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ROH House Show Results: Dayton, Ohio – 4.24.09


a. Josh Raymond & Christian Able vs. The Soul Shooters ends in a no contest when The Dark City Fight Club comes in and destroys everyone.

b. JT Vega & Ernie Osiris d. Tim Donst & Andy "Right Leg" Ridge

c. Mikey Nichols d. Sampson in your pre-show main event!


There are extra bleachers to accommodate those still arriving...attendance looks to be at least 600, could be more.

1. Bryan Danielson d. Eddie Edwards

2. Claudio Castagnoli d. Silas Young, Matt Cross, and Rasche Brown in a Four Corner Survival when Claudio pinned Silas Young.

3. Jimmy Rave d. Grizzly Redwood: Rave wins with the Ghana-rhea

4. Austin Aries & Rhett Titus d. The Phoenix Twins: Aries wins with the brainbuster

5. Colt Cabana d. Chris Hero with the Billy Goat's Curse

6. Jimmy Jacobs d. Egotistico Fantastico with the End Time

7. Davey Richards d. Tyler Black with a school boy roll up, sounds like it was a really good match

8. Kevin Steen & Jay Briscoe d. The Dark City Fight Club

9. Jerry Lynn d. Roderick Strong to retain the ROH World Title: Roderick got busted open hardway on the guardrail.

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And we don't give a fuck Whoever you may be
'Cos we are the famous CFC[/color][/size]

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ROH – The Homecoming II – Frontier Fieldhouse - Chicago Ridge, IL

Dark Matches:

(A) Grizzly Redwood def. Andy "Right Leg" Ridge with a double axe-handle.

A "fuck ‘em up Grizzly Redwood" chant. The ghost of gmc announced that ten minutes had elapsed, about two seconds in. The great and mighty beard of the Griz is matched only by his whacky charisma. He also wrestles barefoot, making him that much mightier. The two traded holds, with Andy no-selling the double axe handle. Ridge used a suplex into a double foot stomp for a two count. Match ended when Redwood used a double axe handle off the middle turnbuckle for the three. A nice five-minute opener, that saw the two shake hands afterwards. That's what happens when you are trained WITH HONOR.

(B) Aaron Scott & Brandon Moreno def. Tony Kozina & Ernie Osiris when Kozina was pinned.

The homeless and dirty Osiris came to the ring panhandling with a shoe. He also came to the ring to the sounds of DMX's "(Party) Up In Here," which made Davey Richards quite joivial, as he peeped out from behind the curtain. Other team had matching black tights and I had no clue who was who. Lots of Osiris selling, until he started to make a come back, including hitting an odd backwards Mind Trip that caused his shoe to come off – and yes, change popped out of it – following that up with the PITY CITY. Kozina tagged in, and he's quite the barrel-chested man, and has a good look for a 1950's-era shooter or strongman character. Man, this match is taking a long time. Finish saw Kozina go up to the top rope, but Osiris was celebrating by shaking the ropes, which caused Tony to fall, and get cradled by one of the other two bald men in the match. Ernie was sad, but he somehow had Grizzly's log which made everything alright.

© "Big, Bad" Bobby Dempsey def. Stevo Molinski with a Death Valley Driver

Bobby was way fricking over in Chicago, and – don't panic – but he's looking like he dropped some weight. He told Stevo to "get on your feet" and then hit the Death Valley Driver for the quick victory. A number of referees came out to help him to the back.

Main Show

Dave Prazak opened the show by running down the card on a piece of torn out spiral notebook paper. The paper was stolen from a Trapper Keeper that Dr. Keith had stolen from Alan Counihan while in Ireland.

1. Egotistico Fantastico def. "Skullkrusher" Rasche Brown with a roll-up.

Rasche is still huge, but looks a lot slimmer than he has in the past. He let us know that "I hate everyone," when he made his way to the ring, and he played a crazy jerk very well. Ego had his name chanted, as both wrestlers are known local indy names, with Ego working in CZW, and Skully being one-half of the NWA tag team champions. When he saw Ego's horned mask, he declared that "I like Satan," and actually used a Ric Flair strut, during the match, as well.

Rasche hit a huge lariat a minute in, and worked on his neck for the majority. After a chin lock, Ego broke free – only to be gorilla-pressed, and covered with one leg, as Rasche let everyone know he was number one. The Skullkrusher is quite the entertainer. Ego came back with speed, dropkicks, and a springboard clothesline for two. Oh my god, Rasche hit the torture rack. After Ego started to fight back, Rasche put him up for the spinning powerbomb. Ego was supposed to roll through, but the top of his pants got caught on Rasches' head so it looked botched, but Ego rolled him up for the awkward pin, anyway. Fun opener, but not for the wrestling. Everyone applauded Rasche (star of the match), and he looked touched, only to then say "screw you all" and leave. Tremendous.

2. Austin Aries & Rhett Titus def. Silas Young & "Sugarfoot" Alex Payne when Aries used a brainbuster on Payne, before rolling Titus on top for the pin.

Payne and Young came to the ring with a very lame pop punk entrance song. Austin had the greatest pink furry jacket ever, claiming "that's a rare animal, buddy" while giving it to the cowboy-booted timekeeper, Lorenzo. Sugarfoot was over. Welcome to Chicago. People chanted "You're a virgin," at Rhett, whose angry reactions were outstanding. Silas resembles Jim Duggan, if Duggan was jacked. He furthered this resemblance by calling Aries "Tough guy." Silas then used small packages and backslides for nearfalls to frustrate Aries. People chanted "hepatitis" at Rhett. The woman next to me, and her young kids, enjoyed that line. Rhett said "This one's for you, brother" as he stood above Silas and worked over his forearm like it was a male member. Aries was not pleased. Sugar and Silas tried a double suplex, but Aries raked their backs with his salon perfect nails. Rhett attempted his Sexiest Suplex.

