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Интервю с Paul London (първото му извън WWE)


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Former WWE star Paul London isn't a fan of Vince McMahon, WWE creative, WWE's music department, Billy Kidman, Brother Ray Dudley, Evan Bourne's Shooting Star Press, or Great Khali's on-air manager, Runjin Singh. And he's not surprised WWE finally released him late last year.

London said in an interview with False Count Radio that he was "shocked they were still paying me" and it seemed like an "opportune time to part ways."

The interview started with a replaying of London's WWE entrance music, and London said he strongly disliked the theme song, which was one of many things he said he could stand in WWE.

"I tried to get that s--- changed so many times to some good music," he said. "They kept low-balling my buddy's music." London, who is from the live music capital of the world - Austin, Texas - says he wanted some real music, but WWE put off talking to his friends about composing a new theme.

London was asked about his infamous smile during the McMahon limo explosion angle on the June 11, 2007 Raw that led to the storyline death of the Mr. McMahon character. London claimed he had no idea what was going on and was instructed, like the rest of the locker room, to simply stand in the hallway and pretend to be befuddled.

"I had no clue what was going on. I had no idea this guy was going to his 'destruction' or 'demise'," London said. He says they were told just to react to Vince when he came walking down the hallway to the parking lot. "Everyone trying to put on their best acting face, which was a joke," he said.

London believes McMahon had a personal vendetta against him from that point on, even giving Evan Bourne the Shooting Star Press. He recalled a conversation where a creative team writer told him to stop using the SSP even though he had been using it for five years in WWE.

"Ridiculous and it's pretty funny," London said about Bourne's move. "So I guess he (McMahon) wanted a lackluster Shooting Star." He also joked that someone in creative probably watched the "Bourne" movie trilogy and decided it would be a good idea to give Matt Sydal the Evan Bourne name.

London was asked to compare his tag team partners in WWE, Billy Kidman and Brian Kendrick. Regarding Kidman, he said he "never liked him" while Brian and he "had each other's back."

Again going to the creative team, London said being put together with Kidman was a product of someone seeing they had dark hair, were well-tanned, and liked to go the top rope. "Hey, let's make a tag team out of these guys," London quipped. He said he lost respect for Kidman, claiming that he "threw me under the bus to keep himself over with the boys."

London worked a program with the Dudley Boys (TNA's Team 3D) several years ago when both teams were on Smackdown. He said working with Devon was cool, but Bubba was cool "maybe five percent of the time." He added: "I'm not saying anything new that he's an a-----."

In part two of our recap of former WWE star Paul London's post-WWE interview, Paul London commented on Brian Kendrick and their tag team work on Smackdown.

London said he understands why they were split up because Kendrick didn't want to be associated with his out-spoken personality and be dragged down by it. But, he sees Kendrick's current singles push strictly as a vehicle for getting over Ezekiel Jackson.

"Haven't always seen eye-to-eye, but that's what made us a dynamic unit," London said on False Count radio. "I wish him success. I'm sorry to see his push has been replaced by Casper, but I'm sure he's not surprised. It really seemed like a vehicle to get over (Ezekiel) Jackson."

London also addressed rumors of going to TNA as the Suicide video game character, which he said were "not true." London said he didn't even know about the character, but there hasn't been any contact with TNA. He said he wants to come into TNA, though, as "Life" so there is a feud against Suicide.

Discussing his relationship with Ashley Massaro, he said "relationships end." He said they were "under such a strangehold schedule that is the wrestling business."

London continued: "Relationships are very difficult. She's an extremely nice girl, good head on her shoulders, and has massive amount of potential, but life can be schedule. I have no ill-feelings whatsoever. People grow and do what they have to do."

In part three of our interview recap of Paul London talking with no filter following his November 2008 WWE release, London talks about Matt Hardy among other subjects.

The beginning of London's rant on Hardy was brought on by a discussion of the December 2005 Armageddon PPV where London & Kendrick faced William Regal & Dave Taylor, MNM (Mercury & John Morrison a/k/a Johnny Nitro), and the Hardy Boys in an epic ladder match.

London said the match afforded him the opportunity to show a little more creativity, but his mind goes right to Matt Hardy when he thinks about the match.

"All I remember was that I hate Matt Hardy," London said on the False Count radio show. "I think he's a piece of s---. And I was trying to go into that (match) with as much of a professional mindset as possible without trying to murder this person. I think he's a coward."

London recalled a story from his perspective of Hardy telling on him on catering, as if the situation were from a high school cafeteria. "I said a cuss word in catering and he actually raised his hand and told on me," London claimed.

