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Worst WWF Wrestlers List.


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Worst WWF Wrestlers List

Out of sheer bordom, I made a list of some of the worst wrestlers/gimmicks the WWF has provided us in the not so recent history. Of course, this was before I found out Wrestlecrap had a more comprehensive and impressive list...

1-2-3 Kid: A skinny 21 year old who pulled off an upset victory on Razor Ramon with an unexpected moonsault. When he wrestled jobbers, they would put quite the beating on him but he still won. It's hard to picture how he's the same guy who now fights larger wrestlers like Jericho and the Dudley Boyz.

Abe "Knuckleball" Schwarz: Another one of Brooklyn Brawler's gimmicks.

Adam Bomb: Get the pun? Atom Bomb? He wore goggles and had contact lens which had an explosion type of image.

Ahmed Johnson: He wore pink tights and said he would represent all races, even those who's skin color was green. He later felt he was oppressed because of his minority status and joined the Nation of Domination after a feud with Farooq Asad. Predictably, they turned on him and left him limp. It's a good thing Vince McMahon fired him for being a prick. It was rumoured that he got arrested for being a pimp a couple of years ago.

Alex "Pug" Morteau: His gimmick was his "Pug" nickname.

Aldo Montoya: AKA, "The Portugese Man 'O War." He had his face all wrapped up in a yellow jockstrap. Poor Justin Credible.

Bad News Brown: Formerly "Bad News Allen." He will forever be remembered for bringing sewer rats to the ring in his feud with Jake The Snake.

Bam Bam Bigelow: A. K. A. "The Beast From The East." A big fat guy with a tattooed skull. His claim to fame in the WWF was when he jobbed to Lawrence Taylor. After he turned face, he shot fireworks out of his back.

Barbara Bush: A. K. A. "B. B." But to most people, the "B. B." stood for "Big Breasts." She started out as an E. M. T. who came to the rescue of injured wrestlers, and then challenged Ivory to an evening gown match. After an affair with Bob Holly, she was released.

Barry Horowitz: The WWF tried to make him into another 1-2-3 Kid: another jobber turned superstar. This time, Skip of the Body Donnas fell victim to the pin. You know the WWF is desperate when they put Barry Horowitz in a pay-per view.

Bastion Booger: A very obese wrestler who dressed in grey. After each victory he would reward himself with the pudding he brought to the ring. His hunger didn't just stop there: he also stole WWF superstar Ice Cream Bars from the kids in the audience. I still remember his first match in the WWF: he lost to Virgil.

Battle Cat: Some wrestler who behaved like a Cat. He would do things like pretend to scratch you, much like a cat.

Beaver Cleavage: Chaz repackaged again! This time as a wimp in a suit and tie, accompanied by some blonde. He is quite possibly the only wrestler ever to be involved in a girlfriend beating storyline.

Berzerker: "Hush! Hush! Hush!"

Big Show: He was at his worst when he stole Stevie Richard's gimmick. He tried to do an impression of Rowdy Roddy Piper, and made an ass out of himself when he did the worm. The only bright side to this short lived part of his career was his mockery of Hulk Hogan.

Bob Holly: AKA Thurman Sparky Plug. According to the announcer, he was a race car driver who accidentally kept his signals on in the middle of a race. Later, he became a member of the JOB squad. After he got repackaged as "Hardcore Holly," and a feud with the Big Show, he finally got over (after getting a car rolled over him, and three consecutive choke slams).

Body Donnas: Skip and Zip, the dyed blond brothers who were managed by Sunny, bragged about what good shape they were in. Skip's major humiliation was when he was defeated by Barry Horowitz. He was doing push-ups and Horowitz rolled him up.

Bomtastic Bob: Bob Holly repackaged. Only now he's paired up with Bart Gunn in the team of the "New Midnight Express."

Buddy Landell '96: He carried a paddle.

Bull Buchanan: Formerly "Recon" of the truth commission, he returned to the WWF only to team up with the Big Boss Man.

