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American Wrestling Rampage


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След като по-рано тази година тази ирландска федерация направи първото си успешно турне сега се задава второ такова. По-известните участници в първото турне бяха Chris Masters, The Sandman, Test, Hеidenreich, Gangrel & Joe Е Legend, a сега нещата изглеждат така:

23rd Oct 2008 - Neptune Stadium, Cork, Ireland

24th Oct 2008 - University Concert Hall, Limerick, Ireland

25th Oct 2008 - Travellers Friend, Castlebar, Ireland

26th Oct 2008 - Basketball Arena, Tallaght, Dublin, Ireland

27th Oct 2008 - Leisurecentre, Letterkenny, Donegal, Ireland

29th Oct 2008 - NEC, Killarney, Kerry, Ireland

30th Oct 2008 - Dundalk, Ireland

1st Nov 2008 - Whites Hotel, Wexford, Ireland


Chris Masters hype-ва предстоящото турне

Music video за предишното турне

Тhe Masterlock Challenge (featuring Chris Masters & Joe E Legend)

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Bret Hart е добавен към турнето, a Masters и Test може би отпаднаха, тъй като не ги споменават в новите реклами.

Освен това федерацията обяви, че ще проведе шоута във Франция и Източна Европа през ноември.

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Bret Hart е добавен към турнето,

???? В смисъл? Какво се очаква да прави? Източна Европа сигурно естествено не включва нашата мила родна страна :(


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Има ли шанс да го качат из нета?

На такива въпроси вече не отговарям. Досега отдавна трябваше да сте схванали идеята...

???? В смисъл? Какво се очаква да прави? Източна Европа сигурно естествено не включва нашата мила родна страна :(

Каквото прави Bret Hart от 8 години насам - просто говори извън образ. :)

Все още няма инфо за коя държава/държави в Източна Европа става дума.

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Update!~ Oбърнете специално внимание на последната дата от турнето. :)


Prepare yourself for high action stunts and entertainment as the mega stars of American Wrestling crash land into a town near you. See your favourite wrestling stars live including Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart and many others. The action will kick off with several dates across Ireland, commencing in Limerick on October 24th 2008. The Tour will visit many Irish towns including Killarney, Cork Wexford, Mayo and more, with a massive show taking place in Dublin’s National Basketball Arena on Sunday, October 26th 2008. Following its tour across Ireland, American Wrestling Rampage will thrill audiences in France with shows in Paris, Metz, Lille and other French cities. The tour will also visit Prague, Slovakia and several other European destinations. The Halloween Revenge Tour will provide wrestling fans of all ages with non-stop entertainment and jaw dropping stunts from some of the world’s most famous wrestling legends. Mega stars to appear include the legendary Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart (former five time WWE Champion), Scotting The Hotty (formally Scotty Too Hotty in WWE), Joey ‘Mercury’ Matthews (ex WWE Tag Team Champion), and former Tag Team Champion U-Gene (formally Eugene, who won the Tag Titles on RAW with William Regal). Wrestling legend Tatanka and former ECW Champion the ‘Homocidal and Suicidal’ SABU are also set to appear. In addition, the talents of the hugely popular Mexican Mini Wrestlers will no doubt be one of the most memorable features of the Halloween Revenge Tour. The wrestling stars will delight and amaze both young and old with their larger-than-life looks and over-the-top characters, not to mention their athletic ability inside the wrestling ring. Each show will be as hard hitting and action packed as the last, leaving audience members on the edge of their seats and screaming for more. Make sure you don’t miss the biggest wrestling event to ever hit this side of the Atlantic. Feel the electricity, feel the excitement, feel the action and feel it all LIVE right in front of your eyes! Early booking is advised to avoid disappointment. For further details of the American Wrestling Rampage ‘Halloween Revenge’ Tour and a list of dates and venues please visit www.rampageamericanwrestling.co.uk. Tickets can be purchased directly from all Ticket Master outlets including the website www.ticketmaster.ie. Other European countries should visit their local Ticket Master outlets. *talent subject to change


