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ROH in Collinsville, Ill. (St. Louis area)

I didn't attend the Ric Flair autograph signing. The doors opened at six and the line was out the door! There were people who were showing no intent to attend the show, yet just wanted to see Flair.

Pre-show Match

1. Alex Payne defeated Travis Sawyer. Payne reversed a sleeper into a rollup like Roddy Piper vs. Bret Hart at WrestleMania 8. Payne couldn't get over to save his life.

Main Show

1. Roderick Strong defeated Jay Briscoe. Very good match. Strong won after a series of rollup attempts. Very good match to start the show and the crowd was hot the entire way.

2. MsChif beat Daizee Haze (w/Jimmy Jacobs, Delirious) to retain the SHIMMER Title. MsChif won with a DDT. Afterward, Jacobs threatened Haze with a spike. Great effort from the women.

3. Austin Aries defeated Kenny Omega and Claudio Castagnoli and Silas Young in a four-corners match. Aries used the brainbuster to defeat Omega. Lots of crowd interaction with Claudio. Entertaining.

Ric Flair was introduced. The crowd was white hot. Flair cut a two-minute promo about how the next HBK is behind the curtain. Nigel McGuinness came out and interrupted him. Nigel called Flair a terrible husband and a terrible father. Flair responded, "That's it. You don't dare to walk that aisle and try and spar with me. I'll bring Reid out to stretch you." Flair then said good luck trying to be the Naitch and told the St. Louis girls he'd be on the town tonight. He left to a still hot crowd. Nigel left shortly thereafter.

4. American Wolves and Chris Hero defeated Kevin Steen and El Generico and Bobby Dempsey (or Axl Rotten's little brother). Sweeney's interference set up Davey Richards forcing Steen to submit to the cloverleaf. Once again, a great effort from everyone involved. St. Louis has received a great show so far.


5. Rhett Titus and Kenny King King defeated Irish Airborne with a Buff Blockbuster/powerbomb. Good match. Lots of Stevie Richards chants directed at Titus.

6. Bryan Danielson beat Bison Smith via countout. The lame finish came eight or nine minutes into the match. Only a decent match at best. I expected a lot more.

7. Tyler Black and Jerry Lynn defeated Delirious (a/k/a Keith Jardine) and Jimmy Jacobs. Black over Delirious after Jacobs mistakenly hit his partner with a chair. They teased another countout. Delirious bled heavily after the chairshot. Jacobs pulled out a spike after the match towards Delirious. Daizee Haze came out and caught a spike from hell from Jacobs. Jacobs then turned to Delirious. Delirious fought off the spike and instead spiked Jacobs. Delirious hit some running knees and Jacobs left. Delirious and Haze hug. Awwww. Crowd cheers, end segment.

8. Brent Albright beat Nigel McGuinness by DQ in an ROH Title match. Good match. Nothing special. Claudio came out for Nigel and caused the DQ. They both beat Albright down. Flair took his suit coat off and hopped into the ring to chop and punch Claudio and Nigel out of the ring. Two lame non-finishes after the intermission, but the fans enjoyed the Flair interaction. The show ended with a "Thank you, Flair" chant.

Notes: About 800-900 in attendance. Sold out, standing room only. Good show overall.

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А знае ли се кога ще се излъчи първото шоу?

Тази събота. Да се надяваме, че неделя вече ще е по тракерите... :)

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ROH in Elizabeth, PA ongoing results:

*Delirious pin Sterling James Keenan in a good back & forth ten minute opener. He scored the pin with a splash to the back off the top rope.

*Erick Stevens & Matt Cross vs. Rhett Titus & Kenny King.. Pre-match, Austin Aries confronted. Cross and Stevens leading to the other team attacking them to state the match. King got the pin on cross in about 15 minutes hitting a clothesline from the top on cross while Titus held him up. Solid action throughout.

*Bryan Danielson defeated Mike Quackenbush with a small package in about 20 minutes... Lots of chain wrestling throughout. Both guys worked hard. The story of the match was quack selling the left arm as Danielson worked on it throughout.

Claudio Castagnoli defeated Jerry Lynn and Brent Albright in a fast paced high impact match. Castagnoli got the submission on lynn with an arm breaker after Albright worked over Lynn's arm and did the damage to the arm.

The Age of the Fall vs. Necro Butcher and Tyler Black. They brawled all over the place and beat the hell out of each other. Jacobs got the win on black with a guillotine choke. Great brawl.

Austin Aries vs. Roderick Strong was a solid back and forth match. Aries got the pin on strong with a brain buster after outside interference from King and Titus. Great action packed match.

*El Generico and KENTA vs. Davey Richards and ROH champ Nigel McGuinness. Nonstop action throughout. The match went about 25 minutes. An awesome tag match and an awesome main event. KENTA got the pin on McGuinness with the GTS.

[size=3][color=blue]Carefree, wherever we may be
We are the famous CFC
And we don't give a fuck Whoever you may be
'Cos we are the famous CFC[/color][/size]

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Новият коментатор SUCK-ВА BIG TIME! Иначе като първо шоу за ROH по телевизията ставаше. Нещо стил SmackDown! 02/03 го раздават. Дразня се, че публиката беше сууупер умряла като за тази федерация. Мачовете ставаха, но пак нищо по-специално. Не знам, но ако всички шоута са така не съм много оптимистично настроен. Да, вярно wrestling-а e на ниво, но очаквах може би малко повече.

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ROH 7th Anniversary Show from NYC:

Roderick Strong & Erick Stevens def. Rhett Titus & Kenny King: Hot opener. Strong deserves a better spot, his character seems directionless right now. Titus & King are over, and make a solid team.

Brent Albright def. Claudio Castagnoli via DQ: Match went to a 15 minute draw, but Castagnoli asked for 5 more minutes, and Albright accepted. Castagnoli immediately low blowed Albright when the match was re started, resulting in the lame DQ finish. Fans were not happy. Castagnoli attacked Albright with a chair post match, and left him laying.

Bobby Dempsey def. mystery opponent Adam Pearce in 30 seconds: Pearce had a verbal confrontation with NBC's Mike Oliphant (sp?) before the match, and gave him a good shove that tore his shirt. Once again, they booked Dempsey in a quick squash, which is a smart thing, but where do they go from here? He's already gotten his revenge on Sweet & Sour multiple times now. A match with Chris Hero?

Jerry Lynn def. Mike Quackenbush: Solid match, but too short to develop into anything more. Lynn won out of nowhere with the cradle piledriver.

