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Кеч скандал в Панама


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Първо, ей така като допълнителна екстра, си припомнете този кеч скандал в Индия. :)

След това вижте какво става сега в Панама:

Pro Wrestlers The Heartbreak Express and Protеgе Nick Fame Cause Uproar in The Republic of Panama

Panama City, Panama... Friday, October 24th will be a day remembered in the The Republic of Panama.

American Pro Wrestling's hottest tag team The Heartbreak Express (Sean and Phil Davis) caused uproar in the country while on tour.

On the The Republic of Panama's most watched morning television show, TU MAСANA, in front of an estimated 5 million viewers the Heartbreak Express and their protеgе Nick Fame made a statement.

During a live on air interview, the wrestlers, took the flag of Panama and threw it on the ground and stomped on it.

They said that was what they were going to do to their opponents Corruption Crew and Nick Fames' opponent Kevin Punk.

Punk then came out on stage and the Heartbreak Express and Fame savagely beat him down in front of a shocked studio full of local celebrities and media.

People are demanding that the Heartbreak Express and Nick Fame be jailed and prosecuted for their crimes against the flag.

The people in Panama have taken this very seriously and there has been death threats being made on local radio and to the offices of RXW Pro Wrestling whom they are here to wrestle for.

The TV station manager where the incident happened at has contacted the US Embassy and is demanding that the Heartbreak Express and Nick Fame have their passports revoked and be banned from returning to the country.

The President of Panama and the Chancellor of Panama have gotten involved along with the leading candidate to be the next president of the country in their upcoming election went on national television promising the people of Panama that the wrestlers would be punished.

The Government is threatening to force the wrestlers to stay in Panama to face prosecution and they are telling the promoter of RXW that if they appear on the event tonight that the promotion will be fined 5000.00 and the promoter will be jailed immediately.

The popular host of the morning television show has threatened to quit over the incident if there is not an immediate on air apology from the Heartbreak Express and Nick Fame.

The wrestlers are refusing to retract their statements.

Heartbreak Express and Nick Fame are currently asked to remain at their hotel with security positioned with them.

Oчевидно това е официален press release и нещата са леко разкрасени, но случката е съвсем реална и доста народ в Панама е бил яко pissed off. :)

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