Payne went to the top rope, but Aries attaked his Sugar foot, hitting a powerful punch on the foot. They worked on the foot, until he finally came back for the hot tag to Silas. Aries took a Flair Flop on the outside. Sugar hit a dropkick and a Buff Blockbuster for a near fall on Titus. The foot has been heal-ed. Near falls from both teams. Sugar hit a German on Rhett, and threw Austin out the ring. Austin tried to skin the cat but got caught by a Silas dropkick. Dive on Sugarfoot as Silas tried his Arabian Press with headstand. Aries came out and dropkicked the shit out of him for trying, and hit the brain buster. He put Titus (who had a wedgie) on top of Payne for the win. Very good finish. Afterwards, Rhett put his hands down his pants, and mocked Payne on the ground by shaking his head. Silas helped Payne to his feet, out to clothesline him and leave him laying.

3. Jimmy Jacobs def. Roderick Strong & "The VERY EUROPEAN" Claudio Castagnoli in a three-way match when he forced Strong to submit to The End Time.

The referee was Todd Sinclair, who actually got two streamers and boos. Claudio was actually announced as being Very European. Strong (who looked very fit, despite having a huge bandage on his head) tried to shake both men's hands. The eye-patch wearing Jimmy kicked it, and the crowd kept on saying "Hey" whenever Claudio moved his hand.

Whenever Jacobs hit anything, the crowd would chant "ARRRRR." This was outstanding. Jimmy lost his patch, but backed it up with a bandage over his eye. Backbreaker attempt on Jacobs, but Claudio hit a euro uppercut causing Roddy's bandages to fall off. Claudio submission hold on Strong, Jacobs hit End Time, followed by Strong hitting a Yakuza kick, in an awesome series. Jacobs threw Claudio out, and used the End Time on Strong for the win. Very entertaining match. Jacobs got on the mic, and the crowd chanted "Rufio" which shows ROH is all about the current events. Tyler came out and gave applause for "The Pirate," Jacob. "You are looking at your God, brother." They talked about the Age of the Fall, and helping themselves. Tyler said Jimmy couldn't look at himself in the mirror (does he mean pre-eye patch?) and called him "a façade," and a "scared little boy." He talked about Jacobs crying over Lacey and being Alex Shelley's punching bag. Jimmy took out his spike, and attempted to hit him, but Black stopped him, calling him a disappointment. Jacobs left disheartened.

4. The Dark City Fight Club def. The Phoenix Twins

Very short match. Twins were jumped pre-bell, and they looked small vs. DCFC. Small and pale. One of the DCFC claimed, "Someone's gonna die tonight." The other member was wrestling with a cast on, as DCFC was slow in delivering the pain to the young twins. Twins used speed and quickness to counter the power game, and hit a dive to the outside. Double superkick for two. Then the big member of Dark City (John Davis) used his non-cast hand and pushed Twin one into the guardrail hard. Very hard. They then did the Dark City version of the Total Elimination (but with a lariat elbow smash as opposed to enziguri) for the win.

5. "American Dragon" Bryan Danielson def. Jimmy Rave

Prince Nana wondered where Barak Obama was pre-match. The toilet paper fight was very much missed. Dragon came down and threw a roll at Rave. His aim was awesome, and Rave ended up with some t.p. on his shoe.

Lots of god mat work to start, and Danielson working the left arm. Nana gave him good words of advice like "give him time, Jimmy" and "breathe, Jimmy, breathe." Danielson stayed on the arms with submissions, and kicks to the elbow, as the crowd advised him to "break it." Awesome variety of submissions by Danielson. Rave came back, kicking Danielson's head and worked on the neck. He went for the Cattle Mutilation, but Rave got to the ropes. Nana and Ernie Osiris pulled Rave out. Dragon hit a dropkick, and then looked like he'd attempt a tope on the outsiders. Instead, he stopped and went to the other side and hit Rave with one, instead. Heel hook on Danielson, he rolled it over, and then kicked Danielson in the head while keeping the hold on. Rope break. Rave said he had ‘til five and an angry Danielson jumped up on Rave's back, and hit elbows in a brief exchange. Danielson got the triangle and the submission win in about 16:11. Nana took his headdress off to show Booker T. like dreadlocks, before using some of the toilet paper to pat down Jimmy's head.


6. Tyler Black def. Chris Hero

There was a standoff at first, then really good back and forth, with both guys rolling around, and hitting the occasional move or two. Hero worked on Black's head using elbows, kicks and a sit-down dropkick for two. He than hit some outstanding elbows while yelling "Next world champ." Black rallied, and hit a dropkick – but missed a Lionsault. Hero hit a running senton for two. Hero choked Black with his boot, as well as his hand, as he yelled "stay down boy." Elbow war, with Tyler getting the advantage. He followed with a dropkick, high back body drop, and a springboard clothesline for two. Black then walked into the Yakuza, a young knockout kid elbow, and a running Lyger bomb for two. They went outside the ring, where Hero removed the floor mat, and hit another running senton on the floor. Tyler went on to regain the advantage; hit an elbow and then both men crisscrossed the ropes, where Hero hit an elbow of his own. Tyler hit a huge kick to a downed Hero, but the count was broken up at two by Shane Hagadorn). Tyler went up for the Phoenix but Hero hit a huge elbow, and then hit a power bomb off the top rope for the first big "ROH" chant tonight. As Hagadorn distracted the ref, Hero grabbed his Misawa elbow pad and went for the roaring elbow. Tyler ducked, and hit God's Last Gift for the win at 13:47. It was a very good match (and the best thing on the show so far). As Black was leaving, Jimmy Jacobs attacked him with the spike, bloodying him up.

