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Добре си го дръпнал, ама си намерил кога да ги почнеш - те са буквално пред спиране, доколкото зная. Последното ТВ шоу ще бъде на 4 април.

Принципно по ТВ шоуто тук-там се намира по някой интересен мач, уж се развиват и вражди, но в общи линии е абсолютно излишно - освен за exhibition и да представят таланти го нямат за нищо. Най-забавни са, когато tease-ват мачове за титли и вероятна смяна - колкото и да е добър мачът, победителят е ясен на абсолютно всички, защото НИКОГА титла няма да се смени по ТВ. Уж направиха една ТВ титла за тая цел, но и нея си я разиграват по event-ите и iPPV-тата и сега изобщо нямам идея за какво им е.


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ROH “Defy or Deny” 3.18.2011 Results

"The Prodigy" Mike Bennett and "Brutal" Bob Evans came out unannounced at the start of the show to hype up Bennett's TV Title match with Christopher Daniels, as well as get his persona across with the audience. Bennett, being a local NE guy, heeled on the city, though he did have some fans in attendance. Steve Corino came out and got in Bennett's face for being the brash, overconfident newcomer, while Bennett responded that Corino was just a washed up old man teaming with Grizzly Redwood. Corino, now on his "path of redemption" warned Bennett not to continue his ways, because if he does, he might wind up having to deal with Corino down the line.

Mark Briscoe beat Kyle O'Reilly. Very good opening match, and O'Reilly continues to impress. Lots of near falls and the crowd was into the match, which ended with Mark hit a flying elbowdrop for the pin.

All Night Express beat Corino and Redwood. ANX played heels, while Corino did a few comedy spots (refusing to go to the top rope, getting a "one more time" chant after nailing a dropkick and then failing at the second attempt). Face miscommunication saw Corino nail Redwood with a clothesline by accident, leaving him prone for the ANX to finish him off with a backbreaker/kneedrop combo.

Prince Nana and The Embassy are out to introduce Tomasso Ciampa (another NE indy guy breaking into ROH). Ciampa and Adam Cole had a decent match, the highlight of which being Embassy valet Mia Yim nailing Adam Cole with a superkick on the floor. Cole hit a nice wheelbarrow suplex into a lungblower, but was soon felled by CIampa's powerbomb into a lungblower finisher.

Chris Hero (w/ Sara Del Rey and Shane Hagadorn) beat TJ Perkins. Build slowly and a lot of people didn't seem to react or know TJ, but they got into the match as it went on. Del Rey seems to be more "dolled up" these days, as it looks like her hair was different and her makeup was done. Some great exchanges, including Hero nailing some hard elbows and TJ nailing kicks, before he was felled by yet another elbow in the end. The crowd gave Perkins a standing ovation after the match.

The Bravado Brothers came out unannounced and cut a quick promo before taking on Matt Taven (another NE guy) and another guy. I never heard his name announced, and only knew Taven from Northeast Wrestling (and the fact that "Taven" was on his tights). Basically a backdrop for the Bravados to showcase themselves and go over.

Eddie Edwards beat Michael Elgin. This was my first time seeing Elgin live, and he certainly impressed. Great match, with hometown boy Edwards getting the win. At one point Truth Martini interfered and Edwards put both Elgin and Martini in the Achilles Lock simultaneously. Edwards also took an Oklahoma Stampede on the floor after being caught on a moonsault attempt. Elgin has a great look and certainly held up his end of the match. I'm not sold on Martini, as to me he comes off as a wannabe Don Callis, right down to having the same look. Edwards got a huge ovation both before and after the match.

Christopher Daniels beat Mike Bennett to retain the ROH TV Title. The crowd was vocally pro-Daniels, save for three hecklers who were firmly behind Bennett. Most of the crowd reactions consisted of Daniels chants (to overpower the three hecklers, who Daniels acknowledged at several points) and "you can't wrestle" chants towards Bennett. Bennett, to me, seems bland in ROH. He's not terrible, but he also doesn't stand out for the gimmick they're running with him. It's like Ted DiBiase Jr. minus the famous family name. Daniels got the win with the BME after Corino ran out to prevent Bennett from using the TV Title as a weapon. Post-match Corino handed a wary Daniels back the TV Title. Daniels then celebrated by going around ringside slapping hands, and making sure to dish some verbal payback out to the three clowns who were riding him during the match.

Davey Richards defeated Claudio Castagnoli in the match of the night. Great match, with the only "blown spot" being one that may have been planned, where Davey went for a superplex but both men spilled to the floor instead. Davey must have nailed him with a hundred kicks during the course of this match. Finish came when Richards came off with a double stomp, then ran up to the opposite corner and hit an SSP. Both Edwards and Richards made belt motions as if they're going after Roderick Strong's ROH World Title, so it seems hints may have been dropped that the American Wolves are going to have to face each other sooner or later if one wants a title shot.

Roderick won the "Defy or Deny" elimination match over Jay Briscoe, Homicide, and El Generico. The first part of this match was worked like a Parejas Incredibles match, with Strong telling current rival Homicide they should work together, forcing former rivals Briscoe and Generico to pair up. At one point Strong mimicked Homicde's rolling suplexes (the tribute to Eddie Guerrero) and Homicide made like he was going to stomp him down, but held back. A few minutes later, Homicde had enough and unloaded on Strong, and that's when all hell started breaking loose! Homicide nailed a dive that send him into the first row, while Generico nailed a flip dive on the other side of the ring. Homicide went out first after a Jay Driller, and Briscoe followed him back to the locker room a few minutes later courtesy of Strong. Crowd got hot for Generico vs. Strong, hoping to see the beloved masked man take the win, but Michael Elgin ran in and powerbombed Generico, enabling Roderick to hit a kick to the face and pick up the win. So now all three men cannot get title shots for as long as Roderick is the champion. Finish felt to me like a TV finish rather than the way you'd end a standard show, but the fans got their happy ending when Edwards, Richards, and Daniels made the save for Generico after Strong and Elgin continued to beat on him. I had figured Generico would win and get the title shot, but I guess there are other plans in store.

ROH “Manhattan Mayhem IV” 3.19.2011 Results

Truth Martini came out with the House of Truth and cut a promo about Roderick Strong's ROH title bout against Roderick Strong's title defense against Eddie Edwards tonight. He introduced Mike Mondo, saying he was newest member of the House of Truth, unofficially. He said that Mondo's last test is tonight in New York City.

Michael Elgin & Mike Mondo vs. Adam Cole & Kyle O'Reily

Mondo worked over O'Reilly early. Kyle tried to nail several shoulderblocks but couldn't move Mondo. Cole tagged in but both he and O'Reilly were shoulderblocked down. They came back with a double dropkick. Elgin tagged in but was caught with an armbar. O'Reilly drilled Elgin with a kneedrop and scored several near falls. Cole and O'Reilly tied up Elgin in the tree of woe and nailed a double dropkick. They worked over the House of Truth. O'Reilly was caught by a Mondo clothesline. He came back with a sunset flip but Mondo dropkicked him in the face. Mondo covered O'Reily as the fans started chanted "Spirit Squad" at him. The House of Truth worked over O'Reily but he came back with a tornado DDT. O'Reily made the hot tag to Cole, who came back with a big boot and a clotheslines off the ropes. Mondo missed a charge in the corner and nailed his shoulder on the post. Cole nailed a flying bodypress for a two count. He drilled Mondo with an enziguri but was caugbt by a slingshot elbow into the ring by Elgin. Elgin missed a top rope moonsault. O'Reilly tagged in and he and Cole hit a series of synchronized strikes and kicks. Elgin caught Cole on h$e shoulders then caught O'Reilly trying to come off the top rope. He nailed a fall away slam and Samoan drop at the same time. Cole and O'Reilly nailed a series of moves on the Mondo, finally getting the pin with a belly to back suplex.

