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Реших да пусна специална тема за всичко по-интересно, свързано с NWA съюза. Нека да има. :)


Blue Demon, Jr. Wins The NWA World Heavyweight Title

Mexico City, MX (October 25, 2008) – Centro Banamex Convention Center was a history making site as it hosted the NWA™ Worlds Heavyweight Championship match featuring Adam Pearce Vs. Blue Demon, Jr. In the end, Blue Demon, Jr. won the famous "10 lbs. of Gold" in a very controversial fashion.

"I passed out while Demon had me in a Half Boston Crab and when I woke up I was told that I was under the rope and the Referee had stopped that match. This is clearly against the NWA Rule Book and I will be taking this up with Trobich. Demon, you are not the NWA Worlds Champion," said former champion Adam Pearce.

"I think Pearce has a case. I've reviewed the footage and he is in the right, his arm is under the rope, but in the NWA, the Referee's decision if final," states Ruben Zamora of NWA Latin American Relations.

Blue Demon, Jr. is the first Mexican and Masked Wrestler to ever win the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship in the six decades the National Wrestling Alliance has been in business.

Видео кадри



Big Vision sets out to reclaim the glory for the legendary NWA wrestling franchise which has spawned WWE, WCW, and TNA among others.

Los Angeles, Calif., Oct. 30, 2008 –Big Vision Entertainment, a leading independent licensee, production company and DVD label for special interest programming announced today the plans to reclaim the glory for the legendary wrestling brand of the National Wrestling AllianceЖ (NWA™) via a new series to be taped out of the historic Columbia Square Studios on Sunset Boulevard in the heart of Hollywood, CA.

The exclusive worldwide production and distribution agreement includes all television and home entertainment rights to the new NWA franchise, which Big Vision plans to produce and sell into worldwide syndication and cable outlets.

”Big Vision is thrilled to be working with the NWA in effort to take the oldest and most respected brand in wrestling back into mainstream media.” Said Big Vision founder and CEO, Houston Curtis. ”Our new show will focus on a more intimate vibe and feel best described as a modern version of the way wrestling used to be produced before the WWE era. Our goal is to bring pure wrestling entertainment back to the family.”

Curtis, who created the multi-million dollar Backyard Wrestling franchise as well as WSX for MTV has made pro-wrestling a focus of Big Vision since the inception of the company in 2003. Sales for home entertainment and television will be handled through Big Vision’s TV and home video arm, which currently has distribution for over 100 titles throughout the US and around the world.

The most recent nationally televised NWA show was called NWA Wrestling Showcase and aired on the Dish Network.

”The 'Showcase' was a great first step in getting our talent ready for television and the best thing we could have done is gone dark for a while.” said NWA Executive Director Robert K. Trobich. ”Our new show 'NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood' will continue to highlight some of the great talent you have already been introduced to while creating an opportunity for us to expand and be in the middle of the entertainment industry.” Creator/Producer of XPW, WSX and Big Vision Exec VP Kevin Kleinrock added, ”With legendary names like Ric Flair, Terry Funk, Harley Race and the Von Erichs as the foundation for what the NWA franchise was built on, we are confident that NWA Championship Wrestling From Hollywood will quickly become a must see weekly event for the millions of wrestling fans in the US and around the world.”

Production, which is being co-produced and directed by the NWA’s Dave Marquez is slated to begin Friday, November 14th, 2008 with a live taping scheduled to start at 7:30pm. Tickets to the taping are FREE and available on a first come first serve basis. Additional FREE tapings will be held Saturday, November 15th at 7:30pm and Sunday, November 16th at 3:30pm. Fans wanting to attend the Hollywood tapings can call (818) 232-0770. Tickets can also be reserved online at www.nwawrestling.com or www.bigvisionentertainment.com. About Big Vision Entertainment:

Big Vision Entertainment, founded by Houston Curtis in 2003, is the number one special interest home video label in the United States. BVE titles can be found in every major retail outlet in the US including, Wal-Mart, Target and Best Buy. Big Vision is also the number one independent pro wrestling distributor in the world, second only to WWE in worldwide sales.

In addition to home video, Big Vision is also a leading production company and creator of alternative programming across a variety of genres. Company is currently in production on Cheech & Chong’s Smokin’ Animated Movie due out in 09. TV shows include The Ultimate Blackjack Tour on CBS, Wrestling Society X on MTV and Aruba Poker Classic on GSN. The company has recently completed pilots for A&E, Tru TV and the G4 network. In September of 08, company signed a muti-year distribution agreement with Image Entertainment for the North American home video rights to the entire BVE catalog of titles. Big Vision is represented for television by Greg Lipstone of ICM and attorney Jon Moonves of Del , Shaw, Moonves, Tanaka, Finkelstein,& Lezcano. BVE’s home video deals are represented by Rob Rader of Mitchell, Silberberg & Knupp, LLP.

About NWA

Established in 1948, the National Wrestling AllianceЖ is the world’s largest and oldest sanctioning body in professional wrestling. The NWA’s rich history includes World Championship reigns by countless wrestling legends including Ric Flair, Harley Race, Dusty Rhodes, Terry Funk and Kerry Von Erich. Today, in partnership with Live Nation, Global Spectrum, Boyd Gaming, Inc. and many independent promoters produces thousands of live events worldwide. The NWA™ has offices in 14 US States, Japan, Mexico, Canada, England and Australia.


Резултати от последното по-значимо шоу:

Date: November 1, 2008

Location: Penticton, BC, Canada

Arena: South Okanagan Event Centre

Attendance: About 2 000

1. MANTHER pinned Tony Baroni after his new finisher, the F-9.

2. Trevor Murdock defeated Gurv Sihra after a bulldog off the top rope.

3. Scotty Mac defeated Harv Sihra to retain the NWA Canadian Heavyweight title after a superkick.

4. In a number one contenders match for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, Brent Albright defeated Adam Pearce by disqualification after Murdock ran in and attacked Albright; in a surprising move, Scotty Mac made the save for Albright, and the two challenged Pearce and Murdock to a tag team match later in the night.

5. Nicole Matthews defeated Veronika Vice to retain the SuperGirls Championship after countering a scoop powerslam into Roll the Dice

6. "Brilliant" Billy Suede retained the NWA Canadian Junior Heavyweight title over Kyle O'Reilly with Sliced Bread #2

7. Brent Albright and Scotty Mac defeated Adam Pearce and Trevor Murdock, when Albright pinned Pearce after a Scotty superkick

8. "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash pinned Lance Cade after the jackknife powerbomb.


NWA World Titles

NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Blue Demon, Jr

Defeated Adam Pearce on October 25, 2008 in Mexico City, Mexico

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion: Mike Quackenbush

Defeated Tiger Mask IV on May 11, 2007 in Portage, Indiana.

NWA World Tag Team Champions: Rasche Brown & Keith Walker (The SkullKrushers)

Defeated Los Luchas (Phoenix Star & Zokre) on October 4, 2008 in Robstown, TX

NWA World Womens Champion: Ms. Chif

Defeated Amazing Kong on April 27. 2008 in Cape Girardeau, MO.


NWA North American Titles (United States & Canada)

NWA North American Heavyweight Champion: Mike DiBiase

Defeated Damian Wayne on December 8, 2007 in Las Vegas, NV.

NWA North American Tag Team Champions: Brandon K & Sterling James Keenan

Defeated Paul Atlas & Brian Anthony on Septmeber 6, 2008 in McKeesport, PA


NWA National Titles (United States)

NWA National Heavyweight Champion: Crusher Hansen

Defeated Pepper Parks on April 18, 2008 in McKeesport, PA.


NWA Canadian Titles (Canada)

NWA Canadian Heavyweight Champion: Scotty Mac

Defeated Cole Bishop on March 28, 2008 in Surrey, BC.

NWA Canadian Junior Heavyweight Champion: Billy Suede

Defeated Kyle O'Reilly on July 5, 2008, in Vancouver, BC

NWA Canadian Tag Team Champions: Drake Styles & Damian Styles

Defeated Stew Corvus & Antonio Corsi on November 30, 2007 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


NWA Southern Titles (Southern United States)

NWA Southern Junior Heavyweight Champion: Seth Knight

Defeated Greg Anthony on March 17, 2007 in Lawrence, KS

NWA Southern Television Champion: Faroh of Phunk

Defeated Mike Carter on May 28, 2005 in Magee, MS.

NWA Southern Tag Team Champions: Scott Storm & Tommy Gunn

Defeated Profit & Lennox Lightfoot on August 30, 2008 in Somerset, KY.


NWA All-Star Wrestling (NWA Virginia)

NWA ASW Heavyweight Champion: Jake Manning

Wins tournament final on December 8, 2007 in Hurley, VA for vacant title.

NWA ASW Southern Heavyweight Champion: Ricky Morton

Defeated Tracy Smothers on May 19, 2007 in Glade Spring, VA

NWA ASW Tag Team Champions: Eddie Golden & KC Thunder

Defeated Iron Cross & Bobby Houston on August 4, 2007 in Bristol, TN


NWA Anarchy

Cornelia, GA

NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Champ: Iceberg

Defeated Phil Shatter on March 22, 2008 in Cornelia, GA.

NWA Anarchy Television Champ: Truitt Fields

Defeated Jeremy Vain on September 29, 2007 in Cornelia, GA.

NWA Anarchy Tag Team Champs: Derrick Driver & Steven Walters

Defeated Phil Shatter & Kimo on August 16, 2008 in Cornelia, GA.


NWA Battlezone

Cleveland, Mississippi

NWA Mississippi Heavyweight Champion: Izzy Rotten

Defeated Jesse Dalton on November 18, 2006 in Magee, MS

NWA Mississippi Cruiserweight Champion: "Faroh of Phunk" Tim Williamson

Defeated Bryan Rival on June 21, 2008 in Magee, MS.

NWA Mississippi Tag Team Champions: Joe Williamson & Tyson Williamson

Defeated Faroh of Phunk & Calvin Rose on March 29, 2008 in Magee, MS.

Won the titles as Jesse & Dinki Dalton


NWA Bluegrass


NWA Bluegrass Heavyweight Champion: Kris King

Defeated Vinnie Viagra on August 21, 2006 in Inez, KY

NWA Bluegrass Junior Heavyweight Champion: J.T. Money

Defeated Shane Matthews on July 15, 2005 in Painstville, KY.

NWA Bluegrass Tag Team Champions: Bobby Eaton & Dennis Condrey

Defeated Ricky Morton & Brad Thomas for vacant title on September 30, 2005 in Paintsville, KY.


NWA Championship Wrestling from Florida

Ocoee, FL

NWA Florida Television Champion: Tommy Marr

Defeated Rouge on August 28th, 2004 to win Vacant Title.

NWA CWFL Florida Junior Heavyweight Champion: TITLE VACANT

Tommy Marr vacated after winning NWA North American Heavyweight Title

NWA CWFL Womens Champion: Destiny Devine

Defeated Summer Rain on June 14, 2003 in Ocoee, FL for the newly revived title


NWA East

McKeesport, Pennsylvania

NWA East Heavyweight Champion: Scottie Gash

Defeated Sterling James Keenan on September 20, 2008 in McKeesport, PA

NWA East Three Rivers Champion: James Ross

Defeated Dash Bennett on September 20, 2008 in McKeesport, PA

NWA East Brass Knuckles Champion: Chris Taylor

Defeated Patrick Hayes on September 20, 2008 in McKeesport, PA.

NWA East Tag Team Champions: Patrick Hayes & Ashton Amhurst

Defeated Sean Dahmer & Apolloyon on September 6 , 2008 in McKeesport, PA


NWA ECCW (Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling)

Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, CANADA

NWA Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Champion: Memphis

Defeated Scotty Mac [c], Kyle O'Reilly, El Phantasmo & Rick The Weapon X on October 24, 2008 in Surrey, BC.

NWA Pacific Northwest Tag Team Champions: Nelson Creed & Kenny Lush

Defeated Sid Sylum & Dropkick Murphy on October 4, 2008 in Vancouver, BC.

NWA Pacific Northwest Hardcore Champion: Moondog Manson

Defeated Cremator [c] & Prince Aladdin on May 30, 2008 in Surrey, BC

NWA ECCW SuperGirls Champion: Nikki Matthews

Defeated Penni Lane on March 1, 2008 in Vancouver, BC


NWA Empire

Buffalo, NY

NWA Empire Heavyweight Champion: Jonny Puma

Defeated Pepper Parks on February 9, 2008 in North Tonawanda, NY.

NWA Empire Lord of the Dance Heavyweight Champion: TITLE VACANT

Star Gazer vacates title on June 24, 2008 to focus on winning NWA Empire Tag Team Title.

NWA Empire Tag Team Champions: Colin Delaney & Dave Marcos

Defeated Hellcat & Cloudy, subbing for Stargazer/La Vida Loca on October 4, 2008 in North Tonawanda, NY.