Tyler Black, Necro Butcher, & Delirious def. Austin Aries, Jimmy Jacobs, & Brodie Lee in a "Revolution Rules" match: What a disaster. One of the worst matches i've ever seen in the dozens of ROH shows i've attended. Confusing rules (even the wrestlers seemed confused), and just plain awful. Delirious was eliminated first, via pinfall. This meant the next fall had to be a submission. However, this did not stop the participants from going for pins, or ref Todd Sinclair from counting them. Necro Butcher & Brodie Lee were eliminated next, via DQ for "leaving the ringside area". Keep in mind, there were supposed to be no DQ's, and neither man submitted. That's besides the fact that 90% of the match was a brawl away from the ringside area. Next one out was Aries, who was submittted by Black. They did a bunch of nearfalls, so everyone assumed we were back to pinfalls, so the submission was again quite confusing. Whatever. Black then beat Jacobs, to absolutely ZERO pop. Everyone hated this, but no one really wanted to shit on Black, who worked hard and is very over. This was like a bad TNA gimmick match, but much worse. Even more confusing than the reverse battle royal, and the match quality wasn't very good either, aside from the stuff with Black & Aries. Brodie Lee is not up to ROH standards, and drags everything down. Just a beyond horrible match.

Intermission: RIC FLAIR will be in NYC in June.

Bryan Danielson & COLT CABANA def. Bison Smith & JIMMY RAVE (w/Prince Nana & Dirty Ernie Osirus): Rave got a big pop when Nana called him out, and it was good to see him back in his "crown jewel" gimmick. He was, however, out of shape, with a small belly hanging over his tights. Must have been nice working with a T-Shirt for a year. Grizzly Redwood initially came out as Dragon's partner, to many groans from the crowd, but was quickly dispatched by Smith, leading to COLT CABANA hitting the ring, to by far the largest pop of the night. MEGA HEAT for the return. Match was ok, nothing special, but it wasn't about the match, it was about the surprise returns of the two former regulars. Post match, Cabana asked for "Final Countdown", and Colt & Dragon played to the crowd as they sung along.

D-Lo Brown def. Jay Briscoe: D-Lo cut a promo before the match, thanking WWE fro dropping him, and proclaiming ROH his new home. He turned heel during the match, using a low blow (no DQ this time, so why was Claudio DQ'd earlier? The Pearce booking is wildly incosistant), and won out of nowhere with a rollup while holding the tights. Underwhelming 80's style match with a lame 80's style finish. Crowd hated this.

Kevin Steen & El Generico def. Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards to retain ROH World Tag Titles: Awesome match, with Generico stealing the show. Apparently this was no DQ, and they went right to the chairs & ladders early. Too many crazy spots to keep up with. Generico was on fire, and nailed all of his daredevil spots. This match, along with the Colt Cabana/Jimmy Rave returns, make the DVD a MUST BUY if you are on the fence about the show. I'm not usually a star rating guy, but this was easily ****1/2 or ****3/4. Off the charts heat start to finish. Post match, Wolves got their heat back, and laid out Generico through a table before taping Steen to the ropes and killing him with a double chairshot. Match and angle were nothing short of awesome.

Nigel McGuinness def. KENTA to retain ROH World Title: KENTA immediately attacked the injured arm with high kicks & armbars. They worked this match slow, plus the previous match was hard to follow, so the match had little heat. Many people were leaving, which is baffling, because KENTA dosen't come around very often. Crazy. People weren't buying that KENTA could win, either. Despite these hurdles, the final 5 minutes were very good. KENTA pulled down the knee pad, and hit the GTS, but Nigel made the ropes on 2. Nigel missed a bunch of rebound jawbreakers, and countered at least three GTS attempts. Nigel hit his own GTS for a two count. KENTA survived multiple Tower Of London's and London Dungeon attempts. He eventually tapped after a hot sequence. Good match, would have been much better with a better crowd. I'd say ****.

A quick note....most of the guys had their old music back, but a few, most notably Castagnoli with his new classical song, and Nigel, still had the new generic stuff. Didn't look like a sellout, because they removed several rows of empty seats a few minutes before the show started. Overall, a nothing show pre intermission, which has been the case since Pearce took over the book. Show was saved by the awesome tag title match.


The return date is June 13th.

I guess attendance isn't quite what they expected, they just broke down two sections of GA seating. I'm really bad at gauging attendance, but this place is nowhere near full.

Roderick Strong and Erick Stevens defeated Rhett Titus and Kenny King

While Titus was handing out his card with his numbers to the girls at ringside, one girl handed him a card with her number. Pretty funny. Roderick and Stevens are looking pretty badass tonight. Strong has improved a million percent, looks in great shape, and is so on the money tonight, I wish they'd find a direction for him. Stevens has gotten really lean and cut as well, the two of the look pretty intimidating. Strong and Stevens batter Titus to start, killing him with an endless series of chops, but a cheapshot from the outside by King on Stevens turns the tide. Fans start chanting HepaTitus at Rhett. King kills Stevens with a clothesline for two. Titus and King have gelled great as a team and are terrific at cuttin the ring off. Roderick makes the hot tag and cleans house, then it's back and forth for several minutes until Stevens puts Titus away with the Doctorbomb.

Brent Albright defeated Claudio Castagnoli by DQ

Claudio has a new robe with the Swiss cross thing and is doing the tried and true heel European gimmick of having his weight announced in kilos rather than pounds. Albright is really over with the NY crowd. Claudio cheapshots him from behind to start and then they start trading blows. Claudio bails to the floor and Albright hits a tope and tosses him back in. Albright gets the (very) delayed vertical suplex for 2, but misses a crossbody and shish kebabs himself on the ropes to give Claudio control. Claudio's looking a lot more cut tonight too. Did somebody hire these guys a dietician? Albright makes a comeback, but Claudio takes his head off with a big bicycle kick. Albright with an Air Raid Crash for 2 and gets him in the Crippler Crossface (drawing a surprisingly large Benoit chant) but Claudio makes the ropes so Albright does the Benoit snot blow. Albright comes off the top and Claudio catches him with a European uppercut for 2, then they go to the outside where Albright gets a wicked suplex. Both men beat the count and Claudio starts working him over, but Albright gets the Crowbar. Claudio escapes and hot shots him on the top rope, but Albright gets a big superplex with one minute left in the time limit, drawing a groan from the crowd. Toe to toe until the bell rings and they keep going after the match ends. The crowd starts chanting for five more minutes, which of course always works. Claudio grabs the mic and says he knows he can beat Albright if he has five more minutes, and for the first time in history we actually get it. Albright with the Crowbar, Claudio reverses into a Crowbar of his own, Albright escapes and tries to get the half nelson suplex, but Claudio kicks him low for the DQ. Claudio with the Ricola Bomb and then fights off security before delivering the headstomp with the chair. Great match with a fun ending that left you unsatisfied, but in a good way.

Bobby Dempsey defeated Adam Pearce

Some guy from NBC is the guest timekeeper. Okay. This is a "Sweet N Sour Challenge Match." Okay. Adam does a bit with the NBC guy and threatens to John Stossel him, then shoves him into the ropes. Okay, I really can't see Dempsey beating Pearce. Pearce looks way better than last time I saw him, maybe he's preaching his secrets to the roster? Just to make me look bad, Dempsey hits the Death Valley Driver for the win in like 30 seconds, then parties in the ring with the NBC guy. The lights briefly went out in the middle of the match, the second time that happened. I figured the first was a mistake, but this makes me think it's some kind of angle.

