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ROH Manassas,VA 8.1.08 & Death Before Dishonor VI 8.2.08 (Hammerstein Ballroom)


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ROH Review: Manassas, VA 8/1/08

Ring of Honor found a new stop on their loop south of the Mason-Dixon Line with their debut “Southern Navigation.” This was a solid show and a great way to debut in a new market. The bar was set fairly high for the follow-up, read on to find out if the bar as cleared…

Opening Contest: Jay and Mark Briscoe vs. Adam Pearce and Shane Hagadorn

Truth be told, poor directions prevented me from arriving in time to see this match. The Briscoes were able to get the very surprising win.

Winners: Jay and Mark Briscoe; NR

Rex Sterling vs. Pelle Primea

Again lateness prevented me from seeing this one too. Both of these matches happened within 15 minutes so I cannot imagine I missed much, and the RoH messageboard reports that there was nothing to miss in this one either. Pelle won.

Winner: Pelle Primeau

Delirious vs. “Addicted to Love” Rhett Titus

This was the first in ring contest in the progressing storyline between Titus and Delirious. At the bell, Titus informed Delirious that he wanted a competitive match with no chicaney, shenanigans, or tomfoolery. It didn’t take long for Titus to start going with closed fists, mask pulling, and so on. Eventually Daizee Haze comes out, and while Rhett Titus tries to use her as a shield, Delirious tries to save her from harm. The match is pretty standard fare and Delirious is able to get the win with the Cobra Stretch. It was a fun match, there was just enough comedy to keep it afloat, and the feud has not turned hate-filled…yet. I am sure it will get there. After the match Daizee Haze told Delirious that he is a great friend and kissed him on the cheek.

Winner: Delirious via submission; **

Relaxed Rules Match: Roderick Strong vs. the Necro Butcher

Necro came out to the Age of the Fall’s music adding further intrigue to where he stands with Jimmy Jacobs. The match itself was pretty much what you can come to expect from the Necro Butcher. His brawls follow a similar format almost every time out, but at this point it stays fresh. That is probably because they beat the holy hell out of each other in this one. There were a couple of innovative spots including a running ace crusher onto chairs. Roderick ended up getting the win after a backbreaker through the upright chairs (which only got a two count) and a Gibson Driver. I think they could have left out the near fall from the backbreaker and done the two spots in a row for greater effect, that being said the match was still a ton of fun.

Winner: Roderick Strong via pinfall; ***1/2

Tag Team Dream Match: The Motor Murder City Machine Guns of Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley vs. Austin Aries and “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson

To say that the bar was set high for this match is a bit of an understatement. Shelley and Sabin are without a doubt one of the top teams in the world, which is precisely why TNA is teasing dissension in their ranks. Aries and Dragon are pretty much the two top workers in Ring of Honor and a pretty damn fine tag team in their own right. With that being said, as soon as Bobby Cruise announced that this match had a 20 minute time limit I knew that it was going to a time limit draw, and it did. Those 20 minutes though were pretty gosh darn impressive. There was great double teaming, great mat wrestling, but not a ton in the way of story. It was definitely an exhibition. As time ticked down, Aries and Dragon had the advantage, but that time ticked all the way down and the fans were left with a draw. Shockingly, they actually extended the match for five more minutes. These five minutes were certainly action packed, and the Machine Guns had the advantage as time expired the second time. I was certain they would go five more minutes to get a decisive winner, but it seemed as though the match was going to end. We didn’t get an answer though as the Age of the Fall made their presence felt and tried to beat down the combatants. They were eventually run off and Aries asked Alex Shelley to let bygones be bygones, Shelley walked out instead. The match was very good, there is no doubt about that, but maybe my expectations were to high, or there was something working against it, but the match was not a classic or even particularly memorable. It was a lot of fun, but probably the “worst” outing of the Guns yet. It is still very, very good. It just falls short of great.