EPW Perth (NWA Pro)

Maylands, Australia

EPW Heavyweight Champion: Bobby Marshall

Defeated Shane Haste on February 16, 2008 in Maylands, Australia

EPW Tag Team Champions: Dan Moore & Chase Griffin

Defeated Michael Morleone/ Marcius Ritsonopolous [c], Ferguson Block/ Azazal & Bin Penhero & Sebastian Sander on May 16, 2008 in Maylands, Australia

NWA Heritage Heavyweight Champion: TJ Perkins

Won vacant title on June 1, 2008 in Santa Ana, CA for vacant title

NWA Australian Heavyweight Champion: Hartley Jackson

Defeated Mikey Nicholls on April 5, 2008 in Maylands, AUS


NWA Great Championship Wrestling

Phenix City, Alabama

GCW Heavyweight Title: Micah Taylor

Defeated Johnny Swinger, Cru Jones [c] & Bull Buchanan on September 18, 2008 in Phenix City, AL.

GCW Interstate Heavyweight Title: Sonny Siaki

Defeated J-Rod on September 11, 2008 in Phenix City, AL

GCW Tag Team Title: Orion Bishop & Murder One

Defeated John Bogie & Kareem Abdul Jamar on October 16, 2008 in Phenix City, AL.


NWA Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii

NWA Hawaii Heavyweight Champion: Sickdog

Defeated Jody Lopez on August 18, 2007 in Honolulu, HI

NWA Hawaii Junior Heavyweight Champion: Bushido X

Beat El Guapo on July 4, 2007 in Pearl Harbor, HI

NWA Hawaii Tag Team Champions: TITLE VACANT

Ricky Thunder & Jody Lopez stripped on March 31, 2007 in Honolulu, HI

Thunder & Lopez stripped due to Ricky Thunder’s injury.


NWA Ireland

NWA Ireland Heavyweight Champion: Phil Boyd

Defeated Sean Brennan on April 1, 2007 in Wicklow, Ireland.

NWA Ireland Tag Team Champions: Aguila Artois & Michael Winchester

Defeated Danny Butler & Justin Inbred on December 13, 2007.



Puerto Rico

IWA Heavyweight Title: Chicano

Defeated Blitz on October 4, 2008 in Bayamon, PR

IWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title: Joe Bravo

Defeated Richard Rondon on October 4, 2008 in Bayamon, PR.

IWA Puerto Rican Heavyweight Title: Noel Rodriguez

Defeated Hardam Kadafi on October 4, 2008 in Bayamon, PR

IWA Cruiserweight Title: Noel Rodriguez

Defeated Onix on October 4, 2008 in Bayamon, PR

- IWA Cruiserweight title has been unified with the IWA Puerto Rican Heavyweight Title

IWA Hardcore Title: Noel Rodriguez

Defeated Niche on October 4, 2008 in Bayamon, PR

- IWA Hardcore Title has been unified with the IWA Puerto Rican Heavyweight Title

IWA Tag Team Title: Cruzz & Diabolico

Defeated Dennis Rivera & Noel Rodriguez on September 13, 2008 in Bayamon, PR.


NWA Korea

South Korea

NWA Korea Heavyweight Champion: Hong Sang Jin

NWA Korea Cruiserweight Champion: Rick Love

NWA Korea Tag Team Champions: The Master & Shane Miller


NWA Main Event

Nashville, Tennessee

NWA Mid-American Heavyweight Champion: TITLE VACANT

Marc Anthony stripped of title by NWA Main Event Promoter Mike Porter.

NWA Mid-American X Champion: Eric Wayne

Defeated L.T. Falk on June 24, 2008 in Nashville, TN

NWA Mid-American Tag Team Champions: TITLE VACANT

Syndicate Crew stripped on April 14, 2007 in Columbia, TN by NWA Main Event promoter Mike Porter.

NWA Mid-American Television Champion: L.T. Falk

Defeated Dante on June 21, 2008 in Nashville, TN for vacant title


NWA Mexico

Mexico City, Mexico

NWA Mexican Lightweight Champion: Skayde

Defeated Trauma II & Turbo in tournament final on November 1, 2008 to become first champ.


NWA Mid-Atlantic


NWA Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion: Buff Bagwell

Defeated Rikki Nelson for vacant title.

NWA Mid-Atlantic Junior Heavyweight Champion: Rikki Nelson

Defeated Chris Hamrick on January 03, 2004 in Guangzhou, CHINA

NWA Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions: Rick Steiner & Scott Steiner

Defeated Chris Hamrick & Rick Nelson on December 9, 2006 in Easley, SC for vacant title.

NWA Mid-Atlantic Hardcore Champion: The Barbarian

Defeated Andreu Bane to capture the vacant title on October 2, 2004 in Pageland, SC.

NWA Mid-Atlantic Womens Champion: TITLE VACANT


NWA Mid-South


NWA Mid-South Heavyweight Champion: Ricky Murdoch

Defeated Big Nasty Bill on April 16, 2005 in Trenton, TN.

NWA Mid-South Tag Team Champions: Ricky Murdoch & Big Nasty Bill

Defeated Blackbirds (Ice & Jazz) on October 14, 2005 in Humboldt, TN.

NWA Mid-South Womens Champion: VACANT

Last held by Dakota. Declared vacant on February 17, 2001


NWA Midwest

Bloomingdale, Illinois

NWA Midwest Heavyweight Champion: Silas Young

Defeated Jay Ryan on August 15, 2008 in Milwaukee, WI.

NWA Midwest X Champion: Ego Fantistico

Defeated Arya Daivari, Troy Walters & Prince Ali on May 25, 2008 in MIlwaukee, IL.

NWA Midwest Tag Team Champions: Venom & Krush

Defeated Corp. Robinson & Hardcore Craig on April 20, 2008 in Milwaukee, WI.

NWA Central States Heavyweight Champion: Michael Strider

Defeated Woody Maguire, Mississippi Madman, Derek Stone, Marek Brave & Mark Sterling for vacant title on October 14, 2006 in Muscatine, IA

NWA Heartland States Heavyweight Champion: Jason Dukes

Defeated Kody Rice on June 27, 2008 in Milwaukee, WI for vacant title.

NWA Illinois State Heavyweight Champion: TITLE VACANT

Marco Cordova loses a loser-leave-town match on May 5, 2007 in Streamwood, IL

NWA Kansas State Heavyweight Champion: Brett Young

Defeated Mark Sterling on March 29, 2008 in Lawrence, KS for vacant title.

Dingo vacated title on March 4, 2008.

NWA Indiana Heavyweight Champion: Metal Master

Defeated Dustin Lillard on August 12, 2007 in Lafayette, IN for vacant title.

NWA Missouri State Heavyweight Champion: Dingo

Defeated Mark Sterling, Kraig Keesman & Jeremy Wyatt on January 20, 2007 in St. Joseph’s MO to capture vacant title.

NWA Iowa Heavyweight Champion: Shane Hollister

Defeated Marek Brave on February 2, 2007 in Fairfield, IA.

NWA Midwest Women’s Champion: MsChif

Defeated Josie on March 24, 2007 in Streamwood, IL.


NWA Mountain State Wrestling

West Virginia

NWA MSW Heavyweight Champion: Jason Kincaid

Defeated The Maestro on August 9, 2008 in Beaver, WV

NWA MSW Television Champion: Billy Lit

Defeated The Spoiler on September 21, 2008 in Hinton, WV

NWA MSW Tag Team Champions: Bandit & Willie Blackheart (Bunkhouse Boys)

Defeated Kris King & Billy Lit on October 5, 2008 in Ghent, WV in tournament final for vacant title.


New Japan Pro Wrestling


IWGP Heavyweight Title: Great Muta

Defeated Shinsuke Nakamura on April 27, 2008 in Osaka, Japan

IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title: Low-Ki

Defeated Tiger Mask IV on September 21, 2008 in Kobe, Japan

IWGP International Tag Team Title: Togi Makabe & Toru Yano

Defeated Giant Bernard & Tyson Tomko on February 17, 2008 in Tokyo, Japan

IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Title: Yujiro & Tetsuya Naito

Defeated Minoru Tanaka & Prince Devitt on October 13, 2008 in Tokyo, Japan


NWA New South


NWA New South Heavyweight Champion: Pat Patera

Defeated Blade Boudreaux on May 30, 2008 in Greenville, MS.

NWA New South Cruiserweight Champion: Scott Storm

Defeated Brother Love on September 8, 2007 in Greenville, MS

NWA New South X Title: Blue Star

Defeated Black Diamond on December 1, 2006 in Greenville, MS.

NWA New South Brass Knuckles Champion: Vicious Vinny

Defeated Krazy Dee and Blackjack Tatum on November 15, 2003 in Greenville, MS



NWA Heritage Heavyweight Title: TJ Perkins

Won vacant title on June 1, 2008 in battle royal in Santa Ana, CA.

NWA Pro East Heavyweight Champion: Danny Inferno

Defeated Judas Young on September 12, 2008 in Newark, NJ.

NWA Pro East Tag Team Champions: Samoan Warriors (Makua & Fala)

Defeated Erik Andretti & Dave Greco on September 12, 2008 in Newark, NJ.


NWA Quebec

NWA Quebec Heavyweight Champion: Jake Matthews

Defeated Dru Onyx on February 26, 2005 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


NWA Southwest

Dallas, Texas

NWA Texas Heavyweight Champion: Kevin Northcutt

Defeated El Diablo Rojo on October 4 2008 in Robstown, TX for vacant title.

- Mike DiBiase was stripped for failure to show

NWA Texas Junior Heavyweight Champion: Cody Jones

Defeated Cyclone on October 25, 2088 in Amarillo, TX.

NWA Texas Tag Team Champions: Prince Al Farat & Thomas Trump

Defeated Crash & Widowmaker (Texas Regulators) on October 11, 2008 in Dallas, TX


NWA Top Rope (NWA Main Event)

NWA Tennessee Heavyweight Champion: Gary Valiant

Defeated Vic The Bruiser on September 28, 2007 in Lebanon, TN

NWA Top Rope Junior Heavyweight Champion: Chrisjen Hayme

Defeated Arrick Andrews on June 14, 2008 in Lebanon, TN for vacant title.

NWA Southern Tag Team Champions: Homicidal Tendencies

Wins tournament final on September 28, 2007 in Lebanon, TN.



Salt Lake City, Utah

NWA UCW-Zero Heavyweight Champion: Tristan Gallo

Defeated Validus on August 3, 2007 in Salt Lake City, Utah

NWA UCW-Zero Ultra-X Champion: Jr-X

Defeated Kid Kade, Chip, Jeff Orcut & Stevie Slick [c] on August 16, 2008 in West Jordan, Utah

NWA UCW-Zero Tag Team Champions: Devan Payne & Stevie Slick

Defeated Paco in a handicap match on September 6, 2008 in West Jordan, Utah

Paco's partner Blitz no-showed the event.


NWA United Kingdom

Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom

NWA British Commonwealth Heavyweight Champion: Dru Onyx

Defeated Paul Tracey on October 26, 2007 in St. Albans, VT.

NWA United Kingdom Heavyweight Champion: Conscience

Defeated Johnny Moss on March 17, 2007 in Bellshill, Scotland.

NWA United Kingdom Junior Heavyweight Champion: Zach Sabre Jnr

Defeated Falcon on October 22, 2005 in Whitehaven, England.

NWA Scottish Heavyweight Champion: Adam Shame

Defeated Jack Jester on January 19, 2008 in Bellshill, Scotland, UK.


NWA Oklahoma (formerly NWA Universal)


NWA Oklahoma Heavyweight Champon: Spoiler 2000

Defeated Slam Shady on October 3, 2008 for vacant title in Tulsa, OK

NWA Universal X Title: Justin Lee

Beat Shane Morbid on April 14, 2007 in Tahlequah, OK

NWA Oklahoma Tag Team Champions: Prince Al Farat & Thomas Trump

Defeated Mark Sterling & Darrien Sanders on June 13, 2008 in Tahlequah, OK to capture vacant title.


NWA Upstate

Rochester, NY

NWA Upstate Heavyweight Champion: Danny Doring

Defeated Jimmy Olsen on February 23, 2008 in Henrietta, NY.

NWA Upstate Tag Team Champions: Evan McCloud & Kyle McCloud

Defeated Buddy Delmar & Frank The Tank on July 11, 2008 in Henrietta, NY

NWA Upstate Kayfabe Dojo Champion: Jon Bolen

Defeated Colin Olsen, Cloudy & JP Black © on June 9, 2007 in Henrietta, NY.

NWA Upstate No Limits Heavyweight Champion: Gabe Saint

Defeated Cheech on May 16, 2008 in Henrietta, NY.

NWA Upstate 6-Man Tag Team Champions: Maximo Suave, Luis Whiteshoes & Stargazer

Defeated Eric Everlast, Triple X & The Super Assassin (subbing for Sweet Lou) on November 24, 2007 in Henrietta, NY


NWA Virginia

Richmond, Virginia

NWA Continental Heavyweight Champion: Mike Booth

Defeated Damian Wayne on May 24, 2008 in Ahoskie, NC.

NWA Virginia Junior Heavyweight Champion: TITLE VACANT

Tony Kozina leaves NWA Virginia.

NWA Virginia Tag Team Champions: Kamikaze Kid & El Suico

Defeated Horrorshow/6D6, Fusion GX & Mike Vaughn/Chris Dramin on February 3, 2007 in Saluda, VA for vacant title

NWA Alpha Heavyweight Champion: Rex Sterling

Defeated Grail on March 8, 2008 in Mattaponi, VA

NWA Wisconsin (NWA Midwest)

Green Bay, Wisconsin

NWA Wisconsin State Heavyweight Champion: Mason Quinn

Defeated Silas Young on October 19, 2007 in Menasha, WI.

