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NJPW - резултати от 21-ви юли 2008


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Manabu Nakanishi's dream of winning just one major singles title remains just that. Perhaps no other wrestler has taken down so many big names without the proper rewards to go with it. It was a similar story today at New Japan's return to the Tsukisamu Green Dome in Sapporo, as Nakanishi took IWGP Heavyweight Champion, Keiji Muto, to his limits, but fell an inch short yet again. Nakanishi was pinned by Muto's moonsault press and now it seems that the G1 Climax winner will be given the next shot at the legend. Makabe & Yano ended what was a fairly torrid tour for GBH by making a successful V2 defense of their IWGP Tag Team Title against RISE's Giant Bernard & Rick Fuller. You'll remember it was Bernard and his former partner, Travis Tomko, that the GBH villains took the belts from, and the new arrival Fuller has made a good first impression. However, he suffered his first loss today, falling to Yano's Oni Koroshi. Another RISE pair, Nakamura & Goto, expressed interest in challenging their fellow young generation members for the belts. RISE did pick up gold elsewhere though, as Minoru & Prince Devitt avenged their February loss to Legend's Jushin Thunder Liger & AKIRA to regain the IWGP Jr. Tag Team Title. Their first reign was cut short, but Devitt's cradle on AKIRA today meant new champions were crowned and revenge was achieved.

NJPW, 7/21/08 (WPW)

Tsukisamu Green Dome

1. Tiger Mask, Taichi Ishikari & Nobuo Yoshihashi beat Yujiro, Tetsuya Naito & Kazuchika Okada (6:52) when Ishikari used the Black Mephisto on Okada.

2. Jado, Gedo & Tomoaki Honma beat Shiro Koshinaka, Super Strong Machine & Ryusuke Taguchi (7:39) when Honma used a diving body press on Machine.

3. Wataru Inoue beat Takashi Iizuka (8:57) by DQ.

4. Shinsuke Nakamura, Hirooki Goto & Milano Collection AT beat Riki Choshu, Yuji Nagata & Mitsuhide Hirasawa (10:46) when Nakamura used the Landslide on Hirasawa.

5. Masahiro Chono & Hiroyoshi Tenzan beat Tomohiro Ishii & Karl Anderson (8:46) when Tenzan used the TTD on Anderson.

6. IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Title: Minoru & Prince Devitt beat Jushin Thunder Liger & AKIRA © (17:44) when Devitt used a cradle on AKIRA to become the 21st champions.

7. IWGP Tag Team Title: Togi Makabe & Toru Yano © beat Giant Bernard & Rick Fuller (18:46) when Yano used the Oni Koroshi on Fuller (2nd defense).

8. IWGP Heavyweight Title: Keiji Muto © beat Manabu Nakanishi (23:50) with a moonsault press (1st defense).

Стабилно. Всяко нещо, което води до титла за Devitt = mark out за мен.

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Muto напълно очаквано запазва.Предполагам следващата му защита ще бъде срещу победителя от Climax-a ,където може би ще сдаде титлата.И аз съм доволен за Prince Devitt,предния им reign с Minoru приключи много бързо,дано този път не е така.Fuller новият партньор на Bernard?Не ми звучи особено добре,с Tomko беше далеч по-добра комбинация,жалко че не му подновиха договора.

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