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ЕliteXC затваря врати

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Снощи са гръмнали сайтовете като гледам, днеска само валят потвърждения, аз лично никъде не видях официлно потвърждение от EXC , но нещата изглеждат сиггурни, като гледам - бойците за карда на8-и напрактика потвърждават инфото. Жалко. :(





В рестлингобзървър е само за абонати, но има аудио на Мелцер за лучващото се в EXC



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Констатация и молба.

Молбата: Антончо, ти хубаво си рекламираш блога, ама вземи удряй по един spell check на нещата преди да ги публикуваш.. :)

А що се отнася до констатацията: След това, което се случи на последното им PPV, ама изобщо не съм изненадан.. :) Да не говорим и за разни далеч "по-прозаични" неща като финансовата криза по света.. :)

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Констатация и молба.

Молбата: Антончо, ти хубаво си рекламираш блога, ама вземи удряй по един spell check на нещата преди да ги публикуваш.. :)

А що се отнася до констатацията: След това, което се случи на последното им PPV, ама изобщо не съм изненадан.. :) Да не говорим и за разни далеч "по-прозаични" неща като финансовата криза по света.. :)

Къде е обърквацията, че не мога да я видя ?

Отноно рекламацията на блога - не видях другаде да пише за крахът на ЕХС на български - нито в ММАБългария, нито в дао-то, затова съм постнал само това. Блогът в момента се разработва и не съм трлъгнал още да го разпространявам . В момента единствените посещения са от описите на ТНА импакт и RAW, защото ги поствам тук. "Говорих" с BWC и се разбрахме за това, не го правя на своя глава.


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Защо ми трябваше да влизам днес във форума? :P Първо развода на Кърт и Карън Енгъл - сега това........ Явно някакви идиоти са контрилирали компанията. Щом са тръгнали и мачове да уговарят........заслужават си го. :P Обаче Джина......... :(


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Наистина кофти новина.Интересно дали UFC ще проявят интерес към `Bimbo`...


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Наистина кофти новина.Интересно дали UFC ще проявят интерес към `Bimbo`...

Повече от нормално е да проявят, имайки в предвид каква пара носи :P . Поне за един-два мача, докато се разбие глупавият мит за "уличния боец, дето ги скапва от бой професионалните бойци".


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Статия относно това как стоят нещата в момента що се отнася до EliteXC и бойците й:

The patience is starting to wear thin among some of the top fighters in the country, whose futures have remained in limbo since Elite XC closed its doors, sort of, in late October.

The issue is complicated, as the company laid off all its employees and has no plans to run shows. But they have not closed the company, nor have they declared bankruptcy. They have a CEO, Chuck Champion, and an attorney, still working on methods to in some form, sell the assets and perhaps remain as a minority interest partner with new ownership going forward.

This has left approximately 80 fighters, who were under contract, in different forms of limbo. The biggest names include Kimbo Slice, Gina Carano, Frank Shamrock, Nick Diaz, Eddie Alvarez, Scott Smith and champions Jake Shields (welterweight), Robbie Lawler (middleweight), Wilson Reis (featherweight) and Antonio Silva (heavyweight). A few have been able to pick up individual fights, but none have been able to negotiate with major companies who aren’t willing to risk a tampering lawsuit, or willing to sign fighters for single-fight deals.

Of the aforementioned names, only Smith, Alvarez and Silva have fought in recent months, and none on the list have any scheduled future fights. Smith fought on a single-fight deal with Strikeforce in November. Alvarez had a unique contract where he was under contract to fight on Monte Cox’s shows, K-1 Dream events in Japan and Elite XC, so fought on the recent K-1 Dynamite! Show on New Year’s Eve, losing to Shinya Aoki, so he’s the lone major name from Elite XC who isn’t affected as much. Silva, who was under suspension in the U.S. until July after failing a steroid test in his title win over the late Justin Eilers, beat Yoshihiro Nakao on Sunday in Saitama, Japan for Sengoku, which may result in his losing his license to fight in California, essentially banning him in all commission states, so he’d be unavailable in the event Elite XC in some form gets resurrected or until he is reinstated.

As each day goes by, fighters are getting more and more impatient.

“Jake (Shields) is in the prime of his career and he wants to fight the top guys in the world,” said Jack Shields, the father and manager of the Elite XC welterweight champion. “If they can’t get him a fight, they should let him go.”

Jack Shields, along with other agents of Elite XC fighters like Ken Pavia (who represents 12 fighters under contract to the organization), Monte Cox (who represents four, most notably Lawler) and Matt Walker (who represents Carano) have all independently talked of taking legal action to invalidate the contracts of their clients, and have then declared free agents so they can start fighting again.

“For us, it’s about finding the right home,” said Walker regarding the future of Carano, who brought women’s MMA to the forefront with her fights on Showtime and CBS over the past two years. “She didn’t ask to be, how people put it, the face of women’s MMA, but she’s starting to embrace it. She wants to make sure there is a place for women in the sport. We’re in constant touch with Cyborg’s (Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos) people to make sure we don’t go in different directions.