NWA Wisconsin State Tag Team Champions: Bobby Valentino & Dysfunction

Wins vacant title on August 15, 2008 in Milwaukee, WI in a Lethal Lottery Match.


NWA Wrestle Birmingham

Birmingham, Alabama

NWA Wrestle Birmingham Heavyweight Champion: McNasty

Defeated B.G. James on September 15, 2007 in Graysville, AL

NWA Wrestle Birmingham Television Champion: Dennis Condrey

Defeated Brad Armstrong on April 14, 2007 in Irondale, AL to become 1st champ.

NWA Wrestle Birmingham Junior Heavyweight Champion: Mike Jackson

Defeated Daffney on July 7, 2007 in Irondale, AL

NWA Wrestle Birmingham Tag Team Champions: Elix Skipper & David Young

Young replaces Sonny Siaki, who goes to WWE, on February 3, 2006 in Birmingham, AL


Ultimate NWA


Ultimate NWA Heavyweight Champion: Buff Bagwell

Defeated Adam Roberts on May 12, 2006 in Huntsville, AL

Ultimate NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion: Chris Lee

Defeated Mike Jackson on February 12, 2005 in Hanceville, AL

Ultimate NWA Tag Team Champions: Will Owens & Cecil Pleazing

Defeated Theodore Tutwiler III/ Rastas Polk [c] & Adam Roberts/Adam Armor on February 12, 2005 in Hanceville, AL.


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Нова NWA федерация:

NWA Wrestling Returns to Charlotte in Early 2009

(Charlotte, NC) NWA Charlotte announced today that professional wrestling, sanctioned by the NWA, is returning full-time to Charlotte beginning in early 2009.

”We are delighted to have reached an agreement with the National Wrestling Alliance and Executive Director Bob Trobich to bring the NWA name and professional wrestling back to Charlotte,” said NWA Charlotte President JD Costello. ”We will begin bi-weekly shows in Charlotte under the NWA Charlotte brand in early 2009.”

The National Wrestling Alliance was formed in 1948 and has grown to be the largest group of independent professional wrestling promotions in the country. ”NWA Charlotte brings back the rich heritage of this grand sport that generations of wrestling fans and families have enjoyed for more than 60 years across the Carolinas,” added Costello.

Costello himself was a legendary wrestling manager with the NWA in the mid 1980’s when he managed the tag team champions, The M.O.D. Squad (Masters of Disaster). ”JD Costello and The M.O.D. Squad worked with wrestling icons like Jerry Lawler, Jerry Jarrett, Bill Dundee, Dutch Mantel, Baby Doll, and Jim Cornett,” said Costello. ”We worked for the original Jim Crockett Promotions, which was the foundation for what we know today as professional wrestling.”

North Carolina played the pivotal role in building the popularity of professional wrestling across the southeast. Back during the real building days of the NWA territory in North Carolina, sports fans watched college football, NASCAR and NWA wrestling.

”There is a real magic with wrestling fans when you mention the NWA,” said Costello. ”Our goal with NWA Charlotte is to bring that great style of family entertainment back to Charlotte on a regular basis.”

NWA Charlotte will regularly feature past and present NWA superstars, wrestling legends, new talent from TNA, and regional wrestling stars. ”The true excitement in professional wrestling is the contagious combination of good guys versus bad guys, great storylines, unique wrestling stars, and large championship bouts,” said Costello. ”NWA Charlotte will have all of that and mix in the one element that today has to offer, which is the Internet.”

NWA Charlotte fans will be able to follow their favorite NWA superstars week by week on the NWA Charlotte website at www.NWACharlotte.com. ”Mixing in the Internet gives our wrestling fans a new resource to keep current on what’s happening between shows,” said Costello. ”The Internet gives the fans instant satisfaction for their need of information and will also give them the chance to interact with wrestlers and other fans on message boards and blogs.”

NWA Charlotte has selected Charlotte-based creative marketing agency Ideas Squared as the agency of record. ”Ideas Squared understands the unique blend of creativity, imagination, and technology that we need to connect everything together,” said Costello. ”Ideas Squared has experience working with professional sports teams and organizations and they were a natural fit as our creative and marketing partner.”

”I want to assure wrestling fans across the Carolinas that NWA Charlotte will be entertaining and fast-paced while blending the traditions of NWA-style wrestling with the production values that today’s fan demands,” concluded Costello. ”We will not disappoint our fans because the NWA Charlotte shows will be something that they have related to from years gone by and will want to share with their families to start new NWA traditions.”

# # #

About the NWA

The National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) is the largest governing body for a group of independent professional wrestling promotions and sanctions various NWA championships in the United States. The NWA has been in operation since 1948. Prior to the 1980s, it acted as the sole governing body for most of professional wrestling, operating as a talent and brand name franchiser for the inter-regional "territory" system.

About NWA Charlotte

NWA Charlotte brings back the rich heritage of professional wrestling that generations of wrestling fans and families have enjoyed for more than 60 years across the Carolinas. NWA Charlotte shows offer wrestling entertainment that is ”family-appropriate” for fans of all ages and begins bi-weekly shows in Charlotte in early 2009.

About JD Costello

JD Costello was a legendary wrestling manager with the NWA in the mid 1980’s when he managed the tag team champions, The M.O.D. Squad (Masters of Disaster). JD Costello and The M.O.D. Squad worked with wrestling icons like Jerry Lawler, Jerry Jarrett, Bill Dundee, Dutch Mantel, Baby Doll, and Jim Cornettе. During that time, Costello was employed with the original Jim Crockett Promotions, which was the real predecessor for what we know as professional wrestling today. Costello now owns the NWA Charlotte wrestling franchise.

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The booking team for the NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood series are Adam Pearce, Dave Marquez, Bob Trobich and Kevin Kleinrock. Kleinrock is a major executive for Big Vision and was the driving force behind MTV's Wrestling Society X. Pearce and Marquez have been behind most of the NWA's larger scale events in recent years.

The initial episodes being taped this weekend will air on the Dish Network's Colours channel. Big Vision is working on syndicating the series internationally as well as working on cable outlets for the United States. I haven't heard of any prospective homes for the series yet. Since Big Vision is so heavily involved, I'd assume we'll see a DVD set down the line.

The NWA set was erected earlier this week at the CBS Columbia Square Studios. The design of the set is something of a throwback to the old TBS set with an area set up for the announcers at a desk as well as an interview podium for post-match interviews.

Tickets for the free tapings can be requested at www.nwawrestling.com. The company has also reached out to youth groups to bring a younger audience to the shows to add to the atmosphere. The hope is to create a true old school babyfaces cheered/heels booed type of environment.

NWA champion Blue Demon will only be appearing on the Friday tapings as he has conflicts the rest of the taping weekend. It's likely the NWA will tape all of his appearances for the episodes on the Friday taping.

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NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood held their first night of TV tapings at CBS Columbia Square Studios. The NWA didn't specify which episodes the matches taped tonight were for. I know that certain segments involving Blue Demon Jr. were filmed out of order as he was unavailable tomorrow and Sunday.


*Billy V & Stone D defeated Joey Ryan & Tristan Gallo.

*Brent Albright defeated Jeff McAlister.

*Trevor Murdoch & Lance Cade defeated Los Luchas in a match that was the start of a five team round robin tournament to crown top contenders to the NWA Tag Team championship.

*NWA champion Blue Demon Jr. was officially awarded the black strap NWA championship with the NWA retiring the red strap belt. Brent Albright came out and challenged Demon to a title match, which Demon accepted. Both men played babyface and showed respect for each other.

*Chase Patrick defeated Tito Aquino.

*NWA North American champion "The Legacy" Mike DiBiase defeated JJ Perez.

*Dave Marquez was interrupted by Native Blood, who do a gimmick that they are a team of Native Americans rich off their Indian Casino with the tag line that they are taking back America "one dollar at a time." They entered the round robin tournament.

*The Young Bucks defeated Los Luchas.

*NWA champion Blue Demon Jr. defeated Oliver John.

*There was a six way match involving Chase Patrick, Shane Haste, Ricky Mandell, Derrick Jannetty, Sidareal and Paul Diamond (not the former AWA star) - haven't heard a result.

*TJ Perkins defeated JJ Perez.

*Brent Albright announced his tag team partner "next week" would be Bryan Danielson.

*Bryan Danielson defeated Cassidy O'Brien.

*Native Blood defeated Los Luchas.

Notes: The first night of the taping drew an estimated 150-200 fans for the free event....Commentary was handled by Tom Kenely (the ring announcer on Celebrity Championship Wrestling) and former Southern California indy wrestler Phil Lander....Dave Marquez handled post-match interviews....I was told the set for the show looks really good and if you grew up on the studio wrestling days of WTBS, you'll easily know the inspiration for the look and style of the show, right down to no barricades between the ring and the crowd....Former WWE Creative team member Dave Lagana was at the taping visiting.

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In regard to the NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood TV tapings, a lot of the segments were filmed completely out of order due to scheduling issues with talent. As I noted last week, NWA champion Blue Demon Jr. was only available on the first taping so everything involving him was filmed that evening. Adam Pearce was unable to appear until Saturday's taping, so his segments were all filmed Saturday and Sunday. There was also footage filmed specifically for future DVD releases.

Former WWE Creative team member Dave Lagana was brought in to work on the NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood TV tapings last weekend as well. Lagana, who is back living in Los Angeles, was added to the NWA's creative side to work on the writing, formatting and timing of the tapings.

As it was explained to me, the three main storylines of the tapings each focused on the NWA championship, the NWA Tag Team titles and the NWA North American championship. The storyline for the NWA belt surrounded who would be Demon's first challenger with Adam Pearce and Brent Albright both vying for a shot. Pearce had his foot under the rope when he lost the belt to Demon in Mexico, so the storyline is he was "cheated out of the title". Albright challenges Demon in a segment where they both show respect for each other. Pearce and Albright, who have feuded for the NWA title in the past, end up opposing each other. The NWA board of directors (they really should have brought in David Crockett for this) decree Pearce vs. Albright in a top contender's bout will take place. Prior to that, a tag match featuring Albright and Bryan Danielson vs. Adam Pearce & Oliver John with the winning team getting to pick the referee for the singles bout. Albright and Danielson win and Albright taps Danielson to be the special referee, so now Danielson is at odds with Pearce as well. In the singles bout, Pearce nails Danielson with an elbow by accident. That leads to Danielson going to nail Pearce, who moves and Albright takes the blow. Pearce ends up getting the win, so there's heat between Albright and Danielson. It sounded very similar to an angle years ago with Shawn Michaels as the referee for a Bret Hart vs. Undertaker PPV bout.

There is also an ongoing five team round robin tournament featuring Los Luchas, The Border Patrol, Native Blood, The Young Bucks, and Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch with the winners earning a title shot against champs The SkullCrushers (they didn't work the first taping due to a scheduling issue).

The NWA North American championship storyline features Mike DiBiase (Ted's other son) using the moniker "The Legacy" pushing his family's history in wrestling as he's a third generation talent. DiBiase has a storyline with TJ Perkins with the idea that Perkins isn't in his league because he doesn't have the pedigree that DiBiase does. In the end, when they get in the ring, DiBiase wins but not until it's obvious Perkins was close to having his number.

There was some sort of audio issue with the Friday night tapings where everything was recorded on one audio channel, as opposed to the crowd, announcers, ring, etc. each being placed on distinct channels, which will create more work needed during the editing process.

Porn stars Ron Jeremy and Trina Michaels were in attendance at the Saturday NWA taping last weekend..

A lot of matches were taped for different versions of the show and for future DVDs by Big Vision.

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I just got back from the NWA Hollywood showcase and I have got to say for being a small as they are now they put on a good show for the most part. I do not know how many shows they taped or all the matches, but it lasted 4 hours. I cant remember all the matches so I wont list them but I will tell you some of the bits.

The crowed was hot for most of the show and was really hot for Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch. The crowd really hated The NWA World Champion Blue Demon Jr. during his match people were chanting boring and yelling tap out tap out whenever someone would do a submission move during his first match.

Some time later, Mike DiBiase came out and the crowd started chanting "We want Ted" and "Your brother is better." After hearing that Mike told us that Ted wants to be in (NWA) Hollywood but he is in Hollywood. After a while, Blue Demon Jr came back and cut a promo.

Joey Ryan came out to a huge pop. His manager got on the mic and said since he is ducking the real world champion Adam Pearce, and that in two weeks (set to be taped on Sunday) that he would be facing Joey Ryan for the NWA Title. There were a lot of Joey chants and "Demon sucks" chants.

Biggest Pop

Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch

The Young Bucks

Joey Ryan

Most Heat

Blue Demon Jr

Who ever faced Cade and Murdoch

Mike DiBiase Jr

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В края на 2008 Bob "The Beast" Sapp се е бил в Южна Корея за World Wrestling Alliancе (федерацията е член на NWA). Sapp се е изправил срещу най-популярната звезда на WWA Korea - 53-годишния Lee Wang-pyo (а.к.а. Super Dragon - не онзи Super Dragon, за който се сещате ;)). Мачът е трябвало да бъде pro-wrestling, но по време на пресконренцията мачът е бил променен на ММА мач (най-вероятно worked shoot). Мачът е продължил две минути и Sapp се е предал след като корееца му е приложил armbar.