Result: Time Limit Draw; ***3/4


Intermission was only 15 minutes this time, maybe some of the muckity mucks at the RoH offices read my reviews last week. 15 minutes is a perfect length of time. It lets the fans get a drink, a smoke, a DVD or four and not lose their momentum.

Brent Albright vs. “That Young Knockout Kid” Chris Hero

The crowd was completely dead for this match, which makes no sense as I really liked what was going on. Chris Hero showed a lot more audience interaction than he had previously since his serious turn. He mugged to the crowd, and showed his hatred for whoever had the misfortune of being his opponent. Before the match Larry Sweeney decided that he was going to leave Hero with Sara Del Rey and he would hang out in the limo. While he was trying to make his exit Albright’s music hit and Sweeney had to high tail it out of there to avoid an Albright ass whuppin’. Hero was able to cut off the former Gun for Hire and the match was underway. The story for the match was pretty simple. Hero wanted to knock Albright out and spent the vast majority of the match raining haymaker forearms on the Tulsa native. Albright simply would not stay down, and was able to score a surprise half nelson suplex for the victory. I really enjoyed this match, but the crowd for whatever reason sat on their hands for the majority of it. It was fun, and hopefully will translate better on DVD.

Winner: Brent Albright; ***1/2

Ring of Honor World Championship Match: Ruckus vs. Nigel McGuinness©

I think RoH was counting on the Baltimore native, Ruckus, getting a bigger reaction than he did. The fans were behind Ruckus, but it seemed like it was more of a side effect of Nigel’s amazing heel charisma. This match was squash city. It could be because Ruckus appeared to get a back injury during one of his flips where Nigel blocked him. Nigel exploited this injury with some innovative submissions. He eventually got the tapout victory with the London Dungeon.

Winner: Nigel McGuinness via submission; **

Ring of Honor Tag Team Title Match: Go Shiozaki with Larry Sweeney and Naomichi Marufuji vs. The Age of the Fall of Tyler Black and Jimmy Jacobs ©

Sweeney did not get a chance to be in the corner for his charge Go because Roderick Strong ran him off out of nowhere. This was probably a good thing as it allowed the match to come off without any shenanigans, tomfoolery, or chicanery. Everyone in the match played their role to perfection. Go was the young buck with something to prove. Tyler was somewhat the same, but he has the belt around his waist. Marufuji was the veteran star who knew how keep the upstart tag team champions in line, and Jimmy Jacobs was the cowardly heel who did his best to pick his spots and capitalize on every little opportunity that came his way. In a match with essentially three heels they managed to tell a solid story. Go did play more of a face, though. He has a long way to go in terms of telling a story, but he has proven with this match just how much more effective he is as a babyface. In some ways, this is the match that should have taken place between the Murder City Machine Guns and Aries and Dragon, but this match was in the main event spot and lived up to its billing. Shiozaki and Black were the stars of this match. It was Go’s nearfalls and his new dragon sleeper submission that made it seem that the Age of the Fall would drop the titles. Tyler Black was able to get the victory with the Phoenix splash. This was a great match and pretty much the match of the night.

Winners: The Age of the Fall via pinfall; ****

After the match Alex Shelley comes out to try and exact some revenge on the Age of the Fall. He succumbs to the numbers game, but Austin Aries runs into the ring in the nick of time. Alex Shelley admits he made a mistake earlier by not shaking Aries’ hand. He gives Aries his handshake and tells Austin that he owes him one.

Big Andy Mac’s Big Andy Final Thoughts: This show falls a step behind “Southern Navigation,” but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a fun show. There is nothing exceptionally memorable, but nothing offensively bad either. The tag matches were the highlight of the evening, but that should come as a surprise to precisely no one. This is probably worth a gander when it comes out on DVD as I am sure some, hell many people are going to rave about the Machine Guns vs. Aries and Danielson. Something about the match just didn’t do it for me though. It was a ton of fun, sure, but it should not be coming up in match of the year discussion. The seeds are sewn for a rematch between MCMG and Dragon and Aries. I think the most likely scenario is that Alex Shelley will come to Austin Aries aid in New York City. Either way, the show was fun if forgettable.

