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IWA Christmas in PR - 13 декември 2008


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Айде нека да има и за конкурентната федерация. :)

GoldMine Match

(4 Poles, 4 Briefcases - 3 have explosives and one has the IWA World Title)

Chicano © vs. Dennis Rivera

Savio Vega vs. Dr. Krush

Asian Death Match

Noel Rodriguez vs. KC James

IWA World Tag Team Title Match

Los Arabes (Hardam Kadafi & Zaeir Arafat) vs. Bison Smith & Miguel Perez

Chris Joel vs. Richard Rondon

Cruzz del Diablo (Cruzz & El Diabolico) vs. Joe Bravo & Bacano

IWA Women's World Title Match

special guest referee: Genesis

Amazona © vs. Black Rose

Joseph RPM & El Niche vs. Balbuena & Eli Rodriguez

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Joseph RPM & EL Niche beat La Revolucion Dominicana Eli & Balbuena

La Cruz del Diablo beat La Revolucion Dominicana Joe Bravo & el Bacano

Savio Vega beat Dr. Krush. Duenos de la Malicia then atacked Savio.

Los Arabes beat Miguel Perez & Bison Smith, however the tag titles were then declared vacant.

Amazona beat Black Rose. Genesis was involved in the match.

Noel Rodriguez beat KC James in a Asian Death Match

GoldMine Match

(4 briefcases; 3 have explosives, one has the Heavyweight title)

Chicano beat Dennis Rodriguez when after the first 3 exploded, he captured the 4th one with the belt. Noel Rodriguez tried to help Dennis during the match but he caught briefcase #3, which exploded.

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