Jerry Lynn defeated Mike Quackenbush

This is gonna be good. Counter wrestling to start as they trade armbars and wristlocks. Lynn with a flying headscissors and corner clothesline, but Quack blocks a bulldog and counters to a leg lace. Quack with a beautiful springboard headscissors and a rolling fireman's carry into a crossed leglock. Lynn with the springboard dropkick sends Quack to the floor, Quack dives over Lynn's baseball dropkick attempt, but Lynn gets the guillotine legdrop on the ropes. Quack counters by sweeping Lynn off the apron, but Lynn then counters another headscissors by swinging Quack into the guardrail. Back in the ring Lynn hits a nasty German suplex and a tornado DDT. Quack counters another tornado DDT and gets a nice magistral cradle for 2. This is really awesome. Lynn with a backslide for 2, then a series of reversals ends with Lynn trying to slam Quack off the top, but Quack rolls through and goes for a superplex, but Lynn with a top rope sunset flip/ powerbomb for 2. Quack with his version of the Jig And Tonic for 2, but Lynn gets the cradle piledriver out of nowhere for the win. This was a counterwrestling fan's Christmas present. They shake hands after and Lynn raises Quack's hand.

Tyler Black, Necro Butcher, and Delirious defeated Jimmy Jacobs, Brodie Lee, and Austin Aries

This is elimination rules, with a different stip for each fall and the whole thing being No DQ. Aries now not only has the "strip club for lunch" mustache, but also a soul patch as well. Joey Ryan has nothing on this guy when it comes to sleaze. Delirious is back in the green and black.

Fall #1

Brodie lays out Tyler and Delirious then calls out Necro, which ends badly for him. Jimmy winds up alone in the ring with all three opponents and gets destroyed. I guess the first fall is tornado rules? All six men end up brawling on the floor. Necro goes for the dive to the floor, but Brodie yanks him down and hits the big boot. All six men back in the ring as Aries and Jacobs continue to snipe at each other even as they try to work together. Tyler with the big dive to the floor and then Necro hits his to a big pop. Now Daizee goes for hers but Aries grabs her, drawing Delirious in to the rescue. Aries misses the corner dropkick, Brodie comes in but Delirious takes out both men. Delirious gets Jacobs in the Cobra Stretch, but Brodie with the Black Hole Slam and Aries with the brainbuster to eliminate Delirious.

Fall #2

This fall cannot be won by pinfall. Aries and Jacobs start their repressed love thing again, allowing Black to come back, but Brodie comes in and shuts him down. Heels triple team Tyler until Necro comes in and cleans house. Everyone's back to the floor where Necro and Brodie end up brawling through the crowd and to the back, and the ref used that excuse to DQ both men. This whole fall got TNA chants.

Fall #3

No stip announced for this fall. Jacobs and Aries double team Black but spend as much time shoving each other around. Jacobs blocks Aries from hitting the missile dive to the floor so Aries attacks him and they start brawling. Black uses the distraction to try a comeback, but quickly gets shut down. I guess Aries and Jacobs are working together again. Jacobs gets 2, so I guess pinfalls count again. Aries misses a corner dropkick and kills Jacobs with it, but hits a second one for 2. Black and Aries go back and forth until Black gets the corner powerbomb and superkick, then locks in the End Time to eliminate Aries.

Fall #4

This fall can't end by submission. That may be the least creative stip of all time. This match has gone beyond boring chants and now the crowd is just laughing. Jimmy gets the spike out, Tyler gets ahold of it, but misses and buries the spike in the top turnbuckle. Jimmy gets the Contra Code for 2, then locks in the End Time but there's NO SUBMISSIONS! Tyler reverses the End Time to God's Last Gift to mercifully end this one.

Not only did this not get over at all, but this may have been one of the worst matches in ROH history.

Bryan Danielson and Colt Cabana defeated Bison Smith and Jimmy Rave

Prince Nana came out in a Barack Obama shirt and made stimulus remarks to a girl at ringside. This guy's hilarious. He announces Jimmy Rave as Bison's mystery partner, which got a big pop from the crowd. Rave gets a big welcome back chant. Danielson ran into the ring before he could even be announced and got destroyed. Grizzley Redwood came out to make us think he was the mystery partner and was quickly disposed of, then the real partner came out...Colt Cabana! He got an even bigger reaction than Rave did. This match has gotten the biggest reaction of the night so far and they haven't even started wrestling yet. Cabana and Rave start and the crowd starts a "die Jimmy die" chant. This match is bringing me right back to 2005. Danielson and Cabana take turns working Rave over until Rave tags to Bison, who presses Danielson into the corner. Heat segment on Danielson, but Cabana tags in after only a couple of minutes, but Bison no-sells everything and hits a big shoulder block. Danielson comes in and together they're able to turn the tide, but Danielson tries a dive to the floor, and Bison catches and slams him. Bison with the claw slam onto Jimmy's knee, and then tries another claw slam, but Danielson comes in and together they send Bison to the floor where Danielson hits the big dive. Rave catches Cabana in the heel hook, but Cabana reverses into a rolling press for the win. After the match Cabana calls for the Final Countdown and it begins playing over the sound system. This came totally unglued, but was still pretty good. I was a bit bummed that Bison didn't get into total destruction mode.

D'Lo Brown defeated Jay Briscoe

D'Lo gets on the mic before the match and thanks WWE for releasing him and wishing him luck in his future endevours, because his future endevours are right here in ROH. Brown overpowers Jay to start and does the head thing, but Jay with a Frankensteiner and a dropkick and they do the indy stalemate. Jay with a series of legsweeps frustrates Brown, but Brown distracts the ref and gets a low blow to take control, then hits a big short clothesline. Brown working a very methodical style here, measuring Jay before getting a big running clothesline in the corner and a vertical suplex for 2. I want to see someone try a horizontal or, even better, diagonal suplex someday. Jay tries to go toe-to-toe with Brown but that doesn't end well for him. They go chop-for-chop, but Brown goes to the eyes and catches him in a top wristlock/half nelson combo. Jay escapes, but eats the flying heel kick. Brown with a series of stiff short clotheslines gets 2. Brown with a springboard dropkick sends Jay to the floor and fakes a dive, but Jay caught him with a dropkick to the face when he did the dive for real. Dueling chants start as both men get back in the ring and Jay hits an inverted STO into the turnbuckle, big boot, and clothesline for 2. Brown with the Sky High for 2, then a Death Valley Driver for another two count. Brown moves out of the way of the top rope legdrop and rolls up Jay with the tights for the win. Crowd was asleep, but it was fun to watch D'Lo play the grizzled veteran who doesn't mind doing whatever he has to to win.

Kevin Steen and El Generico defeated the American Wolves to retain the ROH World Tag Team Title.

