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Реших да направя една обща тема където да пускаме всички резултати от шоутата на ROH, тъй като иначе става прекалено объркано и ще станат прекалено много темите. Ето и резултатите от вчерашното шоу в Manassas,VA

Manassas, VA- January 16th

Friday, January 16, 2009

Ring Of Honor

Sports Network and Fitness Inc.

January 16th, 2009- 8:00pm belltime

8320 Quarry Road

Manassas, VA 20110

1) Albright and Stevens d Wayne and Escobar - This was a great opener, and Erick Stevens did well inf playing the face in peril and giving Wayne and Escobar some credible offense with the two being relatively new in the promotion. Damian Wayne's chest looked like he was mauled by a shark. The local guys looked impressive in this match and Dean and I were envious of the awesomeness that was Chris Escobar's pants. The Giant Circled E on his johnson with the arrows going up his leg pointing to it was Tashard Choice. (* 3/4)

2) Sean Denny and Rhett Titus went to a no contest when Bison Smith interfered and showed that he will probably be ROH's big man this year and a definite poor man's answer to Takeshi Morishima no longer working regular dates.

3) The American Wolves of Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards d Jay Briscoe and Roderick Strong - This was probably the match that was most like the old ROH tonight and was very fast paced. The main difference with the new booking is that it is trying to establish a clear babyface and a clear heel by the in ring personalities of the competitors. The Old ROH, to me, was more about the athletic competition and was less concerned with establishing the babyface/heel within the match. Davey Richards annoyingly repeated to Jay Briscoe during the match about four times that he was the one that crippled Jay's brother. This match was going along fine until the booking kicked in and Larry Sweeney interfered helping the Wolves to win the match. I would have liked to have seen it go about 7-8 minutes longer and have a clean finish (**)

4) Necro Butcher b Delirious - I know that he can take a giant ass beating, but I cant share the Necro Butcher love with seemingly every one else on the board. He punches like a drunk uncle hitting you on the arm at a Christmas party and badly telegraphs moves like his backdrop attempts. He did hit a nice Tiger Driver to win the match. Delirious now seems to be Jimmy Jacobs whipping boy in Age of the Fall (1/2 *)

5) Jerry Lynn b Austin Aries - I started off hating this match and, by the end of the match, I loved it. It was so atypical of an Austin Aries match. He was debuting his new gimmick of pompous, prissy, arrogant Austin Aries. Most of the match was spent with him comically selling everything from crotch shots to being whipped into the corner. His facial expressions were great and you had to love the 70's porn mustache. (** 1/2)

6) Jimmy Jacobs b Bryan Danielson - This was the biggest letdown of the night. Dean was right. They spent about 8 minutes screwing around and then decided to have jacobs work on dragon's leg. I was expecting a matwork based matched leading to a fast finish. (**)

7) Tyler Black b Nigel - This was MOTN. Tyler Black was the most impressive worker on the show and if the belt is not put on Dragon, Black should be the next Champion. Tim "The Hangman" Noel was right. There were not a lot of false finishes and timing to get the crowd excited tonight and this match was no exception. There were some nice exchanges and chops and quite a few cool reversals in this match. (***)

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Леле ... това ще да е бил доста слаб event, щом са толкова ниски оценките. По принцип в ROH винаги, на всеки event е имало мач ***1/2 +, а сега *** е мача с най-висока оценка. Много, много странно.

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Ако си мислите,че всяко ROH шоу е някакво уникално,грешите.И те,както WWE си имат своите слаби/средни шоута,не може всяко да е пълно с MOTYC. :icon_wink:


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Edison, NJ- January 17th

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Inman Sports Club

January 17th, 2009- 7:30pm belltime

990 Inman Avenue

Edison, NJ 08820

I was at the show tonight, and while I don't post here to often I thought I throw my two cents in.

The crowd was pretty dead for most of the night (though I must admit I'm not that loud of a person). I also was distracted by the stink of the fan sitting next to me and the fact that he spit on me every time he opened his mouth, which was a lot.

I did have fun, though this won't go down as a top show of the year.

Albright/Titus was a decent opener. Titus got in a lot of offense, but I think he might need to improve his moveset for his heat segments and it was mostly basic stuff that wasn't too impressive. The crowd's reaction hinted that they were expecting more of a squash than they got.

The 4-way was alright, but not memorable. Denny and Wayne didn't show anything special. I'm not a big fan of Necro, but he did he impress me with his frankensteiner of the top rope. The Shadows over Hell looked sicker than usual tonight, so I bought it as a finish.

Aries interview explained his new character pretty well, but his new look is almost a ripoff of Joey Ryan. The crowd seemed happy about the title match switch as I wondered how they would pull the heel-heel match off without a vocal crowd like Arena Warfare.

The 3-way was well done storyline wise, though it was nothing special as a match. Aries and Jacobs played the odd-couple who clearly hate each other but have similar mindsights. They were always challenging each other to do something and were seconds away from beating the s**t out of each other the whole match. Jay came out looking great for surviving what was basically a handicap match and might be the start of a singles push for him while Mark is out, as opposed to the jobber he was last time he was in the singles scene. Aries eating Jacobs' bubblegum was disgusting and got a great response from the crowd.

The lumberjack match was fun, but again nothing earth shattering. They used the gimmick well, though you could've guessed the dirty finish coming a mile away. There was a great moment when the lumberjacks were all chasing Davey around the ring as payback for what a d**chebag he has been (I'm not sure if I can use that word on the message boards).

The no-contest I could see coming a mile away. I would have preferred if Bison had just had a squash match with Escobar, who actually looked like he has some potential and some innovative moves, rather than what we got. Bison barely got any reaction though, besides a few fans. I look forward to where this could go.

The Dragon-Lynn match was good, but not as good as I was hoping it would be, though I probably just had my expectations too high (The same thing happened with the Dragon-Marafuji match at A New Level). That being said, there was some great mat wrestling in there that will be fun to watch on DVD again. The finish made sense to build Lynn towards another title match with Nigel, while Dragon still looked strong while waiting for his next fued.