Bully Buesik: A big guy with a silly hat and a dumb mustache. He would go up to kids in the audience and pop their balloons.

Bushwackers: They walked in a dumb way, licked people's heads, had a kangaroo for a mascot and had a finishing move called the "Battering Ram."

Carlos Colon: - No Description Yet! -

Cibernetico: - No Description Yet! -

Chaz: After being frustrated with all his gimmicks (from Headbangers to being a spider), Chaz decided to be himself: A kid who just wants to have fun. Strangely enough, after a few weeks he went back to being Mosher. After a failed attempt to make a comeback for the Headbangers, he teamed up with D'lo Brown to make the team of 'Lo Down.

Chyna: There's too much information to put on this page. Please visit my "Why Chyna Sucks Page" -- click here.

Damien Dimento: Some guy who talked to spirits. He lost to jobbers because he was too preoccupied from talking to the ring post.

Danny Davis: A referee turned wrestler. Jack Tunney fired him as a ref so he returned as a wrestler.

Dean Douglas: He would go up to his blackboard and explain how he and his intellect would bring him to his victory.

Dink, Pink, and Wink: Doink's stupid midgits.

D'Lo Brown: He never had much of a gimmick, but going from the Nation of Domination's enforcer to the pimp wannabee was pitiful.... but nowhere as bad as being a turban wearing member of 'Lo Down.

D.O.A, The Disciples of Apocalypse: A motorcycle gang which originated the same time as Los Boricas.

Doink: An irratating clown with doubles. Tolerable as a heel, he would go around and spray kids with water. As a face he was nearly unwatchable. He deliberately botched up cartwheels and brought out midgets.

Dok Henrix: Former Freebird Michael Hayes' new identity as an announcer. He returned to the ring to manage the Hardy Boyz.

Dory Funk Jr.: - No Description Yet! -

Double J Jeff Jarrett: A country music singer from Nashville who dressed poorly, wore a pair of flashing sunglasses and had a lame walk. Looking back, I loved how Austin mocked the walk.

Double Undertaker: The Million Dollar Man claimed he had bought the Undertaker and what we were given was nothing more than a phony.

Droz: Originally the "third member" of the Legion of Doom, his gimmick was he could throw up whenever he wanted. It was later revealed that he was a drug dealer who gave Hawk drugs to keep him away from being an active wrestler. Apparently, this allowed Droz to become Animal's partner in Hawk's abscence.

Dude Love: Granted it's Mick Foley, but some 60's guy is still retarded.

Duke The Dumpster Drosse: A garbage man from "Mount Trashmore," who would bring a garbage can to the ring with him. His entrance theme song was the same noise a truck would make when backing up, including the beeps.

Dustin Rhoades: Inevitably, being the son of a Dusty Rhoads, he was in the shadow of his father. In his first match he squared off against the Million Dollar Man, answering to his challenge that he couldn't last ten minutes. He managed to go the ten minutes but was beat up after the million dollar dream.

Eddie Gilbert: - No Description Yet! -

El Matador: Poor Tito Santana, reduced to such a lame gimmick. The story was, he went south, became a matador and is now back.

Eli Blu: A mountain man.

Fake Diesel and Razor Ramon: When Kevin Nash and Scott Hall left the WWF, Jim Ross brought in a pair of phonies to replace them.

Farooq Asad: Ron Simmons, now with the name of the last Egyptian king. Only now, he wore some stupid blue hat. He was dressed as a gladiator and managed by Sunny.

Fatu: Riksishi as "Make A Difference" Fatu. He told kids not to take drugs, and pretended to be from the 'hood.

Flash Funk: A black guy who wore bright coloured clothing with a lightning bolt on them.

Freddie Jo Floyd: He would yell out "Yee-haw" in the middle of matches.

Genius: Poems! He read poems before the matches! And he just wouldn't go away. He just had to manage the Beverly Brothers!