I will be very surprised if the Wolves don't get the straps tonight. This is no DQ. Good for Eddie Edwards, who first appeared as an occasional undercard guy two or three years ago and is now working the semi-main on one of ROH's big four events. Steen and Generico run in before their announcement and attack the Wolves, sending them to the floor where Steen hits the big dive. Generico throws a bunch of chairs in the ring and Steen gets a flipping legdrop/conchairto on Edwards. Richards drags Steen to the floor and launches him into the rail, then gets in the ring and Tomvstones Generico on the chairs. Wolves start working Steen's knee over with a chair. Crowd is dead for this one. I just noticed Edwards seems to be sporting a shiner. Wolves are pretty brutally working Steen over while Generico's on the floor. They tie Steen's knee in the ropes and take a run, but Steen moves and they go to the floor, where Generico hits a top rope somersault on both opponents. Back in the ring, Generico kills Edwards with a chairshot then gets a top rope splash on Richards for 2. Steen brings out a ladder and rams it into Edwards' face in a pretty brutal display. Now it's Steen and Generico's turn to double team Richards, beating him up in the corner before Irish whipping him into the ladder and suplexing him on it. Generico with a split legged moonsault for 2. Edwards runs in and nails Steen, but eats a corner Yakuza kick from Generico. Generico misses a dive and audibly crunches onto the ladder as the crowd finally comes alive. Wolves with the double team alarm clock and a sick chairshot to Generico, but Steen breaks up the fall and takes out both men, then hits the corner cannonball. Steen places the ladder over the Wolves and Generico hits the coast to coast somersault dropkick, but that only gets 2. Great match. Steen gives Edwards a Fisherman's Buster on a chair for 2. Richards takes out Generico on the floor then pushes Steen off the top rope and he lands on the knee. Richards with a chairshot to the knee and a Texas Cloverleaf, but he toughs it out until Generico makes the save. Generico misses a chairshot and nails Steen and Richards tosses Generico to the floor. Richards misses a shooting star press and Steen starts working Richards' knee over with a chair then traps him in the Sharpshooter for the win. So much for my theory. Wolves attack after the match and Edwards just kills Steen with a chairshot, then put Generico through a table in the ring. Steen still tries to fight back, but they tape him to the ropes and work over his knees with a couple of chairs before finally finishing with a conchairto and walking off with the belts.

ROH Champion Nigel McGuiness vs. KENTA.

Nigel looks awful, he's got both arms taped up. KENTA gets a lukewarm welcome back chant, and Nigel doesn't get much reaction either. How does KENTA always end up wrestling badly injured ROH World Champions in New York? KENTA goes right to work with a pair of big kicks to Nigel's arms that drop him immediately. KENTA continues kicking away on the arm and rams him shoulderfirst into the ringpost before putting Nigel in an armbar. KENTA is just mercilessly kicking away at Nigel, getting some big cheers from the strongly anti-Nigel crowd. KENTA with a big running boot for 2 and a key lock, but Nigel makes the ropes. Ref keeps checking on Nigel after each barrage to see if he wants to continue. Finally Nigel gets in some offense by moving out of the way of a kneedrop and getting a Tower of London to the floor. Back in the ring, Nigel starts working on KENTA's arm. You'd think he'd go after the legs since kicks have been KENTA's main offense, but what do I know? Anyway, Nigel gets 2 off of an arm-assisted suplex and gets a chickenwing, then catches KENTA with a surprise dropkick, which we never see him do. KENTA comes back with a vertical suplex and a flying clothesline for 2, then it's back to the key lock, but Nigel makes the ropes. More vicious kicks from KENTA, but Nigel with a big forearm in the corner. He's dramatizing it, but Nigel is obviously in pain. Nigel knocks KENTA off the ropes to the outside and then whips him into the rail, but misses a charge and eats the rail himself. KENTA drapes Nigel over the rail and hits a top rope kneedrop to the outside. Nigel just beat the count, and KENTA started killing him with kicks and a fisherman's buster for 2. Flying clothesline gets 2 on Nigel, series of pinfall reversals ends with Nigel catching KENTA in the London Dungeon. He makes the ropes, so Nigel hits another Tower of London for 2. He tries a third, but KENTA blocks, so Nigel goes for a superplex instead. KENTA turns that into a top rope Falcon Arrow for 2 then another series of reversals into a German Suplex for 2 by KENTA. KENTA finally hits Go To Sleep, butNigel gets his foot on the rope. Crowd didn't like that one. They battle on the apron and Nigel hits a Tower of London to the apron. Both men again just beat the count and Nigel reverses out of the Go To Sleep and hits one of his own for 2, then gets KENTA in the London Dungeon again, but KENTA reverses to a cradle for 2. Nigel catches him in the London Dungeon yet again and bridges all the way back until KENTA taps. Awesome match, on the level of KENTA-Danielson from 2006. Some idiot fan got a little overzealous after the match and Zack had to eject him.

Well, there were two awesome matches and two good matches, but the rest was moderate to really bad, and the crowd was dead. It was good, but not as good as it looked on paper.

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Гледах го първия епизод :) ,не съм особено очарован,но аз си знам че това ROH не е много за мене по-принцип.Ще видим в завбъдеще дали ще го гледам.

"Doin' what I want to do, When I want to do it."

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С малко закъснение да се изкажа и аз:

Аз ще се разгранича от всеобщото мнение и ще кажа, че шоуто беше перфектно и точно, както трябваше. Новият коментатор въобще не съква, ами си е много добър, най-малкото е по-добър от Ивайло Гаврилов! :D Гласът му е на средно-статистически американски спортен коментатор и това придава усещане за спортно събитие, както и трябва. Мачовете бяха кратки, но солидни, като Кени Кинг си играе ролята по-добре от Шелтън Бенджамин, лично мнение. ;) Добрата стара ECW Арена наистина никога не е изглеждала по-добре и по-професионално. Съгласен съм с мнението, че:

Paul Heyman would have murdered to have had this during his TNN run.

Като за първо шоу добре и съм оптимист за бъдещето.



Вражда на годината за 2018 година: baikiro срещу koleda321 (9-6-5-5-1)   🏆🏆🏆

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^ Тъпото е, че крещи като ненормален на spot-ове, които въобще не са толкова страшни. Това е нормално, тъй като доколкото знам, той няма никаква представа от кеч.

Сега малко новини - Nigel е в доста лоша форма след контузията си на бицепса (карам по памет). Въпреки това мачът с KENTA се е получил страхотно. (И поне аз нямам търпение да го изгледам) ROH ще се опитат да направят следващото PPV на компанията в Texas преди да се е наложило операция.

Това е сууупер интересна новина. Ако контузията на Nigel е толкова сериозна дали ROH ще сметнат за по-добре да предоставят титлата на друг или пък ще се надяват операцията да протече успешно и евентуално Nigel да не участва по никакви шоута и да се опита да се възстанови за по-следващото PPV.

Друго - Colt Cabana & Jimmy Rave ARE BACK, BABY!~ Стана ясно, че договорите на двамата не са само за по едно участие и скоро те ще се завърнат full time в компанията. - ЧУДЕСНА НОВИНА!