The title match was interesting. It was extremely overbooked, but I must admit it was entertaining and played on the crowd's espectations. It teased so many dirty finishes and also teased a realistic chance of a title change. EVeryone was saying after the show that the match was short of the time limit, but I wasn't keeping track. There was no announcement of time remaining or countdown, so that added some confusion. The run-ins were plentiful but made some sense, and since there has been some confusion on this let me break it down to the best of my ability:

Jacobs comes out to distract Tyler as he goes to the top rope. WHile the ref deals with Jacobs, Aries comes out and attacks Tyler, giving him a sick brainbuster on the floor. This brings out Lynn, who attacks Nigel with a cradlepiledriver, and then Jay who attacks Aries and Jacobs after their match earlier and complaining about their whining. The WOlves come out to attack Jay and attack Lynn too. This brings out the anti-Sweeney brigade. Dragon comes out to try to send all of them to the back but Jacobs takes him out. There are some dives to the outside, and evetually Dragon gets the faces to send the heels over the barricade, where he dives onto everybody to get them away from the ring. Then they brawl to the back.

It was crazy but it did keep my interest. Also, the match Tyler and Nigel had was very good outside of the interference. As long as this doesn't become a standard in ROH, I'll accept the clusterf--k run-ins as a way to advance how serious the fueds are. It also reminded me a bit of ROH in the summer of 05 when the run-ins and interference were becoming a problem as a way to lead to a comissioner being appointed (Nana as the commish. anyone?).

Overall, an entertaining but not mindblowing show. It still left me looking forward to the Hammerstein show in March. I'm sorry if I was unclear or wrong or anything, but I have been drinking since I got home, as the venue doesn't serve alcohol (which sucks).

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Относно първото шоу в Manassas, четах доста позитивни коментари относно последните два мача,много ме съмнява да са толкова слаби,колкото са ги изкарали в този report,като се имат предвид разбира се и предните мачове между тези кечисти.

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ROH House Show Results – Detroit, Michigan: 01.30.09

Motor City Madness 2009

Michigan State Fairgrounds & Expo Center "Michigan Mart"

January 30th, 2009- 8:00pm bell time

1120 W. State Fair Ave.

Detroit, MI 48203


- 1) Ernie Osiris defeats Ninja Pink

- 2) Kenny King defeats "Sugarfoot" Alex Payne

- 3) Irish Airborne vs. Grizzly Redwood & Alex Ridge ends with a Bison Smith run in, wiping out all four.

Main Show

- 1) Bryan Danielson defeats Rhett Titus with Cattle Mutilation. Mostly a comedy bout with Dragon playing to the crowd a lot.

- 2) Austin Aries defeats Silas Young with the Last Chancery. Match was fine, nothing special. Before the match Aries cut a promo telling off the fans, and taking a shot at Silas' newborn and his wife. During Aries' entrance no one knew who it was due to the music. Aries yelled through Young's entire entrance.

~Return date: June 26th, 2009

- 3) Brodie Lee vs. Necro Butcher ends in a double count out. Most of the match was spent outside the ring, and they brawled in to the crowd afterward. Brodie jumped Necro during his entrance.

~Delirious and Jimmy are out. Jimmy calls out Strong and Stevens.

- 4) Roderick Strong & Erick Stevens defeat Jimmy Jacobs & Delirious with a Big Boot/Spinebuster combo. Decent match, but the crowd is still semi-deadish. Jimmy physically threatened Delirious after the match but they eventually left together.


- 5) Claudio Castagnoli defeats Brent Albright via disqualification. SNS Inc. came out to watch the match from the ramp. Albright locked Claudio in the Crowbar, and when Claudio got to the ropes Albright refused to release the hold, instead choosing to keep it in and yell at Sweeney. Match was a very good until the finish.

- 6) Tyler Black and Jerry Lynn wrestle to a twenty-minute draw. The match was absolutely awesome. Crowds wants five more minutes ... but they aren't going to get it.

- 7) Nigel McGuinness defeats Jay Briscoe with the Jawbreaker in a solid match. Lots of jawing with the crowd.

- 8) ROH World Tag Team Championships: Kevin Steen & El Generico defeat Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards to retain the Championships in a good main. After the match Steen cuts a promo saying Steenerico are holding those belts for a good long while.

[size=3][color=blue]Carefree, wherever we may be
We are the famous CFC
And we don't give a fuck Whoever you may be
'Cos we are the famous CFC[/color][/size]

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Май шоуто е било доста солидно! Tyler Black for CHAMP!!!

Довечера е първото PPV за 2009 ''Caged Collision'' в Чикаго. Карда мачка отвсякаде. :)

Steel Cage War

Sweet N Sour Inc. vs. Brent Albright, Roderick Strong, Erick Stevens, & Jay Briscoe & TBD

ROH World Title Match

Nigel McGuinness defends vs. El Generico

Grudge Match

Bryan Danielson & Tyler Black vs. Austin Aries & Jimmy Jacobs

Special Challenge Match

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Kevin Steen

Tag Team Challenge Match

Jerry Lynn & The Necro Butcher vs. Delirious & Brodie Lee

Singles Action

Alex "Sugarfoot" Payne vs. Silas Young

Singles Action

Rhett Titus vs. Grizzley Redwood

Preshow Match

Egotistico Fantastico vs. Deryck St. Holmes

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ROH World Title Match

Nigel McGuinness defends vs. El Generico

Grudge Match

Bryan Danielson & Tyler Black vs. Austin Aries & Jimmy Jacobs

Special Challenge Match

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Kevin Steen

Я тия 3 мача веднага ми грабанаха окото. Особена мача за титлата, El Generico просто цепи мифки, кърти мрака и топлоизолира. Айде, мощно "Оле, оле, оле" пред монитора пък току виж взел титлата! :yahoo:

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Вражда на годината за 2018 година: baikiro срещу koleda321 (9-6-5-5-1)   🏆🏆🏆

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Generico и на врата да си стъпи пак няма да вземе титлата ;) Nigel ще дръжи поне още 3-4 месеца. Иначе добър card, въпреки че поне за мен няма интрига в мача за титлата...