24th Oct 2008 - University Concert Hall, Limerick, Ireland

25th Oct 2008 - Royal Theatre, Castlebar, Ireland

26th Oct 2008 - Basketball Arena, Tallaght, Dublin, Ireland

27th Oct 2008 - Leisurecentre, Letterkenny, Donegal, Ireland

29th Oct 2008 - NEC, Killarney, Kerry, Ireland

30th Oct 2008 - Fairways Hotel, Dundalk, Ireland

31st Oct 2008 - Neptune Stadium, Cork, Ireland

1st Nov 2008 - Whites Hotel, Wexford, Ireland


4th Nov 2008 - Paris, FRANCE

5th Nov 2008 - Lille, FRANCE

6th Nov 2008 - Metz, FRANCE

8th Nov 2008 - Marseille, FRANCE

9th Nov 2008 - Toulouse, FRANCE

10th Nov 2008 - Nantes, FRANCE

11th Nov 2008 - Lyon, FRANCE

15th Nov 2008 - Brno, CZECH REP.

16th Nov 2008 - Bratislava, CZECH REP

17th Nov 2008 - Kosice, SLOVAKIA

19th Nov 2008 - Belgrade, SERBIA

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И аз се колебая.Да можеше някакви подробности да знам-цени път т.н да си направя сметка горе -долу колко ще излезе това удоволствие.


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И аз се колебая.Да можеше някакви подробности да знам-цени път т.н да си направя сметка горе -долу колко ще излезе това удоволствие.


Тоест, билетите се въртят около 25, 50 и 60-65 лева.


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не знам аз бих се надъхал,но трябва да има повече подробностти,да не стане път да бием за нищо,защото е доста далеко особено за мен.На тоя етап нищо не мога да кажа.....

"Doin' what I want to do, When I want to do it."

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Получил съм е-мейл от сайта, който продаваше билетите, тъй като им бях отправил едно запитване преди около седмица. Шоуто в Сърбия няма да се състои. CANCELLED! Шоутата в Чехия и Словакия също са отменени.

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The Olimpic Hero

Ееее,жалко.Сега като видях темата,че се надъхвате да ходите и аз започнах да се надъхвам.Иначе принципно някога в бъдещето няма да е лошо да се съберем и да отидем на някакво кеч шоу някъде из чужбина. :)


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Нека да има. :)

Дата: 26 октомври 2008

Място: Дъблин, Ирландия

Зала: Тhe National Basketball Arena

Посещаемост: 1000+ (само 100-200 свободни места)

* Преди шоуто е имало meet & greet с кечистите.


1. Sabu vs. Justin Shape

2. Mascarita Sagrada vs. ???

3. Joey Cabray vs. Duncan Disorderly

4. NLW Title, Ladder match: The Suicide Machine vs. Sean Maxer

= Bret Hart promo

5. Tatanka vs. PN News

6. Scotty 2 Hotty & U-Gene vs. Rene Dupree & Joe E Legend



Well just back from American Wrestling Rampage’s event in the National Basketball Arena. Here are my thoughts.

When I made the decision to go the first thing that stung me as I got in my car was the price of the event. 35 Euro. That’s not a huge amount by any means, but it would still make a fairly large dent in my pocket. So I asked myself; did I really like wrestling that much anymore? I resolved to go and find out.

Having no interest in the meet and greet, myself and the Red Guy took our time and arrived at the Arena at about 6.40. There were a lot of cars and as I approached the building it seemed there were a lot of people also. If I were to guesstimate, I would say there was a little over 1000 people in attendance, with only one or two hundred spare seats. A strong turn-out then. This ties in with the first of several inevitable comparisons with the Irish Whip Wrestling card at the venue some months earlier, which drew about half this number. The crowd itself was the usual wrestling crowd. You know you’re at a wrestling show when the majority of people are children and one in five people your age are mentally retarded.

Much to my horror the meet and greet was still going as we took our seats, and would continue until about 7.20. At this point the lights dimmed and AWR’s impressive lighting and stage took over as the near-capacity crowd reached a fever pitch. The place was buzzing. Then came a faux-American accent over the PA system asking us ”Are you ready?!?” which I immediately recognized as the voice of promoter Jamie Coleman, and I laughed out loud. Luckily the vast majority of the audience did not know Jamie was putting on an accent and he came across well. He did a good job getting the crowd pumped for the rest of the evening.