"Тhe Universal Soldier" Phil Shatter по принцип има developmental договор с WWE, но засега няма място за него във FCW, така че все още се бие по индитата:

NWA National Heavyweight Champion

For Immediate Release:

Former NWA Anarchy Champion, Phil Shatter, defeated Chris LeRusso and NWA National Champion Crusher Hansen at the NWA East show in McKeesport, PA on Saturday 1-17-09 to become the new NWA NATIONAL CHAMPION.

Shatter will have his first title defense this Saturday, 1-24-09, in Charlotte, NC at the NWA Charlotte Coliseum for NWA Charlotte taking on "The Priest Of Punishment" Mikal Judas.

The following is taken from the NWA East Website @ http://www.nwaeast. org/index2.html

"The Universal Soldier" Phil Shatter def. Chris LeRusso and NWA National Heavyweight Champion Crusher Hansen to win the title!

The mere appearance of the former NWA Anarchy Champion Phil Shatter gave the crowd a clue what they were in for. A solid 6'3", 250 lbs., Shatter has been described as a man with a "heart of napalm". Shatter got the upper hand on both competitors until Hansen dumped him to the floor, leaving him as fodder for Camp Crusher Security to assault at will. In the ring, LeRusso attempted to topple Hansen like he has in the past, but he was attacked from behind by Mantis. Referee Piston Wiley counted LeRusso out of the match, eliminating him. It was down to Hansen and Shatter. Hansen was completely unprepared for his newest challenger, but relied on all the oldest tricks in the book to try and pick up the victory. A member of Camp Crusher Security infiltrated the ring after the referee was knocked out, and laid out Shatter. But Hansen's nemesis Brandon K hit the ring as Hansen was attempting to swing the National Title at Shatter. K grabbed the title and spun Hansen around into the awaiting grasp of Shatter. Shatter hit Hansen with a lifting DDT variation to pick up the win and become the brand new NWA National Heavyweight Champion!

Междувременно някъде из Франция:

Big Announcements Were Made in France

NWA France had a their annual event entitled Revolution 5. Big news was reported as the NWA and ICWA have come to the agreement that will change the face of the NWA in France. ICWA with the NWA will create 2 new titles for 2009. John Do, a representative of the NWA made the announcement office that the NWA will be creating the first ever NWA France National Title and the NWA European Championship.

The venue was packed with 2,500 fans in attendance and featured several championship bouts. The first championship match featured the French Connection and the Smoke and Roll Express. Ken Abis and Bis A Bis retained their tag team titles. Next up was the Women's Championship and Bulla Punk defended against Ohio Valley Wrestling's Serena Deeb. Next was the new concept of "Time Scale." This match featured Greg Fury and Tom Delacroix battling back and forth, minutes later they are joined by Driss Djaffali, Romeo, Peter Fisher, and Yan Colby, and lastly Szandor. Each wrestler tried to obtain a title that was hung from the ceiling. The match ended when Fury picked up the title. A new concept that must be seen to believe. Lastly the ICWA Heavyweight Champion, Joe E. Legend defended his crown against former WWE wrestler Gangrel, the Vampire Warrior. Legend retained his title.

Дебютното шоу на NWA Charlotte:

Saturday, January 24, 2009



#1 Contender for NWA World Championship










THE NATURALS (Chase Stevens/Andy Douglas) vs. NEW WAVE (Derek Driver/Steven Walters)



KIMO (with manager Jeff Bailey) & JEFF LEWIS vs. CHAOTIC AGONY (Joey Agony/Ryan Chaos)

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Mного стилен постер за френското шоу.

Добре звучат и останалите ако имаше как бих ги гледал.


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Първото NWA Wrestling Showcase шоу от новия сезон е качено на сайта на NWA: клик


Axel Bros


The Young Bucks

NWA World Tag Team Champions

The Skull Krushers


Chris Kadillak &

Roger Ruiz

Jerome "LTP" Robinson


Mr. Wrestling IV

"Scrap Iron" Adam Pearce

w/ C. Edward Vander Pyle


T.J. Perkins

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^ Вчера вечерта изгледах шоуто и определено го биваше за гледане. Ако ви се гледа шоу, което е 80-90% in-ring wrestling, то това е шоуто за вас. Тhe Young Bucks, The Skullkrushers & Mr. Wrestling IV ми направиха добро впечатление със мачовете си, а main event-a макар и да вървеше добре си признавам, че превъртях известна част от него, тъй като 15 минути мач ми дойде в множко след като и останалата част от шоуто беше главно in-ring wrestling. И все пак, в общи линии шоуто си осъществи целите и особено двата отбора ми направиха толкова добро впечаление, че сега искам да ги видя във вражда за NWA World Tag Team титлите. Освен това, отдавна не бях гледал Puma като просто TJ Perkins и определено беше по-добър отколкото си го спомнях без образа на Puma. Adam Pearce rules as a heel, но това не това не би трябвало да е изненада за никой. И последно, Mr. Wrestling IV показа по-нетрадиционен стил, което ми допадна доста и чакам с интерес и следващите му мачове. Дано NWA да продължат да качват шоуто в Интернет, защото въобще няма да откажа да си го свалям от време на време.

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Mай забравих да пусна резултати от дебютното шоу на NWA Charlotte, така че ето ги:

NWA Charlotte

January 24, 2009

NWA Coliseum

Charlotte, NC

You don’t get a second chance a first impression. NWA Charlotte stepped up tothe plate in the heart of the old NWA Mid-Atlantic territory Saturday night andknocked the ball out of the park.

Their debut show exceeded the expectations of just about everyone involved. This was, in my experience, a rare thing, a new promotion in a new facility, and promoter J. D. Costello and company had all their ducks in a row.

Over 400 fans filled the newly constructed NWA Coliseum. A very hot crowd. I got the sense that a lot of these fans were not used to attending live shows, and were seeing pro wrestling through relatively fresh eyes.

The Coliseum is a warehouse space built to the specifications of a wrestling arena intimate and big league at the same time. On three sides, it has floor seating to accommodate 500 plus bleachers. The fourth side has the entrance ramp and a stage for interviews. There’s a big screen for video. The lighting and sound are both excellent. With a tad more lighting, it would be perfect for shooting TV. Mad props to Brady Parker, the man responsible for building it out

from scratch.

Right from the start, this show clearly defined the major players and stories, and made the titles feel important. The ringwork was generally quite good. It had the kind of atmosphere that brings people back for more, and they made sure to give them reasons to come back by with angles to set up matches for the follow up shows.

No show is perfect. Two matches involving legends was one too many. Including the cruiserweight title story with Mike Jackson was overkill. Edit that out and the show ends in under 3 hours and maybe the crowd doesn’t start to fade like they did. The other negative was the repetitive postmatch beatdowns on the babyfaces by sore loser heels. Fixable things for sure.

Pre-show, the new NWA National Champion Phil Shatter was interviewed by Eddie Rich. Shatter was really impressive on the mic, supremely confident and crystal clear with his delivery.

Three generations of the Young family were introduced as the referees: Tommy Young, his son, Tim and grandson, Ace.

An awesome introductory video was played on the big screen. This was major waving of the NWA flag. It talked about the all-time greats from the Mid-Atlantic territory. Naturally, there was a mega pop for Flair. The cool thing was the way it linked the NWA’s rich heritage to the present by showing all of the current major NWA champions (the only one missing was Mike Quackenbush). The closing line ” Get ready to believe again.”

Costello addressed the crowd. He worked Jim Crockett back in the day. Costello talked about tradition and promised low prices. He introduced NWA Executive Director Bob Trobich. Trobich said NWA Charlotte was going to give the fans pro wrestling not Sports Entertainment.

The Voice of NWA Charlotte Jay Joyce introduced the first match. Joyce is a man of mammoth proportions. He’s a got a great voice but they need to keep him away from the wrestlers, because most of them look like dwarfs by comparison.

(1) Chaotic Agony (Joey Agony & Ryan Chaos) beat Jeff Lewis & Kimo (with Attorney Jeff G. Bailey) in 9 minutes. Chaotic Agony were the weakest workers on the show. The crowd was so jazzed to see wrestling it mattered not. They were popping for basic moves. The key thing was Kimo really got over as Bailey’s psychopathic Asian assassin. The mere removal of Kimo’s hood got a reaction. It should. The guy looks like he’s completely out of his skull. But it was Kimo’s devastating offense that really got the crowd going. Chaos took the brunt of it. Finish was Agony pinning Lewis with a roll up, while Kimo was busy destroying Chaos.

Lewis & Kimo gave the faces a beating after the match. This would become a pattern. Kimo applied the Information Extractor to Agony.

(2) Dylan Kage beat Joey Silvia in 8:20. This was spotfest style with the fans reacting bigtime like an ROH crowd. Kind of early on the card, but it was the only match of that type on the show, so I thought it worked fine. Silvia is a little guy that was immediately over with the prototype babyface look. Kage has this Vampiro thing going. It’s interesting. He needs to work on his body some. The work was so smooth that it looked like they’ve worked each other a lot,

although apparently that was not the case. Lots of flashy, innovative moves. Kage hit Doug Williams Chaos Theory for a near fall. I can guarantee that 99% of these fans had never seen it. Silvia used this amazing back flip suplex deal that I can’t begin to describe. Kage pinned Silvia after taking his head off with a spinkick.

Ivan Koloff was interviewed by Lodi. Koloff started by thanking his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Koloff said he had wrestled all over during his 40 year career, but his heart was in the NWA. He speculated about the condition of Barbarian. Was he still a monster or was he fat from eating too many pineapples? Barbarian came out looking amazingly close to the way he did 20 years ago. Bailey was with him. Bailey said Barbarian was still benching 800 pounds.

Barbarian attacked Koloff from behind and choked him with his chain until security intervened. Costello threatened to fire Barbarian. He added a stipulation to their Legends title match it was now a Russian Chain Match.

(3) Truitt Fields beat Ryan O’Reilly in 8 minutes. O’Reilly’ss body has changed since his days in WWE developmental. He’s beefy almost like a Mike Knox. He looked gigantic compared to Fields, who has great muscular definition but average height. O’Reilly worked over the knee with Fields selling it great. His knee got hung up in the ropes, and O’Reilly really went to town. O’Reilly gave Fields a wicked body slam into the ropes. When O’Reilly went for a kneebreaker, Fields went over the top with a sunset flip for the pin.

O’Reilly clocked Fields after the match. He said Fields won the battle but not the war and declared his intention to become the NWA Charlotte Heavyweight Champion.

(4) New Wave (Derrick Driver & Steven Walters) beat The Naturals (Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas) in 14 minutes. Solid match. New Wave had a few shaky moments but not a problem with Naturals to steer the ship. Naturals bumped and sold for New Wave’s offense early. Walters went for an ill-advised up & over and Stevens countered with a killer Alabama Slam to start the heat. Douglas hit a big backbreaker, and showed off that new physique with a double biceps pose. Crowd got behind New Wave here. They did a cool double down spot to set up the hot tag and Douglas leveled Walters with a lariat from the apron, then Driver returned the favor by leveling Stevens. New Wave busted out the combo move. It went four way and they did a four man tower of doom spot with Douglas on top taking the superplex. Douglas came back to hit a huge double underhook faceplant on Driver. Finish saw Walters avoid Stevens hard charge into the corner and roll him up on the rebound.

Naturals gave New Wave a massive beatdown after the match and got a lot of heat in the process. They gave Walters a stuff piledriver. Stevens had Driver tapping in a submission.


(5) Mike Jackson pinned Ultimo Dragon to retain the Southeast Cruiserweight Championship in 11:40 with a spinning neckbreaker. Jackson earned the crowd’s respect as being very tough and athletic for 59 years old. He did his ropes walk deal. Bad match. Dragon was lousy. Lots of loose spots and it dragged to the point the crowd wanted Jackson to get it over with, and they popped when he did.

Kage came out. You, old man, are the past. You’re looking at the future. Kage said he believed fairies after seeing Jackson do the ropes walk. Kage slapped him. Jackson fired up and clotheslined Kage out of the ring.

Rich announced Awesome Kong vs. MsChif for the NWA Women's Title for the February 14 return - with all ladies admitted free.

(6) Ivan Koloff beat The Barbarian (with Jeff G. Bailey) in a Russian Chain Match to win the NWA Charlotte Legends Title (8:40). Watching Ivan make his way into the ring, I was expecting the worst. He really does not need to be in a wrestling ring at the age of 66. Amazingly, the match worked. Koloff attacked Barbarian before the bell. He beat on Barbarian with the chain. Bailey was great selling the horror of Koloff’s assault on his man. Barbarian bailed and Koloff yanked the chain to post him. Barbarian bled a bit. Barbarian used a low blow to take over. They traded chair shots on the outside. Barbarian missed the diving headbutt. The crowd chanted for Ivan. He crotched Barbarian with the chain and used it to beat him senseless. The finish worked great. Koloff touched three corner. As he went for the fourth, Bailey grabbed him by the leg. Tommy Young was distracted by Bailey’s antics and didn’t see Koloff make the touch. While Koloff was fooling with Bailey, Barbarian touched the fourth turnbuckle. Young saw that and signaled for the bell. Koloff had the what just happened look. Fan outrage ensued. Hearing the pleas from the NWA officials and the fans, Young reversed the decision.