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Caged Collison

Frontier Fieldhouse

January 31, 2009- 7:30 pm belltime

9807 Sayre Ave.

Chicago Ridge, IL 60415



~Haven't heard from ninja yet, so I'm going through a back up for the moment.

1) Tag match, missed the names.

2) Egotistico Fantastico defeats Deryck St. Holmes with a backslide.

~Return Date: April 25th, 2009.

Main Show

~Ninja is there.

1) "Sugarfoot" Alex Payne defeats Silas Young & Kenny King with a hurricanrana on Young. King looked absolutely great in the match while Young and Payne were sloppy and unimpressive.

2) Claudio Castagnoli defeats Kevin Steen with a Ricola Bomb following a Larry Sweeney distraction.

3) Grizzly Redwood defeats Rhett Titus with a roll up.

4) Jerry Lynn & Necro Butcher defeat Brodie Lee & Delirious when Lynn pins Delirious with a cradle piledriver. Necro put Brodie through a table on the floor.

~After the match Daizee accidentally spikes Delirious in the face while trying to hit Jimmy. Crowd didn't seem to care much.


~Before the Money In The Bank Tag Match can happen, Dragon takes the mic and everyone agrees that this is now a 4 way match.

5) Tyler Black defeats Austin Aries, Jimmy Jacobs, and Bryan Danielson to secure a title match when and where ever he sees fit. Bison Smith interfered in the match taking out Danielson with a powerbomb on the floor. Black rolled up Jacobs after he accidentally speared Aries.

6) ROH World Championship: Nigel McGuinness defeats El Generico to retain the Title. Generico tapped to the London Dungeon. On par with their previous matches.

~Tyler is out to CASH IN!

7) ROH World Championship: Tyler Black & Nigel McGuinness ... never gets to begin. Aries and Jacobs jump Black before the bell. Necro and Lynn make the save, and Nigel hauls ass through the crowd.


a) Davey Richards and Roderick Strong kick things off.

b) Tank Toland is out at #2 for SNS Inc.

c) Ace Steel in at #2 for Team Albright.

d) Eddie Edwards in at #3 for SNS Inc.

e) Jay Briscoe in at #3 for Team Albright.

f) Jay is jumped before he can get in by a double team. Appears out of it.

g) Bobby Dempsey in at #4 for SNS Inc.

h) Erick Stevens in at #4 for Team Albright

i) PEARCE is in at #5 for SNS Inc.

j) Albright in as the final man.

-Roddy is totally busted open. Jay still not in the match.

-Jay is back in. SNS Inc. have been tossed from the ring, and now it's a momentary 5 on 1 on Pearce.

-Jay Briscoe is alone with Bobby in the cage, but dives out rather than attack him.

Brent Albright defeats Adam Pearce to win the Steel Cage War.

After the match Sweeney gets in Bobby's face and slaps him. Dempsey finally snaps. He tears Sweeney's shirt off and "beats the s***" out of him. HUGE Dempsey chants echoing through the building. Dempsey leaves Larry a bloody mess following a Death Valley Driver.

Tyler Black продължава да дава признаци, че скоро може да вземе титлата от Nigel, което ме радва супер много. :)

Edited by BORKO_10
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Caged Collision е било доста стабилно. Това с MITB е било добре замислено, но се радвам, че Black не е успял да кашира. Все още съм на мнение, че някой друг трябва да вземе титлата от Найджъл. Кастаньоли в SNS Inc, или само така ми се струва? Според мен ще е лоша идея. Този стейбъл трябваше да издигне Хиро още и още и още. А сега и с Клаудио там Хиро ще стои на заден план дълго време...

Aries & Jacobs първоначално букнати като tag team? Или пак съм изпуснал нещо или Pearce или който там беше букър се е побъркал. Абе... ще си струва :) Доволни резултати.

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Звучи доста добре и заедно с миналите две шоута за пръв път открай време мисля да сваля нещо на ROH освен PPV-тата. TYLER BLACK FTW~! Този човек ми държи интереса откакто Jacobs го въведе в ROH и не е спирал да ми е интересен и за секунда. Не се съмнявайте, че до 7th Anniversary Show Black ще бъде шампион. Досега има tease след tease, но както е тръгнало ще падне един момент, в който просто няма да има кой да се намеси и ще бъде сега или никога... и за доброто на ROH се надявам Black да бъде новия шампион, защото ми е втръснало от McGuinness.

Намесите на Sweeney в мачовете на Castagnoli ме радват. Това може да значи две неща - най-после сериозна роля за Castagnoli или KINGS OF WRESTLION REUNION! Второто би ме радвало повече, защото ще даде и роля на Hero, който не е бил под прожекторите от незнамсикога. Eddie Edwards има по-сериозна роля от Hero, представете си за какво става на въпрос. Говорейки изобщо за Hero... къде е тоя човек?!

Историята Delirious-Haze може да се проточва повечко от необходимото, но на мен продължава да ми е интересна. Непрекъснато има признаци, че ще стане едно, после нещата правят завой на 180 градуса и сме на изходна позиция. FUCK ALREADY! Една от редките сапунки, които всъщност хващат интереса. :)

Стига сега Tyler vs. Nigel да не се превърне в Tyler vs. Jacobs & Aries преди да спечели титлата, следващото шоу ще си заслужава да се гледа повече и от това.


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Proving Ground 09 Night 1

Coral Springs Gymnasium

February 6th, 2009- 8:00pm belltime

2501 Coral Springs Drive

Coral Springs, FL 33065



1) Alex Payne defeats Wes Eskimo with a rana.

2) The British Lions defeat The Heartbreak Express with a clothesline/sunset flip combo.