He later back-tracked in the interview to say he doesn't hate anyone, but "that doesn't mean I can't be opinionated or have a complete lack of respect for somebody."

London explained his opinion further: "The thing with Matt is no respect. Just a rotten person. He tries to pull the wool over people's eyes and put himself over online, but he's the definition of a mark for himself. I just don't like the guy. He's done some things to try to sabotage my career, without going into detail, but (he is) the definition of a coward."

London said he thinks his brother Jeff Hardy is a great guy and he has his all-time favorite match in WWE against Hardy on a tour of Mexico. "Jeff and I went out there on the last day (of the tour) and stole the show," he said.

"Jeff's the cool one and Matt's the fat, ugly one who carries a chip on his shoulder because his brother is more popular than him," London claimed.

Going back to the four-team ladder match at Armageddon 2005, London said his tag team victory with Kendrick was overshadowed by Joey Mercury's "face exploding" when a ladder popped him in the eye.

"Brian and I killed each other for the enjoyment of the fans," he lamented. "Unfortunately, Joey's face getting exploded took the wind out of our sails."

London makes his return to wrestling at PWG's show later this month. Asked what fans can expect from the post-WWE London, he said "an uncensored, unrestrained spirit. Fans can look forward to seeing someone who doesn't feel like watching his tongue or holding anything back."

During word association to close the interview, London said John Cena is "hardest-working person in the business" after laughing hard about the trailer for "12 Rounds" where Cena plays a cop.

On Randy Orton, he said he's a "super cool guy" and "probably the most talented guy they have by far."

Conversely, London said the complete opposite about Triple H. "If I had to guess, I would guess that he's not the most honest guy, a bit of a coward, and when I say coward, I mean someone who might secretly set something up, then blame someone else," he said.

And, finally, on Vince McMahon, London slowly repeated: "Darkness. Black. All things negative. Not really in tune with the audience. Someone who has cemented himself in his own ways regardless of whether they're beneficial for business. Fascist."

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Като гледам Лондон,въобще не се е сдържал и е казал това,което му тежи на сърцето :D

"Doin' what I want to do, When I want to do it."

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Забавно интервю. Много им се "кефя" на такива които като бъдат изхвърлени като палета започат да плюят по компанията, а преди това са си мълчали като кротки агънца и не са обелвали дума...

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Някои работи си бяха забавни, наистина. Не ме интересува, че приказва такива работи, след като е уволнен, защото има много такива. Но ще го уважавам заради едно нещо:

On Randy Orton, he said he's a "super cool guy" and "probably the most talented guy they have by far."


4x WWE Prediction Champion
4x Universal Prediction Champion 

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Миришка на ако...

3. Мнения от по една дума или половин ред, които са извън форума "Словоизлияния", ще се третират като безмислен спам, което означава директни 20% warn. Така че се напрегнете повечко и давайте наистина смислени мнения в дискусионните теми, а не простотии от типа на "Шоуто беше яко! Thumbs up!".
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Matt Hardy отвръща на удара:)

You know, the same kind of "Black Cloud" that took away everything from some "Hooligan" that used to be employed by the WWE. And these are facts-it's someone I got hired after allowing him to have a great match with me on Velocity, and then by going to bat to management for him. It's someone who wrestled his most famous and self-confessed "favorite" WWE match in a contest that I was in and totally engineered and manufactured. And then he became bitter because he attempted to follow in my footsteps, and couldn't measure up as a man in any way-and I mean in any way. Just another example of what happens when you attempt to cross Matt Hardy, I ALWAYS win in the end. Not only am I "The Starmaker", I'm also a "Startaker." Enjoy your pathetic life, you're welcome.

To my hooligan friend-I actually appreciate when crazy, bitter people give me free publicity by addressing me in interviews that are supposed to be about them. Where I'm currently at now in my career, believe it or not, it actually helps promote the Matt Hardy you see on TV. So thanks. Thanks for giving the Black Cloud image credibility. I know you've probably got some more interviews coming up, so please, keep on ranting and raving and promoting me. It certainly doesn't hurt my feelings or my paychecks. Especially when almost 100% of your comments are about nonsensical events and stories that never really happened. But I guess that's what people that are mentally and emotionally unstable do. It's really sad actually-when seemingly normal people that are so physically gifted can never capitalize on their talents because they're psychopaths.

Или иначе казано, какво става, когато двама мъже се намразят покрай една жена. :D

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