Your winners, Adam Cole & Kyle O'Reilly!

After the match, Elgin laid out Mondo.

The Embassy came to the ring. Nana introduced all the members.

Tomasso Ciampa vs. Grizzly Redwood

They did some early spots early where Redwood tried to overpower Ciampa but it wasn't working. They had some good back and forth wrestling on the mat. They went to the outside but I couldn't see what they were doing.

Back in the ring, Ciampa nailed Redwood with a flapjack. Ciampa began working on Redwood's arm. He tossed Redwood into the turnbuckles but was kicked off. Redwood used a Crucifix for a two count. Ciampa cut him off and began stomping away at him in the corner. He drilled Redwood in the corner with a big kick and covered him for a two count. Ciampa went for his finisher but Redwood slipped out and grabbed him with a sleeper. Redwood came off the ropes with a Thesz Press and then nailed a rana for a two count. Ciampa drilled him with a stiff clothesline and covered him for a two count. Redwood came back with a series of kicks. Ciampa came back with a powerbomb across the knees for the pin.

Your winner, Tomasso Ciampa!

The Embassy all put the boots to Redwood but Steve Corino hit the ring. Fans chanted "We want Steen" and he responded that he does too. Corino told Redwood that he would be there for him but now he wanted to know if Redwood would be there for him as well.

Mike Bennett's music hit and he came to the ring with Bob Evans. Bennett took the mic and handed it to Evans. Evans said that he's had enough of washed up athletes. Bennett took the mic and said it's only old man Corino and he could handle this. He said that tonight was the night was Corino was going to fall off the wagon. Corino said that he was going to say this to him in the back but instead he'll say it in front of everyone. He said that there's not one place in the world that hates him more than NYC but at least he's not from Boston. He said that was his go-home line and that if facing Bennett means that his road to pro wrestling recovery, he'll let Bennet pin him.

Bennet said that Corino will fight him if he has to drag Corino into it. Bennett demanded that Corino face him and Corino apologized, saying that he can't do this. He said it took him a long time to admit what an a**hole he was and he didn't want to do this, because he's been doing the right thing and he's sorry. Bennett kept goading Corino, who finally said he was going to regret it, but ring the bell.

Steve Corino vs. Mike Bennett

Corino and Bennet battled back and forth. Corino caught him with a leg lariat. They went to the outside, where Corino whipped him into the guard rails. Bennett took control and tssed Corino back into the ring. Corino made a comeback and nailed a superplex. They battled back and forth with strikes. Corino nailed Bennett with a powerslam for a two count. Corino drilled Bennett and locked him in an abdominal stretch. Corino stuck his thumb in his rear to add to the pain. Bob Evans into the corner then nailed a Uranage and scored the pin.

Your winner, Mike Bennett!

Jim Cornette came out to cut a promo. He joked that here in ROH, their main events last more than a minute and a half. Fans chanted "F*** TNA." He said that if fans still want to actually spend money on PPV, ROH will have two Internet PPVs in April in Atlanta. He said that he had one more announcement to make and that's that the last event for ROH in the Manhattan Center, because they have to move downstairs to the Hammerstein Ballroom. He pushed the 6/26 date in the Hammerstein Ballroom and said the company is planning the "biggest event in Ring of Honor history." He said Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin as well as everyone on the ROH roster are scheduled for the show. He said that the theme of the event will be everyone trying to prove they are the "Best in the World."

The All Night Express vs. The Briscoe Brothers

Jay and Rhett Titus. Titus slapped Briscoe, who forced him back into the corner. They went back and forth. Titus and King double teamed Briscoe. Mark tagged in and worked over King. Titus tagged in with a flying clothesline and drilled Mark with a Yakuza kick. Jay broke up a pinfall but was sent to the floor. Titus hit a nice dive over the top to the floor on Jay. Titus whipped Jay into the railing on the floor. King and Mark soon followed and all four brawled on the outside. When they returned, The Briscoes worked over Titus. Titus, who was busted open from the battle outside, fired back but was cut off. Jay Briscoe dropkicked him in the back of the head. The Briscoes continued the beating, chopping away at Titus. Jay clobbered him with a clothesline for a two count. The beating on Titus continued. The Briscoes went for a double superplex but Titus fought off Mark and dropped down, powerbombing Jay into the turnbuckle. He made the tag to King and the crowd exploded. King drilled Jay with a spinebuster for a two count. He went for a German suplex on Jay but Mark drilled him with an enziguiri. Titus broke up the count. Mark went for an Ace Cutter off the top but King broke it up. Jay went for the Jay Driller on Titus but King jumped him. He fought off King. Jay went for it on Titus but Titus kneed him in the mid-section and went for a Razor's Edge. Mark pulled Jay down. King charged but the Briscoes pulled the ropes down and he went over the top. Titus surprised Jay with a small package and scored the pin.

Your winners, The All Night Express!

The Briscoes attacked The Express afterward and left them laying. A number of wrestlers from the back hit the ring but The Briscoes laid them out as well. Kenny King hit a 450 splash off the top onto the pile The brawl continued for some time. Best thing on the show thus far. It was designed to be a double turn and it seemed to work based on the crowd reactions.

El Generico vs. TJ Perkins

Perkins and Generico went back and forth with some nice counter wrestling, then faced off. The crowd liked it. Generico scored with a series of armdrags. He worked Perkins into the corner and chopped at him, then drilled him with a series of punches. Generico went for a sunset flip but Perkins rolled through and drilled him with a pair of knees to the chest. Perkins scored with several near falls but Generico kept getting huis shoulder up. Generico hit a series of rapid fire kicks but Perkins came back with a stiff kick to the back. Perkins rolled Generico face-first onto the mat and then beat him into it using his knees. They battled back and forth until Generico caught him with a package Michinoku Driver for a two count. Generico went for a running kick in the corner but was blocked. Perkins caught him with a sitdown powerbomb for a two count. Generico was locked in a Sharpshooter. Perkins went for a dive but Generico caught him coming and nailed a brainbuster on the apron, then rolled him in for the pin.

Your winner, El Generico!

Very good match. They shook hands after. The crowd chanted, "Please come back."

ROH Tag Team champions The Kings of Wrestling vs. LAX

The fans did dual chants for the teams as the bell rang. Hero and Homicide locked up to kick off the match. Homicide went for a hiptoss but Hero avoided it. They locked u and Homicide blocked him into the corner. Hero nailed him and tagged in Claudio Castagnoli. Hernandez tagged in. He shoved Claudio into the corner. Claudio came off the ropes and they drilled each other with shoulderblocks. Hernande got the better of the exchange. Claudio nailed a clothesline but Hernandez leapdfrogged him and killed him with a clothesline. Hernandez held a long standing suplex and held him for a crowd count of about 75. LAX doubled on Claudio on the corner and Homicide clotheslined him for a two count. Homicide wrenched him with an armwringer but Claudio kneed him in the gut. He tagged Hero and suplexed Claudio across Hero's knees. Hero nailed a catapult under the rppes on Homicide. Hero chopped away at Homicide in the corner but Homicide started psyching himself up. He grabbed Homicide and choked him in the corner. Claudi tagged in then pressed and dropped him over the rop rope. Claudio locked in a rear chinlock but Homicide began fighting out of it. He nailed Claudio with a back suplex and the crowd began rallying him to make the hot tag. Hero drilled Hernandez to prevent it. The Kings worked over Homicide but Hernanez used the ropes for a slingshot double clotheslne. He hit a running splash in the corner on bothm then Bealed him into the corner. It broke down to Claudio and Hernandez. Claudio hit a spinning torture rack that was awesome. Hero drilled Hernandez with his discus forearm for a two count. Hernandez caught him with a tilowhirl backbreaker. Hernandez tagged in Homicide, who cleaned houses with a series of rights and the Three Amigos. Hernandez joined in. Hero pulled Homicide to the outside and sent him into the railing. Hernandez went for the Border Toss on Claudio but Hero hit the ring and nailed his forearm smash. Hernandez hit the Border Toss on his own partner to the outside, taking out the Kings. Hernandez then hit a dive over the top onto them. Fans began chanting, "This is awesome" and they were right. Hernandez hit a sit down powerbomb. Homicide came off with a flying headbutt for a two count. He called for a lariat but Sara Del Rey grabbed his leg. Hero went for the loaded forearm but Homicide ducked it, fought him off and ripped it off. He went for the Cop Killa but Hero escaped. Hero and Claudio nailed a double kick to the face. Claudio nailed Homicide with a big uppercut and scored the pin.

