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DREAM 4 - Резултати

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The Japanese-based DREAM organization returns tonight for its fourth show and the second round of its middleweight grand prix.

DREAM.4 takes place at the Yokohama Arena in Yokohama, Japan. U.S. viewers can catch a live, high-definition feed of the event beginning at 4 a.m. ET.

Tournament participants Kazushi Sakuraba, Melvin Manhoef, Jason "Mayhem" Miller, Ronaldo Souza and others look to advance in the middleweight grand prix. Additionally, a late lightweight grand prix bout will send either Shinya Aoki or Katsuhiko Nagata to that division's tournament finale.

MMAjunkie.com (www.mmajunkie.com) will provide live updates and full round-by-round coverage of the televised card. Join us for the live updates and event discussion.

Enjoy the fights..

* * * *


ROUND 1 - Aoki opens with a few feinted kicks, before closing the distance and pulling Nagata down. Nagata pulls half-guard, then pushes away and stands up. Aoki maintains the clinch, then scores another trip takedown. Aoki moves quickly from side-mount to mount. Nagata tries to hold Aoki close, but Aoki continues the cross-face to create room, and lands a few small punches whle looking for opportunities. Aoki seems comfortable keeping this a grappling match for now, as he utilizes very little ground-and-pound. Nagata continues to try to hold Aoki close. Aoki tries for a guillotine, but Nagata slips out. Now Aoki begins to land a few punches. Nagata is doing very little to buck Aoki off. Sensing his security on top, Aoki slides his right leg across Nagata's chin, and sinks in a gogoplata, to which Nagata quickly taps. Shinya Aoki def. Katsuhiko Nagata via submission (gogoplata) -- Round 1, 5:12.


ROUND 1 - Overeem lands a jab, then a few leg kicks. A huge left hook followed by a right, and Lee is out cold. For good measure, Overeem lands a few knees on Lee's way down to the mat. Lightning fast victory for "The Demolition Man." Alistair Overeem def. Tae Hyun Lee via KO -- Round 1, 0:35.

Overeem addresses the crowd, and calls out Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic before throwing down the microphone and exiting the ring.


ROUND 1 - Gracie stands stoic, as Gadzhiyev dances. Gracie throws a few front kicks, and Gadzhiyev answers with punches. Gracie looks for a takedown from the clinch, but Gadzhiyev pushes him off. Gracie gets the fight to the mat, and a brief scramble ensues. Gadzhiyev actually has the submission attempts, but Gracie escapes, and the fight is back on the feet. Gracie moves in to clinch, and gets the trip. On the ground, Gracie is quickly in mount. Gadzhiyev tries to roll, but Gracie's mount is solid. Gracie moves quickly to an arm-bar attempt, and locks it in. Gadzhiyev taps. Gadzhiyev strangely complains briefly about the stoppage, but has clearly tapped. Ralek Gracie def. Alavutdin Gadzhiyev via submission (arm bar) -- Round 1, 3:14.


ROUND 1 - Uyenoyama starts with several snapping kicks, though Tokoro is blocking well. Tokoro is landing a few straight punches, then a huge knee that drops Uyenoyama. Tokoro pounces on Uyenoyama, and a rash of submission attempts follow. Uyenoyama, however, defends well, and now seems fully recovered. The pace settles, and Uyenoyama works from Tokoro's guard. Uyenoyama lands a few punches, then stands up. Uyenoyama moves back down, and is now in Tokoro's half-guard. Uyenoyama stands again, then moves in with a solid right and into half-guard. The strategy continues, altenating between standing and groundwork. Uyenoyama lands a few solid punches, then knees to a turtled Tokoro. Tokoro stands briefly, then the fight moves back to the ground. Very entertaining halfway through the ten-minute first round. Uyenoyama resorts to his previous strategy of standing, then moving in to a prone Tokoro with heavy punches. Now standing, Tokoro becomes the aggressor, landing several unanswered punches. Uyenoyama looks as if he is beginning to tire. Now back on the mat, and Tokoro is on top for the first time. Uyenoyama stands, then eats a big knee to the body that drops him. Tokoro follows up with punches, and then settles in to side control. Just a minute left, and Tokoro is on top. Both fighters trade punches on the ground. Tokoro lands two knees to Uyenoyama's head, and the round closes. Extremely entertaining first round.