Giant Gonzalez: A REALLY tall guy, who dressed like Bono on the Pop tour. He had a short feud with the Undertaker and turned on Harvey Whippleman.

Godfather: Despite the fact he was very popular, his popularity was due to his gimmick (a pimp with "ho's") and not his wrestling or mic abilities.

Godwins: A pair of hog farmers who danced in the ring and brought a slop bucket to ring side.

Goldust: Boo hoo hoo... the son of Dusty Rhoads wants to step out of his father's shadow. So what does he do? He puts on gold and black make up, a blonde wig and a tight gold suit. Then, he gets his Director, Marlena to sit outside on a director's chair. He received lots of heel heat from the crowd when he ran away from Bret Hart just to save the intercontinental title. Later on, he just became some sort of weirdo after the homosexual community raised hell about his gimick.

Golga: One of the Oddities.

Goon: A hockey enforcer who brought a hockey stick to the ring and wore these boots which looked like skates.

Gotch Gracie: Curtis Hughes under disguise. He was brought in by Chris Jericho so that Jericho could show the world his knowledge of submission moves.

Great Kabuki: Another masked idiot.

Hakushi: AKA The White Angel. A Japanese wrestler who had Japanese writing all over his body. His first feud was with Bret Hart because Jerry "The King" Lawler told him Bret was racist.

Headbangers: A pair of morons with face paint in skirts.

Headshrinkers: I don't know what's worse: the gimmick, the manager Alfa, or watching the WWF try and get them over by bringing back Captain Lou Albano.

Hercules: He was quite literally, the son of Zeus. When he got into the ring, he'd spin his chain around. His claim to fame is he broke Shawn Michael's leg.

Hervina: Harvey Whippleman disguised himself as a woman just so he could win the Women's Title

Hillbilly Jim: A big farmer who wore a horse shoe around his neck for good luck. He returned to the WWF only to manage the Godwins, and to give away the horse shoe.

Honky Tonk Man: The Elvis impersonator who along with Greg "The Hammer" Valentine formed "Rhythm and Blues." They went around with their stupid Gold record. Later, Honky Tonk Man returned to manage Rockabilly. Most recently, he appeared at the Royal Rumble, but was quickly eliminated, thank god.

Issac Yankem D.S.S.: After Jerry "The King" Lawler lost to Bret Hart in a "kiss my foot" match, he had to go see a dentist. Aren't we all so glad he's Kane now?

Jacob Blu: The brother of Eli Blu, he was a mountain man.

Jack Tunney: Vince McMahon's pathetic way of making us think he wasn't the owner of the WWF.

Jake "The Snake" Roberts: In his prime, he was one of the best wrestlers in the WWF. But when he returned at the age of 41, he was a shell of his former self. He was horribly out of shape and he sported a "Born Again" gimmick. The only good part was when he put over Steve Austin at Royal Rumble.

Jean Pierre Lafitte: He later became a member of the Quebecers and recently made an appearance on Nitro without the eyepatch. He became famous for stealing Bret Hart's jacket.

Johnny Polo: Scott Levy as the manager of the Quebecers. He walked around with a polo stick.

Jumpin' Jimmy Brunzel: Remember the Killer Bees and their black and yellow striped attire? Well, he was one of them. After the tag team, he went to the WFWA (a small Manitoba based wrestling organization) for a while. He is one of the few "superstars" who have been demoted to a jobber.

Junk Yard Dog: A black guy with a chain around his neck. During a match, he would go down on all fours and headbutt his opponent.

Justin "Hawk" Bradshaw: Ahh.. Bradshaw before the Acolytes. He had long brown hair, and a manager who branded people after their victories. Later, he and Barry Windham paired up to form the "New Blackjacks."

Kamala: Big, fat and stupid. I think he was one of the wrestlers who made me stop watching WWF for a while. I couldn't understand how anybody would want to cheer on some wrestler who didn't even know how to pin his opponent correctly. The worst bit was when he would accidentally roll over his opponent twice.