Your winners, The Kings of Wrestling!

Really good match. The crowd absolutely loved this. There's no denying that The Kings of Wrestling are the franchise here.

After the match, Hernandez and Homicide recovered and raised the other's hands. Fans chanted "F*** TNA." Homicide took the mic and told the fans they were the best in the world and thanked them. LAX got a big pop on the way out.

Pure Wrestling Rules: ROH TV champion Christopher Daniels vs. Davey Richards

Under Pure Rules, you can use the ropes to break moves three times but then can't use them at all. They had some nice wrestling early. Daniels nailed Richards with a suplex. Daniels charged Richards in the corner but was sent up and over to the floor. Richards hit a moonsault out of the ring to the floor. Richards hit a missile dropkick off the top but was kicked as he charged into the corner. Daniels peppered him with forearms but was caught with a leg lariat for a two count. Richards locked in a Sharpshooter. Daniels used a rope break. They beat the crap out of each other with stiff strikes. Daniels nailed him with a kick. He went for a leg lock but Richards kicked him off. Richards escaped an Arabian Press off the ropes. They battled on the outside. Richards came off the top with a crazy dive. Back in the ring, Richards drilled him with a running forearm, then a superplex. He held on and pulled Daniels up into another suplex across the knees. He locked on an armbar but Daniels grabbed the ropes. They went to the outside on the apron where Daniels was drilled with kicks to the chest. Davey picked him up for a Fireman's Carry but Daniels used the ropes to lock in an abdominal stretch type move. Richards kicked off Davey. Davey caught him in the ropes and locked on an anklelock. Daniels pulled himself outside and Richards fell to the floor. Daniels pulled Richards to the top and locked in a guillotine choke while on the top rope. Richards battled back with a series of headbutts. He locked on a Sharpshooter from the top rope. Richards came off the top with a headbutt. He went to the top for a shooting star press but misjudged the jump and instead came down on the ropes ribs first in a scary looking bump. Daniels went after him but Richards rolled him up and scored the pin.

Your winner, Davey Richards!

Beyond the scary moment at the end, a hell of a match. Great stuff.

ROH champion Roderick Strong vs. Eddie Edwards

Strong sent Truth Martini to the back, saying he's got this handled. They have some really good back and forth wrestling. Strong drilled him with a kick to the face. He went to the top but Edwards slipped out of the ring and nailed him. Edwards tied Strong to the tree of woe and chopped away at him. Edwards went to the top and came in but Strong nailed him with a kick to the head. He dumped Edwards to the outside. Strong followed and they battled back and forth on the outside. Once they returned, Strong snapped him over with a suplex for a two count. Strong locked on a Boston crab but couldn't force a submission. Strong went for a powerbomb outside but it was turned into a rana. Edwards hit a dive to the outside. Back in the ring, Edwards drilled Strong in the corner. Edwards nailed several suplexes but Strong kept kicking up. Edwards went for a back suplex but Strong escaped and nailed a superkick. He picked up Edwards and snapped him over the turnbuckles for a two count. They exchanged chops in the ring. It was a hellacious exchange. Think Flair vs. Garvin. Strong nailed him with a high knee. He rebounded off the ropes but was caught with a lariat by Edwards for a two count. Strong rolled to the apron, where Edwards nailed him with a superkick. He brought Strong to the top rope. They battled back and forth on the top. Edwards knocked him off to the apron and came off with a double stomp to his chest. He then nailed a double stomp off the top across Strong's back. Edwards locked in a single leg crab but Martini ran out to break it up. Strong nailed him with a backbreaker but Edwards kicked up and the crowd came alive. Strong spit in his face which only fired Eddie up. Strong naiiled a lariat for a two count then locked in a Boston Crab, Edwards made it to the ropes. They went back and forth with a series of moves until Edwards rolled him up and scored the pin.

Your winner and new ROH champion, Eddie Edwards!

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Последните три мача събудиха интереса ми към ROH и определено са нещо, което имам желание да гледам. Интересно ми е защо тръгнаха в такава посока и Eddie Edwards взе титлата преди Richards. Знам, че му дадоха солиден рейн с TV титлата, но това стига ли? Логика виждам само в една евентуална вражда между вълците, която да завърши с коронясването на Ричърдс за шампион.

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И мен точно последната част ме шокира поне първоначално. На практика в предното шоу се премахват абсолютно всякакви претенденти за титлата (тъй като единствените правдоподобни опоненти до този момент са Homicide и El Generico), а в това директно му намират нов, заедно със смяна. Strong беше доста силен шампион, дори изненадващо, предвид че му дадоха титлата само колкото да я разкарат от Black, жалко, че не можа да я задържи повече, но на този етап явно нямат друг избор (както казах - досега се погрижиха да разкарат всякакви видове претенденти). Richards ще я стигне евентуално, но първо задължително трябва да мине през Strong.

Между другото, ако броим TV титлата за нещо, Eddie Edwards току-що стана първия Triple Crown winner в историята на ROH.

И като говорим за силни претенденти - кога ще намерят отбор, който да вземе титлите на Kings of Wrestling, и най-накрая да вкарат Claudio и Hero в картината на световната титла? И двамата са МАСИВНИ звезди в сравнение с това, което бяха към 2007, например (а тогава също се навъртаха около нея), особено Claudio, който е ДЗВЕР във всеки смисъл на думата. Изобщо не бих отказал един негов run с нея.

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И аз си мислех да го спомена в предния си пост, но не ми се пишеше. Забелязвам тенденция в последните месеци (защото чета само резултатите) Kings of Wrestling да имат интригуващи (да не използвам "dream") мачове срещу отбори като LAX тук, The World's Greatest Tag Team преди това, мисля, че и с още един силен отбор имаха мач, но не мога да се сетя кой. В репортите пише, че мачовете са страхотни, но май повечето от тях не са за златото. А и да са шансът Клаудио и Хиро да загубят титлите срещу един непостоянен отбор ми се струва много малък. Но от друга страна кой отбор в ROH в момента може да вземе титлите? The All Night Express? Briscoes (OТНОВО)? Струва ми се добър вариант да прехвърлят титлите на някой по-нов отбор (дори да са Кинг и Тайтъс) с надеждата, че подобна победа над шампионите ще ги издигне. Няма отбор на нивото на KOW в момента, който да има смисъл да вземе титлите (изключвам Бриско Брос поради очевидни причини).

