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Интервю с Hulk Hogan


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WWE Hall Of Famer, former WWE/WCW Champion, & the star of CMT's "Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling," Hulk Hogan, was one of the special guests on this week’s live edition (12/01/08) of Monday Night Mayhem, hosted by The Big Mosh & Blade. “Your Home Of Wrestling Radio” is officially presented by ReelWrestling.com: the latest & hottest innovation from the coverage of professional wrestling online, and features exclusive video found nowhere else from your favorite superstars of the squared circle & Custom Muscle: the official nutritional & supplement company of "Your Home Of Wrestling Radio" (purchase over $50.00, type in the word "GRAND," & get 10% off your purchase), and is also sponsored by: Old Time Wrestling, The History Of WWE.com, TicketRelief.com, & Serenity's Treasures (all new customers receive 20% off your purchase $20 & over through December 3rd)...the right place to shop for wall art|wall ornaments & gift ideas for any occasion.

You can feel The Mayhem live & in streaming audio every Monday night (@ 8PM ET/7PM CT), exclusively on The Monday Night Mayhem Radio Network (www.MondayNightMayhem.com, www.MySpace.com/MondayNightMayhem, www.ITunes.com, www.OnlineWorldOfWrestling.com, & www.WrestleView.com)

"The Hulkster's" first-ever MNM appearance is now available for FREE in Windows Streaming Media, or via the official Monday Night Mayhem podcast on ITunes:

December 1st MNM Streaming Audio: www.mondaynightmayhemarchives.com/waxfiles/120108.wax

The Big Mosh & Blade welcomed "The Immortal One" himself to The Monday Night Mayhem Radio Network to cap off the extensive coverage of CMT's "Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling," that you have been only able to find on "Your Home Of Wrestling Radio." Before getting into his takes on the CCW finale, Hulk wanted to ask The Mayhem Crew for their takes on the business over the past several years. "The Hulkster" admits that he did stop watching several years ago, as a result of the programming getting "so lame," and switched to following "Orange County Choppers," and never turned back again. He never saw that happening, as he has always been a fan of wrestling. Every once, however, he tuned into WWE Monday Night RAW at the end of the show just in time for the main event to see who Triple H was fighting in the main event. Recently, Hulk said that he watched TNA iMPACT, seeing the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Sting, in his business suit & without his makeup, along with the other members of The Main Event Mafia. He has the feeling of this being like the nWo..."not when the nWo was hot, but when the nWo started losing steam, when these guys didn't wanna wrestle anymore, and all they wanted to do was talk." He was quite impressed with what he saw out of Samoa Joe & some of the TNA Knockouts, but despite that, he said that he "does not get/understand "the eight-sided ring." "They don't do anything different in that ring than you would do in an old ring." Mosh brought up the never-ending comparisons from fans around the world about The Main Event Mafia being compared to the nWO, and Blade mentioned to Hulk how the current TNA storyline with The MEM vs. The Frontline is more like "The Millionaire's Club" vs. "The New Blood" in World Championship Wrestling, with the main point being to get the younger guys over.

Switching gears, Hulk talked about the success of CCW, and how their program is a reality show with the wrestling vehicle as their foundation. He cannot believe how upset that Vince McMahon & some other people in the wrestling business got when himself & Eric decided to team up together again. Their main goal/idea for this project was a reality program, to have some fun, & "taking the art form to another level." He wanted the fans to see just how much athleticism is needed, that the talent does get hurt, & that it is not as fake as one might think it is. Hulk said that in the midst of them enjoying their success & having fun that "we get rained down upon by the big bad wolf...big brother comes to shut us down." He is glad that the fans have loved CCW to this point, and believes that what they have put together as their finished product has been more entertaining from a storyline & "the element of surprise" perspectives than that of the WWE or TNA.

Reportedly, "The Mouth Of The South" Jimmy Hart & Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake has also felt some of the heat directly & indirectly from the WWE towards CCW. Hulk said that over the years, Vince has whatever he could to protect the family business, and he totally understands that. However, he does not understand why World Wrestling Entertainment is coming down on Brutus, as he is simply trying to feed his family & put his kids through school. He credits the real life Ed Leslie for keeping the gimmick alive over the years, traveling from state-to-state & overseas, as Brutus has not really worked for the WWE in close to 15 years. He is also surprised at why the rain is coming down hard on Jimmy Hart, as Jimmy asked for the WWE's permission/blessing to appear on the show & has nothing but goodwill towards everyone, and despite that, this is the unfortunate end result. Hulk described the situation, in general, as "bottom-feeder stuff" & "weak," and that "what you throw out there will come back to you." He also wished to add that there is not as much negative energy coming from the CCW side of things, as there is from the WWE.

Without a doubt, "The Hulkster" is very excited about the CCW season finale (airing this Saturday night @ 8PM ET/PT on CMT). Going with the initial concept of the program & reviewing everything at the very early stages, he had no idea how well they were going to adapt with the progression of the show over an multi-week span. But, he did know right after the first week that this was going to work. Fans have credited the show for its successful blending of the styles of wrestling & reality television into one program. Hulk wishes to give credit where it is due, not only to Eric Bischoff & Jason Hervey, but CMT & everyone else involved. He strongly believes that "everything came together perfectly" for this season. Even the celebrities involved surprised him...some more than most, including "The Winner" Dustin Diamond & Todd Brodges. At first, Hulk said that he could not stand Dustin, until he saw firsthand just how much love Dustin had for the business. Wholeheartedly, he believes Todd was the best athlete on the show.

So much more is contained in this 40+ Hulk Hogan/Monday Night Mayhem exclusive, including his uncensored thoughts & comments on the rumors of a second season of CCW (and if we will be seeing the show "going on the road"), whether or not he sees himself appearing at WrestleMania XXV (and in a "dream match" scenario, who his opponent would be), which WWE superstar he sees "carrying the torch" for today's generation, the lowdown behind agreeing to be the special geust referee for this Saturday night's Highspots.com-run show in Charlotte, NC/Reid Flair's professional wrestling debut (featuring "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair, The Nasty Boys, & "The Mouth Of The South" Jimmy Hart), if we can put to bed the rumors of a match with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, why he understands the fans memories of "The Monday Night Wars," the new Guns 'N' Roses "Chinese Democracy" album (and why after all these years, he could classify himself as a "mark" for GnR), how he plans on spending the holidays with his family (as well as updates on Brooke & Nick), & why it is important for him to take "the high road." Without a doubt, you will enjoy the "Merry Mayhem" goodness that only "The Hulkster" can provide!

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He has the feeling of this being like the nWo..."not when the nWo was hot, but when the nWo started losing steam, when these guys didn't wanna wrestle anymore, and all they wanted to do was talk."


Хълк рулира!

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