Main Show

1) Brad Attitude defeats Sean Osbourne with a variation of an inverted side slam.

2) Bison Smith annihilates Sal Rinauro for the entire match, ends it with an Iron Claw Chokeslam.

3) Roderick Strong, Erick Stevens, & BOBBY DEMPSEY defeat Kenny King, Chasyn Rance, & Rhett Titus when Dempsey hit Rance with his Death Valley Driver.

4) Austin Aries defeats The Necro Butcher with a kick/brainbuster combo. Jacobs distracted the ref and Delirious hit a chair shot to set the pin up.

5) Bryan Danielson & Jerry Lynn defeat Jimmy Jacobs & Delirious in a really fun match when Jacobs tapped to Cattle Mutilation.


6) Nigel McGuinness defeats Brent Albright by rolling out of The Crowbar and grabbing the tights. Great, hard hitting match.

7) Kevin Steen & El Generico defeat The Dark City Fight Club in a highly entertaining, very competitive match with the brainbuster/package piledriver combo. "More DCFC in ROH please."

8) Tyler Black defeats Davey Richards with the corner powerbomb & superkick. Great main event to end the night on.

Overall, the show was a ton of fun and the crowd was very vocal and hot all night.

Proving Ground 09 Night 2

Orlando Downtown Recreation Complex

February 7th, 2009- 8:00pm belltime

649 West Livingston Street

Orlando, FL 32801

Tickets are available at www.rohwrestling.com, www.tickets.com, or by calling (215) 781-2500.



1) Heartbreak Express defeat Brett Thunder & ?

2) Brandon Marino defeats Chris Escobar

3) Chasyn Rance & Sal Rinauro defeat Ninja Brown & Bobby Dempsey

Main Show

1) Jerry Lynn defeats Shawn Osborne in about 11 minutes with a Cradle Piledriver. Better opener than last night, decent match.

2) Kenny King & Rhett Titus defeat The British Lions with an assisted springboard blockbuster. Fun tag action. Kenny King was monster over.

~A HDNet camera man is here getting lots of close up shots of the crowd.

3) Bison Smith defeated some jobber with a military press in the corner followed by an Ironclaw Chokeslam.

4) Kevin Steen defeats Davey Richards in about 12 minutes when he countered the Cloverleaf in to a small package. Really good match.

5) Tyler Black & The Necro Butcher defeat Jimmy Jacobs & Delirious in about 17 minutes via DQ after Jacobs hammered Black with a steel chair as he went for his superkick to Delirious. Very chaotic match towards the finish. Jacobs speared Black off the apron to the floor, then Necro put Jimmy on a table and legdropped him through it on the floor.


6) Austin Aries defeats Brad Attitude with a kick to the head/brainbuster combo in a little over 10 minutes.

7) Roderick Strong, Erick Stevens, & Brent Albright defeat The Dark City Fight Club & Francisco Ciatso when Ciatso tapped to the Stronghold. Match of the night so far easily. Very stiff with tons of chops. At one point Roderick went to the floor to attack Ciatso, and ate a Pounce from Davis in to the guardrail so hard to it knocked down and potentially broke the HDNet Camera that was nearby. Davis' chest was bleeding from all the chops. Roderick found himself in a lot of triple teams. Ciatso and the Fight Club got a long "PLEASE COME BACK" chant.

~After Generico and Danielson both make their entrances, they shake hands. The crowd starts a "hug him!" chant at Dragon. He does not hug Generico, much to the disappointment of those in attendance. This prompted a "SAY YOU'RE SORRY!" chant. After a minute of learning Spanish from the crowd, Dragon apologizes to Generico and hugs him. Crowd totally ate this up.

8) El Generico defeats Bryan Danielson in 21 minutes with the Brainbuster following a distraction from Bison Smith. Smith came out, but Dragon dove on him before he could interfere. As Dragon re-entered the ring, he was drilled with the Yakuza and the Brainbuster. Easily the new MOTN, with the crowd totally electric for it.

~After the match Bison continued his assault, powerbombing Dragon once more. Danielson was helped out by some students.

~Prior to the main event, Nigel gets a microphone. He calls D'Lo "Savio Vega", then says Obama isn't black and neither is D'Lo. D'Lo says he saw that Nigel said he watched D'Lo as a kid, saying it was like a child watching a real man. D'Lo says he spoke with Nigel's girlfriend and she said he isn't a man either. D'Lo says Nigel is lost and confused. He then tells Nigel that this is "a MAN'S game bitch" then slaps the taste out of Nigel's mouth.

9) ROH World Championship: Nigel McGuinness defeats D'Lo Brown in 16 minutes after two rebound lariats to retain the championship. Pretty good match with some decent spots. After the match Nigel trash talked D'Lo, who laid him out and posed with the belt.

Overall, a very good show. When asked about a return, Cary said "probably not for a while."

особено второто шоу май е било доста добро. Нямам търпение да видя прегръдката между El Generico и Bryan Danielson. :D

Сега на 27 предстои още едно шоу, след което на 28 Февруари и на 1ви Март са първите TV записи за HD Net.

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Откакто Gabe бе уволнен и Adam Pearce бе назначен за head booker, най-много пострадаха второстепенните шоута на ROH,голяма част от които,да не кажа половината,изглеждат непродаваеми.Типичен пример за това е шоуто в Coral Springs.Подобни шоута освен колекционерите на DVD-та трудно ще бъдат купени от други.Напротив,за indy шоута изгледат добре,но за нивото,което ROH подържат последните години са си крачка назад.И по времето на Gabe имаше такива,но бяха значително по-малко.Разбира се всичко това може да бъде обяснено с многото нови кечисти,които в момента се изпробват,както и с някои други промени,които ROH предприеха последните месеци,но все пак основният критерий по който феновете купуват DVD-тата на ROH са card-a,колко добри мачове е имало,колко 4*+ мача е имало и от тази гледна точка тези шоута не могат да се похвалят с успех.