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Защо съм останал с впечатлението, че WGTT бяха подписали с ROH? Те не са ли вече редовни? Както и да е, ако не са – абсолютно си прав. Без да им гледам ростера се сещам за All Night Express, Briscoes, Bravado Brothers, Cole & O'Reilly и House of Truth. ANE са добър избор, да, въпреки че според мен силно куцат откакто Austin Aries се махна, с него вече щяха да са доста по-далеч. От Briscoes ми е писнало, а получиха 1,005 шанса да вземат тия титли, вече става смешно. Bravado Brothers не знам дали някой ги взима насериозно изобщо. Cole и O'Reilly са на път да станат стабилен отбор, но засега са само на степен 'впечатляваме ги' и ще мине доста време, докато гледат на тях като на нещо голямо. HoT пък просто страдат от присъствието на Strong, защото всичкият акцент пада върху него, а те са просто 'наоколо'. Сега, когато не е шампион може и да стане нещо, но те не са се явявали от толкова време, че едва ли. Помня, че и Embassy все още бяха в компанията, но те са по-голяма шега и от Briscoe. Миналата година прекараха почти цялата в градене на два отбора – Cabana & Generico и Steen & Corino, и двата щяха да са на нивото на KOW в този момент, но уви.

Единственият начин, за който се сещам в този момент е чрез upset, както направиха със световната титла, но дори и да се спрат на това, ще е след 2-3 месеца, иначе се събират много изненади накуп.


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ROH “Honor Takes Center Stage” April 1st

Atlanta, GA

ROH World Title Match

Eddie Edwards © vs. Christopher Daniels

ROH World Tag Team Title Match

The Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli) © vs. Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team (Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas)

“Final Battle 2010″ Rematch

Roderick Strong w/ Truth Martini vs. Davey Richards

Tag Team Challenge Match

Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly

Grudge Match

El Generico vs. Michael Elgin

*The House of Truth Is Banned From Ringside

Women of Honor

Sara Del Rey & Serena Deeb vs. Hiroyo Matsumoto & Ayumi Kurihara

Four Corner Survival

Homicide vs. Tommaso Ciampa vs. Colt Cabana vs. Caleb Konley

ROH “Honor Takes Center Stage” April 2nd

Atlanta, GA

Dream Tag Team Match

The American Wolves (Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards) vs. Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team (Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas)

Tag Team Challenge Match

The Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli) vs. Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly

“SoCal Showdown II” Rematch

Roderick Strong w/ Truth Martini vs. El Generico

Grudge Tag Team Match

Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. The All Night Express

Special Attraction

Colt Cabana vs. Dave Taylor

Shimmer Tag Team Title Match

Daizee Haze & Tomoka Nakagawa defend vs. Hiroyo Matsumoto & Ayumi Kurihara

Non Title Match

Christopher Daniels vs. Michael Elgin w/ Truth Martini

Singles Action

Homicide vs. Tommaso Ciampa w/ The Embassy

~ Много забавен кард. В кой смисъл на думата вие си решете сами. Явно на Strong му е време да му върнат за всяка една победа, докато е бил шампион – първо Richards, после и Generico ще го клати из ринга.

~ Имам чувството, че KOW всъщност са застрашени да загубят титлите си срещу WGTT – както вече казах, това са единствения отбор, който е квалифициран да ги бие (поради това, че са го правили и предния път и резултатът им е 1-1). Това чувство... хм, май е вълнение. Интересно. Лично мнение – нека ги бият, после KOW да се разпадат и Claudio да започва main event killing sphree. Този човек просто трябва да преуспее самостоятелно.

~ Colt Cabana vs. Dave Taylor = comedy gold, усещам го.

~ Харесва ми как вкарват joshi звезди в шоуто, но едва ли ще е нещо трайно – най-много да ги видим още веднъж-два пъти, докато се сетят, че в ROH ако няма Lacey, значи няма и женска дивизия.

~ На Cole и O'Reilly явно им се дава шанс да блеснат този уикенд. Предполагам ще загубят и двата мача, но нека видим представянето първо.

~ Eddie Edwards vs. Chris Daniels е много добра идея за първа защита на ROH титлата. Daniels беше този, който детронира Edwards като TV шампион и сега заплашва да направи същото. Вече сме виждали, че може, така че има известна тръпка в мача, въпреки че едва ли ще загуби на първа защита и то от човек, който също може да стане Triple Crown winner. Двама TCW не се правят за един месец.

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ROH – April 1st Results

1. Michael Elgin beat El Generico with the 360 Powerbomb.

2. Four Corner Survival Match: Homicide beat Tommaso Ciampa, Caleb Konley & Colt Cabana with the Cop Killa on Ciampa.

- Post-match, Truth Martini comes out to invite Konley to join the House of Truth, but. then reveals it’s April Fool’s Day and Michael Elgin lays Konley out with the 360 Powerbomb.

3. Women of Honor Match: Hiroyo Matsumoto & Ayumi Kurihara beat Sara Del Rey & Serena Deeb when Matsumoto used a backdrop driver on Deeb.

4. Jay & Mark Briscoe beat Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly when Jay pinned Cole after the Doomsday Device.

- Post-match, the All-Night Express brawl with the Briscoes and stand tall, evoking a “Fuck the Briscoes!” chant.

5. Davey Richards beat Roderick Strong with an ankle hold.

6. ROH World Tag Team Title Match: Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin beat Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli © when Haas used the Haas of Pain on Castagnoli to become the new champions.

7. ROH World Title Match: Eddie Edwards © beat Christopher Daniels with the 2K1 Bomb to retain.

ROH – April 2nd Results

1. Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli beat Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly when Castagnoli used a bicycle kick on O’Reilly.

2. Colt Cabana beat Dave Taylor with a roll up.

3. Tommaso Ciampa beat Homicide with a nortern lights suplex hold.

4. Christopher Daniels beat Michael Elgin with the B.M.E.

5. SHIMMER Tag Team Title Match: Daizee Haze & Tomoka Nakagawa © beat Hiroyo Matsumoto & Ayumi Kurihara when Haze used a tiger suplex hold on Matsumoto.

6. Jay & Mark Briscoe beat Kenny King & Rhett Titus when Jay used the J-Driller on King.

- Post-match, Briscoes did a verbal heel turn, stating that they care no more what anyone thinks.

7. El Generico beat Roderick Strong with a brainbuster.

8. Non Title Match: Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin beat Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards when Benjamin used the Paydirt on Richards.

Или вече предвиждам бъдещето, или резултатите от тези мачове стават все по-очевадни. Единствените по-приятни изненади като гледам са SHIMMER мачовете и победата на Elgin над Generico. Strong явно ще го ритат обратно към мидкарда, сега предполагам е ред на Homicide, a после и на Jay Briscoe. Говорейки за Briscoe, „heel turn”-ът е с около година закъснял, но дори и с него отбора не става по-интересен. Вече гледах развоя на Young Bucks в PWG и Tyler Black в ROH – когато публиката започне да те мрази достатъчно и в един момент просто кажеш “FU”, това не е точно heel turn, а просто леко пренастройване към настроението на публиката. Но за разлика от гореспоменатите, аз мразя Briscoes просто защото са навсякъде, така че и това няма да ги спаси. Отделно, Truth Martini е най-безполезния мениджър на света, а Embassy – най-безполезния стейбъл. Поне има раздвижване при отборните титли, въпреки че KOW явно все още няма да се разделят.

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Една от по-коментираните кеч теми през последната седмица... Нови собственици на ROH, нова тв сделка и нови & стари хора на нови позиции в компанията.