Moving along. Coleman’s opening spiel was interrupted by Justin Bred, working under a fitness guru gimmick. He got over as an irritating heel, and just as he reached his most annoying, the lights dimmed. I expected a run in by say, Duncan Disorderly. But nay, when the lights returned we were treated with Sabu! He floored Bred with a number of hard chair shots and went through a routine of some of his trade-mark moves. He set Bred up on a table but the wood broke pre-spot. Sabu re-positioned Bred on the wood and drove him through it with a chair assisted dive, and pinned him. The whole angle/match was a tremendous piece of booking. Fully aware of Sabu’s limitations (Sabu’s back is fucked, he’ll never wrestle properly again), AWR booked him in the most effective way they could by capitalizing on the shock factor of throwing him on first, thus totally compensating for the squash nature of his match. Sabu made me mark out here more than he had any right to, and that’s purely down to AWR’s smart use of him.

Next up came the obligatory angle where the lead face gets maimed by the lead heel and sets up the main event. In this case it was Joe E. Legend and Rene Dupree pounding U-Gene with Scotty 2 Hotty making the save. I found it all a bit tedious but I guess it was a necessary evil.

Next came the Mexican minis. And they were…disappointing. Most of the match was disjointed with lots of awkward pauses in the action. Though some of the acrobatics were impressive, most of it seemed contrived. The crowd weren’t sure how to react to the duo unfortunately. After the high of the opening angle with Sabu the show was beginning to lag a little now. Thankfully, Joey Cabray and Duncan Disorderly were up next with probably the match of the night. Duncan came out first with manager/President of the Duncan Disorderly fan-club Georgie Mac. They requested that the national anthem be played, and God Save the Queen blared out over the PA, while Duncan stood solemnly with his hand on his heart, big unionist head on him. This was then interrupted with the chords of Shipping Out To Boston by the Drop-Kick Murphy’s, and out came Joey Cabray wielding an Irish flag, a beautiful valet and a best of all a brand new hair-do! He had been dieting and training like a mother-fucker prior to this tour and it really showed, he looked absolutely tremendous. Yes, he could give Dupree a run for his money in the body department and is the blueprint for what not just Irish guys but Indie wrestlers everywhere should strive to achieve. On to the match. It was very good, thanks largely in part to the red-hot crowd. Though not overly spotty, it did have a number worth mentioning, including Joey’s assortment of hurricanranas and a dive, not to mention Ducan’s always impressive Vertebreaker. The high-light would have to be Joe’s Awesome-bomb on his brother Georgie through a ring-side table towards the end. Man, that spot just doesn’t get old.

Now came the interval. I remembered in vivid detail the horrors of IWW’s infamous never-ending interval in August, and was hoping AWR had learned from IWW’s mistakes. With this hope in my heart I set-off to the tuck-shop upon noticing a grumbling in my belly and a craving for some chocolate delight. Would I get a large dairy-milk? A Yorkie? Or perhaps I wanted crisps? With these questions heavy on my heart I headed towards the lobby. As I queued a knacker-man with his knacker-boys queued in front. They were restless of course and getting up to no-good, the rascals. As the tomfoolery escalated the Dad became increasingly frustrated, warning the boys to stop. Sadly, the hapdashery would persist and the Dad would proceed to slap the shit out of the youths; we’re talking full-on open hand slaps the kid’s heads and faces as they recoiled in fear and pain. It was the funniest thing I’d seen so far and considered starting a ”Daddy’s Gonna Kill You!” chant, but upon noticing the shocked and concerned looks on the faces of the other parents in the queue, I realized the chant would not catch on. I ended going with the dairy milk option with an additional bag of Mighty Munch, and they were delicious. The intermission lasted 25 minutes. It was a fun intermission. Chocolate and child abuse. Yum.