7. The American Wolves def. Kevin Steen and Jay Briscoe in a two-out-of-three falls match to retain the Ring of Honor tag team titles.

Fall one: Hagadorn came down with both belts which allowed the Wolves to come from behind with their matching tights and leather vests. All four men began by brawling on the outside, but it settled down into a straight tag. Briscoe hit a suplex Michinoku Driver for a near fall. Davey Richards attempted a time-out, but it was not allowed and he was suplexed for a one count. Leg drop by Briscoe and a senton by Steen for a two count. The two double team on Eddie Edwards, cutting the ring in half. Steen was playing Richards for a fool, getting the ref involved, and a little dance by PUTTING UP HIS DUKES. Steen hit a super harsh chop. He attempted this again, only to get eye raked by Edwards. Eye rakes all around. Tag to Richards, who spit at Jay, and asked "Where's your brother at?" Steen and Edwards were back in a short time later, with Steen using the Sharpshooter on Edwards to win the first fall (1-0).

Fall Two: The Wolves tried to leave, with Richards telling Hagadorn to "Get the belts." Steen and Briscoe took chase. Wolves took advantage on a double-team on Steen, and targeted his left knee. Single-leg Boston crab. Then Davey set up for a figure four, but stopped and flicked off the crowd for whooooooing. Richards used Steen as his kicking dummy. Steen caught one, but Richards rolled thru for a leg submission attempt. Jay got the tag after a super kick on Richards. Briscoe spinebuster (grab the guy's neck and throw it down). Edwards hit his Kryptonite Crunch for a great near fall. Then Edwards hit a German on Briscoe who got up for a massive superkick. Tag to Steen, but then the Wolves took over, and Richards used a cloverleaf after a top rope dropkick for the second fall (1-1).

Fall three: Steen tried a package piledriver, but knee was too bad. Richards went back to the cloverleaf. Briscoe stopped it and carried Steen back to the corner. Richards and Briscoe traded moved with alternating "yeas" and "boos." Steen with his bad knee did a dive to the outside on both Wolves. Steen used a frog splash, followed by a move off the top by Briscoe on Richards for a two count. Later, Richards put Briscoe in the cloverleaf, while Steen had a sharpshooter on Edwards. Richards and Steen were facing, and they spit at each other. Steen let go, and hit a package piledriver on Richards for two. Huge "ROH" chant for that. Later, Steen accidentally hit Jay low. Edwards then superkicked Jay into Richard's German suplex with bridge, with two Wolf rollup for a two. Insanely great. Top rope doomsday Ace Crusher on Briscoe by Richards for the pin (2-1). Fantastic last five minutes. Afterwards, Briscoe and Steen fought, thus ending the makeshift team of BRISCOSTEEN.

8. Jerry Lynn def. Colt Cabana to retain the ROH World Title.

Lynn came out first followed by Colt's homecoming, which was quite great. Lots of love, streamers, and "welcome back" chants. Cabana was announced as being from Maxwell Street. Chinlock with bridge by Cabana which Lynn reversed. Cabana and Lynn played around with a head scissors, and some side headlocks. Cabana used speed to break out of a hamerlock and held the ropes open for the champ. "Here you go kid, you'll make it in the business someday," he told Lynn. Lynn must have said something about the ex-Scotty Goldman looked hurt and serious. Another standoff. Cabana ended up outside as Lynn held the rope open now. He was making sweet love to the ringpost while crowd chanted yes and no about him going to the other side. Cabana hit the Flying Asshole, (BUTT-THRUST) and then a submission attempt, followed by hard elbows. Match saw Cabana getting momentum only to have Lynn come back. At one point Lynn did Alex Shelley's face plant. Lynn hit a guillotine leg drop and his metal voice for two.

Punches by Cabana, a flip bodypress for two, and another Flying Asshole. Colt 45 attempt, but Lynn came down for a sunset flip. Cabana hit an Air Raid Crash for two. Cabana got Lynn outside the ring, and and attempted a dive. And he missed. Hard. DDT on the apron by Lynn for two. Package piledriver attempt, but Colt used legs and it was just a regular piledriver for a two count. Cabana used his backwards Boston Crab aka The Billy Goat's Curse (sup Cubs) for a near submission. Colt 45 attempt, Jerry rolled through but Cabana hit a clothesline, and finally a Colt 45 for a near fall. Sadly, a huge lack of what should have been a surprise pop for that. Cabana went up top rope was caught by Lynn, but he used a Pepsi Plunge (top rope pedigree) for a great near fall, and the crowd woke up. Cabana got Lynn in an electric chair, Lynn countered with backwards ‘rana and package piledriver for the win at 17:23. Decent main event.

Both men shook hands. Cabana got on the mic and talked about his dream of coming back tonight and winning the title. He said he had a speech planned, and praised how good the talent has gotten in ROH "In the two years I have been gone in some little promotion." He said the greatest wrestlers are from ROH, and they are led by the greatest pound for pound wrestler in the world today. He put over Lynn, and said he would get him next time. Jerry got on the mic, put over Colt and the Chicago fans, and finished by saying "Thank you, and keep ROH alive."

Ric Flair was also announced to appear in Chicago Ridge on June 27.

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Нови лица в ROH:

Little Guido ще се бие в ROH на 13-ти юни в Hammerstein Ballroom.