Официално медийно изявление:

Sinclair Acquires “Ring of Honor” Wrestling Franchise

Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: SBGI), the “Company” or “Sinclair,” announced today that it has acquired the “Ring of Honor” wrestling (ROH) franchise. Ring of Honor is the third largest wrestling promotion in the country.

“We are very excited about this acquisition,” commented Steve Marks, COO of Sinclair’s Television Group. “Television and professional wrestling have a long history of successful partnerships and driving viewership. Unfortunately, the broadcast networks have not protected that relationship, allowing professional wrestling to migrate to cable network distribution. We believe that the powerful promotional platform that our TV stations provide, coupled with our 22% coverage of the U.S. TV households, will allow ROH to achieve name brand recognition and grow its share of the wrestling market. When you consider the make-up of our station mix and the number of CW, MYTV and FOX affiliates we operate, this is a perfect fit for our viewer demographics.”

Mr. Marks continued, “We believe that ROH will provide us with multiple revenue opportunities. In addition to the advertising component, there are product sponsorships, Internet pay-per-view, live wrestling tour events, and sales of DVDs and other merchandise. Longer-term, we can envision syndicating ROH wrestling to broadcasters in markets where Sinclair does not have a presence and even internationally. We believe there are opportunities to broadcast ROH wrestling on our secondary tier channels or in a mobile environment. The acquisition also means less syndicated product that we will be required to purchase, and since we own the franchise, we control how many times, which dayparts and on which affiliates we want to air the matches without having the limitation on the number of runs or license fee costs.”

“We have been waiting and working for this opportunity for quite some time,” commented Cary Silkin, owner of ROH. “Of our 9 years in business, there has been no better roster of wrestlers than this one to expose the ROH product to the masses. With Sinclair’s resources and many avenues of distribution, we believe many new fans will be as captivated as those who have followed Ring of Honor over the years.”

This September, Ring of Honor will debut on Sinclair’s network of broadcast television stations, and with it, will become the only wrestling promotion in the United States with a major, multi-market presence on broadcast TV. “But if you don’t live in a market with a Sinclair station, fear not,” says Mr. Silkin. “Through our website, we will be able to make the TV show available to anyone in the world with internet access.”

ROH will be headed by Joe Koff, Chief Operating Officer of Ring of Honor. Mr. Koff, who has been with Sinclair since 2003 and most recently served as Director of Sales, has a long established career in television broadcasting sales and management, as well as managing wrestling content. Mr. Koff was responsible for personally creating, producing, marketing, syndicating, and selling barter inventory in what was to become “The Battle of the Belts I, II, III.” “Battle of the Belts,” which ran three consecutive seasons from 1985-1987, was considered breakthrough programming in its time. Mr. Koff syndicated the first ever, live, prime-time wrestling event and negotiated the international rights for the initial programming.

While the Ring of Honor acquisition includes primarily intellectual property and equipment, several existing ROH employees will be hired including longtime pro wrestling personality and matchmaker, Jim Cornette, who will serve as VP of Creative. Veteran promoter, Gary Juster, will join as VP of Operations, and Cary Silkin will remain in an advisory role. Ring of Honor features such stars as ROH World Champion, Eddie Edwards; World Tag Team Champions, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin; and top contenders Davey Richards and the Kings of Wrestling. In addition, to Ring of Honor’s “best-in-ring” wrestling talent, ROH fans can expect to see other familiar faces such as longtime wrestling broadcaster Kevin Kelly, already the voice of ROH internet pay-per-views, who will assume the TV play-by-play chair this fall, ring announcer Bobby Cruise and senior referee Todd Sinclair.

A major press conference, open to the wrestling press and mainstream media alike, is being planned for in Baltimore, Maryland on Friday, June 24th. This event will feature a number of the ROH staff and wrestlers. The press event will kick off a weekend which includes ROH’s next internet pay-per-view event, “Best in the World 2011,” live from the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City on Sunday, June 26th at 4PM EDT. In addition to all the top stars on the ROH roster, this event will feature the return of some favorite stars from Ring of Honor’s past, and can be ordered through Gofightlive.tv.

About Ring of Honor:

Ring of Honor wrestling, synonymous with best-in-ring action in the sport, organized in 2001 and was most recently syndicated on the cable network, HDNET. ROH is known for its athleticism and professional wrestling style while providing fans an entertaining, hard hitting performance.

Ring of Honor produces weekly, original 1-hour television wrestling match programs and stages more than two dozen live events in various cities per year. The major live events are also broadcast worldwide via internet pay-per-views. DVDs, T-Shirts and other ROH merchandise are available for sale at each tour venue and through their Internet site, www.rohwrestling.com. Ring of Honor also has a wrestling school to teach existing and new wrestlers of any level.

About Sinclair:

Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc., one of the largest and most diversified television broadcasting companies, owns and operates, programs or provides sales services to 58 television stations in 35 markets. Sinclair’s television group reaches approximately 22% of U.S. television households and is affiliated with all major networks. Sinclair owns equity interests in various non-broadcast related companies. The Company regularly uses its website as a key source of Company information and can be accessed at www.sbgi.net.

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ROH Best in the World iPPV

June 26th, 2011

New York City, NY

The Manhattan Center

ROH World Title Match

Eddie Edwards © vs. Davey Richards

World Tag Team Title Four Way Elimination Match

Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team (Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin) © vs. The Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli) vs. The All Night Express (Rhett Titus & Kenny King) vs. Jay & Mark Briscoe

World TV Title Match

Christopher Daniels (w/ Truth Martini) © vs. El Generico

Special Challenge Match #1

Steve Corino (w/ Jimmy Jacobs) vs. Michael Elgin (w/ Truth Martini)

Special Challenge Match #2

“The Prodigy” Mike Bennett vs. Jay Lethal

No Holds Barred Street Fight

Homicide vs. Rhino (w/ The Embassy)

Dream Tag Team Match - Dark Match/DVD Exclusive

Generation Me vs. Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly

Also scheduled to appear:

Colt Cabana

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Ето че днес седнах да гледам за първи път ROH и определено не сбърках! Изключително качество наистина! Карда беше интересен включващ познати за мен имена, което ме привлече и към шоуто. Като цяло от мача на Хомисайд и Райно очаквах една идея повече(а ако ТНА успеят да ме обяснят зaщо Anarquia а не Homicide е партньора на Ернандез - ще съм им много благодарен!). Мачът на Даниелс и Дженерико също беше доста приличен. От отборния четворен мач останах изключително очарован, но мачът който определено ми спряха дъха беше Едуардс с/у Ричърдс! За мен този мач беше по-добър от Тейкър-Трипъл Н, а той ми хареса доста! Ако някой може да постне оценката му от Мелтцер ще съм благодарен, но според мен не може да е под **** 1/2 поне!!!

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[center][color=#ff0000][b]4x WWE PC [/b][/color][b][color=#0000ff]2x TNA PC [/color][color=#800080]The first ever MITB winner [/color][color=#00ffff]5x Tag team PC[/color][/b][/center]
[center][b][color=#4b0082]Euro 2012 H2H Fantasy League winner[/color][/b][/center]

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ROH Best in the World iPPV

June 26th, 2011

New York City, NY

The Manhattan Center

Супер як кард, ама качеството в xwt е пълна скръб. Няма даже 640:480 :( . Ще го чакам в по-добро, че така не ми се мъчи.

Даниелс и Хомисайд в РОХ дават ли си зор да правят добри мачове вече или вече го раздвата звезди и излизат само за шоуто?