Flair ще се появи на шоуто на 13 Юни. Bla-bla.. Все пак са нужни такива прояви за федерацията.

Chris Hero е участвал в Австралийско шоу, след като е направил участие за PWG, където между другото е световен шампион. Интересно е, че Hero е използвал възможността да се put-не over (не мога да намеря подходящ превод... :D)

Клипчето с Hero

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TV рейта на първото шоу вече знае ли се?

4x WWE Prediction Champion
4x Universal Prediction Champion 

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  • 2 weeks later...

ROH in Houston, Texas

"Supercard of Honor IV"


1. Alex ”Sugarfoot” Payne & Andy Ridge defeated Ninja Brown & ”Dirty” Ernie Osiris. Sugarfoot pinned Brown with a huracanrana.

2. Bushwhacker Luke & Grizzly Redwood defeated Don Juan & Andy Duncan. Luke pinned Juan following a battering ram.

Main Show

Ring of Honor kicked off the first of two Wrestlemania weekend events at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas on Friday 4/3, drawing 1,400-1,600 fans for a ROH title change, several excellent matches, some technical issues and the surprise appearance of a WWF veteran in a strange moment.

*Erick Stevens pinned Rhett Titus following the choo-choo running splash in the corner and a suplex into a stiff lariat. Titus received a good reaction doing his Rick Rude-esque character with "You are gay" chants and ripping him. Stevens looked 100% better with the mohawk back. Stevens tried to shake hands but Titus rubbed his hand on his crotch before putting his hand out. That was hilarious. Titus attacked Stevens, who made a comeback with several suplex variations before setting up the finish. A solid opener.

*Chris Hero & Eddie Edwards & Incognito defeated Jay Briscoe & Kevin Steen & Magno. Magno and Incognito were Lucha talents booked to add a unique dimension to the show, since there was no Dragon Gate talent this year. There was a female fan dressed identical to Chris Hero - seriously. Steen charged the ring and tried to attack Team Hero but was prevented. They did some back and forth. It finally settled into a showdown between the Lucha rivals and then the worst thing possible could have happened. Incognito rebounded off the ropes and the top rope snapped and broke - it turned out that the metal piece connecting the turnbuckles to the ringpost broke. To everyone's credit, they continued the bout following a brief brawl outside as the crowd chanted, "Ring crew f***ed up." At one point, Steen picked up the turnbuckle and nailed Hero with it. Team Hero began working over Steen. Steen fought everyone off and knocked them out of the ring but when he went for the hot tag, the heels had pulled his partners off the apron. He finally was able to make the release and they went into high spot central. Magno did a springboard into a rana off the middle rope. He then nailed a top rope (well, you know) moonsault to everyone on the floor. Hero caught Magno with the roaring elbow for the pin. A solid, fun match with a great last few minutes. They had every excuse for this to go to hell after the ring ropes snapped but to the credit of everyone involved, they made it work.

The ring crew, including Grizzly Redwood, were able to fix the ring. Our heroes.

*Roderick Strong defeated Katsuhiko Nakajima in a super match. They chopped the living hell out of each other, like a more brutal version of Ric Flair and Ronnie Garvin. Nakajima's chest was a bloody red welt. He began unleashing some awesome kicks. They went back and forth with some sweet counter wrestling and submissions. Nakajima began nailing a series of intense strikes and kicks. Strong absorbed the shots, then fought back with a bunch of strikes and the Gibson Driver for the win. This was better than anything that's aired on television in the last week. Incredible.

*In the second Sweet N' Sour Challenge, Bobby Dempsey went to a no contest with Kamala. Yes, Kamala. Kamala came out with Shane Hagadorn and someone masked who was meant to be Kim-Chee. Before they could lock up, Dempsey ripped off his shirt and he was painted up on the belly like Kamala. I guess this was supposed to be funny but it was lost on me, especially when you think about the idea that Kamala was a mystery opponent. Kamala and Dempsey both drummed their bellies. Hagadorn got upset Kamala wasn't attacking Dempsey and in the end, Kamala and Dempsey trashed Hagadorn and left together. Whatever.

*Claudio Castagnoli won a Four Way, defeating NWA champion Blue Demon Jr., Brent Albright and El Generico after low blowing Albright and rolling him up after the referee missed it. This never really got going. Castagnoli went after Albright afterwards but backed off when the others came to his defense. Disappointing in that we never really got a good idea of what Demon had to offer.

*Bryan Danielson defeated Alex Kozlov via submission with the Cattle Mutilation. This was designed to be something of a competitive bout but in the end, it was more of a placeholder to give Danielson a win. It was also a strange bout that saw Danielson play up "USA" chants in response to Kozlov trying to lead "Russia" chants. It was quite the site to see a diehard ROH audience buying into the old school silliness. Kozlov worked hard and at one point hit a suplex out of the ring, followed by a springboard dive to the outside. They teased a bow and arrow several times before Danielson locked it in for a big pop. At one point, Kozlov locked in Danielson's own finisher on him, leading to a Real American Dragon Hulk-Up. Danielson came back with a symphony of elbow strikes to set up the submission. Match was OK but nothing near blow-away quality.

In the middle of Danielson's bout, a fire alarm went off in the entire venue, which partially led to a longer than usual intermission as it was sorted out.

*D'Lo Brown pinned Colt Cabana. This was the typical Brown performance where he controlled a lot, sold little and stalled a bit. He received a big pop coming out. They didn't do any Cabana comedy at all, but there was a slow start to the bout, right down to some stalling that the crowd had no interest in this late in the show. Cabana put on a reverse (as in reverse the direction one is usually in) when locking on a Boston Crab. Brown tapped but the ref didn't see it. Cabana celebrated but was told he didn't win. He argued but went after Brown, who caught him with the Sky High for the pin. I didn't get the logic here since you just had Cabana, who got the largest reaction of anyone at the last New York City show, getting pinned in his second appearance for the company by someone who doesn't have the same upside. I understand Cary Silkin is a big fan of Brown's work, but come on. This served to do nothing but squash whatever momentum Cabana came back with.

*In the best match of the night by far, Pro Wrestling NOAH Global Honor Crown Junior Heavyweight champ KENTA defeated Davey Richards. This was AWESOME, may have been the best match in Richard's ROH run and was far and away the best thing on any of the post-Gabe Sapolsky ROH shows. There were more exchanges, stiff kicks, strikes and all around brutality than one could ever hope to recap and properly convey. In watching it, I felt echoes of the classic Low Ki vs. Samoa Joe bouts that helped put the promotion on the map in 2002. Richards played heel here, jawing with fans at ringside. He nailed an awesome dive to the floor before tossing KENTA back in the ring and nailing him with a German Suplex. KENTA came back with a sickening double stomp to the the chest off the top rope. They went back and forth with kicks to the chest and face, including a stereo kick into the other that stunned both. They continuing going back and forth. Fans chanted "F*** Wrestlemania" and "This is Wrestling." KENTA nailed a suplex to the floor and attempted to hit an inverted GTS (Richards' body facing upwards) but it didn't work. KENTA finally nailed a traditional GTS and got the pin.