Joey Ryan ще направи дебюта си в ROH на 8-ми май като член на The Embassy.

The Young Bucks (Nick and Matt Jackson) => тв записите на 29-ти и 30-ти май във Philly.

The Super Smash Brothers (Player Uno & Player Dos) => 8-ми и 9-ти май.

ROH officials are in negotiations to bring a high profile talent to Toronto when Ring of Honor returns to Canada on July 24th and 25th and the Ted Reeve Arena. As already announced, ROH Ambassador ”Nature Boy” Ric Flair will appear on July 25th. We will keep you posted as information becomes available.

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Bret Hart is scheduled to appear at the July 24 Ring of Honor event in Toronto, Ont. Hart will be taking part in an autograph session before the show and appearing during the actual show later that night.
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A Canadian Legend Makes His Return

It’s been nearly ten months since Lance Storm stood in front of the ROH faithful at “Northern Navigation” on July 25, 2008 where he was disrespected by Sweet & Sour Incorporated, and left Shane Hagadorn laying with a superkick. And it’s been even longer, April 1, 2006 at “Better Than Our Best”, since Storm entered into ROH competition. That night it was an epic, nearly thirty minute classic against Bryan Danielson for the ROH World Title. Storm came up short in his bid to become the champ but without question won over the fans of Ring of Honor

On July 24th and 25th, one year since he last appeared for ROH, Lance Storm will not only come back to ROH, he will return to active competition! At the Ted Reeve Arena in downtown Toronto, Storm will make his ROH in-ring return with matches on both nights! His opponents have yet to be determined but stay tuned to upcoming Newswires for more details on whom Storm will face when he returns to the ring.

When you add Storm’s name to a weekend that already includes appearances by Bret Hart on July 24th and Ric Flair on the 25th, ROH’s return to Canada is shaping up to be an historic one. Tickets are on sale now for both events here at www.rohwrestling.com, and you can save up to 40% off until Tuesday at noon. You don’t want to miss out on this historic weekend! Get your tickets now!

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Започна официалната дискусия за това кой трябва да вземе титлата :)


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Предаванията в Toronto се очертават интересни - доста меко казано. Особено при перспективата за едно "последно" завръщане на Lance Storm, както и заради участието на Bret Hart

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^ Първият опонент на Lance Storm ще бъде Chris Hero.

ROH Video Wire - 27 май 2009

^ Пускам го, защото е на по-добро ниво от обикновено, поне според мен де. Защо? EDDIE KINGSTON PROMO~! Davey Richards също се представи добре. :D

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WWE officials pulled Ric Flair from tonight’s ROH Television taping in Philadelphia. Flair was in attendance and ready to go on air, when he was notified that he was being pulled by WWE officials. The decision to remove him was a last minute decision.

Flair came out while the dark matches were taking place to announce that he was stepping down as the ROH ambassador to return to WWE.

When Flair decided to return to WWE, the general belief within the company was that he would still be able to fulfill his obligations outside the company. This appears to have been changed and he will no longer be participating in ROH’s future programming.


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Complete ROH on HDNet Taping Results: Episodes 16, 17 and 18 (SPOILERS)


- Eddie Kingston defeated Andy "Right Leg" Ridge with a spinning backfist.

- Kyle Durden brings Brent Albright out to inform him that Claudio Castagnoli challenged him to a Flag Match, which Albright accepts. (Note from Stu: this was a repeat of an angle from last night's taping.)

Episode 16

- Brent Albright defeated Claudio Castagnoli in a Flag Match.

- D'Lo Brown squashed Alex Payne and put him away with a foldover powerbomb.

- ROH World Champion Jerry Lynn, Erick Stevens, and Kenny Omega defeated Austin Aries, Kenny King, and Rhett Titus when Stevens pinned Titus after a chokeslam.

- Roderick Strong defeated Jay Briscoe by submission with the Stronghold, then the two men got into a shoving match afterward.

- ROH announced a return date on June 19th and 20th for the next set of tapings.


- Grizzly Redwood and Necro Butcher defeated Ernie Osiris and Jimmy Rave when Grizzly beat Osiris with a tornado DDT.

- SHIMMER Champion MsChif and Sara Del Rey defeated Neveah and Daizee Haze when Del Rey pinned Neveah after the Butterfly Powerslam.

- Chris Hero and Eddie Kingston brawled out of the back and into the ring where they were broken up by a mob of prelim workers. Hero headed for the back while Kingston took out his frustratons by knocking out Sal Rinauro.

- Tyler Black defeated Bryan Danielson with God's Last Gift. The fans were chanting Match Of The Year afterward.


- The Young Bucks defeated Bobby Fish and Silas Young.

- Delirious defeated Brodie Lee with Shadows Over Hell.

- The American Wolves and Chris Hero defeated KENTA, Kevin Steen and El Generico when Richards tapped Generico to the Texas Cloverleaf

[size=3][color=blue]Carefree, wherever we may be
We are the famous CFC
And we don't give a fuck Whoever you may be
'Cos we are the famous CFC[/color][/size]

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Ring of Honor returned to the Hammerstein Ballroom tonight, presenting "Manhattan Mayhem III"

Before the event, the entire ROH locker room assembled around the ring. Ring announcer Bobby Cruise announced that earlier today, Mitusharu Misawa passed away in Japan. He issued ROH's public condolences to Misawa's family and friends as well as their Japanese partners in Pro Wrestling NOAH. The promotion held a 10 bell salute for Misawa, followed by a moment of silence. It was a classy moment.

After everyone departed, ROH commenced with their usual entrance music and pageantry to officially open the show.