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Резултати от записите на първите 4 епизода на новото тв шоу на ROH:

Pre-Show Notes:

The promotion is debuting its new ring and ring barriers tonight. The promotion had a new 20x20 ring built specifically for the company going forward....There will be a five or six camera shoot for the TV show....The Chicago Tribune is in the house covering the event....Working backstage as agents are Delirious, Jim Cornette and Jerry Lynn...Daizee Haze is also working backstage...The promotion brought in a lighting truss for the taping and designed a number of new graphics for the series....There is scheduled to be at least one surprise tonight....Former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis is visiting at the show....Jackie Gayda-Haas is also in attendance.


The taping began with Jim Cornette coming to the ring and thanking everyone for reminding him of something that he had forgotten - that Chicago kicks some ass. Cornette said that he wanted to tell them why he picked Chicago for their first TV Taping. He said that Chicago has been a Ring of Honor town for years and has supported the company through thick and thin. He said that he wanted to show everyone what Chicago has known all along - that ROH is the best live wrestling experience in the world.

Cornette said that he wanted to clarify something he said the last time he was here. He said that everyone will be able to watch the TV show online for free on the revamped ROH Wrestling website. The place popped huge for that. That was the first planned surprise.

Cornette asked everyone not to become a mob. He said that they have to help him out - he wanted the entire world to see that not only ROH is about the wrestlers and the matches, but it's about the people. He said that they've mic'd the entire building and cameras will be shooting them and interviewing fans. He said that they love the signs and cheers and boos and asked them to do it like they always did it for ROH. He then pointed out that they are going to be on broadcast TV and asked the fans to keep the chants TV friendly. He got booed for that. He thanked everyone and wished them a good time. Everyone chanted for Cornette.

Kevin Kelly was introduced.

Tony Kozina vs. Grizzy Redwood

This is a dark match so the production crew has test everything. They locked up and Kozina forced Redwood into the corner. He worked over Redwood who leapfrogged him and nailed an enziguiri. Redwood unloaded with chops in the corner. Kozina cut him off and draped Redwood over the ropes, nailing him across the back with a running dropkick.

Kozina continued the beating until being caught with a bulldog for a two count. Redwood nailed him with a clothesline for another two count. Kozina cut him off and worked Redwood over in the ropes until missing a charge, sailing through the ropes to the floor.

Redwood unloaded with punches and backdrops before raining down with punches in the corner. Kozina avoided a charge in the corner but was caught with a rana into the buckles. Redwood nailed a dropkick in the corner for a two count.

Redwood pulled down his straps and went to the top but was caught with a slap to the face as he played to the audience. Kozina nailed a top rope rana but Redwood rolled through and scored the pin.

Your winner, Grizzly Redwood!


Kevin Kelly entered the ring and they counted down for the first TV opening.

Kelly welcomed everyone to the first episode and announced the ROH Tag Team titles would be on the line in the main event, but before that, he wanted to introduce everyone to his broadcast partner. Kelly's mic died, so the crowd began chanting, "This is awkward." That's pretty funny. There was a chant for CM Punk and then a much louder chant for Colt Cabana. They resolved the house mic issues. Kelly said that he hoped everyone enjoyed that as much as he did, because they are going to do it again. So, they shot it again and the crowd was even louder this time.

Kelly welcomed everyone to the first episode and announced the ROH Tag Team titles would be on the line in the main event, but before that, he wanted to introduce everyone to his broadcast partner. Out came former ROH champion Nigel McGuinness. The place went ballistic for Nigel's return. When he hit the ring, a ton of streamers were tossed. The crowd chanted, "Welcome back." Kelly said it was great to see Nigel back in ROH. McGuinness said that being back was "bloody awesome." He said there would be no Nigel without Ring of Honor and when he heard ROH was going on broadcast TV, he knew he had to be a part of it. He said he's not here to be the focus of the show because that should be the wrestlers who kill themselves for the fans every night in Ring of Honor.

Adam Cole & Kyle O'Reilly vs. The Bravado Brothers

Cole and O'Reilly opened up hot with some nice double team action. The Bravados tried to work them over but was tricked into tying each other up into moves. O'Reilly drilled one of the Bravados with forearms in the corner, then Cole lit him up with hard chops. The Bravado cut him off and ran Cole into the Bravados' corner.

The Bravados worked him over. The fans began chanting "Justin Bieber." Cole fired out of a cravate but was nailed and covered for a two count. The Bravados cut off the ring and went back and forth with tags, working over Cole and gaining several near falls. Cole mounted a comeback but O'Reilly was knocked off the apron.

Cole was nearly pinned with a back suplex but O'Reilly broke up the pinfall. Cole finally fired back with forearms and punches, breaking free and dove to make the hot tag. O'Reilly drilled them with kicks and legsweeps. He nailed an enziguiri, then drilled both with a double Dragon Screw Legwhip. He nailed one of the Bravados with a kick for a two count. Cole tagged back in. One of the Bravados kicked off his charge. They nailed a double back suplex on O'Reilly. Cole came back with several superplexes.

O'Reilly nailed several butterfly suplexes and Cole hit a wheelbarrow suplex. The Bravados went to the floor. Cole nailed a great suicide dive on them. O'Reilly followed up with a diving knee off the apron to the floor. The crowd chanted "ROH."

Back in the ring, the teams traded near falls. Cole and O'Reilly finally scored the win.

Your winners, Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly!

Cole and O'Reilly are now being billed under the team name "Futureshock." Lots of hot action here.

They are having some technical issues. Nigel McGuinness interviewed a fan asking who would win the main event tonight. They said World's Greatest Tag Team, so they re-shot the interview again using the "Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team" name.

I was just told the following flyers are on all the cars in the parking lot:

ROH Tag Team champions Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin vs. The Kings of Wrestling

Haas and Benjamin have new music. Haas and Claudio started and there was some jockeying for position. They went back and forth. Claudio shoulderblocked him down. He went for a hiptoss but Haas reversed it, nailed a hiptoss and locked in an armbar.

Claudio worked over Haas, who made the tag to Benjamin. Benjamin hit a flying clothesline from the top and worked over Claudio on the mat. He was muscled backwards into the KOW corner. Hero tagged in but was caught with a hiptoss and cinched in an armbar. Hero used a leg trip to escape and scored a near fall. Hero and Benjamin faced off. Benjamin popped him and Hero backed off.

Hero chopped away at Benjamin. Benjamin fired back with chops of his own. He locked in a cravate but Hero broke free and drilled him with several big shots. Hero tossed Benjamin to the floor. Hero nailed a dropkick through the ropes to the floor. Hero went to grab Benjamin but was pulled to the floor. Hero battled him on the floor and sent Shelton into the barricade.

Hero tossed Benjamin into the ring and covered him for a two count. Benjamin fired back and nearly made the tag to Haas but Claudio drilled him with an European uppercut. Claudio cinched in a side chinlock. Claudio caught him with a powerslam for a two count. Claudio whipped him into the buckles but was kicked off as he charged. The crowd rallied for a hot tag. Hero tried to cut Benjamin off but he ducked down and Hero went sailing over the top. Claudio grabbed Benjamin but was kicked off.

Benjamin mad the tag but the referee was distracted by Hero. As Haas protested, The Kings worked over Benjamin, scoring several two count. The Kings tagged in and out, beating down Benjamin and scoring several two counts. Benjamin nailed an uppercut but Hero nailed him with a forearm. The Kings went for a double suplex but Benjamin nailed a double DDT. He made the hot tag to Haas. Haas cleaned house with clotheslines and a flying headscissors on Claudio.

Haas nailed several German suplexes on Hero for a two count. Haas came off the top with a rana on Claudio. Claudio nailed a flapjack on him and battled with Benjamin. Hero drilled Haas a with a roaring elbow for a near fall. Claudio nailed the big swing on Haas, setting up a Hero dropkick into Haas. Benjamin broke up the near fall at two. There was a small "Haas" chant.