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The following are complete ROH HDNet TV taping results from Philadelphia, PA from February 28:

*Episode #1* (Airing: March 21)

- Jerry Lynn defeated Delirious

- Kenny King defeated Sami Callahan

- Brent Albright defeated Rhett Titus

- Main Event: Tyler Black defeated Jimmy Jacobs

*Episode #2* (Airing: March 28)

- Kevin Steen defeated Eddie Edwards

- Sara Del Ray defeated Daizee Haze

- Claudio Castagnoli defeated Alex Payne

- Main Event: ROH World Champion Nigel McGuinness defeated Jay Briscoe

*Episode #3* (Airing: April 4)

- Erick Stevens defeated Sterling James Keenan

- Kory Chavis & Jon Davis defeated Cheech & Cloudy

- Chris Hero w/ Larry Sweeney & Sara Del Ray defeated The Necro Butcher

- Main Event: "American Dragon" Bryan Danielson defeated Austin Aries

[size=3][color=blue]Carefree, wherever we may be
We are the famous CFC
And we don't give a fuck Whoever you may be
'Cos we are the famous CFC[/color][/size]

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Защо след като има тема специално за ROH ти реши да направиш нова такава?

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Много тъпа ми се вижда идеята да няма нито един кечист, който да се е бил на повече от едно шоу. Сега какво става? Хората ще видят едни лица на първото шоу, и през следващите 2 седмици няма да ги видят отново?! Това значи, че непрекъснато ще гледат нови хора. Това е много лош ход за стартиране на нова федерация по ТВ - хората няма да могат да запомнят ключовите лица, след като всяка седмица виждат нови random хора...


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Много тъпа ми се вижда идеята да няма нито един кечист, който да се е бил на повече от едно шоу. Сега какво става? Хората ще видят едни лица на първото шоу, и през следващите 2 седмици няма да ги видят отново?! Това значи, че непрекъснато ще гледат нови хора. Това е много лош ход за стартиране на нова федерация по ТВ - хората няма да могат да запомнят ключовите лица, след като всяка седмица виждат нови random хора...

Напълно подкрепям това мнение.При мен ще се получи абсолютно същата ситуация.Просто няма никакъв смисъл то така ще миуне цял месец а няма да има една заформена вражда

[size=3][color=blue]Carefree, wherever we may be
We are the famous CFC
And we don't give a fuck Whoever you may be
'Cos we are the famous CFC[/color][/size]

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И на мен не ми допада този факт. Много е глупаво така. Надявах се шоуто да служи главно за развитие на истории, но явно от телевизията искат да има повече екшън и предполагам, че това е основната причина да има само мачове (може да има и някой сегмент, но не се знае). Надявах се шоуто да окаже силно влияние върху възвръщането на известна част от интереса ми към ROH (не че съм ги гледал кой знае колко много, но все пак), обаче май шоутата ще са точно такъв тип, какъвто не понасям, така че не съм сигурен колко редовно ще ги следя.

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Абсолютно сигурно ли е, че записаните мачове ще са разпределени точно в този ред из седмиците? Струва ми се странно, но както и да е.

Имайки предвид, че HDnet може би искат само действие, както UltraMadd предположи, може да е нормално. А и донякъде си беше ясно, че няма да гледаме едни и същи хора. 3 седмици, записани за 1 ден... това значи, че главните лица трябва да имат поне по 2 мача, което би било доста изтощително и би повлияло на качеството на мачовете. Колкото до развитието на истории: не знам дали въобще ще остане време за такива. Може би всичко ще си остане за DVD-тата, а по HDnet ще бъдат излъчвани само мачовете... не знам, ще поживеем и ще видим.

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-They have really nice camera and lighting setups, it looks really professional.

-Jerry Lynn defeated Delirious in a good, back and forth opener. Jerry's really over with the crowd as you might expect. They messed up a sunset flip spot pretty badly, but pulled it together and Lynn put Delirious away with a cradle piledriver.

-Kenny King defeated Sami Callahan. This was almost all Kenny King, though Callahan did get in some nice moves. Callahan's intense, but I still don't like his look. King put him away with an inverted fireman's carry into a DDT.

-Brent Albright defeated Rhett Titus by submission. Rhett got some nice offense in, and I think he's really benefited from not having the "ROH school student" label. I think he's got a good future barring injury. Albright came back strong and tapped Titus to the Crowbar.

-Tyler Black defeated Jimmy Jacobs in the main event. This is their first singles match in ROH. Jimmy took control early, but Tyler came back with a spinkick over the top rope. Tyler started working Jimmy over in the corner, but Jimmy used the tights to yank Tyler into the turnbuckle and regain control. Tyler went up to the top, but Jimmy pushed him off and to the floor, then followed up with a running elbowdrop off the apron. Tyler came back with a press slam, but missed a Phoenix Splash and Jimmy came back with a spear. Tyler got the knees up on a senton and went for God's Last Gift, but Jimmy countered into the End Time, but Tyler rolled through into a bridge for the win. Brodie Lee attacked Tyler after the match and he and Jimmy double teamed Tyler and left him laying.


-Kevin Steen defeated Eddie Edwards. Steen took control early and did the snot blowing spot, but Edwards came back with some nicks kicks and locked Steen into a rear chinlock, then went to work on him in the corner and choked him on the ropes. Sweeney interfered behind the referee's back. Steen mounted a comeback by dropping Edwards groin-first on the top rope and nailing a cannonball in the corner for 2. Steen tried a swanton, but Edwards got the knees up. Steen turned it around with a superkick and enziguiri, followed by the package piledriver for the win.

-Sara Del Rey defeated Daizee Haze. Sara used her size to overpower Daizee to start slamming her off the top and hitting a vertical splash. Daizee came back with a flying headscissors, but botched a crossbody, which Sara saved with a blockbuster suplex and a backbreaker. Sara got Daizee in a torture rack, but Daizee escaped and hit a heart punch and a yakuza kick for 2. Sara missed a corner charge and Daizee hit...something, but Sara hit a rolling kick and the Butterfly Powerslam for the win.