Austin Aries made his way to the ring. He cut a promo talking about how tough New York City is supposed to be. He began cutting down NYC and at one point said, "You weren't so tough on a certain day in September a few years ago." Believe it or not, the line didn't get much of a reaction. He then ripped on the crowd noting that at the last show, a fan took a poke at him and got destroyed. THAT the crowd reacted to. He introduced Kenny King and Rhett Titus.

*The Young Bucks defeated Kenny King & Rhett Titus. Really good opener. The crowd was all over the Bucks for being Hardy-looking pretty boys, but by the end, had been completely won over. They started slow but built to a ton of highspots that blew the crowd away.

Necro Butcher pinned Jimmy Rave. Necro pretty much killed Rave early. Rave got the better of Necro by attacking the knee while Necro was being restrained as he tried to get through the ropes into the ring. Butcher caught Rave with a small package out of nowhere. The Embassy began beating Butcher. Colt Cabana finally saved Butcher, coming out after his theme music hit.

Ric Flair cut a promo about the NYC fans and tonight's ROH title bout. Flair then left the venue so he won't be appearing ringside as advertised for the ROH title bout. I have more on this on the main page.

Roderick Strong defeated Sonjay Dutt in a solid match.

Jimmy Jacobs defeated Tyler Black in a short First Blood match after stabbing him in the forehead with a screwdriver. Tyler Black then destroyed Jimmy Jacobs and then announced he was going to use his World title shot tonight, making the main event a three way match. The match was too short to really be anything of note, but given how Black was to work a main event bout, it made sense.

Colt Cabana won a Four way when he made D'Lo Brown submit. Bryan Danielson and Claudio Castagnoli also competed. Lots of cute comedy with Cabana trying to get Danielson to dance early, then rolling him up for a near fall. This was easily the best Brown appearance to date from an in-ring standpoint.

ROH Tag champs American Wolves defeated Steen Generico in a submission match. Really good match with lots of near submissions and cool spots. The Wolves are probably the most underrated team in the business right now. The crowd was really into Steen and Generico's saves and come from behind spots. Davey Richards finally caught Generico's bad knee in a submission and he tapped. Steen cut a good promo after saying they would get the belts.

Jay Briscoe pinned Little Guido with the Jay-Driller in a really good match. Guido got a nice reaction coming out and fans chanted, "Where's my pizza?" Guido worked a serious style. They had an awesome exchange of mat wrestling early. Guido missed a dive out of the ring. They went back and forth until Jay nailed the finisher. If Guido didn't earn a job here, there is no justice in the world. He got a standing ovation and a thank you chant on the way out. Great stuff.

Austin Aries became the first 2 time ROH champion defeating Jerry Lynn and Tyler Black. Nigel McGuinness was the outside enforcer. This was an elimination style bout. Black's ankle was worked on for a long time. Aries locked a figure four outside the ring around the ringpost on Black but Nigel broke it up. Black pinned Lynn to eliminate him and the crowd went nuts, realizing there would be a new champ crowned. Aries and Black went into overdrive with tons of stiff kicks, back and forth exchanges and near falls. The crowd was dying to pop for a Black win but it was not to be as Aries drilled him with the brainbuster and won the belt. Aries was announced as the first two time champion, which has been the direction ROH has been building to with him for several months. He won his first title from Samoa Joe with the same move. The title change left the crowd buzzing on the way out.

Notes: ROH will return to NYC on 9/26 with Bret Hart appearing. The show will be held upstairs in the Manhattan Center's Grand Ballroom. ROH originally had the Hammerstein booked but the venue came back to them and asked them to release the date for a Latin themed event taking place over that weekend....In a departure from previous events, ROH did not bring a lighting truss to the Hammerstein....Former WWE developmental talent Danny "Inferno Kid" Gimondo was visiting at the show...



Ric Flair was originally advertised as the special guest referee for tonight's ROH title bout in New York City. With his return to World Wrestling Entertainment, Flair pulled out of his role as ROH Ambassador and shortly after, ROH announced that Flair would instead be an out of the ring enforcer. That change was made at Flair's request.

Tonight, Ric Flair appeared as scheduled for a pre-show autograph session and cut a promo mid-way through the event at the Hammerstein Ballroom. The promo started with Flair putting over the excitement of the ROH title bout and then turned into his usual spiel, flirting with women at ringside and pulling out his catchphrases.

Immediately after the promo, Flair packed his bag, left the Arena and got into a rental car, leaving the event. The departure caught ROH off guard, since as of this afternoon, Flair had no issue with what was scheduled. Several ROH officials, including Adam Pearce, came to the front of the venue trying to catch Flair, but were too late.

According to several different sources, backstage at the event, when Flair was given several spots to do in the match, he responded that he was only there to do his promo and sign autographs and that's what he would be doing. Flair also turned down doing the scheduled appearance because HDNet had cameras on hand to shoot footage (I'm assuming of the title change, although they were also filming the opening bout) and he didn't want to appear on ROH Television.

During the ROH title bout, Austin Aries came out to Flair's music to get heel heat. He then announced that "due to circumstances beyond ROH's control", Ric Flair wouldn't appear as the enforcer. Aries did so in a way to get heat, which led to Nigel McGuinness coming out as the Enforcer. McGuinness ended up doing several spots with Aries, both of which were built around a figure four, so it was apparent those were the spots Flair declined to do during the bout.

ROH has Flair scheduled for three more appearances in the next month.