Barbarian went berserk. He attacked three generations of the Young family. He gave Tommy Young a headbutt. Tim Young ate a big boot. Ace got tossed out of the ring. Then he nailed a couple of security guys with the chain and beat on Ivan. Costello made a rematch for February 14. Crowd popped huge when Ivan said he would have Nikita Koloff in his corner.

(7) Phil Shatter retained the NWA National Championship going to a double DQ with Mikael Judas (10:20). These guys always have good matches and this was no exception. Shatter has that heavyweight champion aura about him. Judas’ entrance made an impression. On the surface, there’s nothing babyface about it, but the crowd took to him as the babyface. Maybe they just hated Shatter. Judas was destroying Shatter early. Shatter broke free of a choke slam goozle,

Judas countered the PTSD, although these fans didn’t recognize it as Shatter’s finisher. The action spilled out of the ring where Shatter gave Judas a suplex on the ramp. Body of the match was Shatter working on the back of Judas and fighting off the occasional choke slam attempt. Shatter used a major league Boston crab and a spinebuster slam. The DQ came when ref Ace Young got tossed by both men as he tried to force a break. That didn’t stop Judas, who thrashed Shatter with a suplex into the turnbuckles.

Costello started talking about the NWA Charlotte Heavyweight Title. Judas was still in the ring holding Shatter’s National belt. Shatter was at ringside. O’Reilly came out and said he wanted a title shot. Fields came out to remind O’Reilly that he beat him, so he should get the shot. Costello told them to lower the testosterone, because he was bringing in The Insane Lumberjack Timber as a contender. It wasn’t clear who Timber would be facing or if the National Title and the NWA Charlotte title were one and the same. (After the show, Trobich clarified that the NWA Charlotte Title would be introduced as a new title). Presuming that the National title is going to be defended here, that’s too many singles titles (National, Charlotte, Legends and Cruiserweight).

(8) Adam Pearce beat Brent Albright to become the number one contender for the NWA World Heavyweight Title in 16 minutes. A battle between two former world champions (twice for Pearce). Crowd was needing to catch their second wind. Pearce stalled. Crowd was hating him for it. They chanted Repo Man at him. He bit Albright’s forehead to start the blood flow. That got a you sick freak chant. Albright crotched Pearce on the top and hit a superplex. Both men struggled to their feet at 9. The action moved to ringside, Pearce bled. Back inside, they traded brutal, stiff blows with both men on the verge of exhaustion. Albright scored a series of near falls. Pearce snuck one in with his feet on the ropes. The big spot was Pearce giving Albright a DDT on the apron. Albright barely beat the 10 count. Crowd came back strong for the false finishes. Albright kicked out of piledriver. Pearce kicked out a half nelson suplex. Peace shielded the ref as he donkey kicked Albright in the groin, and then pinned him with a piledriver. Well done. It had the big match feel. They actually exceeded the announced time limit, which was cut down from the scheduled 20 minutes to 15.

NOTES: Krissy Vaine was in the house looking gorgeous as always. Commentary for the video production was provided by Lodi and Tim Dixon. It was a three camera shoot Dick Bourne from the Mid Atlantic Gateway was introduced to the crowd as was long time Charlotte fan, Peggy Latham Current plans call for shows on the second and fourth Saturday of every month (opposite NWA Anarchy on the first and third Saturdays) Trobich said that due to the great look and atmosphere of the facility, the NWA will be giving consideration to shooting some television shows there.

Звучи много добре! Моите хора в лицето на Shatter, Kimo, Judas, Fields, Bailey & Lewis естествено мачкат. :) Присъствието на по-известни инди кечисти като Albright, Pearce & The Naturals също е плюс за дебютното шоу, и разбира се легендите също не са в излишък. Така като гледам федерацията ще залага главно на моите хора от NWA Anarchy, няколко легенди, малко участия от инди звезди и малко "homegrown" кечисти. Доволно! Дано по-нататък да се усетят и да почнат да пускат тв шоу в Интернет.


Междувременно, NWA Wrestling Showcase сезон 2, епизод 2: клик

Joey Ryan Vs Willie Mack

Tito Aquino & Liger Rivera Vs Trevor Murdock & Lance Cade

Espiritu Inturnal & Sidareal Vs The Border Patrol

Khan Kussion Vs Tristan Gallo

Derrick Sanders Vs NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Blue Demon

Шоуто е много по-удобно за гледане, ако знаете как да rip-вате flv файлове, което ще ви позволи да си запазите файла на компютъра вместо да чакате да се зарежда.

И за финал, не знам дали ще го правят всяка седмица, но миналото шоу беше качено и в YouTube ето тук.

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Видео highlights от първото шоу

NWA Charlotte "Thorns & Roses" - February 14, 2009

Last night’s ”Thorns & Roses” show was a terrific follow up to NWA Charlotte’s auspicious debut.

The first NWA Charlotte show was heady stuff – a hot packed crowd in a brand new building featuring the top talent in the region.

”Thorns & Roses” couldn’t reproduce that opening night buzz, but in a many ways it was a better show. Hopefully, this show created a different kind of buzz via the element of surprise, the feeling anything could happen and you never know who might show up.

The show drew 600 to the NWA Coliseum. OK, calling it a coliseum is a stretch, but the people running NWA Charlotte are in advertising, so you’ve got expect hyperbole, and it is a great building. My report of 400 for their first show was an underestimate. I’m thinking it was closer to 500. The paid attendance for last night was probably in the same range as the first show because ladies were admitted free. In any case it was another hot crowd. They got the show done in 2:30, so there was no crowd burnout factor whatsoever.

Heather Brocklebank sang the National Anthem. It’s a beautiful way to open a wrestling show when it’s done well as it was here.

They kicked things off with ”NWA Rewind”, a video recapping the results from their debut event. It’s touches like this that separate NWA Charlotte from your typical independent show.

J.D. Costello, the president of NWA Charlotte, informed that crowd that Ivan Koloff was physically unable to defend the legends title, now known as the Mid-Atlantic Heritage Title. Jeff Lewis rudely interrupted Costello and started ripped Ivan. Costello told him to shut the hell up. Costello said Nikita was there with a surprise replacement and the belt would be up for grabs. Costello rewarded loudmouth Lewis by moving his match up to first on the card.

(1) New Wave (Derrick Driver & Steven Walters} beat Jeff Lewis & Zack Salvation when Driver pinned Salvation at 7:55.

The crowd was popping for New Wave’s offense, as they gave Salvation a whipping. He was there to do the job and take his lumps in a comedic way, and he excelled in that role. Lewis ducked and Driver spilled over the top rope to set up the heat. Driver hit a one-on-two combo and hot-tagged Walters. Solid house cleaning segment with spot on feeding by the heels. Walters ducked a superkick from Lewis, and New Wave sent him packing with a double dropkick. They used the Unskinny Bop as their finisher. Very good opening match.

(2) Kimo (with Jeff G. Bailey) beat Manscount in :48.

Kimo’s entrance looked awesome. Manscout has to be the gayest gimmick ever –a guy in a scout uniform except with skimpy tights. Manscout foolishly tried to attack. Kimo destroyed him while referee Ace stood by looking horrified. Bailey told Ace to call for the bell. Kimo dished out more brutality and locked in the Information Extractor for a quick tap out.

NWA National Champion Phil Shatter was interviewed by Lodi. Shatter carries himself like a world champion. They guy is beyond ready for the big time. His contempt for the people got heat. Shatter said he planned to make the NWA Charlotte title another notch on his belt.

Costello introduced Chaotic Agony. Costello said he was behind them despite the critics saying they didn’t belong. He said he rescued them from that horrible promotion in Hendersonville and put them over as common men that the fans could relate to. That brought out Team Ego, two big old boys in black. Abel Adams said Agony were punks that treated pro wrestling like a hobby. That lead to…

(3) Team Ego (Abel Adams & Will Snapp) beat Chaotic Agony (Joey Agony & Ryan Chaos) in 8:43.

Early on, Chaos connected with a tornado kick to the mush of Snapp, who appears to have an unfortunate case of man boobs. Snapp gave Agony an Alabama Slam. Team Ego turned Agony into hamburger meat. The crowd did get behind Agony as the huge underdog. Chaos didn’t get much with the hot tag. Adams speared him for the pin. Snapp then left Agony in agony with a Black Hole Slam.

Jay Joyce announced the first of several unadvertised surprises - an inaugural Thorns & Rose Match was up next and it would be Tables, Ladders and Chairs.

(4) Josh Magnum beat Malachi and Caleb Konley in a Thorns & Roses (TLC) Match (12:24).

With the exception of a couple of problems with the gimmicks and the inherent contrived spots, this was a very good match because it had quality wrestling, not just TLC spots. Malachi was the lone heels. The faces doubled up on him and tossed him out. Malachi reentered with a chair. He couldn’t get it properly wedged between the ropes and it fell on the floor. He then leveled Magnum with a chairshot to the head. It looked vicious. Thank God, he got his hands up. Magnum was busted open. Malachi pounded the cut. NWA Charlotte doesn’t shy away from a little bloodshed when the situation calls for it. They did a series of impact moves into one of the ladders. At ringside, Konley put Malachi through table number one with a huracanrana off a ladder. Malachi put Konley through table number two with a spinning powerbomb. Magnum made the save at the last split second. Malachi hit a combo move on Magnum and got this crazed expression on his face. He covered and pulled Magnum up at two to get another table. Logic be damned. Magnum nailed Malachi with a cool handspring spin kick and tried to set up the table for the finish, but one of the supports was broken. Magnum audiblized nicely with a 450 from the top of the ladder to score the pin.

Costello put the TLC match over huge, saying all three competitors had earned permanent spots with NWA Charlotte. Costello said the NWA Charlotte title was being renamed the US Title in honor of Jim Crockett. One by one, the five contenders for the US Title – Ryan O’Reilly, Shatter, Truitt Fields, Mikael Judas and Timber joined Costello in the ring. Judas got the biggest pop. As each wrestler tried to get on the mic, the next wrestler’s music would hit to cut them off.

The spotlight zeroed in on an unadvertised sixth competitor standing on top of the entrance structure. It was Raven. He cut a great promo saying the other guys were pretenders and he was the only defender (being a former NWA World Champion). He said not inviting him was a major faux paus and the dynamics had just changed. The whole Raven thing got over great. It really made the most of his starpower.

Nikita was introduced for the legends match. He got a respectable pop. Not as much as I expected probably due to the young age of many fans. Costello said that Nikita doesn’t wrestle any more and introduced the special guest substitute --- BABY DOLL. In spandex and heels no less. Nikita gave her a high five. Costello gave her a dozen roses.

(5) Baby Doll (with Nikita Koloff) beat Barbarian (with Jeff G. Bailey) to win the NWA Mid-Atlantic Heritage Title in :47.

Barbarian shoved Baby Doll to the mat. The crowd was hating on him. With Nikita providing the distraction, Baby Doll produced a tire iron from the bouquet of flowers and clocked Barbarian with it. While Bailey was complaining to Young, Nikita gave Barbarian the Russian Sickle. Baby Doll covered for the 1-2-3 and the mega pop. Young found the tire iron, but Nikita pointed the finger at Bailey. Barbarian was going nuts about being pinned by a woman. This was an awesome way to make up for the late cancellation by Ivan.

Raven was interviewed by Lodi. They played off their relationship in The Flock from back in WCW. Lodi was so shaken by being in the presence of greatness that Raven asked him if he had Parkinson’s. An entertaining segment, but it was clear a large percentage of the fans were either too young or too new to wrestling to get it.

(6) Awesome Kong beat MsChif (with Daffney) via disqualification for using the green mist as Kong hit the Awesome Bomb. MsChif retained the NWA Women’s World Championship on the DQ at 12:04.

Daffney was yet another unadvertised surprise. I liked this match a lot despite the weird psychology. Kong got the bigger pop, as the kids clearly knew her from television. So you had this huge, cold-blooded monster cast as the outnumbered babyface. MsChif couldn’t get anything going against Kong’s massive size advantage. Kong’s chops made a sick thudding sound. Kong squashed MsChif in the corner and applied a camel clutch. Kong was throwing MsChif around like rag doll. MsChif hit a tornado DDT counter, then a huracanrana from the apron to the floor. Kong took over, slamming MsChif on the floor in the ”Rockstar” seating area. Daffney got involved. Kong gave MsChif a snap suplex on the ramp and powerbombed Daffney on top of her. The crowd chanted for Kong. Back inside, MsChif sent Kong’s head into the turnbuckle to get the advantage. She gave Kong three double stomps to the back with Kong’s head resting on the bottom turnbuckle. If Kong has a back problem, you wouldn’t have known it from this match. MsChif needed Daffney’s help to haul Kong to the center of the ring so she could make a cover. Kong missed with a splash, and MsChif hit a standing moonsault for a near fall. Kong connected with the spinning backfist, but MsChif kicked out of the Implant Buster. Kong hit a chokeslam. Kong brought a chair in and was fixing to brain MsChif with it, but Daffney snatched it away on her backswing. The finish was well executed and about as good as they were going to since it had to be inconclusive.