” Carano vs. Santos had been promoted on the last two CBS specials, building for a match, which would have been the highest profile women’s MMA fight ever in North America. It was originally to take place early this year, tentatively in February, before Elite XC announced it would be no longer running shows.

The stalling tactics are because Elite XC, after first attempting to raise funds by auctioning off fighter contracts failed, has attempted to sell the assets of the promotion, which are the fighter contracts and what are potentially very valuable television contracts with CBS and Showtime. Indications are CBS wants to continue running quarterly prime time Saturday night shows, and Showtime is interested in continuing with six major events and six minor events per year. Six different companies put in bids, four of which were believed to be UFC, Affliction, Strikeforce and King of the Cage.

Agents for several of the fighters have sent a draft of a legal complaint to Champion and Elite XC, threatened to file a lawsuit on behalf of their clients without an agreement that they would be released from their contract if a deal isn’t finalized by a specified date, with the idea of either getting free agency or forcing whatever negotiations are going on to finalize.

It is believed that CBS tried to steer the deal toward Strikeforce, because UFC would be difficult to finalize a television deal with and Strikeforce is a stable company backed by the same group that owns the HP Pavilion in San Jose as well as the San Jose Sharks. The group currently has a weekly Saturday night television show on NBC. All of the agents were of the belief a deal was close before Christmas, but things hit a snag.

“It’s a delicate situation,” said Scott Coker, the Strikeforce promoter. “At the end of the day, Pro Elite is still deciding what it want to do and I don’t know what it is. Right now there are no direct talks between our company and their company.”

“Every day the story is different,” said Walker, who specifically mentioned either UFC or Strikeforce as where Carano would likely end up. “Nothing ever comes to fruition.”

One would think even if a buyer is found that CBS and Showtime would approve of this week, the earliest a show could be put together would be March, and that would only put 25% maximum of the roster fighters to work and even if both CBS and Showtime go full-time, there would be fighters who wouldn’t be fighting until the summer at the earliest.

Walker also questioned whether fighter contracts would even be assignable in a sale. Originally Elite XC was going to auction off the contracts individually as a way of raising some money for the companies it owed money to, but agents representing 60 of the 80 fighters worked together in getting the auction canceled.

Shields and Lawler are both top-ten rated in the world in their division in most polls. Jack Shields and Cox both confirmed UFC having interest but that UFC won’t negotiate until they are legally free of their contracts.

“Everyone is interested in Lawler,” said Cox. “Japan, UFC, Strikeforce, Affliction, but no big company wants a one-off (single fight) deal. UFC isn’t interested into getting into a lawsuit over it. Our goal is to find a way out of the contract.”

With their MMA careers on hold, some fighters have started looking in other directions.

Slice, the company’s biggest star, flew to Japan in December as a guest on a K-1 show, where he did some television commentary, but has been unable to commit to a match there yet.

It was Slice’s loss to Seth Petruzelli in 14 seconds on the Oct. 4 CBS special that set the wheels in motion for everything that has happened. Elite XC, with more than $55 million in losses and very little money left, was in negotiations to sell to CBS and Showtime. When Petruzelli indicated in a radio interview, which he later claimed he was misinterpreted, that Elite XC officials made it clear they wanted the fight to stay standing, as the scandal got significant sports media play, CBS and Showtime pulled out of negotiations and Showtime called its loans that had kept the company afloat. At that point, the company was forced to lay off virtually its entire staff and cancel all future events.

James Thompson, the U.K. heavyweight who lost to Slice on the first CBS special on May 31, and hasn’t been able to fight since, has had to take a freak show fight to pay bills on Feb. 6 in Montreal. The fight will be against former hockey enforcer turned fighter Steve Bosse on a promotion called Strikebox. It’s a sport involving boxing, but with takedowns, similar to the martial art San Shou or the Japanese sport of Shootbox, except using smaller MMA gloves instead of boxing gloves. The rules are punching and takedowns are allowed, and takedowns are worth points, but there is an immediate stand-up after a takedown, with no ground fighting allowed.

But the saddest plight of all was Eilers, who lost to Silva on July 26 in Stockton in the match to determine the first Elite XC heavyweight champion. Even though Silva tested positive for steroids, California still doesn’t have a law in its books to allow to overturn a decision if the winner tests positive for performance enhancing drugs.

With Eilers going since July without having a fight, and not being able to get a next fight because he was unable to get out of his contract, his money situation worsened. He had talked of getting into boxing. In the last month, he couldn’t afford to buy Christmas presents and his cell phone service was shut off. It was the argument with his ex-girlfriend over being late on child support payments while attending his family’s Christmas party that ended with his being shot to death by his stepfather at the party.

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Някой знае ли какво става с Джина? :evil: Четох, че Дана Уайт имал интерес към нея. :P Айде да действа и ще спечели още един зрител за UFC. :D


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Ми те там Страйкфорс оправиха нещата, като на практика купиха правата на по-голямата част от бойците на EXC, предполагам и Джина е сред въпросните. Даже вече назначиха МЕ между Шамрок и Дияз за Април.

Говори се за двубой между Боб Сап и Кимбо, ама не се знае дали ще стане подобно нещо.

Edited by gboy


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