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Bobby Lashley vs. Joshua Franklin - 13 декември 2008


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MMAmania.com докладва ,че бившата WWE суперзвезда Bobby Lashley ще направи своя MMA дебют в MFA като събитието ще се преведе в American Airlines Arena...Miami Fl.

За повече инфомация: http://mfamma.com/

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Коментар от Paul Heyman:

Bobby steps out of Brock's shadow

BOBBY Lashley has never met Brock Lesnar.

Yet, for the past several years of his life, Bobby Lashley has been pegged as ‘The Next Next Big Thing’.

Bobby will never admit it, even to me, but by now it has to drive him nuts.

"I have a lot of admiration for Brock," Bobby told me on the phone today.

"He ran with the opportunity he had in WWE, then had the nuts to pursue his dream in the NFL, and then dedicated his life to becoming the UFC Heavyweight Champion.

“He does nothing half-arsed. Everything with him is All The Way.”

When I was assigned by World Wrestling Entertainment to develop the talent in the OVW system in 2005, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon wanted Lashley to be groomed for greatness.

A former NAIA college wrestling champion from Missouri Valley College, the 6'3'', 260 pound US Army veteran clearly stood out in a crowd, even in a crowd of pro wrestlers.

In OVW, the comparisons to Lesnar were immediate. Both were amateur champions. Both were huge. Both had amazing speed and agility for men of that size. Both were legit athletes recruited into the world of sports entertainment. In terms of personality, however, they couldn't be more opposite.

Lesnar was brash, a practical joker, the ultimate college frat boy-jock whose drive and ambition compelled him to ruthlessly pursue the top position in anything he was allowed to compete in. Brock simply loved to, indeed lived to, compete.

Lashley was introspective, quiet, almost a loner. While he was competitive, it wasn't to fulfil an insatiable need to be No1.

Lashley was competitive because to him, exploiting his obvious physical gifts was a way to raise money for his saintly mother's retirement, and even help out his estranged father in his later years.

"I work to support my family," was always Lashley's attitude. "Being better than others means I can afford my parents and my children to have nicer lives."

Yet, despite their differences, Lashley couldn't shake the comparison to Lesnar. When Bobby debuted on Smackdown in 2005, the writers saw him Brock Part Two.

Even during the time Lashley became the focus of a huge promotional push when he was "Donald Trump's hand picked WWE Superstar" in the Battle of the Billionaires at Wrestlemania XXIII, one writer would openly refer to him as ‘Black Lesnar’.

Of course, that was never said to Bobby's face.

Bobby Lashley was always presented with scenarios where he would be "someone else" in WWE.

Whether it was the idea of a modern day Sergeant Slaughter named ‘Army Sgt. Lashley’ - yes, Vince really wanted to do that with Lashley at one point – or, as Lashley still laughs about to this day, "a Mr T character screaming I Pity The Fool," - Bobby was never really given the chance to just be himself.

So as fate would have it, Brock Lesnar was already making a name for himself in MMA when Lashley made the decision to also leave the world's top pro wrestling organization.

And, based on his experience in amateur wrestling and outstanding physical attributes, it only made sense for Lashley to consider a career in Mixed Martial Arts.

Once again, he appeared to be following in Lesnar's footsteps.

Bobby told me: “I can't change the fact Brock started in WWE before me, or that he made the transition to MMA before me, either.

“All I can do is concentrate on what I'm doing. I wrestled for 18 years, I'm a student of the game right now, I've been grappling, diligently working with a boxing coach, learning jiu-jitsu, taking this 100 per cent seriously, and I'm amped for my fight."

Training at American Top Team in Florida, Lashley will debut December 13 at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida.

He said: "I'm very happy to get the chance to prove myself as myself.

"I'm going in to win. I don't have to play any character except just be myself."

And as for the comparisons to Lesnar, that may never change.

Brock is now married to Rena Greek Mero Lesnar, formerly known as the three-time Playboy Cover Girl ‘Sable’ in WWE.

Bobby is the proud father of a healthy baby boy with former WWE Diva and recent Ms Bikini America contest winner Krystal Marshall.

Lesnar is the former WWE Champion who defied the critics and became the hottest attraction in UFC after debuting for the struggling K-1 Dynamite promotion at the LA Coliseum.

Lashley is the former ECW Champion for WWE who will debut for the struggling Mixed Fighting Alliance, which got the right to promote his debut after the American Fighting League collapsed.

So, since I have worked extensively with both, what do I think would happen if the two finally met, but not on friendly terms?

