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IWA Histeria Boricua - 6 януари 2009


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IWA Undisputed World Title

Chicano © vs. Booker T

LAX (Homicide & Hernandez) vs. Los Duenos de la Malicia (Dennis Rivera & Noel Rodriguez)

For Panama's RXW World Title: Inside the Globe of Death

Savio Vega © vs The Sheik

IWA Intercontinental Title

*El Diabolico & El Bacano will be handcuffed to each other at ringside

"The Golden Latino" Joe Bravo © vs. Cruzz

Prison Break Match for the IWA Tag Team Titles

*Iman Ali will be locked inside a cage at ringside

The Arabs © (Hardam Kadaffi & Zaer Arafat) vs. Miguel Perez & Bison Smith

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Attendance: Between 1,700-2,000

*Note* Really good attendance for a show that took place on a weekday and in the traditional Three Wisemen Day.

-#1 Contender at the IWA Puerto Rican Title: Battle Royal

"Dangerous" Rick Stanley defeats Jay Adonis, Atomo, Balbuena, Shaka the Trucker, Onix, "Mr. Pleasure" Raymond Zales, Barbie Boy & Joseph RPM.

-Flag Match: Puerto Rico vs Dominican Republic

Diabolico defeats El Bacano in around 10 minutes. Decent match.

-IWA Puerto Rican Title:

"Ravishing" Richard Rondon defeats "The Rebel" Chris Joel by DQ. Joel won the match clean, but during the pinfall Rondon hid a set of brass knuckles on Joel's pants. When the ref declared Joel the winner, Rondon protested the decision and the ref found the knucks on Joel's pants. The ref then declared Rondon the winner by DQ. Joel retains the Puerto Rican Title. After the bout, Rondon attacked Joel.

- Genesis was unable to compete because she had an asthma attack. Barbie Boy comes out to take her place.

-IWA Women's Title:

Amazona defeats Barbie Boy by pinfall in around ten minutes to retain the title.

-IWA Intercontinental Title: Diabolico is handcuffed to El Bacano at ringside

"The Golden Latino" Joe Bravo defeats Cruzz by pinfall to retain the title. Balbuena interferes and liberates Bacano from Diabolico. Diabolico is then attacked by both heels.

-Panama's RXW World Title: Inside the Globe of Death

"El Boricua" Savio Vega defeats The Sheik/with Iman Ali to retain the title in around 20 minutes. Bloody brawl that had the fans on their feet. After the bout, the rest of The Arabians and the team of Dennis Rivera and Noel Rodriguez attack Savio inside the Globe of Death. Miguel Perez, Bison and LAX made the save and had a chaotic pull-apart brawl.

-IWA Tag Team Titles: Iman Ali is locked inside a cage at ringside

"El Boricua" Miguel Perez & "The Buffalo" Bison Smith defeat The Arabians (Hardam Kadaffi & Zaer Arafat) by pinfall to become the new IWA Tag Team Champions. Finish has Bison nailing Arafat with the Bisontennial to win the bout.

- Dennis Rivera & Noel Rodriguez defeat LAX (Hernandez & Homicide) by pinfall after Noel nails Homicide with a set of brass knuckles. Crowd was very into this match and LAX was hugely over.

-IWA Undisputed World Title:

"The Illegal" Chicano defeats "TNA Legends Champion" Booker T by pinfall in around 20 minutes. After the bout several faces come out to celebrate with Chicano and Booker T decides to congratulate Chicano and rises his hand to a loud ovation.

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