The fourth match on the card was a ladder match between The Suicide Machine (Paddy Morrow) and Sean Maxer (Brennan), for the No Limit Wrestling championship. Paddy was face while Maxer strangely acted heel. This seemed like a strange choice from the start. While Morrow is equally brilliant in working the crowd as either the good guy or the bad guy, Maxer is fairly limited in the personality department and is better suited to playing fan favorite. This was unfortunately a negative in the bout as Sean was just difficult to despise. Still, he can only get better with experience. The action in the match was top notch. Both men were crisp in their delivery of moves and strikes and both took some pretty big bumps. Morrow was busted open hardway early on after a stiff bump onto the ladder and over the apron to the floor. Sadly the ending proved anti-climatic but I would still rank this up there with Chris the Bambi Killer versus Michael Kovac Ladder match from the same venue six years earlier, if just below the Maxer versus Anthony Idol Ladder match for the NWA-I title two years earlier (incidentally, Idol was one of the paid hands helping out at the show). I would also like to make note of Morrow’s attempted super-plex from the top of the ladder mid-match; he displayed great respect for psychology and attention to detail here, clearly conveying to the audience his difficulty in deciding whether to grab the belt or punish Maxer. This match was a testament of just how good Paddy is, both in terms of his in ring athleticism and indeed his psychology. He remains the best-pound for pound grappler on Irish soil today in my (albeit irrelevant) opinion.

It was now time for Bret Hart’s appearance. He kept things short and then left. If I had paid to see him play a bigger role on the card, I’d be pissed off, but I didn’t so who cares. Let’s move on.

The semi-final of the card would be Tatanka versus the I think artist formerly known as PN News. News wrestled for WCW about 16 years ago, and wrestled in the Arena as part of IWW’s October card there in 2002, and was fairly ****. If this was the same guy, he was even ****ter here too. I mean, who honestly thought booking this bumbling fat man was a good idea? This match was the pits and went on for far too long despite having very little action. A bunch of smarkies attempted to start ”Boring!” and ”You can’t wrestle!” chants, but why bother? These veterans will inevitably dismiss such smart-ass chants as the pish-posh of internet geeks who don’t know what they’re talking about. Silence is the only thing these men understand. Tatanka won.

The main event relied mainly on comedy, which isn’t really what you want from a main event, is it? Either way, at least it was good comedy and the kids lapped it up. U-Gene and Scotty 2 Hotty went over and everyone went home happy.

What would I give this event on the whole? Well, if we are to go on a comparison with the IWW event in the same venue earlier this year, then one would have to say it was great. The in-ring quality was superior, it was better booked, the production values were infinitely better and on the whole the event was organized better. But as a stand-alone wrestling show, how was it? Well, on a six match card, two of the matches were very good, two were pants, one was an enjoyable comedy match and one was an exhilarating squash. So, I would say it was pretty darn good, though not amazing. This show had variety and had a little something for everyone. On the financial front, I would guesstimate (and please do not take my guesstimations as gospel, they are far fro it) AWR took about 40,000 quid on the live gate and some more at the merch stands, so I would imagine that providing the other shows go well, we will be seeing AWR back again in the near future.

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Дата: 4 ноември 2008

Място: Париж, Франция

Зала: Palais de Sports

Посещаемост: 3000-4000

1. Scotty The Hotty & U-Gene beat Justin Shape & Paul Tracey

2. Alpha Female beat Lisa Fury

3. Tatanka beat Joe E. Legend

4. Ladder Match for the NLW Title: Sean Maxer beat Suicide Machine

= Bret Hart appearance

5. Sabu & Balls Mahoney (with Tammy "Sunny" Sytch) beat Team Perfection (Joey C & Dunky D) (with Rachelle St. Clair)

6. Mexican Mini Wrestlers Match: Mascarita Sagrada beat Brazito De Plata

7. Rene Dupree beat Andrew "Test" Martin

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Шоуто го има в XWT това последното ;) ,направо не можах да повярвам като го видях :)

"Doin' what I want to do, When I want to do it."

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Upload-вам го във 4storing, но нетът ми е малко бавен в момента. Все пак до около час най-късно би трябвало да се качи.

Вече е в multimedia раздела.

Posted Image

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Брех. Приятна изненада наистина. Знаех, че шоуто от Париж ще го дават по една френска телевизия, но не вярвах да се появи в нета, така че евала на французина, който се е сетил да го запише и да го качи. :good:

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Следващото турне на федерацията:

Обявени кечисти:

Rob Van Dam - Former WWE and ECW Champion

Chris Mordetzky - Formally Chris Masters in the WWE

Marty Jannetty - One half of the Rockers with Shawn Michaels...arguably the best tag team in WWE history

Andrew "Test" Martin - Ex WWE Intercontinental Champion

Sabu - The most Homicidal, Suicidal and Genosidal star in history

Gangrel - Former WWE Superstar and leader of the infamous faction "The Brood"

