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WWC Euphoria - 3 януари 2009


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WWC Universal Title

"Mr. Ratings" Ray Gonzalez vs. El Bronco

WWC Tag Team Titles

Thunder & Lightning © vs. Elijah Burke & Armando Alejandro Estrada

WWC Puerto Rican Title

"The Phenomenal" B.J. © vs. "Mr. Wrestling 3" Steve Corino

"Glamour Boy" Shane Sewell vs. "The Hammer" Charles Evans

Eugene vs. Snitsky

#1 contendership for the WWC Tag Team Titles

Hardcore Evolution (Huracan Castillo & Rico Suave) vs. The Texas Outlaws

"The Man Beast" Angel vs. "Mr. San Huan" Tommy Diablo

Little Ricky Rubio vs. El Profe

Los Aereos (Carlitos & Hiram Tua) vs. The Sons of Tonga


Also, Ricky Reyes will be signing autographs and taking pictures.

Big Daddy V трябваше да се бие срещу Eugene, но явно няма да може и затова Snitsky е заел мястото му. The Sons of Tonga са синовете на Meng/Haku или поне така ги рекламират. Май верно имаше синове и бяха кечисти от известно време насам.

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Attendance: Over 2,000

- Los Aerios (Carlitos & Hiram Tua) defeat The Sons of Tonga by pinfall. Said to be a very good match featuring a clash of speed vs power. Well deserved win for the faces here and hopefully their presence in the Tag Team Division will increase during this year.

- "Mr. Puerto Rico" Tommy Diablo defeats "The Man-Beast" Angel by pinfall after interference from Achilles the Bodyguard.

- Little Ricky Rubio (the former Mini-Profe) defeats El Profe by pinfall. Crowd was very into it.

-WWC Tag Team Titles #1 Contender: There must be a winner

Hardcore Evolution (Rico Suave & Huracan Castillo) defeat Texas Outlaw Bad Boy Bradley & Ricky Reyes (former ROH Tag Team Champion subbing in for the injured Todd Dean) by pinfall to become the #1 contenders. Crowd loves the veteran team of Suave and Castillo.

- Eugene Dinsmore defeats Snistky. Kids love Eugene, but the match itself was pretty boring.

- "The Hammer" Charles Evans defeats Chicky Starr by DQ when Starr tries to break The Hammer's leg with his baseball bat. Pretty much an old school brawl. This match was set-up by Evans turning on Starr at LockOut.

-WWC Puerto Rican Title

"The Phenomenal" BJ defeats "Mr. Wrestling" Steve Corino by pinfall. After the bout Corino attacks BJ and steals the Puerto Rican Title belt.

-WWC Tag Team Titles

Thunder & Lightning defeat "The Elijah Express" Elijah Burke & Armando Alejandro Estrada by pinfall. Very good match and the win sets up an interesting scenario: Face champions and face #1 contenders.

-WWC Universal Title

"Mr. Ratings" Rey Gonzales vs Bronco #1 went to double DQ when both referees are attacked. During the match the mysterious masked man attacked Rey with a chair, but he managed to kick out at two.

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Btw, сега се сетих къде бях чувал за синовете на Meng/Haku. Някъде по средата на миналата година Team 3D бяха обявили, че синовете на Meng/Haku ще започват тренировки в кеч школата им. :)

The Sons of Tonga:

^ Цъкнете върху снимката, за да ви се уголеми.

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