ROUND 2 - Uyenoyama quickly wrestles Tokoro to the mat, and returns to the first round strategy. The referee stands Tokoro up very quickly. Perhaps Gary Shaw is involved. Uyenoyama tries to jump to guard, but Tokoro shrugs him off, and takes side control as the fighters hit the mat. Nothing doing, and the fighters stand. Big kick by Uyenoyama, but Tokoro answers with a heavy punch. A clinch, and back to the ground. Tokoro works for an omoplata, but it misses. Two minutes left in the fight, and Tokoro holds Uyenoyama in his guard. Uyenoyama lands a few punches from the top, but Tokoro fights defensively with a closed guard. Time is running out, and the fighters move back to their feet. Tokoro grabs a leg, and rolls for a knee bar, but ends up pulling guard, where the fight will end. MMAjunkie.com awards the fight to Tokoro in an extremely entertaining fight. All three judges agree. Hideo Tokoro def. Darren Uyenoyama via unanimous decision.

During the intermission DREAM officials allow the final four fighters in the lightweight Grand Prix (with Eddie Alvarez represented by a DREAM officer) to draw for their match-ups for DREAM.5.

The semifinal match-ups will be:

Eddie Alvarez vs. Tatsuya Kawajiri

Shinya Aoki vs. Caol Uno


ROUND 1 - Low kicks by Mousasi to start. Yoon shoots a single, and falls to Mousasi's guard. A scramble back to the feet, Mousasi scores a takedown of his own. Back up, and Mousasi is clinching Yoon from the back. Yoon grabs the ropes to prevent a takedown and is warned. Mousasi is landing knees to Yoon's legs while maintaining the clinch. The referee seperates the fighters. Yoon shoots in again, but Mousasi sprawls and lands a few knees. Yoon comes back with several punches. Mousasi is starting to score with low kicks, and Yoon is wincing. Yoon shoots again, and Mousasi sprawls and takes mount. Yoon escapes back to the feet. Mousasi continues to land kicks while avoiding Yoon's shots. Halfway mark of the first round. Back to the ground, and Mousasi lands punches from Yoon's gaurd. Mousasi now stands up and chops the legs before Yoon is stood up by the referee. Two strong knees from the clinch drop Yoon, and Mousasi is back on top landing blows. Yoon closes the guard to keep Mousasi down. Mousasi tries to stand, and is almost caught in a leg lock, but escapes and lands in side control. Mousasi lands knees and punches, but Yoon scrambles and is now on Mousasi's back. Mousasi is turtled up while Yoon rests on top of him. Yoon has locked in an arm bar, and Mousasi is defending. Yoon rolls Mousasi on his back and Mousasi is in trouble. With a minute left, Mousasi is trying to keep control of his arm. The arm is extended, and it appeared Mousasi may have tapped momentarily, as the referee seems to wave off the bout, but Mousasi escapes and we continue. Mousasi has dodged a real bullet, and the round ends.

ROUND 2 - Mousasi throws a high kick, but Yoon counters with a right. A scramble to the ground, and this time Mousasi has the back. Mousasi is landing punches to a turtled Yoon. Close to the ropes, the referee moves the fight back to the center of the ring. Mousasi locks in a body triangle he did not originally have on the restart, but the referee does not notice. More punches from Mousasi, and Yoon is offering no defense. Two minutes remaining. Mousasi rolls over, and continues to land punches from Yoon's back. Yoon is offering nothing. Where is Dan Miragliotta when you need him? The fight ends with a string of, oh, 100 or so unanswered shots from Mousasi. MMAjunkie.com awards Mousasi the decision win. So do the judges. Gegard Mousasi def. Dong Sik Yoon via unanimous decision.