Scotty The Hotty - Formerly of the WWE, a former WWE Tag Champion

Heidenreich - Ex WWE Superstar

Shawn Maxer - Current Champion in AWR

The Suicide Machine - The high-flyer who knows no limitations

Paul Tracey - A former champion of the NWA

Dunkan Disorderly - Also known as "Delicious Dunkie D"

"Hot Stuff" Joey C - Former champion of Europe

PLUS - The Mexican Mini Wrestlers

BONUS - The hard hitting ladies of American Wrestling Rampage

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Шоуто в Бордо (24-ти март) ще бъде излъчено по една френска телевизия. Предаването ще бъде 105 минути и да се надяваме някой ще се сети да го запише и да го качи в Интернет.

Между другото, предишното излъчване на AWR по тв във Франция е направило 6% share, което е един доста стабилен рейтинг.

Test очевидно няма да участва в шоутата... Нови попълнения към турнето са Rene Dupree, Portia Perez & Serena Deeb.

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The American Wrestling Rampage tour that Test was supposed to be on started last night. RVD mistakenly mentioned in his blog it was going in "France, Sweden and Belgium", it's actually going to Switzerland, not Sweden. Also, the one date they had in Belgium (Liege) was cancelled, so the tour will do 7 dates in France and 2 in Switzerland (Basel & Lausanne), finishing up on April 1st.

Here are the results from Paris, France last night on 3/18, at "le Zйnith" - crowd was 3 500 approx.

1) Scotty The Hottie & Marty Jannetty & Suicide Machine beat Chris Mordetsky & Delicious Dunky D. & Justin Shape

2) Mascarita Sagrada beat Bracito de Plata & Pentagoncito in a 3 way Minis match.

3) Gangrel (with Rachelle St Clair) beat Heidenreich in a Casket match

4) Rene Dupree beat "Superstar" Paul Tracey (with manager)

5) Portia Perez beat Serena Deeb in a women's match.

6) Rob Van Dam beat Shawn Maxer & Sabu in an Elimination match to capture the world title.

They have one of the nights of the tour airing on TV in France, next Tuesday from Bordeaux on a major cable channel called W9.

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^ lol...

RVD отново шампион... някъде! Това означава ли, че ще прави по-чести появи и връщане към mainstream-a евентуално?

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American Wrestling Rampage Tour 2009


Rouen, France

Attendance: 3 500

- Scotty the Hotty & Suicide Machine d. Shawn Maxer & Paul Tracey

- Women's Match: Portia Perez d. Serena Deeb

- Casket Match: Gangrel (w/ Rachelle St. Clair) d. Heidenreich

- Sabu & Marty Jannetty d. Joey C & Dunky D (w/ Chris Mordetzky)

- Three Way Minis Match: Mascarita Sagrada d. Bracito de Plata, Pentagoncito

- AWR World Championship Match: Rob Van Dam © d. Rene Dupree

I did not stay for the autograph session, but the show itself was good and lots of fun. The main event was Rene Dupree vs RVD with part of the crowd chanting 'RVD RVD!' and the rest singing [Rene's theme music] the Marseillaise - lots of fun. By the way, apparently Chris Mordetzky suffered an injury at the Paris show and won't be able to wrestle for a while.

American Wrestling Rampage Tour 2009


Clermont Ferrand, France

Attendance: 2 500

- Scotty the Hotty d. Paul Tracey

- Women's Match: Serena Deeb d. Portia Perez

- Three Way Match: Joey C d. Suicide Machine, Shawn Maxer

- Casket Match: Gangrel (w/ Rachelle St. Clair) d. Heidenreich

- Sabu d. Dunky D (w/ Chris Mordetzky)

- Three Way Minis Match: Mascarita Sagrada d. Bracito de Plata, Pentagoncito

- AWR World Championship Match: Rob Van Dam © d. Rene Dupree

^ The match was amazingly well done, with RVD being booed, and the crowd firmly behind Dupree. In short, a good crowd atmosphere. The main-event was also the match of the evening! It lasted long enough (about 20 minutes), with dropkicks, neckbreakers, etc ... replacing the punches/blows of earlier matches. The match was also very well built-up. Anther good thing for me was that the two opponents embraced after the match! RVD celebrated his victory, shaking hands with everyone ringside. Another positive was that much of the match was a brawl in the crowd.

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