Ring of Honor Live Review: Death Before Dishonor VI, 8/02/08 from NYC

By Aaron Glazer ⋅ August 3, 2008 ⋅ Post a comment | Email the author

Welcome to the review for Ring of Honor’s return to the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City for Death Before Dishonor VI. The show was great and a title changed hands, so let’s get right to the review.

Match 1: Jay and Mark Briscoe vs. Jigsaw and Ruckus with Julius Smokes

They start off fliptastically here, with Jigsaw outwrestling and flipping Mark and Ruckus doing the same to Jay. Jig and Ruckus then go dive on their opponents to emphasize the point that if the pace is all the way up and they can keep the Briscoes separated, they’re ahead of the curve.

The Briscoes decide this one-on-one stuff isn’t going to do it, so they just decide to decimate their opponents using double teams. Jigsaw and Ruckus try to keep up, but the brother’s from Deleware hit the Springboard Doomsday Device to finish.

The Briscoes defeat Ruckus and Jigsaw (Pin, Springboard Doomsaday Device, ** ½)

A very fun spotfest to open the card.

Larry Sweeney comes out to try and recruit the Briscoes post match. He celebrates their entire catalogue, after all. They ignore him and walk away as he tells them to think it over.

Chris Hero cuts a promo about no longer caring for the fans and being the Young Knockout Kid. He wants Delirious now because he’s embarrassed Del pinned him because of Albright at the last Hammerstein show.

Match 2: Chris Hero with Larry Sweeney and Eddie Edwards vs. Delirious

Del gets a short shine period, but the rest of the match is Hero trying his hardest to knock Delirious out. Del kicks out of the roaring elbow (why, if they’re building it up as a killer?) and hits the panic attack. He goes for shadows over hell, but Hero catches him with an awesome elbow on the way down. Another roaring elbow and we’re done.

Hero defeats Delirious (Pin, Roaring Elbow, **)

A good face-heel match, but if the elbow is to be killer, it really mustn’t be kicked out of at this point.

Match 3: Eddie Edwards with Chris Hero and Larry Sweeney vs. Roderick Strong

These two had a solid match that established how similar they are early, but with Roderick a step ahead consistently, especially with strikes. This works until Roderick strikes his way back into the match. Edwards, of his own skill, retakes control and works Roddy until he’s baited into an elbow war. They trade near-falls as the crowd gets into it, but Sweeney distracts the ref as Hero knocks out Strong. Edwards nails the quebrada and shockingly defeats Strong.

Eddie Edwards defeats Roderick Strong (Pin, Quebrada, ***)

Edwards can really go far if he develops a bit of a personality. This was a solid match that dragged in a crowd that wanted no part of it.

Match 4: NWA World title Match: Adam Pearce © with Larry Sweeney and Sara Del Rey vs. Brent Albright

Pearce puts over the leather strap version of the belt he has as the one held by Harley Race, Jack Brisco and Giant Baba.

The early portion of the match was fairly slow and built around toying with fans’ expectations of a bullshit finish, whether it be countout or disqualification. Albright got a really good face shine at the early part and Pearce’s first major ploy was to bite Albright until he bled, immediately making a DQ seem likely. After more of a beating, Pearce nearly won on a countout as he had Albright set up for a piledriver on the floor, but Albright reversed into a slingshot and Pearce hit the ring post, drawing blood.

Albright makes it in as the ref renews his count and it looks like the bad. finish will hit just then as Sweeney makes his way in to hit Albright with a chair and Pearce will be counted out even if Sweeney misses. Out of nowhere, Roderick emerged to boot Sweeney in the face with the kick and then roll Pearce in as the crowd exploded.