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Изключително много се радвам за Aries, защото заслужаваше този рейн, заслужаваше и да е първия човек спечелил титлата втори път. Продължавам да твърдя, че Тайлър е прекалено зелен и че му трябват няколко feud-a без да е замесена титлата, защото от Take No Prisoners насам го бутаха само около Найджъл и винаги губеше шотовете си. Ейриъс пък създаде просто размазващо интересен за гледане образ, който ми е малко трудно да си представя с титла, но както и да е... Добър избор от страна на ROH. Taка също показаха, че вече дори в мачове шампион срещу бивш шампион е възможна смяна на титлата, а не както преди да гледаме тези мачове само за удоволствие. Мисля, че това е разумен ход, ако искат да задържат големите си звезди, които вече са били с титлата, в компанията.

Claudio, Hero, Black, Albright... време е да почнат с издигането на всички, за да ги видим с титлата (най-вече Клаудио, хъхъ).

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От 17-ти август тв шоуто на ROH ще се излъчва в понеделник вечерта точно преди WWE Raw, а след WWE Raw ще има повторение на шоуто.

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Страхотно, че ще се излъчва точно преди RAW, току виж WWE си подобрят качеството. :)

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Не мисля, че WWE са особено притеснени от конкуренцията на ROH, особено пък щом двете шоута няма да се засичат. Което пък е добра идея от страна на вторите. Хем се опитват да намажат покрай RAW, хем не влизат в пряк сблъсък с него, който ще ги отнесе. Ще се гледа, да видим какво ще направят.

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Я да извадим тази тема и да поизтупаме пепелта, тъй като трябва да се спомене и най-важното събитие за годината в ROH - Final Battle, нали?

Final Battle 2009

- Manhattan, NYC results 12.19.09

1. Pick 6 Four Corner Survival Match

Claudio Castagnoli over Rhett Titus, Colt Cabana & Kenny Omega

2. The Embassy of Erick Stevens & Bison Smith over Delirious & Bobby Dempsey

3. Fight Without Honor

"God's Middle Child - The Last of a Dying Breed" Eddie Kingston over "That Young Knock Out Kid" Chris Hero

4. Tag Team Challenge Match

The Young Bucks of Nick & Matt Jackson over Kevin Steen & El Generico

5. Challenge Match

"Pretty Boy Pitbull" Kenny King over #4 Roderick Strong

6. Rocky Romero over Alex Koslov

7. ROH World Tag Team Title Match

Jay & Mark Briscoe over The American Wolves of Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards © to capture the ROH World Tag Team Titles for the 6th time!

8. Jack Evans over Teddy Hart

9. ROH World Title Match

Austin Aries © fought #5 Tyler Black to a 60 minute time limit draw

Това шоу е... просто изумително. Не съм го гледал (нито знаех, че има такава възможност), а сега като виждам резултатите, дори и не виждам защо да го гледам. От девет мача, в седем от тях се случват неща, които не исках да видя, дали от маркщина, дали от омраза, дали от обективна гледна точка...

- Не исках Hero да загуби срещу Kingston (това е от маркщина, не че ме дразни, много си харесвам Kingston, просто повече харесвам Hero);

- Не исках Young Bucks да спечелят (от чиста омраза към тях, въпреки че в това има смисъл, тъй като след мача Steen turn-ва... а това сигурно 'никой' не е очаквал...);

- Kenny King over Roddy Strong? Bullshit! И това не е маркщина. Тъй като все още съм объркан, когато става дума за Pick 6, това значи ли, че King заема мястото му?

- Никой не заслужава да падне от Rocky Romero;

- Briscoes отново са отборни шампиони... BULLSHIT! (Отново, чиста омраза. Ясно ми е, че Edwards трябва да се оттегли, за да се погрижи за ръката си, ако все още има проблеми и че Richards сега е зает на 1,003 места, имаше нужда от смяна но... защо точно те? Е, ако има нещо хубаво в ситуацията, то е... KINGS OF WRESTLING REUNION~! Сега с нетърпение чакам Briscoe да си събират багажа за WWE и да оставят по-интересните за следене отбори на мира.);

- Никой не заслужава да падне и от Jack Evans;

- И за финал... първо, трябва да кажа, че Aries е най-интересния шампион на ROH от... Bryan Danielson насам. Не че имах нещо против ерата на Nigel, но се проточи адски много и всичко в нея беше... ами, едно и също. Jerry Lynn, може да го заслужава, но е СКУЧЕН! Вярно, че и Morishima беше шампион... той попада в категорията на Nigel. Чаках това шоу искайки Aries да запази и очаквайки Tyler да спечели... но този мач просто ме довърши. Явно някой зад кулистите се е плеснал по челото и е казал, "Брех, откога не сме имали едночасови равенства? Помните ли колко добри бяха преди? Със сигурност ще е същото и сега. BOOK IT!" Не... не, не трябва да гледаш какво е имало преди и как е било, тук ти трябваше ясен край на годината. Тук трябваше един световен шампион да се окончае с успех. Щеше да е супер, ако е Aries, щях да преживея и ако беше Black, но... никой?! Ако не друго поне успяха да изненадат. Със сигурност никой не е очаквал това... о, освен тези, които са отбелязали, че мачът продължава над 30 минути. Sucks to be them...

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Наистина... стряскащо. Очаквах по-различни неща от Final Battle. Каква е логиката Бриско да взимат титлите след всички проби с WWE? ROH искат да си го начукат хипер жестоко след като на Бриско им предложат договор в близкия месец или просто им помагат да подпишат с WWE представяйки ги като най-добрия отбор в компанията? @Remus, подкрепям мнението ти за draw-a. Изключително лошо решение. Трябваше да има чист победител тук, независимо кой е. Блак няма вечно да изглежда сериозна конкуренция за шампионите, не и след толкова пропиление шансове. Next world champ чантовете вече писват при условие, че ROH правят нещата да изглеждат така сякаш той никога няма да се справи. Веднъж - ок, 2 пъти - ок, ама стига вече...