Kangaroo: Yet another one of Steve Lombardi's gimmicks.

Kurrgan: A big guy who's finishing move was simply grabbing the opponent's face with his hands.

Kwang Savio Vega: An uncharismatic mask wearing martial artist. He spat out green food coloring.

Latin Lover: - No Description Yet! -

Leif Cassidy: Granted Al Snow is a very talented wrestler in almost every area, but one thing the WWF should have known is, you don't get some nobody to replace Shawn Michaels. And worse of all, the Rockers gimmick was too eighty-ish, they acted stupid and proclaimed their love for bands such as the Monkees.

Los Boricas: One of the gangs that formed when the WWF was desperately looking for wresters because WCW stole them all. They were hoping that these 3 unknowns could be somebody because of their association with Savio Vega. Their gimmick was "a Latin group." I'll be damned if anybody could name a member other than Savio Vega.

Ludwig Borga: A large Finnish man who like his Foreign Fanatic team, hated America. My only fond memory of him was when he pinned Tatanka with one finger.

Luna Vachon: The niece of the famous Mad Dog Vachon. One side of her head was shaved, and she had one of the worst voices ever. At first, she accompained Bam Bam Bigelow as his "main squeeze." It's sad to see how Sensational Sherri turned face just to put her over. Later, she got fired for getting in a fight with Sable, got rehired, and fired again.

Marlena: Terri Runnel's former gimmick. She was Goldust's director who sat at ringside in a director's chair, smoking a cigar.

Marty Jannetty: Great as a member of the Rockers, but had a less than spectacular solo career. He and Virgil became the two biggest jobbers ever. It's unfortunate that Marty will be remembered for two things: (1) He was a Rocker, and (2) he broke Charles Austin's neck with a Rocker Dropper.

Man Mountain Rock: A big, fat, terrible blacksmith who was also a rock musician. He carried a "WWF" guitar with him.

Mantaur: A big, fat, talentless guy with stupid paint in his hair.

Max Moon: A talented wrestler, but with a stupid name and blue costume.

Mean Street Posse: At first it comprised of Shane McMahon's buddies, Pete Gas and Rodney. Of course, neither of them could wrestle, and were humiliated at the hands of Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson. Later, they were joined by Joey Abs, the former boyfriend of Stephanie McMahon.

Meat: WWF's worst attempt to attract female watches. He was accompained to the ring by P.M.S.

Men On A Mission: The first time I saw them, I thought, "The small guy's gonna get his ass kicked and when he gets the tag, the big guy's gonna beat up everybody." And that was exactly what happened. Oh, and did I mention their manager rapped their entrance theme and they had "Whoomp There It Is" on their clothes?

Mideon: The result of Dennis Knight, or shall I say, Finneas Godwin being repackaged. After the Undertaker sacrificed his soul to the Devil, Knight was transformed into Mideon, the "Eye of The Ministry." His final move was the "Eye Opener," which was stolen from Skinner. Later, he becamee streaker who wears nothing more than a pouch. It's too bad Mideon got fired. I've always wanted to go to a WWF show with a sign that reads, "Mideon = Ratings!"

Mil Macaras: - No Description Yet! -

Mountie: Jacque Rogeau dressed as an Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer. He carried around a cattle prod, and made his opponents submit to a pinch ripped off from Star Trek. When he shocked his opponents with the cattle prod, you would hear a horrible "shock" sound effect.

Mr. Hughes: A big black guy dressed similarly to I. R. S., but with shades. He later returned as Chris Jericho's bodyguard.

MVP: A baseball player with blue face paint (another one of Steve Lombardi's gimmicks).

Nailz: Possibly the only wrestler ever to have a worse voice than Brian Pillman. He was a former convict who decided to get his revenge on the Big Boss Man. It is rumoured that he punched out Vince McMahon (for real).