Joyce explained how the inaugural US Champion would be decided. One man from the starting field of six would be eliminated at each show until the champion was decided on 4/11. Tonight’s match would be a six man tag with the winner of the fall earning a bye on 2/28. The loser would get a chance to get back in the tournament by defeating Larry Zbyszko on 2/28. I love the concept. It sets the top guys apart, they all get the rub from Raven, and in the end, the title is decided the only way it should be, one-on-one.

(7) Raven & Timber & Truitt Fields beat Shatter & Mikael Judas & Ryan O’Reilly in 12:56 when Raven pinned Shatter with the Evenflo.

The six made individual entrances to Queen’s ”We Are the Champions.” The way the rules were laid out, it made sense for teammates to fully cooperate. Match had the major league feel with everyone getting a chance to shine. Raven looked revitalized. This was my first time seeing Timber in a number of years. I was impressed with how well he gets up and down for such a big, stocky guy. Fields hit the Killing Fields on Shatter, but O’Reilly pulled him out and bashed him into the announcer’s table. As the white meat babyface of the group, it was only right for Fields to take a major beating. At one point, Raven walked into ring and brazenly whacked one of the heels with his kendo stick right in front of the ref. Judas’ offense had some extra zip on it. Fields locked a guillotine choke on O’Reilly and got suplexed into the turnbuckles for his troubles. Raven took the hot tag and superkick Judas out of the ring as things were breaking down. His first attempt at the Evenflo was blocked. Timber used his barbed wire bat on Shatter to set up the Evenflo.

Raven closed the show by thanking the fans – ”Without you people, there would only be one brand of wrestling, and one brand of wrestling isn’t quite enough for me.”

NOTES: The DVD of the 1/24 show will be available at the show on 2/28…All of the women including Kong were available for autographs and photos after the show. They drew quite a crowd. Krissy Vaine was also at the gimmick table. The women’s match got over well. With Team Blondage (Vaine & Amber O’Neal) and Daffney all in the area, doing more women’s matches is a direction they should consider…Damien Wayne was in the house, as were JT Talent and TK Cross from NWA Anarchy...Last night's show was advertised as a TV Taping. It was a four camera shoot.

И второто шоу звучи екстра. :good: Моите хора пак радват (duh...), но по-важното в случая е друго: RAVEN~! Айде да я подписват тази тв сделка възможно най-бързо и после да се усетят да качват тв шоутата в Интернет, защото определено ми се гледа NWA Charlotte.

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Hollywood, CA (February 23, 2009) – NWA™ Wrestling Showcase returns to the Historic Columbia Square Studios on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood, CA on Saturday March 7th (2:00PM) and Sunday March 8th (11:00AM) for another round of television tapings.

Scheduled to appear:

NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Blue Demon, Jr.

NWA Worlds Tag Team Champions ”The Skullkrushers”

NWA North American Champions Mike DiBiase

NWA National Heavyweight Champion ”Universal Soldier” Phil Shatter

”Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce

Oliver John and the Boarder Patrol

Puerto Rico’s Apollo

”Shooter” Brent Albright

Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch

Muscle Gang

Joey Ryan

Canada’s Nelson Creed

The Young Bucks

”American Dragon” Bryan Danielson

plus much, much more!

A така! Моят човек пристига и ще ги омачка всичките. :) Няма Dragon, няма Demon, няма Pearce, няма Albright, няма Cade & Murdock, няма Skullkrushers, няма DiBiase! Универсалният войник е тууук! :P А иначе вие си знаете: новият епизод на Wrestling Showcase вече е постнат на сайта на NWA.

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NWA Charlotte почнаха да качват 30-минутното си седмично шоу :thumbsup:

NWA Unleashed - Episode 1

"The Korean Assassin" Kimo vs. Man Scout

Phil Shatter, Mikael Judas & Ryan O'Reilly vs. Raven, Truitt Fields & Timber


NWA Unleashed - Episode 2

NWA Women's Title Match

MsChif (NWA Women's World Champion) vs. Awesome Kong (TNA Knockouts Champion)

Thorns & Roses TLC Match

Josh Magnum vs. Malachi vs. Caleb Konley


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NWA Anarchy’s Hardcore Hell was one hell of a show. It’s been running for 13 consecutive years now, the last 11 of them in Cornelia, the last four of them under the NWA Anarchy banner, picking up where NWA Wildside left off, and NCW before that.

It produced two truly great matches from different ends of the spectrum. The NWA National Heavyweight Championship match between Phil Shatter and Ace Rockwell produced a possible match of the year. The tag team title match was a bloody and insane spotfest true to Hardcore Hell’s violent roots.

I would place it in the upper echelon of NWA Anarchy supercards. The overall intensity level was galaxies beyond a typical television taping. None of the matches were even close to being bad. The above matches were as good as anything that has gone before in Anarchy, but they sandwiched the intermission of a show that ran 3:45, so it peaked early. The crowd was suffering from battle fatigue by the time the main event rolled around.

This year’s edition had less stipulation matches than most. The cool thing was the matchups were so fresh, they weren’t needed. The interest level was peaked without them. It was long road from Season Beating’s to Hardcore Hell, with major changes in storylines and some iffy shows along the way, but it all paid off in the end.

Hardcore Hell ‘09 drew 210 to the NWA Arena. The Anarchy crowd has grown more discerning during the four years the company has been running. They almost got a Japanese bent to where they’re very attentive, but waiting for the opportune moments to really start popping.

NWA Anarchy owner Jerry Palmer started the show with the introduction of a special guest, his son Griffin Palmer, now approaching 9 months of age. The kid has presence and appeared totally at ease in his daddy’s arms. Palmer didn’t do his usual rousing intro. He said Griffin tends to take offense to yelling and screaming.

Backstage promo by Slim J was shown the big screen. J said Hardcore Hell had been in Cornelia since 1999 and he had been part of it for 8 years. J mentioned some of the great names from Hardcore Hell’s past - Hardy Boys, Bull Buchanan, David Young, Rainman and AJ Styles. He said Todd Sexton had no clue what he was in for.

(1) The Entourage (Jeff Lewis & Mike Mosley & Andrew Alexander & Jay Clinton) beat Rowdy Friends (Don Matthews & Jessco Blue & Billy Buck & Chris King) in 11:57. The Bleacher Bums chanted “we want Taco” in honor of The Entourage’s missing red carpet layer, Taco Delgado. Alexander debuted old style facial hair where the sideburns connect with the mustache, and his physique is catching up to the added weight. Quite the transformation. It’s a great look for him. Lewis teased squaring off with Matthews and immediately tagged out, and Rowdy Friends took his minions to task. The tide turned when Lewis tossed King out of the ring where Mosley caught him with a brutal lariat. Lewis got all big and bad. Entourage isolated King. The heat was OK. King wasn’t dead but he wasn’t super fiery either. Mosley’s Muay Thai knees need serious work. There was a screwy spot where King did a Sliced Bread #2 in the heel corner and they all just stood there and watched. The hot tag quickly degenerated into a schmozz with Lewis and Matthews going at it in the ring. Finish saw ace lackey Clinton shove Lewis out of harms way and take The Lariat from Matthews. Lewis then rolled Matthews up using the tights. Decent opener.

(2) Malachi pinned Azrael with a diving headbutt at 4:59 to win the Young Lion’s Championship. Azrael opened with an inside leg kick. Malachi fired up. Azrael calmly took ao time out but Malachi was hot on his tail. Malachi threw a stiff chop. That woke Azrael up. They traded a ton of chops and that’s never a good idea against Azrael. Azrael creamed Malachi with a running knee. Azrael hit the Ted Bundy but Malachi got a foot on the ropes. Malachi fought off Azrael’s cutthroat piledriver. Azrael planted Malachi on the top turnbuckle, but Azrael ended up taking the bump and Malachi hit his finisher to score a stunning upset. Good stuff. Crowd was really into it.

WrestleVision promo by Ace Rockwell saying he was going to add his name to the list of NWA National champions that included Ronnie Garvin, Ted DeBiase and Nikita Koloff.

(3) Slim J submitted Todd Sexton with a flying armbar at 1:25 of the 3rd round of a knockout or submissions only match. Greg Hunter explained that it would be the match would consist of three 3:00 rounds and only three ropes breaks would be allowed. Both wrestlers came out in MMA type gear wearing gloves. Sexton had the Technicians in his corner. Bo Newsome seconded Slim. J got the first take down. He got Sexton’s back and switched to a leglock submission, but Sexton reversed into a heel hook. Slim escaped and they were back up. Slim knocked Sexton down for a four count (the knockout rule was a five count). Slim took Sexton down and got a Kimura. Sexton used his first ropes break. End of round one. As Slim headed back to his corner, Sexton gave him a rabbit punch. Ref Brent Wiley said one more and he would DQ Sexton. Sexton scored a takedown early in round two and got an ankle lock. J reversed with a leglock forcing Sexton to use his second ropes break. Sexton busted out the Muay Thai knees. J got an armlock. Sexton reversed into the mount and managed to ride out the round. The crowd’s interest held up well during round one, but they started to fade during the groundwork. J came out on fire for round three. He got a triangle and Sexton used his final ropes break. Out of nowhere, Sexton superkicked J with the first pro wrestling move of the match and set up for killer knee. J caught him coming in with a roundhouse kick and got the armbar. Sexton went for the ropes but no break and he was tapping like mad. Huge pop for the finish. I don’t sense much of an MMA crossover in the Anarchy fanbase, but this was worthwhile experiment.

(4) Orion Bishop pinned Iceberg (with The Reverend) in 5:39. Not much heat. Fans are still trying to figure out what to make of Bishop, who’s all business and pays them no mind. The two behemoths brought out the heavy artillery. In an amazing power move, Bishop hit an overhead belly to belly suplex that came damn close to dropping the 400 pounder on his head. Bishop followed with a Vader Bomb for a near fall. Iceberg leveled Bishop with a body block for a two count. Double lariats X 2. Neither man budged. Iceberg invited Bishop to try it again and gave him a powerslam instead. Bishop hit a german suplex. Bishop missed charging in. Iceberg capitalized with a corner splash and the dreaded cannonball splash, but Bishop kicked out. The Reverend showed his displeasure by wacking Iceberg with the Staff of Righteousness. A costly distraction for Iceberg, as Bishop speared him for the three count. Reverend walked out on Iceberg, who was not a happy man. This could get very interesting.

(5) Phil Shatter (with Jeff G. Bailey) beat Ace Rockwell to retain the NWA National Heavyweight Title in 27:10. I had high expectations based on the great match they did last year. Rockwell had the crowd behind him huge. The first task was to firmly implant the idea that Rockwell had a legitimate shot at the taking the title, and they did a beautifully job of constructing the early portion of the match to do just that. They opened with agility moves running the ropes. Rockwell got the better of it. Shatter turned to brawling and Rockwell hung right with him. Shatter tried matwork and chain wrestling. Still no advantage. Shatter took one of his trademark big bumps to the floor. Ace went after him, and that’s where Shatter took over. Shatter focused on Rockwell’s back, hitting a really sweet slingshot suplex along the way. All kinds of near fall. At one point, Shatter catapulted Rockwell over the top rope and gave him a press slam back inside, but Rockwell kicked out. Shatter hit his fallaway slam, and Rockwell got a foot over the ropes. Shatter’s frustration gauge was redlining. Rockwell got a crossface that had Shatter in deep trouble. The heat was off the hook as Shatter teased the tap out before making the ropes. Shatter applied a Texas Cloverleaf. Rockwell clawed his fingers into the mat to pull himself to the ropes. Crowd was going nuts with the chanting here. Shatter continued the torture on Rockwell’s back with a camel clutch and a spinebuster slam. Rockwell crotched Shatter on the top and did a 20+ revolution airplane spin. Both men down and dizzy for a six count. Rockwell hit a bulldog of the middle ropes, and Bailey put Shatter’s leg on the rope to prevent the pin. Shatter speared Rockwell, but he kicked out again. Bailey took his jacket off. This was freaking serious. Shatter went for the PTSD. Rockwell tried to counter with the Ace High (RKO) and Shatter reversed with the RKO. When Rockwell kicked out, the place came unglued. It was about as good a false finish as you’re ever going to see. Rockwell slipped on a sunset powerbomb. Dangerous bump there. Bailey tried to use his loafer, but Rockwell slipped away and Shatter had to put on the breaks to avoid taking the hit. Rockwell shoved Shatter into Bailey and used a reverse roll up for another great near fall. Rockwell crashed and burned on a flying bodypress. Shatter hit the PTSD and it was over. The finish was the only thing lacking, which was a shame after doing such a great match. Still, with the story, and the heat and the near falls, its a legitimate match of the year candidate any way you cut it.

