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ROH: Дебют във Hammerstein Ballroom (резултати)


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ROH at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City 5/10/08 Report

By Ryan Mulligan

This was ROH's debut show in the Hammerstein Ballroom and they set a

new attendance record for the company (without announcing a number).

Almost the entire place was packed, and the crowd was hot for at least

the first half of the show. Unfortunately, I had the worst seats ever

and, as is usually the case when I go to ROH shows, I couldn't see

anything on the mat without standing on my chair. ROH!

1. FIP Heavyweight Champion Roderick Strong vs. Erick Stevens vs. Go Shiosaki.

Erick Stevens has lost the mohawk and looks somewhat less bizarre as a

result. If you like brutally stiff chopfests, you'd love this match.

It didn't last very long, but the crowd was hot for it and popped for

the big spots. The highlight to me was Shiosaki kicking out of a

cradle by Strong, and then lifting him up from that position into a

suplex. Stevens gave Shiosaki a Doctor Bomb, but then Strong cradled

Stevens to retain the title. After Strong's feud with Stevens ends

next month, they should turn him back face. He's not hateable enough

to be a good heel.

2. Kevin Steen and El Generico vs. Davey Richards and Rocky Romero.

Romero and Richards sure are hateable, though. The crowd was way into

the faces, with plenty of "Mr. Wrestling!" and "Ole!" chants. They

teased a lot of finishes here and had lots of hot exchanges, with only

a brief heat period on Generico in the middle. Steenerico got the win

after Steen gave Richards a Package Piledriver, then Generico gave him

a brainbuster and pinned him. Good match, but when do Steen and

Generico have bad matches?

3. Tag Team Scramble: Chris Hero and Brent Albright vs. Jack Evans and

Jigsaw vs. Delirious and Pelle Primeau. Primeau now has blue-streaks

in his hair. What's with the ROH students and awful haircuts? Hero and

Albright had Larry Sweeney, Sara Del Ray, Eddie Edwards, Shane

Hagadorn, Johnny Fairplay and (shirtless) Bobby Dempsey in their

corner. The Vulture Squad had Julius Smokes. Delirious and Primeau

didn't have anybody, though, because nobody likes them. So of course

they won. This match had all the flips, planchas, somersaults and

kick-outs typical of an ROH Scramble. Hero's supposed to be a serious

wrestler now, but he still dresses like a goof. And jobs like one too,

getting pinned by Delirious here. Fairplay didn't do much, but did

fall victim to a "Bonaduce!" chant. The finish came when Albright was

blinded by Delirious and then mistook Hero for Delirious and gave him

a full-nelson suplex, leaving him easy prey for Delirious. Afterwards,

in what was the highlight of the night, Albright finally turned on

Sweet N' Sour by refusing to attack Dempsey and then murdering

Hagadorn by tossing him through a ringside table, before killing both

Edwards and Del Ray with sick suplexes. ALBRIGHT!

ROH returns to the Hammerstein Ballroom on August 2nd in a show that


4. ROH vs. NOAH: Bryan Danielson vs. Naomichi Marufuji. This match was

slightly disappointing, mostly because I know these two are capable of

putting on an all-time classic. They did plenty of chain-wrestling in

the beginning that the crowd wasn't really into, but picked it up

nicely towards the end. Marufuji hit a springboard dropkick from

corner to corner at one point, but missed when he tried a second one,

as Danielson's the type of wrestler who learns lessons as matches

progress. Danielson eventually got Marufuji to tap with the Cattle



Daizee Haze came out to announce that a new attendance record had been

set, but Delirious (in a tie) interrupted her and gave her a rose. He

struggled with the English language in typical Delirious-fashion, but

eventually asked her out to dinner. She didn't get a chance to

respond, because Rhett Titus (someone who never worked a match

upstairs in the Grand Ballroom) interrupted and put himself over as a

sex machine. Daizee eventually left without choosing either of them.

Delirious received a "You got cockblocked!" chant on the way out. This

angle doesn't exactly capture my interest.

5. Battle of the Brawlers: Takeshi Morishima vs. The Necro Butcher.

Some people thought this match would rule. They were wrong. Seeing

Morishima sell Necro's weak offense after no-selling everything for

about a year just didn't work. Morishima absolutely killed him with a

chairshot to the head. He also gave him a belly-to-back suplex off the

top rope onto a seated chair. Seriously. The crowd was pro-Necro, of

course, and deflated when Morishima pinned him following a Backdrop

Driver in a short match. The crowd eventually resumed cheering for

Necro afterwards. Perhaps it's time for a face turn.