Narcissist Lex Luger: Bobby "The Brain" Heenan revealed him as the man who would take out Mr. Perfect. Luger had mirrors in the ring so he could look at himself. Great, just what we need: another mythological character. He was famous for his metal plate in his arm which he used to knock out his opponents.

Oddities: Three large men who act really retarded. How embarrassing it is for Earthquake to be reduced to this! The only thing worse than them hauling around the plush doll of Eric Cartman was to see them bring back George The Animal Steele.

Outlaw Ron Bass: Some Texan who brought a whip to the ring. He was famous for scraping his spurs over Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake's forehead.

Papa Shango: A voodoo guy with weird facepaint and a skull which released smoke. His low point was when he made the Ultimate Warrior throw up.

Patriot: Some idiotic pro-American with a mask. His absolute low point was when he teamed up with (Big Van) Vader.

Paul Roma: He and a jobber tag team partner got beat up by the Bolsheviks, and he was left there lying. He stayed there as the wrestlers to the next match, The Rockers, came out. Then he started pushing the Rockers until Hercules came out to help him. After this incident, he and Hercules, became the team of "Power and Glory," managed by Slick.

Phantasio: He appeared for not more than a show or two. He had no entrance music, but was supposed to be a face. During the middle of the match, he would magically steal the referee's and his opponent's underwear. He also gave his mask to some kid.

Pierroth: - No Description Yet! -

PMS: Or short for, "Pretty Mean Sisters." At first it was just Terri Runnels and Jacqueline going around raising hell. Later, Ryan Shamrock joined in, but not for long, because she was released.

Prince Albert: Droz's personal tattoo guy. Before becoming just "Albert," people would hold up signs making fun of his hairy body. Thankfully, he now wears a shirt.

Queasy, Sleezy, and Cheezy: After Doink got his trio of midgets and started to feud with Jerry "The King" Lawler, The King decided to get three midgets of his own. The King and his midgets won the feud agains Doink and his midgits, but Lawler wouldn't let his midgets celebrate since he felt he did all the work. As a result all six midgets turned on him and Doink pied him in the face.

Rad Radford: - No Description Yet! -

Red Rooster: Poor Terry Taylor's carreer came to a dead end with this horrid gimmick (not to mention that stupid thing he wore on his head). To this day, he still goes around asking people how they don't remember 14 years of him as "Terry Taylor," but how everybody still knows him for his 18 month stint as the Red Rooster.

Repo Man: Smash from Demolition repackaged. He wore a mask to conceal his past wrestling career, but his tatoo gave away his true identity. Repo Man repossessed people's goods.

Ringmaster: When he debuted, Ted "The Million Dollar Man" Debiase introduced him as the next champion and gave him the Million Dollar Belt. He finished off his opponents with the Million Dollar Dream. Despite his feud with Savio Vega (including a Carribean strap match) which got the Million Dollar Man booted from the WWF, he never really got over with the fans. Thank god he's now Steve Austin.

Road Dogg, Jesse James: Formerly known as the Roadie, Road Dogg is one of the hardest to watch wrestlers. He is also lazy as hell: he can do stuff like moonsaults but doesn't. He is irratating and repetitive as hell on the mic (ex: X to the P to the A to the C"), and has the worst moves (stupid punches and knee drop). He's also so out of shape that some people would pay good money to see him without his shirt on. Many people say his release is the best thing that has ever happened to K-Kwik.

Update: He is now auctioning off two hours of his time on eBay. Many people who made bids also made retractions. Most excuses included, "I never knew he did drugs."

Rockabilly: Noooo! The Honky Tonk Man is back to manage Billy Gunn! Need I say any more?

Rugged Ronnie Garvin: Famous for his feud with Greg "The Hanner" Valentine which resulted in him losing a career match. He retired and returned as a referee. He got suspened from refereeing for interfering in the matches.

Ryan Shamrock: Ken Shamrock's little sister. During a match, Val Venis came up to her and started dancing for her. Ken Shamrock became enraged and started beating on Val Venis. They later made a porno called "Saving Ryan's Privates."