The Kings went for their finisher but Benjamin tackled Claudio to prevent it. Hero drilled Benjamin with a superkick. Haas nailed Claudio with the Stun Gun to set up a double team on the ropes. Haas held up Benjamin for a leaping clothesline on Hero for the win.

Your winners and still ROH Tag Team champions, Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin!

Solid match but It couldn't touch their Atlanta iPPV match for atmosphere or drama.

There have been some delays with the taping, partially because they are editing and doing everything live to tape, including commentary. There seems to have been some sounds issues as well.


The second episode opened with Jim Cornette in the ring, bringing out ROH Tag Team champions Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin. Cornette said that they have proved their excellence with their win last week over the Kings of Wrestling but one team that wants to face them are the Briscoes. The crowd popped for the Briscoes. Shelton Benjamin said that they beat all the top teams in ROH in NYC, including the Briscoes but those mad dogs attacked them and laid them out in NYC. Benjamin said that it makes him mad that they haven't been given a chance to get to the Briscoes. Cornette said they were fined $5,000. Benjamin said, "So what?" Haas said that his own father had never beaten him as bad as the Briscoes did in NYC. Cornette said they won't wrestle the champs unless the titles are on the line. The champs said that they would put them on the line. Cornette said he and ROH aren't going to reward the Briscoes for what they did. The champs said they are going to get their hands on the Briscoes, or else.

Jimmy Jacobs (with Steve Corino) vs. Mike Bennett (with Bob Evans)

Fans threw toilet paper in the ring at Evans. They were all over Bennett with a "You can't wrestle" chant. He controlled Jacobs early but Jacobs cut him off and stomped the hell out of him in the corner. Bennett came back to drill him with a big forearm and smashed Jacobs into the buckles.

Jacobs came back with a spinning head scissors, sending Bennett to the floor. Jacobs went for a pescado but Bennett got out of the way. He went for a dive of his own but stopped and stepped out of the ring, then went to the floor. He worked over Jacobs and tossed him back into the ring. Bennett nailed an over the knee backbreaker for a two count. Bennett beat Jacobs down with a series of rights. Jacobs began psyching himself up.

Bennett caught Jacobs with a knee but Jacobs came back with a flurry of offense, including a hangman's neckbreaker for a two count. Jacobs nailed a tornado DDT for a two count. Bennett cut off Jacobs, who quickly came back with a bodypress off the ropes for another near fall. Jacobs went to the top rope and went for a flying elbow but Bennett pulled his knees up. Bennett nailed a leaping sideslam for the pin.

Your winner, Mike Bennett!

Decent back and forth match.

Bennett shook Jacobs' hand after, mocking Steve Corino in the process. Corino wanted to fight but Bob Evans backed Bennett off and pulled him out of the ring.

Nigel McGuiness interviewed a ringside fan for his prediction on the winner of El Generico vs. Jay Lethal for the ROH TV championship. Nigel then introduced a video package.

ROH TV champion El Generico vs. Jay Lethal

Lots of streamers for both men. They shook hands before the bell. They locked up and did some nice back and forth wrestling to open up. Lethal went for a hiptopss but Generico leapt up and nailed a rana into the corner. Lethal shook his head in surprise. They locked up again and this time Lethal used the ropes and drilll Generico with headscissors. There was a "Let's go Lethal" chant.

They circled each other. Lethal grabbed a waistlock, took down Generico and drilled him with a leaping dropkick. He drilled Generico with a big uppercut in the corner. Generico was whipped into the ropes and nailed with the Lethal Combination. Fans began singing to rally Generico. Lethal covered him for a two count.

Lethal worked over Generico on the mat, then drilled him with a forearm. Lethal locked on a front facelock. Generico fought his way back to his feet. Generico and Lethal went back and forth with shots. Lethal nailed a nice standing dropkick for a two count. Generico and Lethal went back and forth. Generico leapfrogged Lethal. They exchanged hiptosses. Lethal ended up on the outside, where Generico nailed a big dive over the ropes to the floor. They battled on the floor. There was a spot but I couldn't see it due to fans standing. It must have been cool since the chanted, "This is wrestling."

Back in the ring, Lethal evaded Generico several times and nailed several big punches. Lethal went to come off the ropes and began selling his knee. While Lethal was dealing with the knee issue, Generico nailed a kick to the head for a two count. Lethal went to the apron. where he nailed Generico with a shoulderblock and a sunset flip into the ring for a two count.

Generico went to grab Lethal, who fired back with a series of shots to the mid-section. Lethal nailed a springboard elbow for a two count. They fired back and forth. Generico backdropped Lethal onto the apron but was punched. Lethal came off the top with a missile dropkick for a two count. They continued to go back and forth. The ring announcer called that there were two minutes left in the time limit.

Generico caught Lethal with a springboard tornado DDT for a two count. They continued to go back and forth with near falls. The bell rang and the time limit expired as Generico went for a suplex.

Time limit draw.

The fans booed and chanted for five more minutes. Jim Cornette came rushing out and told everyone that they had three minutes left in the show and if they want it, they got it. They agreed and began throwing punches back and forth as the crowd went nuts.

Generico caught Lethal in the corner with a big boot for a two count. The crowd chanted "ROH." Generico tried to set up for a superplex but Lethal escaped and reversed it. Lethal came off the top but was nailed by Generico. Lethal avoided the superplex and nailed the flying elbow for a two count.

Lethal charged Generico but was caught with a suplex into the corner. Generico set up for the Coast to Coast but Lethal caught him. Lethal nailed the Lethal Combination and scored the pin.

Your winner and new ROH TV champion. Jay Lethal!

Good match. This was by far the best thing on the show in terms of action and crowd response, particularly the re-start.


Ernie Osyris (with Prince Nana & RA Bannister) vs. Mike Sydal

Osyris nailed Sydal at the bell and worked him over with punches and forearms in the corner. Sydal tossed him into the corner and worked him over with a series of chops. He leapt up and over Osyris when he was whipped into the buckles and nailed several hiptpsses. Osyris pulled Sydal back to the corner by his hair.

Sydal reversed a whip and nailed a clothesline in the corner. He worked over Osyris in the corner with punches but was rammed into the buckles for a near fall. Osyris choked Sydal with his foot for a two count. Osyris nailed a springboard moonsault but Sydal moved. He nailed several dropkicks and kicks to the head but Osyris kicked out at two.

Osyris came back with a leaping knee across the back of Sydal's neck. Nana began arguing with the referee. Barrister went to nail Sydal with a boot but instead nailed Osyris. Sydal dropkicked Barrister and then hit a splash for the pin.

Your winner, Mike Sydal!


Jim Cornette introduced The Briscoes. Cornette said this was the first time they've seen each other since the State Athletic Commission in New York City fined them $5000. The Briscoes said that money could have bought a lot of beer and bullets, but money is money and you can't take it with you. They said the important thing is that they want the belts that they made famous back and they want to know when Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin would stop being cowards. Cornette said that they will not get the title shot because you can't reward what they did last time. So, Cornette will compromise. The Briscoes will fight the All Night Express and the winners will become the top contenders. Jay Briscoe cut an awesome promo on how they beat the Express in different matches and said they are the Briscoes' bitch. Cornette told them to watch their language because they are on broadcast TV. The Briscoes warned everyone to man up because they are coming for their belts.

Andy Ridge vs. Tomasso Ciampa (with Prince Nana)

Ciampa controlled Ridge early with a lot of suplexes. Ridge refused to cowtow to him and they battled outside on the apron, exchanging stiff kicks and chops. Ciampa sent Ridge down hard to the floor. Back in the ring, Ciampa worked over Ridge. Ridge came back with a cutter, leaping over the ropes to nail it.

