which witnessed the European Debut of KENTA and the long awaited return to the UK of Japanese wrestling Legends Mitsuharu Misawa and Kenta Kobashi. After these events the fans made it clear they wanted more autentic shows and plans were set in motion.

Possibly one of the worst kept secrets in recent months was today officially confirmed as Dragon Gate of Japan confirmed an authentic event will be held in the UK on Saturday October 31st.

Dragon Gate Invasion : UK


The superstars of Dragon Gate will collide for one night only, their biggest names are set to make the trip to the UK to make this a trully authentic live event. This epic 3 hour extravaganza will feature wrestlers from across the world doing battle in the kind of matches that most can only of previously hoped to on see online or on DVD, now is you chance to see it live!.

For many fans, this will be the announcement they have been waiting years for. Fans up and down the UK and across Europe have become enamoured with the Dragon Gate promotion, and now they will have the opportunity to experience Dragon Gate LIVE for themselves.

One of the most renowned and critically acclaimed promotions throughout the world, Dragon Gate offers a fast-paced and dramatically exciting mix of lucha libre-styled Japanese junior heavyweight action with colourful characters and engaging feuds.

Dragon Gate has quickly become a must see promotion with Faction-based feuds such as the Do Fixer v Blood Generation series having captured the attention of the wrestling world, its stars such as Genki Horiguchi, Masaaki Mochizuki and Masato Yossino have reached cult status throughout Japan, and the promotion has even traded titles with some of the other major Japanese promotions such as Pro Wrestling NOAH.

Like the mighty Pro Wrestling NOAH, this show will be an exciting step for Dragon Gate, and all of it’s top stars will be looking forward to making a big impression on the UK fans. And the fans themselves will be getting a show the likes of which they have never seen before.

More details and announcements are to follow.......

Meet and Greet


October 31st will also host a special event offering fans the chance to meet the worldwide superstars. This will be your chance to get a photo taken with your favourite stars, Starting at 2pm, you will be able to gain access to the arena and will be able to head to a holding area where you will be able to buy official merchandise for the superstars to sign, and then you will be filtered through and meet the stars of your choice. Once you get to each superstar stand you will be able to get 2 own items signed if you have brought them with you, you will be able to get a Polaroid of the two of you at a cost of £5 each and get your 8x10 signed. If you bring your own camera you are able to get a photo without charge.

First Name Announced



Holder of titles in Ring of Honor, Pro Wrestling NOAH and Dragon Gate itself, SHINGO has emerged as one of the true talents of the ‘new wave’ of Dragon Gate stars.

A former professional bodybuilder, SHINGO entered the wrestling world under the tutelage of the legendary Animal Hamaguchi. So obsessed with wrestling was this young man that, when asked to fill out a questionnaire at middle school on his chosen occupations, he simply put “All Japan, New Japan, FMW”.

But it was Dragon Gate that fulfilled his goals. In 2004, SHINGO became the first Dragon Gate graduate and joined his teacher CIMA in the Crazy Max group (and later in the tremendously named Waku Waku Fuji Land!).

But it was with Blood Generation that SHINGO really found his feet, entering into the group’s feud with the Do Fixer group, a feud that spread from Dragon Gate into several Ring of Honor shows.

In 2007, SHINGO and Naruki Doi became Ring of Honor tag champions on the promotion’s UK tour, where they beat the Briscoes. Less than a year later, SHINGO and BxB Hulk were GHC Jr tag champions. After splitting from new unit Typhoon, he formed a new unit KAMIKAZE with Akira Tozawa, Dragon Kid and Taku Iwasa, and now feuds with CIMA and Typhoon.

Winner of the 2009 wXw 16 Carat Gold tournament, the powerful and gifted, SHINGO is a threat to any who face him.

Favourite moves:


Pump handle lift directly into Last Falconry drop.

•Last Falconry - ???·???????

Wrist clutch fireman's lift into sit out driver

•Original Falconry - ?????·???????

Original name was Last Falcony, wrist clutch fireman's lift into Olympic Slam drop.

•Blood Fall - ???·????

Argentine backbreaker lift into sit out facebuster.

•Pumping Bomber - ?????·????

Strong lariat, sometimes with Pumping appeal.

•You Sorou - ?????

Turbo Drop II style throw.


Anaconda Vice style submission.



The holding page for the event site is up at www.dragongateuk.com

Event Sponsors



One of the leaders in Pro Wrestling merchandise in the UK founded in 2003, A-M has become an official supplier many organisations including WWE, UFC, ROH, TNA and the exclusive European Distributor for Pro Wrestling Noah of Japan, The Frontier wrestling Alliance and FWA:A. With huge stocks of all the latest DVDs, Clothing and all kinds of miscellaneous merchandise you can be sure to find everything the true wrestling fan could want. Aswell as being the finacial backer to this huge event, A-M is also a ticket outlet with all seating available online or using a credit card over the phone. Details above in


Fighting Spirit Magazine

The only Wrestling and MMA monthly magazines available nationwide, FSM magazine brings together news and articles from around the world each month with regular Columnist Lance Storm and the infamous Open mic segment where Top Wrestling stars from around the world get their chance to have a no holds barred say on any subject that they please. They will also being running a competition to win your own Skybox at the event and will have all the latest coverage on this event


Westside Xtreme Wrestling of Germany.

A major force in European wrestling with home-grown talent facing some of the best in the world with Regular appearances from stars from TNA, EX WWE, Ring of Honor, PWG and many many more. WXW has some the most exciting matches that you won't see anywhere else and all just a short plane ride away in Essen, Germany (www.wxw-wrestling.com)

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