Saba Simba: If I recall correctly, some African guy who brought a big shield and danced.

Salvatore Sincere: His only gimmick was that he was sincere.

Sam Houston: A skinny Texan who danced around the ring with his Western two step. He had a feud with Dangerous Danny Davis.

Sammy: The "woman" Chyna introduced Mark Henry to. It was later revealed Sammy was a man underneath.

Scorpio: Another member of the JOB Squad with no real gimmick.

Seone: The third Headshrinker.

Sexual Chocolate, Mark Henry: From "World's Strongest Man," to the guy who lost his best friend because of his addiction to sex. Oh, and how can we forget his relationship with the one and only, Mae Young?

Shinobi: Another one of Al Snow's former gimmicks. He was formerly from "American Force."

Skinner: Chewed Tobacco and his finishing move was a rip off of Jake The Snake's DDT.

Slick: "The master of style." He was very reminiscent of a used car salesman, or a pimp.

Smoking Gunns: Two cowboy "brothers."

Stevie Richards: When he wrestled, he dressed like his opponent.

Sultan: Managed by BOTH the Iron Shiek and Bob Backlund, he was nothing more than some fat guy in a costume. It's a good thing Rikishi got repackaged.

Swat Team: - No Description Yet! -

Tatanka: His gimmick was his race (native American). Yup, just as original as a Japanese wrestler waving the flag.

Takao Ohmari: - No Description Yet! -

Tenryu: A Japanese sumo wrestler turned professional wrestler.

Tiger Ali Singh: Some wealthy East Indian guy who would pay people to do demeaning deeds. In every way, a pathetic rip off of the Million Dollar Man. Now he and 'Lo Down go around in turbans whining about minority discrimination.

T. L. Hopper: A short and horribly out of shape plumber who dressed in an undershirt. And worse yet, he brought his plunger, "Betsy," with him to the ring. This was WWF at it's lowest point.

Tom Randi: - No Description Yet! -

Too Cool: They danced, dressed and talked badly and had moves like "The Hip Hop Drop," and "The Worm." They're probably in the WWF because of Brian Christopher's father, The King.

Truth Commission: 4 soldiers led by Jackyll. Never got over and nobody knew any of them. Bull Buchanan, "Recon," must be embarrassed by his past.

Tugboat: Another fat guy who finished off his opponents with a body splash. He was some kind of sailor. I think the only reason he was over was because he was Hulk Hogan's friend who handed out friendship bracelet in the middle of Earthquake's matches.

Val Venis: Humourous as the ex-porno star, but pathetic as "White Tights Val." He had no gimmick and his music sounded like a cross between Blackman's theme, and a disco song. The days of him hitting on one of Kaientai's member's wife are long gone.

Virgil: A decent heel as the Million Dollar Man's bodyguard, but desperately needed a new gimmick after his feud with Ted Dibiase.

Viscera: The result of Mabel being repackaged. He was the second to be sacrificed by the Undertaker. Has anybody ever seen his spinning heel kick? He rolls on the mat!

Well Dunn: The team of Timothy Wells and Steven Dunn. Need I say more?

X-Pac: All hail the return of the 1-2-3 Kid! But now he's lazier and more boring than ever. At least back then Waltman would do stuff like moonsaults and weird looking submission moves. Now it's just Bronco Buster, spinning heel kick, triple kick in the corner and X-Factor. He also lies about his weight: there's no way he weighs 228 lbs, while Eddie Guerrero weighs in at 205 pounds!

Xanta Klaus: Santa Claus' evil twin. He came from the South Pole, and instead of giving away presents, he stole them.

Yamagushi San: Remember in the early days of Kaientai, there were three members? Well he's the guy we all forgot about. Val Venis hit on his wife.

Zebekia: Justin "Hawk" Bradshaw's manager. After each victory, he'd brand the loser.


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