Afterwards, Richards took the mic and said, "That is what ROH is all about." In its finest moments, it sure is and that's something that has been somewhat forgotten in the recent changes. ROH isn't about doing DQ finishes and slews of run-ins and a style of wrestling that is already oversaturated elsewhere, but about athletic performers being given the chance to make themselves stars with their hard work and no bulls*** professional wrestling. This was a textbook example of what ROH can (and in my opinion) should be.

*Austin Aries and Jimmy Jacobs defeated Necro Butcher and Tyler Black. They brawled around the ringside area to start the bell. Black ended up in the ring when it settled down and they worked over him but Aries and Jacobs ended up punching each other out. Necro Butcher (who I still feel is used completely wrong here and is a shell of the monster he is supposed to be) nailed a rana off the top. This couldn't hope to follow the previous match.

*Jerry Lynn defeated Nigel McGuinness to capture the ROH title.

Before I go further, I wanted to note several things. The title change was planned well ahead of Nigel's most recent injuries, so in the sense of the storylines, ROH is where they wanted to be and when, as opposed to reacting to McGuinness' injuries, My guess is Lynn will be a short-term transitional babyface champion. Secondly, McGuinness is easily Wrestler of the Year for gutting through his numerous injuries for so long. There are some who felt he was never the same after busting himself open hardway on a ringpost against Bryan Danielson in the UK awhile back. He's been building up injuries and has been working hurt for a long time, longer than he'd care to admit. I was told the scene after his title defense in NYC, where he had a tremendous bout against KENTA while hurt badly, was heartbreaking in the back. There's no word on if or when Nigel takes time off, but fans should realize that when it comes to work ethic and heart, the man is a monster that gave more of himself physically than anyone could truly understand.

The match itself was very good, booked around Lynn working on Nigel's injured arm. At one point, Nigel tried to flee around ringside in order to prevent the attack. They did a lot early to build around the idea that Lynn was focused on the champion's arm. Lynn nailed a Cradle Piledriver but Nigel kicked out. He attempted several lariats but missed. He finally nailed one but couldn't put Lynn away. Lynn finally nailed the cradle piledriver and got the pin. The place erupted.

The shoe ended up with Lynn commenting on the win, saying he's not great when it comes to winning promos. He said that he understands some people don't like his wrestling, but that makes him want to succeed even more. Nigel takes the mic and turns himself babyface, telling the fans to keep supporting ROH and thanked them for supporting him. He bowed before the crowd and left for the back, leaving fans wondering if he was going to take time off and when he would return. A nice mome

Notes: For the most part, a very good show, but far too long in length, something ROH officials understood. The belief was that they wanted to give everyone the best possible show and then the late start, the ring breaking, the fire alarm going off, etc. caused delays. With the WWE Hall of Fame set for a 6 PM local start tomorrow, ROH realizes they will need to keep their PPV taping on point tomorrow....Baby Doll and Daffney were visiting at the show....No sign or mention of Larry Sweeney....Lots of ROH talent were visiting talent booked on the Booker T Fanfest downstairs in the same venue earlier in the day....ROH had a full production setup at the show, including a crane camera and several stationary cameras....ROH officials had problems with preventing fans from trying to videotape the show as several fans were ejected after being caught....There were fans from 45 States and 15 countries in attendance at the show....Bushwhacker Luke Williams worked a pre-show match....Speaking of the pre-show matches, it might not be the best idea to hold them when the company is planning a long, four hour plus show....Don Juan, who worked some early ROH shows, also worked the pre-show....There were a pair of fans dressed like The Rockers. Yes, seriously....Kamala and Williams signed at intermission.

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*Jerry Lynn defeated Nigel McGuinness to capture the ROH title.

Брей, точно това не го очаквах. Но не бих казал, че съм много изненадан, аз си мислех, че покрай тази ТВ сделка може и да има такива неща. Не ми харесва, не съм съгласен, но може би трябваше да го очаквам.



Вражда на годината за 2018 година: baikiro срещу koleda321 (9-6-5-5-1)   🏆🏆🏆

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Пфф... разочарован съм. Пълен ташак. Колко по-хубави варианти имаше... даже не мога да повярвам, че ROH са направили тая глупост. Nigel беше едва ли не най-доминиращия шампион (айде Joe може би мачкаше повече). Изтегавяха..

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Aбе и аз не съм доволен от решението, но донякъде има логика. Както пишеше и в report-a е много възможно Lynn да е просто transitional champ. Струва ми се доста възможно Claudio да я вземе от него, а след това може би е ред на Black или Albright...

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За мен е много добра идея да я дропне точно на него.. Jerry Lynn си е Jerry Lynn! Въпреки, че определено и Tyler Black я заслужаваше, раздаде се много тази година.

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The Pain

Е то се очакваше да я пусне още преди няколко седмици,когато се разбра,че е тежко контузен.Ама и аз не съм доволен,Lynn не го харесвам,но дано наистина да е шампион за кратко време и да я загуби от Aries в близките месеци.


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Ring of Honor is happy to announce that Ric Flair has been added to the big ROH-HDNet National Television Taping this Thursday night in Philadelphia. This will be a can't miss event as the "Nature Boy" steps into the former ECW Arena in South Philadelphia for the first time.

Don't miss the action this Thursday night at The Arena (former New Alhambra Arena), 7 Ritner Street, Philadelphia, PA 19148. Bell time on Thursday is 7 PM.

Already announced is:

Main Event #1- Special Challenge Match

Austin Aries vs. Roderick Strong

Main Event #2- Return Match

Bryan Danielson vs. Tyler Black

Main Event #3- World Tag Team Title Match

Kevin Steen & El Generico defend vs. Kenny King & Rhett Titus

Also signed to appear:

-"Nature Boy" Ric Flair

-NEW ROH World Champion Jerry Lynn

-Nigel McGuinness

-The American Wolves of Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards with Larry Sweeney

-SHIMMER Champion MsChif

-The Necro Butcher

-Claudio Castagnoli

-Kenny Omega

-Jimmy Jacobs

-Dark City Fight Club

-Chris Hero

-Brodie Lee

-Prince Nana

Plus more!!!

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В случай, че се чудите как стоят нещата около Flair в TV шоуто на ROH:

Ric Flair appears at the 4/9 TV tapings. That’s a big deal because ROH was pushing for it to happen, and Flair was being pressured against doing it. ROH announced it the day after Wrestlemania, which I don’t think is a coincidence, as WWE did not want him doing it, and offered him the General Manager role at Smackdown to bring him back as a full- time regular, although Flair turned it down because the money they were offering (reportedly $250,000 per year) was far less than he’s making doing what he’s doing. The report we have is that he’s getting $15,000 for the first TV appearance, and they would like him to do a lot more shows in the future, but would also like him to come in for a lower price. Originally WWE was not going to use Flair after Wrestlemania. If he would have taken the offer, WWE would also be back in control and could force him to turn down money making opportunities, which was the reason he asked out of his contract last year in the first place. The one thing WWE didn’t want was Flair to appear on TNA television, and when ROH got television, it was extended to that as well. WWE has the mentality that by putting people on their TV, they make them stars, and in most cases, that’s true, although some were made stars long before WWE. Even Flair will admit that some of his success as far as securing some of his big money gigs was because WWE got him so hot last year off the Mania build.