Albright tries to knee Pearce to oblivion and claim the title, but Pearce after being on the floor is a bit rested and reverses to the figure-four. Albright reaches the ropes and they trade near-falls and counters for the next few minutes until Albright tries to go up top. Pearce is ready and throws Albright through a table at ringside and it looks like we may get that countout finish after all.

Albright makes it in the ring at 9, but immediately walks into a piledriver. Albright barely escapes and hits a desperation half-nelson suplex. He’s too tired to cover, but after a bit, he gets up and hits another. Somehow, Pearce kicks out of that! They slowly rise, brawling all the way and Pearce goes to the eyes, but it doesn’t succeed as Albright hits five rolling German suplexes! Even that isn’t enough to win the prestigious title.

Albright goes up top, but is caught in another figure-four. He refuses to tap and both men exchange counters into the crowbar! Pearce taps! New champ!

Brent Albright defeats Adam Pearce (Submission, Crowbar, **** ½)

If this happened in WWE, everyone would anoint it match of the year immediately. The drama here was incredible. They went a touch overkill on near falls, but when rebuilding the prestige of the NWA title, that makes sense. Brent desperately trying to overcome every big of heel sneakiness and some damn fine wrestling by Pearce made for the single best match I’ve ever seen by either man.

Match 5: Austin Aries vs. Necro Butcher vs. Jimmy Jacobs

Necro and Jacobs came out together. Aries got a very short shine, but Jacobs and Necro were too much for him. Aries then managed to eliminate Necro for a bit more offense, but then Necro returns and with a chair. Aries is beaten with it and Necro tries to pin. Jacobs freaks out and calls Necro his soldier and states that Necro is only here for Jacobs. He wants Aries hurt, not beaten and wants Necro to blind Austin. Necro and Jacobs argue and shove. During this Aries gets up and hits Necro softly in the back with a chair. Eddie Guerrero style he acts like he’s still down and throws the chair to Jacobs. Necro gets mad, hits Jacobs with a chair and leaves. Aries rises with a devious smile, dropkicks Jacobs in the corner and hits the brainbuster and 450 to finish!

Aries defeats Jacobs and Necro (Pin, 450 on Aries, no rating)

This was some great angle advancement as Aries continues to prove far smarter than the confused and angry Jacobs. Jacobs was originally the spokesman for the Age of the Fall and saying he’s a leader is either the sign of a breakdown or him showing his true colors. This isn’t much of a match, but it leaves me quite curious about where Jacobs character is going.

Delirious opens the second half to ask Daizee out again. Rhett Titus appears and says she’s used goods. He has Daizee on his tights, Rick Rude style. Delirious beats on him until he runs away. Daizee then says no to Delirious’s date and gives him clichés for why they can’t date. This draws huge heat on Daizee and she gets “She’s a cocktease” chants as she walks away from a devastated Delirious.

Match 6: Go Shiozaki vs. Naomichi Marufugi

This was a simple exhibition style match that a segment of the audience will love, while others will find it rather… lacking. Go spends the match showing that physically he is Marufuji’s superior, whether it be strength or matt wrestling. He even can answer Marufuji’s speed. Go controls until an error allows Marufuji to work the neck in an innovative fashion. This slows Go down enough to make the match competitive.

Neither man can put the other away as the story builds. Go’s Orange Crush and Dragon Sleeper don’t keep Marufuji down, while an array of superkicks and even the shiranui don’t finish Go. Marufuji eventually gets desperate and breaks out his killer finisher, the Pole Shift (A Fisherman’s Michinoku Driver) which finishes.

Marufuji defeats Go Shiozaki (Pin, Pole Shift, *** ½)

This was a very good exhibition meant to show how far improved Go is from his time in the states. It showed that and more as Marufuji had to use the rare Pole Shift to finish.