-Claudio Castagnoli defeated Alex "Sugarfoot" Payne. Payne outmaneuvered Claudio to start until Claudio caught him in midair and turned it into a windmill slam. Claudio hit a gutwrench slam and a big bicycle kick for 2, and then followed up with a stiff European uppercut and a big power lift. Payne made a comeback with some token 80s enhancement dropkicks and a bulldog, but Claudio killed him with a pop-up 2uropean uppercut and the Ricola Bomb for the win.

-ROH World Champion Nigel McGuinness defeated Jay Briscoe in a non-title match. Nigel worked the arm to start, then they did the headlock/legscissors/escape spot 3 or 4 times before Jay wound up with the headlock. Jay worked the headlock for a minute or two until Nigel escaped and hoit a hammerlock STO. Jay came back with a nice dropkick, but Nigel went back to the arm and hit a hammerlock DDT and a nice hammerlock over-the-shoulder throw. Nigel locked Jay in a cobra clutch, but Jay escaped, ducked a short clothesline, and hit a big boot to turn the tide. Jay with a corner clothesline and a big spinebuster for 2, but Nigel trapped him in the corner and hit the kick to the back/forearm combo. Nigel went for the Tower of London, but Jay escaped and hit a Death Valley Driver for 2. Jay went up top slowly and Nigel nailed him and went for a superplex, but Jay knocked him off the top and hit a top rope legdrop for a close 2. Jay went for the Jay Driller but Nigel escaped and hit the Jawbreaker Lariat for the win.


-Erick Stevens defeated Sterling James Keenan. Stevens hit a couple of power moves to start but Keenan came back with some standard kick-punch stuff and a belly-to-back suplex for 2. Keenan ducked a clothesline and hit a nice STO for 2 then went to a kneeling surfboard. Stevens escaped and hit a nice overhead belly-to-belly and a second rope shoulderblock for 2. Keenan came back with an implant DDT but Stevens caught him in a pop-up powerslam and then followed that up with a big German suplex, a stiff clothesline, and a Doctorbomb for the win.

-The Dark City Fight Club defeated Cheech and Cloudy. The DFDC totally destroyed Cloudy to start. Cheech tagged in and Cheech and Cloudy hit some sweet double team moves including a dropkick to the back/619 combo, but the DCFC cut them off in short order and polished Cheech off with an assisted powerbomb for the win. Cheech and Cloudy looked way better than the DCFC here.

-Chris Hero defeated Necro Butcher. Hero is sporting new short tights, which don't look good on him. The crowd is crazy into Necro though Hero has a lot of crowd support too. Hero tried several yakuza kicks to start, but Necro no sold and started pounding on Hero. Larry Sweeney distracted Necro and Hero hit a roaring elbow to the back then threw Necro to the floor where Sweeney and Sara Del Rey attacked him behind the referee's back. Back in the ring, Hero trapped him in a cravate, but Necro escaped and started beating Hero down in the corner. Necro with a bulldog for 2, but Hero came back with a couple of nice strikes and a blockbuster for 2. Out on the floor Necro hit Hero with a chair, then pulled up the mats and gave Hero a chair slam on the concrete. Sweeney distracted Necro, allowing Hero to slip on the loaded elbow pad and knock Necro out with it for the win. Match of the night so far. Necro threatened to hit Turner with the chair after the match, but Turner ran off.

-Bryan Danielson defeated Austin Aries. The fans sung the Final Countdown before the match, I guess in protest over Danielson's much lamer new music. The crowd is crazy into Danielson. They spent the first couple of minutes feeling one another out with a nice series of holds and reversals. Aries finally took the advantage by rolling through a sunset flip and hitting a dropkick to Danielson's face. Aries hit his leaping elbow for two and put Danielson in a stump puller, then tossed Danielson over the top to the floor and hit the missile dive to the floor. Back in the ring, Aries caught Danielson in the illegal fishhook, but Danielson moved out of the way of the corner dropkick and started making a comeback with a series of European uppercuts. Danielson with the butterfly suplex into a cross armbreaker, but Aries made the ropes. Now Danielson sent Aries to the floor and faked Aries out on the dive, but nailed him with a running elbow off the apron instead. They went toe to toe back in the ring, Aries got the advantage and hit the corner dropkick and got Danielson in the Last Chancery, but Danielson reversed to a triangle choke and Aries tapped.


Bryan Danielson gave a postshow speech saying he was never supposed to make it to TV and then gave several reasons why (causing a "best in the world" chant), then says he's suffered a lot of injuries and doesn't know how much longer he can do this, but he's had a lot of friends come and go, but he says today they have one of the best locker rooms in ROH history, but the people who have supported ROH for seven years made this company and thanks them for making it possible to have this first television taping. He said there was just one thing missing, and had the sound guy play the Final Countdown as the ring filled up with wrestlers to close the show.


-Claudio Castagnoli defeated Brent Albright. Claudio attacked Albright before the bell and they brawled around ringside. Back in the ring they went toe to toe, exchanging chops in the corner. Claudio caught Albright on a dive to the floor and rammed him into the guardrail and knocked me and several others back a row. Jerk made me drop my Blackberry! Claudio continued working him over in the ring with a lot of stiff shots and went back to the floor where Albright hit him with an overhead belly-to-belly out of nowhere. Albright went to work back in the ring, but Claudio was able to get him in the giant swing. Albright got him in the crowbar, but Claudio made the ropes. They did a reversal sequence that ended with Claudio getting a victory roll with the ropes for the win.

