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Tokyo Sports Puroresu Awards за 2008


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Ежогодните кеч награди на едно от най-известните японски спортни списания. Мислете за Tokyo Sports като за нещо подобно на aмериканското PWI, само че по-престижно.

- MVP: Keiji Muto (AJPW)

- Best Bout: Naomichi Marufuji vs. Shuji Kondo (AJPW, 03.11.2008)

- Best Tag Prize: Taiyo Kea & Minoru Suzuki (AJPW)

- Outstanding Performance Award: Kensuke Sasaki (Kensuke Office)

- Fighting Spirit Award: Masato Tanaka (ZERO1)

- Techinique Prize: Shingo Takagi (Dragon Gate)

- Newcomer Prize: Atsushi Sawada (IGF)

- Service Prize: Great Kusatsu



За 2005

За 2006

Maй съм забравил да пусна тема за 2007, така че:

MVP: Mitsuharu Misawa (NOAH)

-- Candidates were Misawa, Tanahashi, Kensuke, Kobashi, and Akebono. Tanahashi finished second.

Best Bout: Kenta Kobashi & Yoshihiro Takayama vs. Mitsuharu Misawa & Jun Akiyama (NOAH)

-- Lesnar vs. Angle was a close second.

Best Tag: Togi Makabe & Toru Yano (NJPW)

-- Doi & Yoshino were a close second.

Outstanding Performance: Hiroshi Tanahashi (NJPW)

Fighting Spirit: Takeshi Morishima (NOAH)

Technique Prize: Daisuke Sekimoto (BJW)

Newcomer Prize: BxB Hulk (DRAGON GATE)

Comeback Prize: Kenta Kobashi (NOAH)

Joshi Prize: No suitable winner

Service Prize: Karl Gotch

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