Match 7: The Motor City Machine Guns vs. Kevin Steen and El Generico

The main story here is Generico being beaten on and finding ways to survive, while Steen is a monster who cleans house. He constantly has battles over who is the bigger jerk with Shelley and even wins most of those. This took awhile to get going, but became great when it finally clicked. Steen locked Sabin in the sharpshooter while Generico hit Shelley, who was trying to save, with the top rope Braibustah! Sabin was forced to tap!

Steen and Generico defeat Shelley and Sabin (Submission, Sabin to the Sharpshooter, ****)

This fell short of expectations, but was still great. Generico being destroyed by The Guns was awesome, as was his timing his attacks so as to limit his vulnerability. This was on the short side, but still a great match. The Guns have put over the top three teams in ROH already, showing a great flair for the dramatic and having great matches every time out.

Match 8: ROH World Title Match: Nigel McGuinness © vs. Claudio Castagnoli vs. Bryan Danielson vs. Tyler Black

The early part of the match was filled with guys getting quick advantages only for Nigel to tag himself in and wear them down. This worked out great for the champion until he found himself face-to-face with Bryan Danielson who beat him about pretty badly, including a dive into the audience. Danielson then locked in the Cattle Mutilation and MMA elbows, only for Claudio to foolishly break that up with a German Suplex. He attempts to eliminate Danielson for a bit, but Danielson eventually counters a Riccolla bomb into a small package. That gets three and Claudio is eliminated as the crowd chants for him to leave.

Claudio shakes Danielson hand, but then in a fit or rage hits the bicycle kick, a Riccolla bomb and even stomps a chair in his face as the troops try and stop the crazed Swiss wrestler. Claudio, judging by tonight’s reaction, is immediately one of the biggest heels in the company.

Nigel quickly lariated and pinned Danielson, leaving only Nigel and Tyler left.

Tyler threw everything in his arsenal at Nigel, who spent the entire portion of the match on the defensive. He gained control and near-falls several times, but Tyler, learning from Take No Prisoners, was ready. Tyler eventually went for the Phoenix Splash, but went splat on the mat. Nigel hit two vicious lariats and got the win.

Nigel McGuinness wins the four corner survival (**** ¼)

The crowd was so into Danielson and Tyler and so against Claudio and Nigel. Every move in the match played beautifully off of that and both Claudio and especially Nigel were pelted with garbage for their heelish ways.

Post-match Nigel says he’s beaten everyone, but Marufuji stands on the entrance ramp and stares him down. Those two have only ever had one match and it was won by Marufuji!

What a show. Top to bottom this is one of ROH’s best efforts to date as everything fit in, creating a card with great variety and a near-perfect flow.Get this show.

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Да бе Ruckus получава тайтъл-шот срещу Nigel McGuinness?Надявах се на скоро някой да прекъсне рейнът на британеца ,но такъв претендент...малко странно!

[b]Team Take It :[/b]
[b] "Dicks to Pussies"[/b]

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Ruckus спечели първият в историята Honor Rumble :D и по този начин заслужи title shot.Странно е,но все пак става въпрос за второстепенно шоу,доколкото може да се говори за второстепенно тук,тъй като Manassas е нова територия за ROH и гледат да вадят сериозен card.За този мач си беше ясно ,че ще е пълнеж,тъй като това шоу беше build-вано около dream tag-a между MCMG/Aries & Dragon и мачът за отборните титли и като цяло се е получило доста солидно шоу.От друга страна Nigel победи почти всички сериозни претенденти,като единствено останаха El Generico,Jimmy Jacobs и Brent Albright.С първият има мач на следващото шоу през август в Cleveland,а срещу вторият през септември в Япония и без съмнение ще мине и през тях.Ако говорим кога ще бъде прекъснат reign-a му,това ще се случи през ноември/декември(лично предположение!),като единственото сигурно е,че след Final Battle 08,Nigel няма да бъде шампион.Аз не се оплаквам,тъй като MacGuinness е перфектен шампион.През първите месеци от reign-a му бях леко скептично настроен,но откакто turn-a heеl рулира напълно,като освен това изнася и страхотни мачове.

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