Мислех да гледам Final Battle, доста голямо желание имах, обаче само резултатът от МЕ-та ме отказва. Пък и Pick 6 системата яко ме обърква и не искам да се затормозявам да мисля и за това. Ако не се чуе отзив за някой наистина добър мач ще пропусна.

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Ring of Honor To Introduce World Television Championship

BRISTOL, Pennsylvania (January 20, 2009) – Ring of Honor Wrestling is proud to announce the addition of a new secondary singles title – The ROH World Television Championship – into active competition. Beginning February 5, 2009 as part of the next HDNet National Television tapings in Philadelphia, Ring of Honor will host an 8-Man Championship Tournament to crown the inaugural champion.

“We’ve been talking about adding a secondary championship for some time,” said ROH President Cary Silkin. “Not only will this give the athletes of Ring of Honor another tremendous goal to work towards, it will also give our great partner, HDNet, a championship that is sure to be defended on the television program. We’re happy to publicly give thanks to HDNet for giving us the chance to add this title to the television show, and to All Star Championship Belts for bringing the actual belt to life.”

The ROH World Television Title Tournament will play out over the course of the six episodes of “Ring of Honor Wrestling” that are set to be filmed over the February 5/6 weekend at the Arena in South Philadelphia. The tournament brackets and seeding will be unveiled over the course of the coming days via release at ROHWrestling.com.

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Хм, добра новина. Определено едно от нещата, които винаги са ме дразнели в ROH e липсата на някакъв втори по важност колан. Изпуснах времената на Pure титлата и не знам как са използвали нея. Според мен идеята е добра, а и щеше се даде смисъл на някои singles вражди, давайки причина на кечистите да се бият за нещо. Докато чакаме Олбрайт, Ричърдс, Хиро и Клаудио да се доберат до световната това ще е добра играчка за тях. По-добро решение от Pick 6 (който все още не разбирам), определено.

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ROH Live Event @ WrestleReunion 4 - Los Angeles, CA Results 1.29.10

Bobby Cruise rocking the RED tie tonight...crowd estimate is 400+

1. Tag Team Challenge Match

El Generico & Colt "Boom Boom" Cabana over "The Professional" Scott Lost & Scorpio Sky when Generico nailed Sky with a Yakuza in the corner and Colt hit the Colt 45 for the 'W'.

2. Anything Goes Match

The Necro Butcher over Erick Stevens when Joey Ryan hit Stevens with an errant shot from a Stop Sign and allowed Necro to get the 'W'; Embassy laid a beat down post-match.

3. Pick 6 Challenge Match

#5 Roderick Strong over Delirious following a Gibson Driver.

Attendance estimated now at 500-600.

4. Challenge Match

Tyler Black over Joey Ryan when Black reversed The Moustache Ride into God's Last Gift for the 'W'.

5. Grudge Match

Jerry Lynn over Kenny King with an inside cradle; match was all over at times including a Lynn running dive over the guardrail onto King in the crowd. King nailed a cradle piledriver only to see Lynn get his foot on the ropes. King attacked Lynn post match.

Lynn ducks a chairshot and Cradle Piledrives King on the chair!!! Todd Sinclair reverses the decision to give Kenny King the 'W'.

15 minute intermission

6. Wrestle Reunion 4 Special Attraction Match w/ Special Referee Jonny Fairplay

"Living Legend" Larry Zbyszko over Scotty 2 Hotty after a quick pinfall count by Fairplay

~post-match Scotty goes for the W-O-R-M on Fairplay, Colt is out, bulldogs Scotty and hits the W-O-R-M on Scotty himself. Follows up with a Stinkface on Fairplay!!!

7. Challenge Match

"Mr. Wrestling" Kevin Steen over The Human Tornado after a Package Piledriver; post-match Steen locks on a facelock and Cabana comes out for the save, but Steen releases it and walks off through the crowd.

8. Non-Title Challenge Match

ROH World Champion Austin Aries over Jushin "Thunder" Liger after a ref bump, low blow and Brainbuster.

9. Eight Man WAR Tag Team Match

The American Wolves of Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards & The Kings of Wrestling of "That Young Knock Out Kid" Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli over ROH World Tag Team Champions Jay & Mark Briscoe & The Young Bucks of Nick & Matt Jackson when Eddie Edwards forced Nick Jackson to tap out to a single leg crab. Described as an awesome match.

Cabana има роля в бая неща на това шоу. Компенсация, че никога няма да е реална заплаха за титлата? Иначе шоуто звучи доста добре, специално ще го гледам заради последните два мача. Щеше да бъде и заради King vs. Lynn, но случилото се след мача крещи BULLSHIT! DQ за самоотбрана?! В ROH? Плюс преподписване на Richards с договор, който явно ще е ексклузивен? Welcome to the new era, ROH.


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Ring of Honor filed a lawsuit against Ric Flair this past Thursday in Bucks County, PA, alleging Flair owed the company over $40,000. The lawsuit stems from Flair failing to live up to his contracted obligations as the "ROH Ambassador" on ROH on HDNet tapings and ROH live events.

ROH's lawsuit alleged that Flair was originally signed to make five appearances at ROH house shows for $10,000 an appearance. Flair failed to appear at a scheduled ROH event on Montreal In July 2009 and has, to date, failed to return his $10,000 payment for that event.

