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UFC боецът Jon "Тhe War Machine" Koppenhaver си сменя името


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От MySpace-ът му:

SO why the !$^$#! am I up at 10AM? Well I was actually up by 7:30 ugh....I never get up before 11 but anyway..

SO in case you didn't notice in my last fight the UFC did NOT use my nickname when I fought. Turns out some gay ass wrestling federation threatened to sue them because they recently named one of their wrestlers The War Machine Rhino and trademarked the name.

Too !$^$#!in' bad that I have been using this name for 6 years, have it tatted on my body and it is what my fans yell out when I'm fighting.

If you know my personality then you know damn well I am not gonna let some ***got ass, FAKE wrestler steal MY name..

SO 6 weeks ago I filed a change of name request and today I had court to make my name officially WAR MACHINE.


!$^$#!in' funny right? Didn't really wanna have to do it but I am sure as hell not lose MY nickname.

Time for a nap.


Mдам, край с Jon Koppenhaver... Пичът вече се казва War Machine! :lol:

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Явно след като е спрял борбата си с "***got ass, FAKE wrestlers", War Machine се е захванал с президента на USA.


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