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WWC La Hora De La Verdad - 7 март 2009


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WWC Universal Title

\"Mr. Wrestling III\" Steve Corino © vs. Sabu

\"Mr. Ratings\" Ray Gonzalez vs. El Bronco

TLC Match for the WWC World Tag Team Titles

Hardcore Evolution (Huracan Castillo & Rico Suave) © vs. Thunder & Lightning

Hair vs. Hair Match

Chicky Starr vs. Mr. Mac

WWC Puertorican Title

\"The Phenomenal\" BJ © vs. \"The Hammer\" Charles Evans

X Match for the WWC Junior Heavyweight Title

Carlitos vs. Hiram Tua vs. Tommy Diablo vs. Angel vs. Ricky Reyes vs. Johnny Styles

Idol Stevens vs. Crazy Rudy

The D\'Jour Twins vs. Double Image

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World Wrestling Council's "La Hora de la Verdad" (The Hour of Truth) Results from Bayamon, PR on March 7th 2009

- Double Image defeat The D'Jour Twins by pinfall in the opening match. Solid bout between the two twin teams. Double Image seems to be getting a solid push.

- Jose Chaparro comes out with Aaron "The Idol" Stevens, who makes an open challenge. El Comandante comes out to answer.

- Aaron "The Idol" Stevens defeats El Comandante by pinfall in an extended squash.

-Hair vs Hair

Chicky Starr defeats Mr. Mac by pinfall. Tommy Diablo came out to distract the referee and Mac used a set of brass knuckles to knock out and pin Starr. Mac and Diablo where celebrating, but another ref came out and they reversed the decision. The match was ordered to continue and Starr wins after using his baseball bat. Mac gets shaved against his will. For those asking, Mr. Mac is played by indy wrestler Guillotine LeGrande, who is a good friend of Steve Corino.

-WWC Puerto Rican Title: Dog Collar Match:

"The Phenomenal" BJ defeats "The Hammer" Charles Evans to retain the title. BJ had defeated Evans the previous night to win the belt and he retained here in what was a solid, bloody brawl.

-X Match for the vacant WWC Junior Heavyweight Title:

"Havana Pitbull" Ricky Reyes defeats Carlitos, Hiram Tua, "The Stylish Man" Johnny Styles, "The Man-Beast" Angel and "Mr. Puerto Rico" Tommy Diablo to win the belt. Tua managed to retrieve the belt, but the ref was distracted. Reyes nailed him from behind and stole the belt, then showed the ref he had it to win the bout.

- La Pesadilla comes out and talks for a bit, with distortion in his voice. Rey Gonzales comes out and they brawl.

- If Bronco #1 wins, Rey Gonzales will never get another shot at the Universal Title:

"Mr. Ratings" Rey Gonzales defeats Bronco #1 by pinfall. Jose Chaparro ran in with a set of brass knuckles and tried to nail Rey, but he ducked and Bronco got decked. Rey dumps Chaparro and covers Bronco for the win. I guess this makes Rey the #1 contender at Corino's Universal Title. La Pesadilla ran in and attacked Rey, leaving him down and out as Chaparro and Bronco watched outside.

-WWC Universal Title:

"Mr. Wrestling" Steve Corino defeats "The Suicidal" Sabu by pinfall to retain the belt. Both men where busted open and brawled through the crowd.

-WWC Tag Team Titles: Tables, Ladders and Chairs:

Thunder & Lightning defeat Hardcore Evolution (Rico Suave & Huracan Castillo) in the match of the night. They used all the plunder around the ring and all four where busted open. Crowd was very hot for the entire brawl.

Между другото, новата визия на Sabu:


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