Ciampa came back with a series of stomps and a running boot to the face. Ciampa set up Ridge and nailed the running powerbomb over his knees. The crowd popped for that.

Your winner, Tomasso Ciampa Ciampa!

Good back and forth match. They let Ridge show some fire but still showcased Ciampa!

Nigel McGuinness tried to get a fan prediction on the next match but instead the fan demanded ROH bring back Kevin Steen. Nigel called him a "Helen Hunt." I don't know why but that cracked me up.

ROH champion Davey Richards vs. Roderick Strong

They faced off nose to nose before the bell. Big reaction to Richards from the fans. They locked up and ended up in the ropes. Richards broke clean. They locked up again. Strong began working over Richards' arm. They ended up in the ropes and Strong slapped Richards when they broke. They went back and forth. Strong ducked a kick.

Richards and Strong went back and forth on the mat with some good wrestling early. Richards caught Strong hard with a dropkick and went for an anklelock but was kicked out of the ring. They had a strong back and forth sequence. Richards went for a dive but Strong cut him off. They brawed on the outside.

Strong was whipped into the railing. Richards stalked him on the outside before they returned to the ring. Strong snapped Richards over the ropes and stomped him hard in the corner. Richards fought Strong off and went to the top but Strong leapt up and kneed him oin the face. Richards fell backwards into the ring, where he was covered for a two count.

Strong began nailing Richards with chops and forearms. They ended up slugging it out with forearms and chops. Strong nailed a dropkick to the face. Strong peppered Richards with a number of strikes but it only pissed off Richards, who nailed a nasty German suplex on Strong.

Richards worked over Strong, including a running boot to the face while on the apron. Richards drilled Strong with an insane dive to the floor. I thought he was going to sail into the crowd. Richards nailed a beautiful missile dropkick for a two count.

Richards continued to pummel Strong with some awesome striking and wrestling. Strong came back with a running clothesline. Richards caught him with a rolling back pinfall attempt and then a leaping kick. They battled back and forth with sick offense on the apron. Strong nailed a back suplex on the apron. The crowd is loving this one.

They battled back and forth with strikes until Richards clobbered Strong with a clothesline. They went back and forth with disgustingly brutal strikes and kicks. Richards and Strong exchanged kicks and chops in the corner. The crowd was totally in love with it. Strong came back with a gut buster for two count. The crowd chanted, "This is awesome."

Strong went for a suplex but Richards kneed him in the air. Richards hit a charging knee in the corner. He pulled up Strong for a superplex and nailed it, then rolled through for a suplex. Strong kicked up. Richards locked on the anklelock. Strong fought to escape. Truth Martini distracted the referee. Richards drilled him with a stiff kick and whipped him hard into the buckle. Martini took the Flair flop.

They went back and forth with lots of awesome wrestling until finally Strong was forced to tap with the ankle lock.

Your winner and still ROH champion, Davey Richards!

AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME. Easily the best thing on the show. Just incredible athleticism and work from both men,

Bobby Cruise introduced COO Joe Koff. Koff said that he knew he made a good first decision to have the first TV Taping here and he thanked the fans for their energy and patience tonight. He said the fans were part of ROH's history and was thankful for their help tonight.


Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness opened the show, previewing the matches on this show before sending it to a video feature on The Briscoes.

The Briscoes vs. The All Night Express

Jay Briscoe and Kenny King opened the bout. Mark quickly tagged in and they worked over King. Titus tried to get involved but was held back by the referee. The Briscoes were soon mauling King on the floor outside. Titus dove over the ropes onto the Briscoes to save his partner.

The Express worked over Mark. Jay kneed Titus in the back as he rebounded off the ropes, setting up several double team maneuvers. They knocked King off the apron and he took a sick sounding bump into the guard rail.

The Briscoes worked over Titus in the corner with shouldblocks and chops. Titus fired back but was nailed. Mark held him for Jay to work over. Mark drilled him with a bulldog. Titus was nailed and placed on the ropes. Briscoe followed to set up a rana but Titus slipped underneath and slammed him facefirst into the buckles.

Kenny King tagged in and cleaned house, including nailing a great suplex on Mark. King backdropped Titus over the ropes atop of the Briscoes on the floor. They went back and forth with some really good athletic spots. Mark hit the sickest frog splash ever.

Titus and Mark battled on the apron as the referee tried to break it up. King and Jay were going back and forth. King did a flip and went to charge Jay when he was kicked low. The referee missed it and Jay used it to package him for the win.

Your winners and top contenders to the ROH Tag Team titles, The Briscoes!

The Express attacked them and all four brawled. The locker room emptied to separate the two.

Jim Cornette cut a promo announcing that while the referee's decision, no matter how bad it is, is final, there are no number one contenders for the ROH Tag Team titles.

Eddie Edwards vs. Michael Elgin

They locked up and when Elgin was forced against the ropes, he shoved Edwards. Edwards shoved back. They went back and forth with slaps and strikes. Edwards drilled Elgin with a kick to the face.

Elgin punched Edwards and beat him down with stomps in the corner. Edwards went for a hiptoss but was caught in mid move and lifted up for a powerslam. Edwards slipped out and landed on his feet, shoving Elgin into the buckles.

Edwards unloaded with chops in the corner. Elgin missed a charge. Elgin caught Edwards coming off the ropes and ran him back-first into the corner. Elgin inched in a rear chinlock. Edwards escaped and went for a kick to the head. The match began to be built around Elgin's power vs. Edwards' speed and finesse.c

Elgin took control and dropped a number of elbows. He locked in a surfboard. Edwards came back with several superkicks and a big suplex. Edwards hit a crazy dive to the floor on Elgin, sending them both into the railing. They are almost counted out.

Edwards comes off the top for a double stomp but Elgin avoids it. Edwards cuts him off and drills him with forearms. Elgin mauls Edwards and pulls him out on the apron. He tries to suplex him onto the ringpost but Edwards slips out, lands on his feet, superkicks him and then nails a double stomp.

Edwards nails a double stomp off the top into the ring for a two count. Elgin goes for a powerslam but Edwards rolls through for a near fall. Edwards finally scores the pin.

Your winner, Eddie Edwards!

Another good match.

The House of Truth attempted to attack Edwards after but Nigel McGuinnness hit the ring to a big pop to hold them off. He offered to throw down with them and support Eddie but nothing physical happened. He raised Edwards' arm to close the show.


ROH sent out a number of stars to sign autographs after the show as a thank you to the fans for their support.

The next TV taping will be 10/1 at the Davis Arena in Louisville, Kentucky. I believe there is a November taping there as well.

ROH will return to Chicago Ridge, IL on 11/19.

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А да попитам самите шоута от кога ще се врътнат по ТВ?

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Тридесетте+ минути изобщо не се усетиха. Страхотен мач между Lethal и Gresham. Отлична техника в началото, в която историята с доминацията на Lethal беше чудесно застъпена, преди Gresham да се прицели върху рамото му. Lethal прекрасно sell-ваше контузията в дългосрочен план, а после демонстрира и уникално желание за победа във втория туш. Единствено очаквах малко повече драма във финалните секунди, но като за TV мач не мога да се оплаквам.


Преди подобни мачове се срещаха на почти всяко шоу на ROH, а днес са си истинско събитие. Може би го има моментът, че в САЩ има друга indy компания, която е много по-пряк път към WWE, но това не трябва да пречи на ROH да търсят по-агресивно таланти, дори и от интернационалната сцена.

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