-Austin Aries defeated Kenny Omega. The crowd was chanting "Austin A--hole" and "you tapped out" at Aries. Aries outwrestled Omega to start, but Omega came back with some nice athletic moves, but Aries yanked him off the top rope to the floor and went back to work. Aries gave him a wet willie (serously) and it the Power Drive Elbow for 2. Omega came back with a spinkick and an enziguiri, then mounted a comeback. Omega with a springboard moonsault to the floor, but Aries went to the eyes and rammed him into the ringpost. Corner dropkick, kick to the head, and brainbuster wins it for Aries. Very competitive match and Omega looked great.

-Delirious defeated "Dirty" Ernie Osiris. Delirious is bringing back elements of the old, funny Delirious in his persona, basically acting like he used to except he's a heel now. He ripped off Konnan's highspot and threw Osiris' sneaker at him. This was almost all Delirious, finishing Dirty Ernie off with a Panic Attack and then Shadows Over Hell.

-Daizee Haze and a partner whose name I didn't catch defeated Sara Del Rey and another unnamed partner. Daizee and her partner outmaneuvered Sara to start. This was almost all Sara, who even kept shoving her own partner around and tagging herself in when the partner didn't do well enough. Sweeney was in total sleaze mode, hitting on anything female out there. Daizee hit the Mindtrip on Sara's partner for the win.

-Jerry Lynn defeated Brodie Lee. I love Brodie Lee's look, like a big oil mechanic you don't want to mess with. Brodie overpowered Jerry for most of the match, catching Jerry with some big slams and beating him up on the outside. Brodie continued beating Jerry up in the ring and hit a nice Michinoku Driver for 2. Brodie Lee threw Jerry into the guardrail right in front of me again and this time he went clean through it. Jimmy came to ringside yelling at Brodie to put Jerry out, but Jerry mounted a comeback with a hurricanrana and a top rope dropkick. Jerry hit Brodie with a dive to the floor and a missile dropkick, but Brodie got a top rope butterfly suplex for 2. Brodie with a big boot in the corner and a Black Hole Slam for 2, but Jerry with an inside cradle for the win. Jimmy reamed Brodie out after the loss.


-Rhett Titus and Kenny King defeated Cheech and Cloudy. Fun tag match with Cheech and Cloudy getting some nice double team moves in to start, until King got a cheap running knee to Cloudy. Titus and King are great at working a crowd. King killed Cloudy with a big lariat, but Cloudy rolled under a second one and made the hot tag to Cheech, who came in and cleaned house. Cheech with a nice superkick followed by he and Cloudy doing the Quebecers' old finisher for 2. Cloudy got tossed off the top rope and onto the guardrail hard, and Titus and King finished Cheech with a doubleteam powerbomb/blockbuster.

-Eddie Kingston defeated Sami Callahan. Kingston was crazy over with the crowd and looked in better shape than when he wrestled Jigsaw last year. This was really stiff as both men took turns smacking the taste out of one another's mouth. Callahan got busted open and it looked hardway. Kingston hit a spinning backfist for the win.

-Bobby Dempsey squashed Orange Cassidy in about 30 seconds with a Death Valley Driver.

-Necro Butcher defeated Jimmy Jacobs by disqualification. Necro came out with a staplegun, but the referee took it away from him before the match. Jimmy tried to shake hands, so Necro did...then socked him in the face. Necro continued pummeling him in the ring then on the floor, but Jimmy got a belly-to-back suplex on the floor then put a plastic bag over Necro's head. Jimmy went for the spear, but Necro just decked him in the face, then hit a chokeslam and tiger driver, but instead of going for the win, he went and grabbed the staplegun. Brodie Lee ran in for the DQ.


-The Dark City Fight Club defeated Grizzley Redwood and a partner whose name I didn't get. Total squash by the DCFC, who looked better tonight than they did at last night's taping. DCFC with a double-team press slam into a powerbomb/neckbreaker for the win.

-ROH World Champion Nigel McGuinness defeated Alex Payne. Nigel cut a pre-match promo saying that after all the injuries over the years, he still doesn't have the respect of the fans, and that's okay because he doesn't want the fans' respect anyway, but will take it out on Alex Payne. Payne with a nice flurry to start, but Nigel quickly took control and went to work on Payne's arm. Payne tried a comeback, but Nigel killed him with a lariat and the Tower of London for the win.

-Jay Briscoe and Kevin Steen defeated Chris Hero and Eddie Edwards. Hero and Edwards attacked before the bell, but Steen and Briscoe turned the tide quickly. Sweeney distracted Briscoe and allowed Hero to hit a yakuza kick to send Briscoe to the outside where he was attacked by the other members of Sweet N Sour Inc. Mark Briscoe came down to ringside to chase Sweeney's boys off and the match went back in the ring. Jay made the hot tag and Steen came in and cleaned house, hitting the moonsault on Hero for 2. Hero hit the roaring elbow for 2, but went after Mark on the floor. Jay took Hero out and Steen hit the package piledriver for the win.

-Tyler Black and Bryan Danielson went to a time limit draw. Feeling out process to start, until Black hits a hurricanrana for 2. Danielson comes back with some European uppercuts then puts him in a surfboard, then turns that into a hanging dragon sleeper. Danielson is so the man. Black catches him with an inverted sunset flip for 2, but Danielson puts him right back down with a European uppercut. Danielson with the diving elbow to the floor, but Tyler catches Danielson coming off the top with a dropkick and hits a nice Pelle kick to turn the tide. Tyler with a sweet dropkick sends Danielson to the floor and Tyler hits a somersault senton to the outside. Danielson catches him in a heel hook, but Tyler makes the ropes. Tylet tries a superkick but Danielson catches the foot and goes back to the heel hook, but Tyler escapes again. Tyler went for the Phoenix Splash but Danielson moved and locked Tyler in a triangle choke, but Black escaped just as the time limit expired. After the match, Austin Aries came out with a microphone insulting both men and distracting them so Jimmy Jacobs and Brodie Lee could run in from behind and attack. Necro made the save and they chased the heels off and stood tall in the ring with the crowd chanting ROH as the show ended.