What would happen if Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley got it on?

Who would win if National Champion fought National Champion, former WWE superstar fought former WWE superstar?

Who would prevail as the 32 year old, 6'3'' Lashley went up against the 31 year old, 6'3 1/2'' Lesnar?

What would really happen if Bobby Lashley entered The Brocktagon?

Well, my prediction is simple.

The winner of the fight would be ...

(to be continued)

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Bobby Lashley, Jeff Monson victorious at MFA ‘There Will Be Blood’

Looks like Brock Lesnar isn’t the only WWE import making some noise in the heavyweight division.

Former WWE superstar and three-time collegiate national champion wrestler Bobby Lashley made his long awaited mixed martial arts debut last night at Mixed Fight Alliance: “There Will Be Blood” from the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida.

The American Top Team rookie needed just 41 seconds to dismantle boxing and jiu-jitsu fighter Joshua Franklin, who was not allowed to continue after ringside doctors examined a cut that was opened during the initial onslaught.

Lashley (1-0) is currently under contract with the American Fight Leauge (AFL), but was permitted to make his MMA debut under the MFA banner because the AFL has decided to hold off on its first event until Spring of 2009.

Lashley is 32 years old, which isn’t young in today’s mixed martial arts world, so he’ll have to keep booking fights if he hopes to build up a resume impressive enough to get him to his ultimate goal: The Ultimate Fighting Championship.

The soft-spoken Lashley has not been shy about announcing his desire to fight under the Zuffa Banner and names none other than Brock Lesnar as an opponent he hopes to face somewhere down the road.

But first things first. Lashley still has a lot to prove. His background in wrestling along with his size and strength should be an advantage against most opponents. Then again that all goes out the window if the big man can’t take a punch.

We shall see.

In main event action, former UFC heavyweight contender Jeff Monson avenged a loss to former UFC heavyweight champion Ricco Rodriguez at UFC 35 back in 2002 with a dominating unanimous decision win.

"Suave" (34-10) has battled drug, alcohol and weight issues throughout his career, but he’s been very active in the professional fight game over the past year and a half. Since last July, he’s competed in ten different matches, producing a record of (7-3) during that time, including a current five-fight win streak.

A streak "The Snowman" ended last night.

Monson has also put together a few wins recently on the smaller circuit. He competed in a “Beatdown” event two months ago in North Dakota, recording his second victory of 2008 with a first round submission over Jimmy Ambriz. His only loss of the calender year came at Sengoku: ‘Second Battle’ back in May where he was beaten on the scorecards by top five heavyweight Josh Barnett.

At one point in his career “The Snowman” had recorded 16 straight wins, including three inside the UFC’s Octagon. His only losses since the turn of the century have come to Chuck Liddell, Forrest Griffin, Pedro Rizzo, Tim Sylvia, Ricco and Barnett.

Don’t be surprised to see more of Monson - and Lashley in early 2009.

Хайде честита първа победа на Lashley.

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Еми браво на Lashley. Дано да натрупа още малко победи и да дебютира в UFC, където да го видим срещу Lesnar.

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Верно нещастно, ама и ебати цепката му направи на челото, че и дълбока. Джошуа му личеше, че направо ще си изяде чорапите от яд. Дано следващия мач Лашли го избута малко по-дълго, да може да си позира като в WWE, тръгна в един момент ама се усети :icon_razz:

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Джошуа ми прилича на някои бит студент така като го гледам... Дебелашката шега настрана :)

Гледам MMA, но не съм толкова зарибен, но винаги ми е било интересно да видя бивша суперзвезда от кеча като fighter, макар и човека, който гледам, да е стероидна маймуна. След като победи, значи се е представил добре, правя му едно "Евала" за мерака и за сега само толкова.

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Олеле майко.. Лешли му нацепи каската и му обърка представата за света.Нека да продължава да събира опит и скоро в UFC срещу Брок :)

[center][center][b]Proud to be a PEEP![/b]

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Lashley vs Brock Lesnar ... Това ще е грозно ...и същевременно доста приятно :D


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Ами голям cut беше.. нормално е да прекратят мача. Иначе Lashley се представи наистина много добре! Takedown-a си го биваше, все пак е бил борец и не се учудвам за което, но и на земята контролираше похвално.. бързо влезе в удобна позиция за ground and pound, свърши добра работа.. и при краткия stand up също доминираше. Дори и да не беше cut-a 100% победа за Lashley, очаквам скоро Dana да прояви интерес, ако вече не го е сторил.

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