(6) New Wave (Steven Walters & Derrick Driver) beat Talent & Money (JT Talent & Drew Pendleton III) in a Falls Count Anywhere Georgia Streetfight to win the NWA Anarchy Tag Team Titles (17 minutes). This is where Hardcore Hell lived up to it’s name. Crazy violence. Talent took some of the most brutal and bloody punishment in Anarchy history during this match. All four were wearing proper streetfight apparel. New Wave came flying out of the ring and it was on. The Bleacher Bums chanted for blood. Little did they know. Walters launched Talent off the ramp into the announcer’s booth, blasted him with a chairshot across the back, then backdropped him onto the ramp. Talent’s back was toast. Talent and Money were both butsed open. Talent was bleeding profusely. Somewhere in here, Walters made a pin attempt on top of the announcer's table. I think that was a first. Walters got Talent in the rocking horse, and Driver drove Talent’s head into a chair with a top rope guillotine leg drop. Brodie Chase and Seth Delay hit the ring and laid out New Wave. Chase sent Driver head first into a wedged chair. Pendleton ordered Chase and Delay to the back. Pendleton wacked New Wave in the head with a piece of sheet metal. Awesome sound effects there. Pendleton gave Walters a sick unprotected chairshot the head. Walters was busted wide open. Talent hung Driver with his belt and looked like he was out of his skull doing it – crimson mask in full effect and spraying red mist as he exhaled. Driver nailed Pendleton with a wicked chairshot. Driver scaled the 10 foot fence used for cages match and did a plancha onto T & M. A table was set up inside the ring. Talent gave Driver an inverted backbreaker and climbed to the top rope, but Walters ran up a table propped against the apron like a ramp to crotch Talent. New Wave gave Talent a Spanish Fly driving him head first through the table, and Driver (I think) pinned Talent. Awesome finish. As sick and brutal as the entire match was, the finish topped all. Crowd was loving on New Wave. Talent bled buckets. It was down to his jeans. There was a pool under the table and another one on the floor. Crowd gave him a bigtime respect pop for his efforts. They’re going to have to turn him if they’re not careful. It took a while time to clean up the mess.

On the WrestleVision, Truitt Fields was interviewed by John Johnson. Fields said Tempers threw away their friendship and vowed to bring it to an end tonight.

(7) Shaun Tempers beat Truitt Fields to win the NWA Anarchy Television Title in 11:10. The crowd was suffering from a little PTSD after the last match, so it was a wise decision to do a match based on wrestling match and sound psychology. Reverend tried to stay at ringside with Tempers, but Palmer came out wielding his ax handle and had security enforce the stipulate of no Devil’s Rejects at ringside. It opened with Fields on offense. Tempers took a thudding back bump on the hardwood floor off a Fields lariat. Back inside, Tempers ducked away from a high crossbody. Tempers proceeded with a methodical dissection of Fields’ neck. Fields’ comeback built to a top rope huracanrana and a flying shoulder block for a two count, but Tempers answered with a driving back suplex for a near fall. Fields fought off Tempers’ finisher and hit bridging Northern lights suplex. Ref Ken Wallace got bumped. Fields hit the Killing Fields and the crowd made the three count. Shatter entered the ring with a PTSD on Fields. The 10 minute time limit came and went while Wallace was down but no bell sounded. Tempers hit his hangman neckbreaker. Wallace recovered to make the three count. The Reverend taunted Palmer with the belt when he came out to check on Fields. A very good match in a very tough spot.

(8) Kimo (with Jeff G. Bailey) vs. Mikal Judas ended as a double DDQ at 10:25. They started pounding the hell out each other at the opening bell. Kimo escaped a choke slam attempt and used chops to the kidney area. Judas went for a Mafia kick and Kimo chopped his knee. Kimo worked on the knee. Kimo went for the killer blow, but Judas leveled him with the Mafia kick. Judas took over. He hit a top rope clothesline for a near fall. Judas again went for the choke slam, and Kimo countered into an arm submission. Kimo scored a knockdown with a spinning chop off the ropes. Cool move. With Judas on his knees, Kimo used double chops to the trapezius muscles. Judas sent Kimo over the top with a standing dropkick. Amazing for a guy 6-7. Back inside, they got into a heated exchange in the corner. They started playing ref toss with Wes Grissom and he called for the bell. Match was fine, although in the context of this show and that finish, they could have done much less. Hell, they could have done two minutes and announced a rematch as a hook for the next TV taping. It's not like anybody would have complained about not getting their money’s worth.

The ring filled with an assortment of Anarchy personnel and random job guys trying to break up the fight. Judas gave Dany Only a chokebreaker.

(9) Shadow Jackson beat Jeremy Vain (with Mr. Rob Adonis) to retain the NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Title in 18:40. This match was heavy on drama and light on athleticism. Exhausted or not, the crowd revved up a giant-sized “Shadowmania” chant for Jackson. The Bums chanted “Kill the Cracker.” Jackson pointed at them and shrugged his shoulders at Vain. Jackson got Vain’s leg and he was screaming bloody murder as he scrambled for the bottom rope. Jackson go the figure four, but Adonis pulled Vain over to the ropes. Vain did a Flair tribute – taking a flip bump into the corner and a slam off the top. With Jackson in the midst of the raining down the 10 punches, Vain attacked his vulnerable ankle. Vain did a lengthy number on Jackson’s knee. The heat wasn’t much. The crowd was spent. Vain got the figure four, and the crowd mustered up one more Shadowmania chant. Jackson blocked the DDT. Jackson ducked the VKO and Vain ended up crotched on the top. Jackson took him down with a lariat. Jackson did the flip, flop and fly. Vain clubbed him from behind. Jackson hulked up. Vain hit the VKO, but Jackson again blocked the DDT and hit the 1031 for the pin. Not bad but anticlimactic. It was 11:45. Fans were heading for the exits before the wrestlers were out of the ring.


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След малко проблеми, независещи от тях, NWA Charlotte is back and back with a BANG~! А и освен това, новата им зала е два пъти по-голяма от предишната. :good:

1 night! 2 shows in one! 10 Main Event matches!

NWA Charlotte presents our biggest show ever!


Be There To See Our First Women Champion!


Will it be Krissy Vaine, Amber O’Neal, TNA’s Daffney or former Ring of Honor star Allison Danger?


NWA Charlotte Heavyweight Champion Truitt Fields vs. NWA National Heavyweight Champion III’s Phil Shatter


Ricky Steamboat, Jr. vs. MMA Vordell Walker


Timber, The Insane Lumberjack vs. III’s Ryan O’Reilly


NWA Cruiserweight Champion Josh Magnum vs. Malachi with manager Ty Dillenger


III’s Mikael Judas vs. Iceberg


American Gangsters w/Anamosity vs. Team Macktion

Cameron Valentine & Michael Youngblood vs. Team Ego with manager Joey Nuggs

Plus NWA Mid-Atlantic Heritage Champion Jeff Lewis, Lodi, CW Anderson, New Wave, Zack Salvation, Ostgard, Joey Silvia, Dylan Kage, Xsiris, and much more!



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5/23 NWA Charlotte Live Report

NWA Charlotte emerged from the edge of extinction with a highly successful comeback event last night at their new home, the Metrolina Expo Center. Jam packed with content, it was their best show since their debut event “Homecoming.”

There’s been turmoil aplenty of late. The April 25 event was shut down by after an anonymous complaint to the Charlotte Fire Department. The fire department inspection resulted in an initial decision to cease operations because of prohibitive costs of bringing the NWA Coliseum up to code. Promoters J.D. Costello and Jay Joyce quickly reversed that decision, citing overwhelming fans support coupled with the desire of city officials to see them stay in operation. But staying at the Coliseum was not an option, so they’ve moved into new digs. Need more drama? There’s always the ongoing battle with Greg Price (see notes below).

The Metrolina is your basic fairgrounds exposition building. The lights, sound and big screen from the old building were in place, so it didn’t come across low rent at all. No shortage of bathroom capacity. Beer on sale (Don’t get too excited. I believe it was limited to Miller Lite out of a can). I think the place is going to work out fine once they get it fixed up a bit.

“Total Compliance” drew a crowd of approximately 500 fans. The company had to be pleased with the turnout, which was in the range of what they were doing at the NWA Coliseum.

For a company attempting to follow in the footsteps of Crockett era NWA Mid-Atlantic, NWA Charlotte has some unconventional methods to their madness. Traditional concepts like heels and faces and consistent storylines are a secondary concern. Fans are into seeing stars, and the wrestlers in NWA Charlotte are presented as such. They pay to see royal ass kickings and spectacular moves, and NWA Chalotte gives them their money’s worth.

An emotional J.D. Costello opened the show. He got the “welcome back” chant. Costello said NWA Charlotte was back because of the fans. Noting that they didn’t have the faзade up, Costello said the Metrolina was either going allow them to build out the existing arena or build them a new one. Costello admitted he was sore at the Charlotte Fire Department for shutting them down, but he went on to thank police and fire personnel for stepping up to help NWA Charlotte get back in business. Costello vowed to do the right things going forward to provide the fans with a safe environment.

NWA Mid-Atlantic Heritage Champion Jeff Lewis came out with C.W. Anderson in tow. Lewis got into it with Costello and his talking was big league. Costello brought up how Lewis spit in Anderson’s face. Lewis said all was forgiven. Costello said he was going to force Lewis to defend the title on every show. Starting tonight.. with C.W. ANDERSON. Anderson punched Lewis and it was on.

(1) C.W. Anderson beat NWA Mid-Atlantic Heritage Champion Jeff Lewis in 10:20, but failed to win the title on a technicality. C.W. had his working shoes on. Damn, this was stiff. It was Anderson dishing out punishment, until Lewis caught him with a superkick. Lewis worked on Anderson’s shoulder. Anderson came back with a monster lariat. They traded wicked strikes. Anderson dropped Lewis with a straight right hand for a near fall. Lewis got two with a hotshot. Lewis set up for sweet chin music, but Anderson was first to pull the trigger. Great spot. Lewis blocked the spinebuster and hit a spinning neckbreaker, but Anderson kicked out. Spinebuster by Anderson for the three count. Best work I’ve seen from Anderson in a long time. An outstanding opening match.

Costello congratulated Anderson on winning the title. Lewis said not so fast. The fine print said the title was only on the line for the first 10 minutes. Costello checked with announcer Tim Dixon, who said it went 12:32. Costello made a rematch for June 12 (their first Friday night show).

They ran a video for the Queen City Classic Tag Team Tournament on May 30 featuring the return of The Naturals and the debut of the NWA World Tag Team Champions, The Skullcrushers.

(2) Xsiris beat Dylan Kage in 7:28. My first time seeing Xsiris. He’s got a great long, lean, athletic look. This was a good match, but I got the feeling Xsiris is capable of much better. Lots of big moves. Kage opened up a can on Xriris and hit a suplex trio. Xrisis got near falls with a series of swank moves – a springboard missile dropkick, a butterfly suplex slam and a grapevine double underhook facebuster that was the bomb. Kage answered with a sitout facebuster of his own. Xsiris ducked Kage’s Kevork Kick and finished him with the DUI (spinning inverted bulldog).

Costello played the alleged tape of the 911 call that stooged NWA Charlotte off to the fire department. The “concerned citizen” had his voice electronically disguised. Costello said the caller had informed the promotion that he would be in attendance. Out came NWA Charlotte Champion Truitt Fields in a suit coat. Fields said that as champion, it was his duty to find out and he knew the identity of the caller. Fields told Costello it wasn’t American Gangstas or III or Jeff Lewis. “I did it. You can’t spell Truitt without true.” The crowd played along with an outraged chant of “you suck.” Fields said he was the longest reigning NWA Anarchy television champion ever and he got the respect he deserved in Georgia. He said the Charlotte fans liked to cheer has beens like that bald piece of crap, Lodi. Lodi jumped up from the announcer’s table and into the ring. Fields said his career was 10x what Lodi’s ever was. He was going places. NWA Charlotte was just a rung on the ladder. Lodi started to lose it. Fields took a powder and taunted Lodi, as security held him back. “That vein in your head looks pretty nasty,” said Fields. Costello said it would be Lodi vs. Fields in the main event. Fields was terrific as heel. Tons better than he is as a babyface. His mic work was a revelation.

(3) Cameron Valentine & Michael Youngblood beat Team Ego (Will Snapp & Abel Adams with Joey Nuggs) in 8:55. Nuggs got heat for his lizard green suit. Valentine busted out the elbows. Youngblood and Valentine doubled on Adams. Adams hit a trapped arms belly to belly suplex to start heat on Youngblood. Nuggs used his cane on him. Youngblood spiked Snapp with a DDT. It broke down four ways after the hot tag. Adams speared Youngblood, but the ref correctly ruled Youngblood wasn’t legal. Valentine then rolled Adams up for the three. An OK match.

Nuggs got all red-faced. He said if Greg Valentine was dead, he would be rolling over in his grave. Nuggs said Team Ego would be back for revenge on May 30.

(4) Vordell Walker pinned Ricky Steamboat Jr. in 9:53 after interference by Phil Shatter. Steamboat is miles ahead of Reid Flair at this point. A crisp trade of arm drags early. Steamboat skinned the cat and waited (and waited) for Walker to turn around and charge so he could pull the ropes down. Steamboat did a wild looking pescado. They swapped stinging chops. Back inside the ring, Walker attacked Steamboat’s ribs. Walker applied a bearhug, which drew a mild Steamboat chant. Overall, the match has surprisingly little heat. Steamboat came off the top with a tomahawk chop and dropkick for two. Then a springboard crossbody. Walker almost got the pin using the tights. Steamboat nailed Walker with an enzuirgiri and went up top. That’s when Shatter dumped him. Walker capitalized with a spinning uranage for the pin. Good match.