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ROH champion Nigel McGuinness vs. Pro Wrestling NOAH's KENTA will headine the 3/21 ROH Seventh Anniversary show at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City.

- HEEEEEEEEEL YEAH! Други думи нямам. Очакваме класика :)

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Detailed Look at ROH's 1st TV Tapings


^ Inside the HDNet Production Truck

As you can see above, it was a whole new world for Ring of Honor this past weekend as they taped the first six episodes of "Ring of Honor on HD Net." There were no promos or even major angles - just straight forward wrestling that was Ring of Honor scaled back to provide an introductory window into the company for new viewers. I attended the first taping and I walked out of the show with a positive feeling for the company. The basic feeling from ROH owner Cary Silkin was that any change that could come to the company was good, because you can't survive if you don't try to evolve and do new things.

I have attended just about every major event that has ever taken place inside the former ECW Arena, including the Barely Legal PPV and trust me when I say, the venue never looked more professional or big league than it did at the ROH tapings. There were three cameras at ringside, two different "hard cameras", one shooting from the old Eagle's Nest above the entrance to the venue and the other shooting from above the concession stand, plus a jib (crane camera) in front of what used to be the old ECW Arena stage. Paul Heyman would have murdered to have had this during his TNN run.

Stepping inside the HD Net production truck was like literally witnessing ROH emerge from the black and white of Kansas to the Technicolor wonderland of Oz. When you have nearly a dozen staffers editing the show live as it happens - commentary will be done this week at the HD Net studios in Colorado - you can't look at ROH as simply a third country independent anymore. How far they will go remains to be seen, but it was a whole new beginning for the company on Saturday. Any wrestlers who felt disenfranchised the last several months nearly had to go peak into the monster of a production truck to see what the future could hold for everyone employed by the company if things work out for the best.

All of HDNet's heavy hitters, including CEO Andrew Simon, were in attendance for the taping. As I've noted before, the network were behind choosing the ECW Arena as the site of the tapings. Future tapings will be scheduled about every six weeks based on the availability of the network's production crew and trucks, which circle the country for different MMA events on a regular basis.

Since HD Net has limited commercials, the plan is to treat each episode of the ROH series as "if they are happening now." The series was shot live to tape, the same way WWE tapes ECW and Smackdown. Where the limited commercials can come into play is that it allows ROH a positive of letting the talents go long and having good 20-30 minute athletic bouts if they book things that way. A match on the second day of tapings went a legitimate 20 minutes, so already, one can see the potential there.

As for the product itself, it wasn't the head dropping, 10,000 dives and spots version of the product that Ring of Honor cut its teeth on. It was competitive matches of varying length with no mic work, no angles, no hardcore blood or weapons, no ref bumps and no run-ins, except for one that was done after the match had ended. It was ROH dialed back to the basics of professional wrestling, with a few Code of Honor type handshakes in the early bouts. It was ROH with the reset button pressed, solid wrestling and overall, live, it was a fun three hours of wrestling. It was the good first step that ROH needed to start this new chapter.

While the Philadelphia fans can often be outrageous and downright brutal when they don't like something, the crowd seemed to be enjoying the show for what it was. It was obvious ROH had comped the taping to make sure the building was packed as there were a lot of different demographics that you never see at ROH or Philadelphia wrestling shows - lots of families with kids, lots of young college age cute girls, etc. There was very little vulgarity from the crowd, which got up big-time for each of the ROH TV show openings. While I wouldn't say the building had the energy of the old ECW Arena house shows, it certainly seemed more alive this time around than it did any previous ROH house shows in the venue.

There were some funny fan moments, including a "Where's His Oscar" chant following Necro Butcher's match and my favorite moment of the night, the crowd singing "The Final Countdown" to Bryan Danielson after he entered the ring to face Austin Aries. I have no idea if any of it will make the final edited product, but it was one of those old school, fun "You had to be there" moments that I truly miss about the old ECW product where the fans made the live event atmosphere better by just having fun with the product instead of trying to overshadow it.

The close of the first taping, with Bryan Danielson thanking the audience for supporting the company and everyone who had come through their doors the last seven years was the perfect way to end the show. Playing Danielson's old "Final Countdown" theme music one last time as he ran around the ring doing karaoke with ringside fans as all the babyfaces joined him in the ring and the heels came out to the company's entranceway was perfection. It reminded me of the curtain call after ECW's Barely Legal where the moment was about everyone and the journey they all took to get there.

After the first taping was over, there was a mixed feeling of relief and happiness from Cary Silkin and a lot of the wrestlers I spoke to, but everyone knew that their work was just beginning. It took ROH, and everyone who has been in the locker room past and present, seven years to get the ROH brand name to the level it hit over the weekend. As of now, the clock starts over and the hard work begins anew. Where Ring of Honor is a year from now will be traced back to the history made this past weekend.

Other Notes from the Debut Taping: For those who were at the show and didn't care for the sound system, it was HDNet's system, so it was likely used to insure that the sound quality was perfect for the TV series. I will say it was hard to hear some of the names of talent I wasn't familiar with when I was watching the show in the balcony, but the Arena isn't exactly known for its acoustics, either....All of the music used for the TV series will also be used for all future ROH live events going forward in order to create unity among all the events...Dave Lagana was brought in to help format the timing of the TV scripts but as of now, isn't in full-time with the company....ROH management were praising the work of Adam Pearce during and after the first taping as Pearce had worked a 16-18 hour day managing the locker room, personally producing every promo for the series and then manning the wrestling aspect of the live production including the gorilla position....Prince Nana was backstage at the tapings as they filmed whatever the next storyline progression for his return is. There were no major names from outside of the company or from the company's past at the first night of TV....The first match of the series will feature Jerry Lynn vs. Delirious. In a strange twist of fate, Lynn appeared vs. Rob Van Dam in the first match ever featured on the debut ECW on TNN episode as well.

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А знае ли се кога ще се излъчи първото шоу?

4x WWE Prediction Champion
4x Universal Prediction Champion 

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