Flair’s idea of working with ROH is to help get Reid Flair a regular gig with the company and experience regularly working with better talent.

И между другото, пак в сферата на любопитното:

Bryan Danielson’s contract expires in May and he hasn’t renewed. He’s getting into MMA training at Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas, to the point he’s training five hours a day in that, and the wrestling on weekends is more his time off. He wants to go to Thailand for three months to train exclusively in Muay Thai, which is his weakness, and he can’t do that when he’s under contract here or for that matter, with any promotion.

Larry Sweeney, who is currently suspended from ROH, came to the Houston show wanting to work but Cary Silkin wouldn’t let him work the shows. There was a lot of question at the end of the weekend regarding his future and a lot of people have been worried about his behavior.
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Kрай на Larry Sweeney в ROH?

Hey everybody,

Wow, hard to even start this one.

I have been learning to live with bipolar disorder since I first went through a bipolar cycle when I was 18, ten years ago.

As I understand it, Bipolar disorder is an energy imbalance; call it chemical, call it what you like, but i am most comfortable with the term energy imbalance.

But mr sweeney, sir, you say, you are a perverer of such greatness!! So overwhelming is your awesomeness, that I could hardly ever think of a person of your stature as 'imbalanced'! Who are these false profits that make this judgment of you, and why?

Calm down, wipe the nacho cheese off your face and fingers so that you don't ruin mom's keyboard, sucka, and I'll tell you. But I'm going to be brief about it.

When I was 16 I wrapped a car around a tree and almost killed 5 people, myself included. I don't remember this, at least in my conscious memory, so the parts of my brain where this trama is stored, well, when you do something like that at a young age, and of course you don't mean to, but shit happens, right?, well, you're going to be affected by that for the rest of your life.

There it is. That's my explaination.

It has been incorrectly reported that I have been battling depression. Not true. What do I have to be depressed about? I've made it further in this business and in life than I ever would have imagined possible, gotten to meet so many great people through this business, and have travelled the world. I love what I do and I'm not going anywhere.

A more proper explanation was that certain events led to an onset of mania for me in early february.

While I love Ring of Honor and certainly hope to return, I am quite angry with how I have been treated by Mr. Silken and his company. Despite any personal troubles or turbulance I may have been going through, I never once showed up in a condition where I was unable to perform.

I do not have a drinking problem, nor a drug problem, but my brain gets a little bit coocoo for cocoa puffs sometimes. Really? In the grand scheme of life, that ain't really a big deal. I'm certainly not complaining.

But, the company treated me like a drug addict, not like a person with a medical condition. You see, if somebody shows up drunk or stoned to work and gets caught, then you can suspend or fire them... but in the eyes of the law, in such a crzy world, if any person has a bout with craziness and is seeking care, they cannot be treated the same way, at least this is what my lawyers have told me.

Cary Silken suspended me from pittsburgh and new york with less than 48 hours notice and did not pay me. Before that, the company shorted me on money for the first tv tapings... then I came to houston and, despite my sobriety and clarity, and willingness to fly myself down on my own dime, I was told that I was not welcome.

Since I have not recieved a release from my contract, I consider all monies owed for these bookings to still be owed to me, and I am sitting out, chilling down in the south, until the company makes things right with me. I would like to be there for all of the wrestling fans who enjoy my performances with the company, but I will still be appearing as much as I can, just for different companies. My relationships with CHIKARA and International Wrestling Cartel I consider stronger than ever, and I am very grateful for the care and consideration that Norm Conners and Mike Quackenbush, men who have known me a lot longer than anybody in ROH management, promoters who I have worked for for 4ish and 6ish years repectively, true friends... I am very gratefull to have them in my life as friends and employers.

Because, you see, what would larry sweeney do? (My real name is alex whybrow, sorry to burst your bubble...no, that does not mean that I'll add you as a friend on facebook if I don't know you personally, thank you very much, so don't ask)...

WWSD? That is the question.

I'm under contract until May 2. While I certainly would like to go back to work for mr silken and his company, until they make things right with me, I will not do, and I am retaining a team of lawyers in the mean-time.

Would I love to work with Ric Flair? Hell yes. Do I need ROH to do it? Fuck no.

When life tries to slap you like a bitch, you've got to stand on your own to feet and fight like a man.

When somebody tries to fuck with you, you've got to be like marcellus wallace.... who doesn't like to get fucked by anybody but missus wallace.

When somebody tries to treat you like a kid, kick em in the balls. When somebody won't leave you alone, don't be afraid to punch them in the teeth. Fuck the law. I'll spend a night in jail, I really don't care.

I decide what is right and wrong for me, nobody else. This is my life, and I don't owe it to anybody, and that is true for each and every person on the planet.

Fuck the world, I'm taking over.

I've been in Houston since last Friday, and I love this town. I'm wrestling in Louisiana on Saturday night, doing a clinic on Sunday for Southern Pure Wrestling, and then wrestling in Houston again on Saturday the 18th.

I will appear for ROH if they have made things right with me by that time, but quite frankly, I do not see that happening.

If somebody says they're your friend, but then tries to fuck with your livelihood, for whatever reason, what does that make you? Your enemy. Enemy. Somebody who tries to fuck you, if you don't want to be fucked? That person is your enemy, and there ain't no doubt about that.

More details to follow, but before I take back to the streets of houston, I would like to thank each and every wrestling fan out there, because if it wasn't for you, then I would be able to do what I love, and wrestling is most certainly what I love. Thank you for all the support, friends and fans alike.

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^ FUCK! Поне според мен това ще е голяма загуба за ROH. Най-добрият мениджър да бъде оставен заради някаква глупост. Жалко, наистина. Но ROH няма да загуби само от уволнението или по-скоро не продължаването на договора на Sweeney, какво ще стане с Sweet'n'Sour? Много изтегавяха нещата в компанията покрай телевизионните шоута, глупости и въобще преминаването като трета сила в wrestling-а в САЩ. ТВ шоутата са добри, но само дотам. Да не говорим, че нови фенове с тези посредствени епизоди не виждам как ще докарат. Ако ще разчитат само на базата, която са имали досега не вярвам да успеят. Не ми се иска ROH да фалира при опита за нещо по-голямо.

Знам, че е доста рано, но има ли някакви статистики за рейтинги и печалби/загуби след почването на епизодите?

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Знам, че е доста рано, но има ли някакви статистики за рейтинги и печалби/загуби след почването на епизодите?

Рейтингите им не очаквам да са много големи, тъй като HD Net е доста малка телевизия и доколкото знам може да се гледа от само около 100 000 домакинства в САЩ.