ROUND 1 - The fighters clinch quickly. Kin utilizes the body lock while Galesic looks for openings. Referee breaks the clinch. Galesic scores a takedown, and Kin tries to brace the fall and suffers an awful-looking injury to his right arm. Both fighters know immediately that the match is over. A rematch of a 36-second doctor's stoppage win for Kin has ended in a 65-second doctor's stoppage win for Galesic. Galesic is visibly upset that the fight ends the way it does, and offers condolences to a laughing Kin. Zelg Galesic def. Taiei Kin via TKO (doctor's stoppage) -- Round 1, 1:05.


ROUND 1 - Souza leads with punches and works the clinch. A scramble ensues to the ground, then back to the feet. Souza pushes Miller to the corner of the ring. Souza scores with a trip, and works from the top. Miller secures half-guard. Souza works his leg free, and is in side control. Souza moves to mount, then Miller sweeps. Souza locks in a heel hook, but Miller smiles and gives a thumbs up. Miller works free, and we are back on the feet. Souza again clinches, and pushes Miller to the corner. Referee calls for the break. After a few punches are traded, Souza shoots in, and lands on top of Miller. Souza again transitions from half-guard to side control. Another mad scramble. Souza tries a triangle, and when Miller escapes, Souza tries for the heel again. Miller escapes again, and Souza ends up back on top in half-guard. Miller rolls, and Souza has Miller's back and locks in a body triangle to secure the position. Souza tries a rear naked choke, but Miller escapes. Souza transitions to mount. Miller rolls to escape, but Souza ends up on Miller's back again. Miller tries to stand, but drops again to the ground. Souza begins to throw punches from Miller's back. Miller quickly escapes, and now Miller is on top of Souza. With a minute left in the round, the fighters are tangled in the ropes, and the fight is moved to the center with Miller on top in half-guard. Souza rolls for a leg, and Miller lands a few knees and punches befoe Souza lands again on top of Miller. The round comes to a close. What an amazing display of jiu-jitsu transitions, escapes and defenses.

ROUND 2 - After a few strikes, Miller slips, and Souza clinches. Miller is again pushed into the corner. Referee calls for action, and quickly breaks the fighters. Souza rolls for a knee, but Miller defends. Souza clinches with Miller against the ropes, and Miller ducks out of the ropes much to Souza's dismay. The fighters trade punches on the restart, before Souza clinches Miller again. Another referee's break, and we are at the halfway point. Miller appears fresher, and is starting to land punches and low kicks to Souza. Souza is backing away. Miller taunts Souza after a low kick from Souza lands. Souza shoots in, clinches, and drops as Miller tries a guillotine. Souza is out quickly, and is on top of Miller. Souza seems content to ride out the final minute, as he tries a rear naked choke, and time expires. Good fight, but MMAjunkie.com awards the fight to "Jacare" based on the multiple submission attempts and takedowns scored. All three judges agree. Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza def. Jason "Mayhem" Miller via unanimous decision.


ROUND 1 - Tentative start. Manhoef then lands a big kick and follows with a straight punch. Sakuraba drops and is on his back near the ropes. Manhoef drags him away from the ropes and continues to deliver massive punches. Everyone's worst fear is confirmed, and Sakuraba has been destroyed. Melvin Manhoef def. Kazushi Sakuraba via TKO (strikes) -- Round 1, 1:30.

Aoki с очаквана победа. Както и Overeem, който най-вероятно ще бъде следващият опонент на Cro Cop.

При MW турнира отново някой интересни резултати като Manhoef размазва Sakuraba и Jacare def. Mayhem. Предлагам за DREAM 6 следните двойки.

Manhoef vs. Mousasi

Galesic vs. Jacare

... и финал

Manhoef vs. Jacare

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Аз гледам Dream само заради Мирко, но като чета резултатите интересно event-че е било, сигурно ще се дръпне.

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