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Подбрани цитати от Nick Diaz


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"If people can't handle watching me or they can't handle the intensity of my life or they can't handle me cussing saying fuck this and fuck, then you know, I think people really need to become a little more mature, kinda grow up a little bit…"

So Nick, would you agree your marijuana smoking has got in the way of your fight career?

"Actually, on the contrary, my fight career has gotten in the way of my marijuana smoking."

"He just lost again right? See what I mean? You are promoting Rich Franklin and this motherfucker, here he is, letting it ride and he's just trying to uphold his image. The guy's a fucking teacher. He's a school teacher - that's what he is. If I was going to fight him I'd be pretty damn confident. I'm going to fight a teacher not a fighter. There are plenty of teachers I wanted to beat up."

For the record do you own a computer?

"After my last fight I bought one, I have no clue how to work it nor have any intention of chatting on here with you whores."

Rogan: "So now do you have respect for Diego?"

Diaz: "Naw, not really."

"Back in the day, a Ninja didn't have his girlfriend sitting in the tree waiting to kill shit."

"See if people are gonna hate just cause I say the word mother fucker, then fuck them, I don't have time to worry about marketing and shit, in my last fight my hair looked like shit cause all I did was train... I have other letters but i'm not that good of a reader."

Coming out of the UFC 67 weigh-ins:

"Diablo? who the fuck calls me diablo?"

"He kinda just put his head down and looped some fucking punch out there that smacked me...I was like what the fuck?!?!?!?"

With regards to the Riggs hospital brawl:

Trigg - "You should have just closed the door Nick."

Nick - "How the fuck am I gonna close the door? I ain't no bitch."

"For the record, right now, I think someone needed to come out and say it: I think smoking pot is good for mixed martial artists. It's a new day and age, this is, uh, the year ... Fuck year is it? I don't know, because I've been training and smoking pot like I should, instead of paying attention to other bullshit, which I don't do."

"Because you get high all the time, you can't find people that train all the time. But if you get high and train, you will get high and train all the time together and it will be fucking massive-takeover-smoke-weed-and-kill-people shit."

"I'm trying to fight Sakurai, I'm trying to fight K.J. Noons, I'm trying to fight Anderson Silva, I'm trying to fight everybody. I'm trying to fight Georges motherfucking St.Pierre. I'm trying to fight … I didn't mean to call Georges a motherfucker, but I ain't got no problem getting there and fighting the best people in the world. Georges is a nice guy. I'm trying to fight Jon Fitch, I'm trying to fight Silva, I'm trying to fight K.J. Noons, I'm trying to fight everybody. I'm trying to fight Takanori Gomi, Sakurai, I'm trying to fuck everybody up. Fuck this shit. This is fucking gangster fucking warfare. I don't give a fuck. You know what I mean?"

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