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^ Това е ясно. Смисъл питам като рейтинг спрямо другите предавания по тази телевизия и по-вътрешни неща.

@neshev, нали като на HDnet не им харесват резултатите от излъчването на федерация и решат, че няма смисъл да си набиват парите ROH ще го издуха яко.

Сега интересно дали "American Dragon" ще се пренасочи към MMA :)

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В случай, че се чудите защо кечисти от Dragon Gate скоро не са правили участия в ROH:

Hello everyone!

I have been receiving inquiries like "why aren't Dragon Gate wrestlers on the ROH Wrestle Mania weekend shows?" or "What is the relationship between Dragon Gate and ROH?"

Well, I can't tell you in detail because our lawyer is working on this case in the States, but what I can tell you is Dragon Gate no longer has any relationship with ROH. One of the reason is because we haven't got payment from the past ROH show held in Japan in September 2008. Some of the ROH wrestlers' airfare and their guarantees were supposed be shared between two companies, but the promise had never been kept. I recently hear from some of my dear friends not being paid by ROH as well. Any business is based on a trust, and we no longer wish to do any business with ROH again.

Dragon Gate wrestlers, however, love all ROH wrestlers as well as all its fans. So we are very sad that this situation is happening.

Please keep in mind that we are still planning to do our shows in the States, and we have a very good relationship with PWG in Los Angeles, CA.

Even though Dragon Gate hasn't announce the above statement to the media, I can't ignore my American fans. I just wanted to let you know what is going on. I will try to keep you updated with any of our future plan!

Please support Dragon Gate wrestling, and come cheer us when we wrestle in the States!



Отговорът на ROH:

Ring of Honor issued the following exclusive statement to PWInsider.com this afternoon in response to requests for comment on recent statements made by ROH talent Larry Sweeney and Dragon Gate's CIMA:

We would like to comment on several topics that have been addressed by outside sources over the past week in regards to Ring of Honor. This will be our only public comment in regards to these issues.

First, Alex Whybrow's (Larry Sweeney) claim that he is owed money from ROH. Mr. Whybrow is under contract with Ring of Honor. His contract clearly states that he is paid "X" amount of dollars when he appears for Ring of Honor. Mr. Whybrow has been paid in full for all dates in which he has performed in front of Ring of Honor fans. Any claims in regards to payment for dates in which he has been unable to perform is not in accordance with his ROH contract. Everybody at Ring of Honor would like to wish Alex the best of luck in dealing with his current issues.

Secondly, CIMA from the Dragon Gate promotion in Japan has made claims that Ring of Honor owes Dragon Gate money from our Sept. 2008 show stating "Some of the ROH wrestlers' airfare and their guarantees were supposed be shared between two companies, but the promise had never been kept." This statement is false. All Ring of Honor talent was paid in full for these events along with their airfare. CIMA and the Dragon Gate promotion are very well aware of what agreements they did not live up to in regards to the ROH/Dragon Gate show and why we choose to no longer do business with them.

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Хм, забавна история.. :) ROH изглеждат бая затънали..

Струвами се достта странно Larry Sweeney/CIMA (Dragon Gate) да пропищят за неплатени пари за по-малко от седмица (поправете ме, ако греша). Отделно не бях чувал до момента някой да е пропищявал за пари след/при работа с ROH..

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ROH House Show Results 04.18.09 - Markham, ONT

A) Player Uno and Alex Payne defeated Michael Elgin and Ash. Fun opener with the crowd being into everyone. Nice to see Ash and Elgin on the show.

B) Josh Raymond and Christian Able defeated Grizzly Redwood and Bobby Dempsey. Fun match, Raymond and Able seem like they could do well on the regular card.

Main Show:

1) Brent Albright defeated Jimmy Rave by submission with the crowbar. Jimmy Rave and Prince Nana seem to have fit right back in. The toilet papering went over well. Rave did enough heel stalling to get heat but limited it enough to not be Larry Zbysko. Lots of chopping with good selling by Rave. Albright looked good in victory, he seems to have trimmed and was in the best shape and worked the best I've seen him in a while.

2) Chris Hero d. Necro Butcher by DQ after Necro used a chair. This was a fun brawl that went out of the ring a lot and also involved wrestling. The DQ finish didn't feel ill-timed. There was a great taunt by Hero when Necro was down and Hero said "Where's your Oscar?"

3) Colt Cabana d. Claudio Castagnolli via pinfall. Cabana has fit right back into his comedic role and the crowd was right with him. It sucks that WWE wasted two years of hislife but he feels refreshed. Claudio was probably in the best heel mode Ive seen him, which happens when you shave your head and wear a scarf. Fun match.

4) Austin Aries, Rhett Titus and Kenny King d. Kevin Steen Kenny Omega and Player Dos. Aries, Titus and King were great as a trio and come off like a top act. This match was filled with lots of great ???? along with Dos being worked over. It was cool for Generico to be there and kudos to ROH for announcing this upfront. Great match, second best of the night.Great chant of "Heppa-Titus" at Rhett.


5) The start of the second half was being announced when Delirious and Jimmy Jacobs appeared in the crowd already brawling.They were close to me so that was fun. They went into the stands, then to ringside, setting up a table for later. They got ine ring and brawled back and forth. Eventually Delirious tried to suplex Jacobs out of the ring onto the table but Jacobs fought back, hit the ropes and speared Delirious through the table. Eventually Daizee Haze got involved. During the finish, Delirious blew black mist, covering Jacobs' face. Daizee hit Jacobs with his own spike and then Delirious put him in the Cobra Stretch with the spike digging in Jacobs black-covered face until Jimmy tapped. This is the best I've seen from either guy in a while.

6)Jay Briscoe d. Roderick Strong in a strong wrestling match. Lots of chops, lot of nearfalls and an ending sequence of rollups that ended with Jay winning. A really good match that was exactly what it needed to be.

7) Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards vsm Bryan Danielson and Tyler Black went to a 45-minute time limit draw in the best match I have seen live since Danielson v. Black from Detroit last July (ppv match).The 45 minutes flew by and caught the crowd by surprise with the one-minute warning while both Danielson and Black did elbow strikes to the Wolves followed by duelling Cattle Mutilation when the warning was given. Crowd was heated that it ended but good heat and a remacth should be good. Lots of innovative spots including Black and Danielson tagging in and out while taking turns bodyslamming Edwards. Simple, but it got over. The Wolves seem like a great classic tag with lots of great double-teams, many of which involve kicks and leg lariats. Crazy spot with all the guys in the crowd after dives by Richards and Danielson, then both Black and Richards getting back in at 19.5 when it seemed they would't. Danielson also had a crazy bruise on his left thigh the size of a melon and he sold it the rest of the match. I would have though he had broken it except he was able to work on it (stand,run,etc) and his opponents worked it the rest of the match with texas cloverleaf's and dragonscrews.

[size=3][color=blue]Carefree, wherever we may be
We are the famous CFC
And we don't give a fuck Whoever you may be
'Cos we are the famous CFC[/color][/size]

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