III (Shatter & Ryan O”Reilly & Mikael Judas) all started beating on Steamboat. Timber and Team Macktion hit the ring for the save. Shatter challenged them to a six-man later in the show. I thought the babyface side was supposed to issue the challenge in this spot.

Steamboat said Walker made him mad and he wanted a rematch. His ringwork was much better than his mic work.

(5) Iceberg beat The Sheik (with Joey Eastman) in 5:22. Eastman is a lily-white-fast-talking northerner in Arab headgear. He cut a comical promo that reminded me of being at an IWA Mid-South show. Sheik did the prayer rug deal like the Detroit original. They brawled. Iceberg gave him way too much. Sheik made repeated use of the loaded boot before Iceberg scored the pinfall with the Ground Zero splash.

Postmatch, Sheik bloodied Berg with a spike. Sheik was almost back to the dressing room when he charged the ring and spiked Berg for a second time. They were attempting to conjure up the spirit of the edgy, wild, uncontrollable Sheik from a bygone era, but it was hard to take it seriously with a manager that looked like he fell out of a box of Cracker Jack.

Team Blondage, Steamboat Jr., Youngblood, Josh Magnum, III and Lewis were at the gimmick tables during intermission. To me, it always feels weird when heels are out doing autographs. They even had a III t-shirt on sale.

(6) British Lions (Chris Gray & Thomas Taylor) beat American Gangstas (Nicky & Frank with Anamosity) in 6:30. Gangstas actually sold some. Nicky took a double backdrop into the lights. Taylor was the more impressive of the Lions on this night. Gangstas beat on Gray something fierce. Frank could have pinned Taylor after this devastating double team, but Gangstas paused to taunt the crowd and got pinned via stereo roll ups. Gangstas were all irate after the match. They will no doubt be seeking revenge in the tag tournament. Their verbal ugliness with the marks generated a lot of heat.

(7) Amber O’Neil (with Krissy Vaine) beat Jayme Jameson to win the NWA Charlotte Women’s Title when Vaine pinned Jameson with the old switcheroo at 8:50. This was advertised as a four way with Team Blondage, Daffney and Allison Danger. No mention of Daffney or Danger. Team Blondage’s heavenly new look works for me. O’Neill did what she could, but Jameson is so green, particularly on offense. It started babyface vs. babyface. O’Neill gradually turned. The best action of the match was the beating Vaine gave Jameson outside the ring. O’Neill put Jameson’s back through the ringer. O’Neill rode Jameson’s face in the corner. Not a spot for the kiddies. The men popped and she took a bow. O’Neill bailed after taking some weak blows from Jameson. Vaine switched in when the ref wasn’t looking and rolled Jameson up. Not good.

(8) Josh Magnum beat Malachi to retain the NWA Charlotte Cruiserweight Title in a First Blood Match (8:02). On the surface, first blood seemed an odd stip for two aerial risk takers. No worries. It morphed into a TLC of sorts. The first potential head buster came when Malachi winged a chair into Magnum’s face. Malachi undid the turnbuckle pad, and they went back and forth teasing shots into the exposed metal. Malachi laid Magnum out on the announcer’s table and dove off the apron with chair. Malachi set up a 12 foot ladder at ringside. There was a clash of chairshots. Malachi got the worst of it. Magnum did a totally psychotic skytwister dive from about 8 feet up on the ladder. Malachi tried to the flesh off of Magnum’s forehead with his boot. Inside the ring, Malachi planted Magnum on steel chair with a DDT, but still no blood. Magnum reversed a catapult shot into the exposed turnbuckle and Malachi bled. Quite a bit. His forehead was covered in blood as he was led from the ring. A wild match typical of the crazy stuff fans have come to expect from the NWA Charlotte cruiserweights.

(9) III (NWA National Champion Phil Shatter & Mikael Judas & Ryan O’Reilly) beat Timber & Team Macktion (Kirby & T.J. Mack) in 11:10. III is really getting over as the cool NWO type heel faction. Their pop equaled Timber’s and was much louder than the one for Macktion. The faces cleared the ring and Macktion hit dives onto III with the assist of Timber, who got zero offense in this match. Macktion used their speed for an early advantage. The execution of their offense was fine, but the size difference was so huge, it was hard to believe Macktion could actually do any damage. The key spot saw Kirby balanced on the top turnbuckle with a headstand. Judas nailed him with a Mafia kick to the face and Kirby took a spectacular bump to the floor. Kirby came up selling his knee. III destroyed the injured body part. Shatter pulled Timber off the apron to prevent a tag and beat the hell out of him. T.J. took the hot tag. He had O’Reilly pinned with the Code Red (leg trap sunsef flip powerbomb), but Judas made the save. O’Reilly pinned Macktion with a devastating double Death Valley Driver.

The show was over three hours long at this point but nobody was leaving without seeing their man, Lodi. He’s so over it’s ridiculous. But with Fields turning, they’re hurting for main eventers on the babyface side. Timber appears to be a distant number two, and the build for Steamboat is just getting started.

(10) Truitt Fields pinned Lodi in a no DQ match to retain the NWA Charlotte Heavyweight Title in 7 minutes. Out from under Raven’s thumb at long last, Lodi came to fight. He attacked Fields in the aisle. They brawled through the crowd. Lodi ran Fields into the garage door. Lodi bled. III came to ringside. Lodi made the comeback and hit a swinging neckbreaker. Shatter got up on the apron to distract the ref. Lodi hit the Evenflo DDT on Fields and was attacked by Shatter and O’Reilly. Lodi tried a double lariat. It bounced off of them. Lodi caught Shatter with the Evenflo, but Fields stepped in with the Killing Fields (rockbottom) for the pin.

Fields joined III for a four-on-one beatdown on Lodi. Fields gave Lodi a shot with the title belt. Shattter gave left referee Ace Armstrong in a crumpled heap with the PTSD. Timber (with barbed wire bat) and Steamboat made the save.

Fields thanked III for their help and tried to buddy up to them. O’Reilly squashed that idea. He informed Fields that he was coming for his title.

Costello announced III vs. Timber & Steamboat & Iceberg for May 30.

NOTES: They ran a video promoting an event titled “08.08.09” running opposite the matches at the NWA Legends Fanfest. The message was there’s room for only one NWA in Charlotte. I’m sure this thrills Greg Price no end…During his opening comments, Costello said it was actually the Fire Department that turned them on to the Metrolina as a possible venue…After May 30 and the Friday show in June 12, they go back to doing shows on the second and fourth Saturdays of the month…Team Blondage is booked for the “Farewell 2 Legends” event in Dothan, Al on May 29…New Wave returns on May 30 for the tag team tournament.

Holy shit! Truitt Fields heel?! Егати изненадата. Един от най-естествените babyface кечисти към момента в ролята на heel и при това отзивите от работата му като heel звучат много добре. Интересно. Много, много интересно. И да: III 4 Life!

А следващата седмица:

It’s the “Queen City Tag Team Classic” this Saturday night as tag teams from across the US complete for the most prestigious title in the NWA!

Already signed to compete!

The NWA World Tag Team Champions

The SkullKrushers

Ring of Honor's

The British Lions

Former TNA Superstars

The Naturals

Ricky Steamboat, Jr. + Mystery Partner

Team Macktion


Shatter | Judas | O’Reilly

Timber | Lodi | Iceberg

The American Gangsters

New Wave

Team Ego

Josh Magnum & Xsiris


Brad & CW as a team for the first time ever!


Let's Go SkullKrushers!

Let's Go New Wave!

Let's Go SkullKrushers!

Let's Go New Wave!

^ За тяхно съжаление, обаче, III ще им видят сметката. :P Why? Because III is better than IV!

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И докато темата за Raven е актуална:

NWA Charlotte Unleashed - Episode 12

New Wave (Derrick Driver & Steven Walters) vs. Chance Prophet & Brandox Phoenix

Raven promo

NWA Charlotte Homecomming Music Video

Raven/Lodi recap video package (featuring Jim Cornette & Mikael Judas)

Clockwork Orange House Of Fun Match

Raven vs. Lodi

Link: http://digitaltuxedo.com

^ Кадрите са от преди около месец и половина.

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NWA Charlotte results from the Queen City Tag Team Tournament on May 30

1.Quarterfinal: The Naturals (Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas) defeated Xsiris & Josh Magnum

2.Quarterfinal: The British Lions (Chris Gray & Tommy Taylor) defeated Brad Anderson (C.W. Anderson did not show)

3.Quarterfinal: New Wave (Steven Walters & Derrick Driver) defeated Team Ego (Abel Adams & Will Snapp)

4.Quarterfinal: The American Gangsters (Nicky & Frank) defeated Ricky Steamboat Jr. & Zack Salvation

5.Quarterfinal: NWA World Tag Team Champions The SkullKrushers (Keith Walker & Rasche Brown) defeated Team Macktion (Kirby & TJ Mack)

6.Quarterfinal: III (Phil Shatter & Ryan O'Reilly) defeated Lodi & Timber.

7.Semifinal: The Naturals defeated The British Lions

8.Semifinal: New Wave defeated American Gangsters

9.Semifinal: The SkullKrushers vs. III resulted in a double DQ.

10.Final: New Wave defeated The Naturals to become the first Queen City Tag Team Champions and win $10,000.

Както би казал Brother Ray: "Tag team wrestling is alive and well in NWA Charlotte". :) И трите отбора, за които "виках" стигнаха полуфиналите, а един от тях спечели турнира и то срещу The Naturals (отборът, на който New Wave най-много ми напомнят). Доволно. :)

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The NWA Charlotte goodness has finally hit YouTube~! или иначе казано: най-после успях да намеря програма, с която дa cut-вам клипове от скапания видео формат, който използват за шоутата си...

Raven vs. Lodi video package

Raven cuts a promo on Lodi (re: their Clockwork Orange House of Fun match)

Lodi interviews Truitt Fields ("Roughhouse" Ryan O'Reilly interrupts)

Truitt Fields turns heel!

III help Truitt Fields out...

Jim Cornette interviews Ricky Steamboat Jr. about his injury when Vordell Walker interrupts

"The Universal Soldier" Phil Shatter calls out Jim Cornette!

III (Phil Shatter, Ryan O'Reilly & Mikael Judas) make a statement

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Ей така в сферата на любопитното ще пусна последните резултати от PWR (една от по-добре draw-ващите американски indy федерации и член на NWA)

Promotion: Pro Wrestling Revolution

Date: July 25th, 2009

Place: Stockton, CA

Attendance: 600+

1. Cheerleader Melissa def. Christina Von Eerie

2. The Polyester Express (w/ "Dazzling" Dixie Lane) def. Shinobi & Rik Luxury

3. Mr. Wrestling IV def. El Dragon Oscuro

4. Latin Explosion def. The Border Patrol via DQ

5. El Hijo de Rey Misterio def. Vaquero Fantasma

6. "Strongman" Jon Andersen def. Oliver John via count-out

7. Mascara Sagrada, Jon Andersen & Blue Demon Jr. def. The Border Patrol

Promotion: Pro Wrestling Revolution

Date: August 1st, 2009

Place: King City, Ca

Attendance: 1000+

1. "Strongman" John Andersen def. Ryan Von Cool

2. Captain Calico & Mr. Wrestling IV def. Rik Luxury & Alexander Brute

3. Dixie Lane def. Rock of Love

4. Vintage Dragon def. Shinobi

5. Latin Explosion def. Vaquero Fantasma & El Dragon Oscuro II

6. Shocker def. Derek Sanders via DQ

7. Oliver John def. Blue Demon Jr.

Promotion: Pro Wrestling Revolution

Date: August 9th, 2009

Place: Phoenix, AZ

Attendance: 1500+

1. Mini Lucha, Sergio Vega & Aguilita def. Pistolero II, Playboy & Piranita

2. Derick Neikirk def. Tyson Tyler

3. The Navajo Warrior def. Orion

4. El Gran Apollo def. GQ Gallo

5. Shane Haste & Markus Pitts def. Angel Armani & Juice Robinson

6. Terex won a a handicap match

7. Orion def. Joey Ryan

8. Blue Demon Jr. def. Oliver John & Super Crazy

Следващото шоу:

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War Games

Team Anarchy 2009 (Ace Rockwell, Truitt Fields, Mikael Judas & Iceberg w/ Jerry Palmer)


The Unholy Alliance (Phill Shatter, Kimo, Shaun Tempers & Tank w/ Jeff G. Bailey & Dan Wilson)

NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Title Match

"The Untouchable" Jeremy Vain © vs. "The People's Champ" Shadow Jackson

Ladder Match for the NWA Anarchy Tag Titles

The New Wave (Derrick Driver & Steven Walters) vs. Talent & Money (Drew Pendleton & JT Talent)

Brass Knucks on a Pole Match

"Hand of Steel" Seth Delay (w/ Brodie Ray Chase) vs. "The Real" Slim J (w/ Orion Bishop)

4 Way Elimination Match for the NWA Young Lions Title

Malachi © vs. Skirra Corvus (w/ Dan Wilson) vs. Jay Clinton vs. Veterano IV

Tag Team Grudge Match

The Entourage (Mike Mosley & Andrew Alexander) vs. The Wild Bunch (Billy Buck & Chris King)

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