The lawsuit also alleged that Flair only attended one ROH on HDNet Television Taping after coming to terms with the group to appear in an authority figure role. Flair appeared at one taping and the next set, made a brief announcement to the live crowd that he was resigning the commission due to his relationship with WWE. The lawsuit noted that Flair was paid $35,000 for the TV appearances and only made one appearance.


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8th Anniversary Show

- Manhattan, NYC, 2.13.10


1. Special Pick 6 Challenge Match

Roderick Strong o. Brian Kendrick

2. Tag Team Challenge Match

The Kings of Wrestling: Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli o. Harlem & Lance Bravado

3. Unsanctioned Tag Team Grudge Match

The Necro Butcher & Eddie Kingston o. Erick Stevens and Joey Ryan of The Embassy - Necro put a bag over Joey Ryan's head to KO him for the win. Postmatch, The Embassy beat down Necro.

4. The Re-Match

Davey Richards o. El Generico by tap out

May 8th is the return date...with the Motor City Machine Guns!

5. Ring of Honor World Tag Team Title Match

Jay & Mark Briscoe © o. The Dark City Fight Club of Kory Chavis & Jon Davis via Spike Jay Driller.

Kings of Wrestling jump Briscoes and a HUGE brawl ensues!

6. Four Corner Survival Pick 6 Challenge Match

Delirious o. #4 “Pretty Boy Pitbull” Kenny King v. “Skullkrusher” Rasche Brown v. Steve Corino - Delirious pinned King

7. Grudge Match

Colt "Boom Boom" Cabana o. "Mr. Wrestling" Kevin Steen w/ Steve Corino via DQ when Corino interfered. Generico came out for Cabana post-match.

8. Ring of Honor World Title Match

Roderick Strong, Kenny King & Jim Cornette will preside as judges for this match at ringside

#5 Tyler Black o. Austin Aries © to capture the ROH World Title via pinfall - At a point in the match, King was on the ring apron, but Strong took him out. Black then nailed Strong with a Superkick to take him out. Jim Cornette scaled the apron and admonished Black as for his action and recieved a superkick for his trouble as well.

Strong did challenge Black for a title shot following the match.

* Roderick Strong d. Brian Kendrick

* The Kings of Wrestling d. The Bravado Brothers

* Eddie Kingston and Necro Butcher d. Joey Ryan and Erick Stevens in a No DQ match when Necro suffocated Ryan with a plastic bag.

* Davey Richards d. El Generico in "an absolutely insanely great match."

It was announced that ROH will return to the Hammerstein on May 8 with the Motor City Machine Guns on the card.

* The Briscoes d. Dark City Fight Club. After the match the Kings of Wrestling came out and a three-way brawl ensued, with the tag champs winning out.

* Delirious d. Rasche Brown, Kenny King and Steve Corino when he pinned Kenny King.

* Colt Cabana d. Kevin Steen by disqualification due to Corino-ference. It appears Steen hurt his knee. Cabana got on the mic and Steve Corino came out to throw Steen back in. Generico came out. Corino threw out Colt for the DQ. Generico got a chair but hesitated, and Steen decked him.

* Tyler Black d. Austin Aries to become the NEW ROH World Champion. Black superkicked all 3 judges before winning the match for a huge pop.


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Кардът за ROH The Big Bang I (3 aприл 2010):

* ROH champ Tyler Black vs. Austin Aries vs. Roderick Strong

* ROH Tag Team champs Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. The Kings of Wrestling

* Kenny King vs. Davey Richards

* Kevin Steen & Steve Corino vs. El Generico & Colt Cabana

* Blue Demon, Jr. & Misterioso vs. Super Parka & Solar

* Cassandro el Exotico vs. Magno

* Butcher's Rules: Necro Butcher vs. Erick Stevens with Prince Nana

*The Midnight Express and Tommy Young will also be appearing.

Интересен кард. Не следя TV шоутата и не знам откъде се е взел Кинг-Ричърдс, но в Briscoes vs. KOW, Steen/Corino vs. Generico/Cabana и ME има доста логика. С удоволствие ще го изгледам... когато излезе. И малка забележчица: ROH отвръщат на дебюта на мега-звездата Орландо Джордан с Касандро! TNA трябваше да го подпишат едно време...

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^ Cassandro беше част от TNA по едно време, мисля към 2007-а и името му май беше Egotistico Exotico, поне в единия dark мач с Petey Williams. По-късно в сайта имаше негова реклама, готвеха се да го вкарат в шоутата, ама така и не разбрах какво се случи после.

Дам, интересно шоу се очертава иначе. МЕ-ът определено звучи като интересен мач, макар да не мисля, че има шанс за смяна - вече съм се отказал от всякакви надежди Strong да вземе титлата, а през следващите години Aries ще види трета титла само през крив макарон, освен ако не са решили да го правят най-голямата звезда, която компанията е имала с история "досега никой не е държал титлата повече от веднъж, а той - цели три". KOW vs. Briscoes също ще е интересен, но отново с предрешен финал - Briscoe толкова ги пазят от победа, че не е истина. Пак трябва да чакаме някой да се контузи, за да пуснат титлите. Почти ми е писнало от тях. Писнало ми е и от Stevens - Butcher. Тая вражда май я имат от средата на миналата година, айде да спира вече. И мен ме изненадва King-Richards - мислех, че Jerry Lynn ще бъде срещу Кing. Steen/Corino vs. Generico/Cabana наистина е логично и ще бъде добро като история, само че се чудя за кога по-точно пазят Generico vs. Steen.

EDIT: Намерих и рекламата, която беше на сайта:


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