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AAA Rey de Reyes - 15 март 2009


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AAA (Rey de Reyes), 3/15 – Plaza de Toros Nuevo Progreso de Guadalajara, 15,000 fans

1. Aero Star, Gran & Fabi Apache beat Billy Boy, Tigre Cota & Cinthia Moreno

2. Rey de Reyes – Block A: Latin Lover defeated Abismo Negro to advance. Other participants: Black Abyss & Ozz

3. Rey de Reyes – Block B: Silver King beat Elegido to advance. Other participants: Alan Stone & Joe Lider

4. Rey de Reyes – Block C: Electroshock defeated Super Fly to advance. Other participants: Octagon & Nicho el Millionario

5. Rey de Reyes – Block D: La Parka Jr. beat Kenzo Suzuki to advance. Other participants: Escoria & Psycho Clown

6. Alex Koslov, Charly Manson & Sean Waltman defeated The Hart Foundation 2.0 (Jack Evans & Teddy Hart) & Zorro after Juventud Guerrera made his debut as a member of D-MEX and helped them win.

7. Caballera contra Caballera: Vampiro (Joaquin Roldan’s hair on the line) beat Konnan (Arturo Rivera’s hair on the line) after Marco Corleone made his debut and helped Vamp win. Marco maybe also be a new member of D-MEX.

8. Rey de Reyes – Finals: Electroshock defeated Latin Lover to win the tournament. Other participants: La Parka Jr. & Silver King

9. Steel Cage Match for the AAA World Heavyweight Title: El Mesias beat Chessman to retain his title. Dr. Wagner Jr. made his debut afterwards challenging Mesias to a shot at his title but he isn’t aligned with La Legion though as he brawled with members of the faction. Konnan told Wagner that he has one week to decide what faction he would be a part of in AAA but Roldan told Konnan that Doc is firmly with AAA.

"HOLY SHIT!" е най-точното описание на ситуацията. Страшно любопитно развитие на нещата. Несъмнено най-интересното и сензационно нещо в света на кеча от известно време насам. Juventud Guerrera (заедно с Lizzy Valentine) се завръща в ААА и се присъединява към D-MEX! Marco Corleone - една от по-големите им звезди и топ foreign звездата на CMLL преминава в AAA! Dr. Wagner Jr. - след месеци наред откази за присъединяване към федерацията, една от най-големите lucha libre звезди също се присъединява към AAA!

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Juventud Guerrera & Lizzy Valentine вече не са част от ААА:

Tonight was my second show for AAA in mexico. To say I am disappointed with the company is an understatement. I am not normally the one that goes posting stuff like this on the internet, but what i saw tonight in the lockerroom absolutely disgusted me, and im not just talking about the incident, but management as well. There is no way that I can continue to work for a company like this. It would take alot to convince me to change my mind. I had to quit. Thanks for everyone who has supported me throughout my career. I know alot of you were excited that you would be able to see me on tv, but hey, you never know what will come next for me.

XOXO Lizzy

Juventud Guerrera told various media outlets over the weekend that last Friday at the AAA TV taping in Ciudad Madero he was the subject of a heinous attack at the hands of Jack Evans & Konnan where he suffered a fractured nose and various wounds on his body. Juventud said that his return to the promotion angered Konnan & La Legion so they decided to handle it their way. After his match Juventud came back to the locker room to find his bag filled with human shit. Juvi went to Jack Evans to accuse him of doing it, when Konnan attacked him and Jack joined in. Juventud then got medical attention but said that AAA Owner Joaquin Roldan basically ignored the whole situation happened and so he quit on the spot saying that Konnan and his boys are running the show and getting away with whatever they want. Juventud had just made his return to the promotion 6 days earlier at Rey de Reyes so this is something to watch for because this could go in a legal direction.

Версията на Konnan:

Juvi got his ass kicked this weekend. He opened up his gym bag backstage at the AAA show in Ciudad Madero and found, in his words, "a whole load of shit". This upset him and apparently he immediately figured it must have been Konnan. He went up to him and started screaming at him in English, which apparently was hilarious, and Konnan told him (and told others) that he had no idea what he was talking about. Juvi later claimed that both Jack Evans and Konnan attacked him, but the story we heard is that Jack did the deed himself after Juvi allegedly bit him on the nose. Jack grabbed him in a Muay Thai clinch and beat the holy shit out of him, breaking his nose.

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Аз четах в блога на Хуветуд и макар да съм му фен неговата версия ми се струва по-вероятна,казва че още Конан не го обичал от едно време в WCW,знам това което се говори за моя човек,но и Конан не е цвете за мирисане,показа си рогата даже и в TNA,a камоли в AAA където го раздава важен и никой не може му каже копче.

Абе Конан suxxxxxxxx :)

"Doin' what I want to do, When I want to do it."

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Konnan has been suspended by the DF Box Y Lucha commissioner for his part of the attack on Juvi. As the national head of the commission, all the other commissions are supposed to uphold this suspension, so Konnan is effectively prohibited from wrestling in Mexico.

AAA’s done an abysmal job handling this situation and Konnan is certainly done some wrong here. However, it feels like everyone coming out of the woodwork to take a shot at Konnan now that he’s given him an opening. There’s been no indication the commission actually talked to Konnan or AAA about their side of the story (with how busy they’ve both been, it seems unlikely), and are just going on Juvi’s side of the story. Jack Evans isn’t mentioned as being suspended, which highlights this as a personal issue about Konnan. People are either fiercely loyal to Konnan or hate him - not even always because of some thing between them, but because of the style of lucha libre he wants to present. There doesn’t seem to be any middle ground, which leads to situations like this.

The silver lining here is Konnan should not be in the ring anyway, because he’s clearly broken down, and not going to get any better. Konnan and AAA really need to take Konnan out of the ring, but if they’re not going to do it, then at least someone else will. That’s assuming the other commissions enforce the suspension, which is no sure thing.

At the same time Juvi underwent nose surgery on Tuesday, which prevented him from meeting with AAA (not he was getting any response from them). He can’t talk now, but plans to hold a press conference when he can. Fuerza Guerrera (Juventud's father) can talk, so he was on Tercera Caida to talk about the attack. Everyone seems to be pointing towards X-Pac as the person who instigated the whole thing.

Както винаги, шоуто и скандалите около Konnan & Juvi са на макс. :D

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