6. No Disqualification Match: ROH Tag Team Champions Austin Aries and

Jay Briscoe vs. Jimmy Jacobs and Tyler Black. No Lacey on either side

tonight, as she's out selling the "attack" by Jacobs outside a health

center last week. Austin Aries is one of the best wrestlers in the

world, and Tyler Black is one of the best up-and-coming talents in the

independents, and Briscoe and Jacobs aren't anything less than awesome

either, so this match was very good. The No DQ stipulation resulted in

a lot of the match being fought on the floor, with chairshots and

barricade-ramming aplenty. Aries and Jacobs shoved each other off the

top through a table on the floor. Eventually, Jacobs and Black got Jay

alone, and Jacobs pulled out the spike and spiked poor Jay's head,

which bled like crazy. Jacobs began rubbing the blood all over himself

to chants of "You sick fuck!" After a lot of false finishes and tense

kickouts by both teams, plus some interference from Necro, Mark

Briscoe (complete with his wrist in a cast) ran in and the Briscoes

gave Black a Doomsday Device to retain the titles for Jay and Aries to

a huge pop. For some strange reason, the Briscoes left Aries alone in

the ring after the match, so the AOTF beat the heck out of him. Jacobs

got on the mic and said he'd rather hurt Aries emotionally (how emo)

then physically, and so I guess he's going to continue tormenting him.

I was somewhat alarmed when Necro slowly fell down and then laid down

in the ring during this segment, but I overheard him say backstage a

few minutes later that he was just a little dizzy. Yes, that's how bad

my seats were. I could hear people talking backstage.

7. ROH Heavyweight Champion Nigel McGuinness vs. Claudio Castagnoli.

Nigel is so the man it's not even funny. He was massively over with

tons of heel heat. Unfortunately, I don't think people bought Claudio

as a legitimate threat and so the first ten minutes or so of this

match had very little heat, as they chain-wrestled with minimal

high-spots thrown in. Nigel hit plenty of lariats, receiving a "Same

Old Shit!" chant from the ungrateful crowd. At one point, Claudio got

him in the Giant Swing for about thirty seconds. Otherwise, there were

plenty of European uppercuts, which makes sense when you consider

where each man is from. Claudio ducked a Jawbreaker Lariat and

connected with the Ricola Bomb, but Nigel kicked out. Nigel won

shortly thereafter by getting Claudio to submit to the London Dungeon.

Good match, but not exactly a stellar main event.

All told, this was, of course, a good wrestling show, but somewhat

less spectacular then I was expecting, given that it was A)ROH and

B)the first show ever in the Hammerstein Ballroom. Both

Danielson/Marufuji and Morishima/Necro were expected to be better, but

everything ranged from okay to very good tonight, so I don't have much

right to complain. I'd put the show on par with "Rising Above" (the

complete live show, not the ppv version) and below both "Final Battle

2007" and "The Sixth Anniversary Show" in terms of the recent ROH

shows. Thanks for reading.

Traffic sucked driving from Virginia to New York this afternoon so I was

late to Ring of Honor's debut in ECW's old stomping grounds in New


Roderick Strong retained the FIP Title against Go Shiozaki and Erick

Stevens. I missed this but everyone I asked said Roderick won and

couldn't remember who he beat.

Kevin Steen and El Generico beat Rocky Romero and Davey Richards with a

package piledriver into a brainbuster. I walked in midway through this

match. Crowd was hot for this.

Sweet n Sour Inc. entered and Larry Sweeney introduced Jonny Fairplay

before the next match. He didn't do or say anything of note. Has he

ever? Bobby Dempsey was shirtless and Sarah Del Ray sported her new


Delirious and Pelle Primeau beat Jigsaw and Jack Evans and Chris Hero

and Brent Albright in the Tag Team Scramble match. Guy next to me noted

they were doing a lot of ECW tribute spots, and just as he said it,

Albright did a flip dive after everyone else had done dives. Non-stop

spotfest, like these matches usually are, with every wrestler getting

his character over. A blinded Albright hit Hero with a half-nelson

suplex, allowing Delirious to hit a pump handle pinning move I have

never seen before for the win.

Sweeney berated Albright for his mistake. Fans chanted "fuck 'em up

Albright." Sweeney said to redeem himself, Albright had to beat up

Dempsey. Albright wouldn't do it. All the other members of SnS,

including Jonny Fairplay, did. Then Sweeney told Albright to do it

again. And just as he was about to, he ran roughshod on every member of

SnS with his power moves, including a vile-looking awesome bomb through

a table on the outside and a half-nelson suplex to Sara Del Ray. Sweeney

of course escaped and the crowd gave Albright a loud face ovation, which

he played to.

Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin were announced for ROH's return to

Hammerstein, Saturday, Aug. 2.

Bryan Danielson defeated Naomichi Marifuji with the Cattle Mutilation.

Danielson wildly over. Go figure. Match was what you'd expect from these

two. Very good. Match seemed to be missing something though... crowd

wasn't dead but wasn't super hot like you'd expect. New York usually

wants an angle behind its big matches and this lacked one.

Daizee Haze came out to thank the fans. Couldn't really hear what she

was saying. Delirious nervously came out wearing a tie and hiding a

rose. He spoke in gibberish and asked Daizee to dinner. Before she could

answer, Rhett Titus came out and spoke in rhymes propositioning Daizee.

As he rubbed himself, Daizee ran in disgust, leaving Delirious alone to

chants of "you got cockblocked." That's right up there with the "sloppy

seconds" chant from the night before.

Necro Butcher came out to Tom Petty's "Won't Back Down" (new song) and

thunderous chants. He also had a haircut! Takeshi Morishima pinned him

with a backdrop driver. Match was not nearly as brutal (or good) as I

was hoping for. Just a brawl, and not a particularly intense or violent

one. Not a BAD match but I would expect more from Morishima's first

singles match back in the States in months.

Jay Briscoe and Austin Aries beat Jimmy Jacobs and Tyler Black to retain

the ROH World Tag Team Titles. Started as a long, wild brawl on the

outside and finally ended up in the ring after Jacobs and Aries tumbled

off the top rope through a table on the outside. When Jacobs returned to

the ring, he used the railroad spike on Briscoe. Briscoe bled heavily

the rest of the way. Briscoe kicked out of the double-team Contra Code.

Black kicked out of a spike Jay Driller. Necro stopped Aries from

hitting a 450. Mark ran out, cast and all, and he and Jay hit a

one-armed springboard Doomsday Device on Black for the pin. Good,

intense match.

Briscoes left, but with Aries still in the ring, Black and Butcher

ensured Aries was powerless while Jacobs basically told Aries he took

everything away from Jacobs, that no amount of harm could do it justice,

but eventually, he'd get his revenge. Jimmy Jacobs... he's so emo!

At this point, the crowd began saying "Hey!" in anticipation of the main


Nigel McGuinness beat Claudio Castagnoli to retain the ROH World Title.

Some fans chanted "Boring," which this match certainly was not. It was

less flashy than most ROH main events, owing to the styles of the two

wrestlers. The wrestling and strikes were all solid. The hatred for

Nigel remains strong in New York. Claudio got the fans behind him down

the stretch and started hitting high spots like a suicide dive and top

rope cross body, then a top rope flying forearm. He still couldn't get

the three count. Nigel then came back with his signature spots. Crowd

started to die, then Claudio did a ridiculously long Giant Swing and he

had them back. Nigel kept trying to win with his arm submission but

Claudio kept finding a way out. Likewise, Nigel kept escaping the Ricola

Bomb. Finally, Claudio reversed the Jawbreaker into the Ricola Bomb!...

for two. He kicked out of several more lariats before finally tapping to

the arm submission. Very good match, nothing epic about it though,

especially compared to the last Manhattan main event (McGuinness vs.


Overall, good show, but I liked the Virginia debut better. This show had

more angle development. It didn't feel like a home run to me for a debut

in the new venue, but as a wrestling show on its own merits, it was

worthwhile. I don't think I will buy this DVD. Thanks, Dave.

Notes: The FIP match had no time limit and surprisingly went less than fifteen minutes. The crowd was very into it. Towards the end of the scramble match, Delirious blinded Brent Albright, sticking his fingers in Brent’s eyes. This led to Brent accidentally using his half nelson suplex on Chris Hero. Delirious then used his Chemical Imbalance No. 2 driver to pin Hero. After the match Larry Sweeney was irate and blamed Brent for the loss. He told Albright he could redeem himself if he beat up Bobby Dempsey. He refused. Sweeney asked why when all the other members of Sweet and Sour would. Sara Del Ray, Johnny Fairplay (not an actual member but the Hollywood liaison), Eddie Edwards, Shane Hagadorn and Chris Hero all proceeded to hit Bobby. When given another chance he clocked all the other Sweet and Sour member except for Larry who escaped and Adam Pearce who wasn’t there. He used his half nelson suplex on Sara del Ray who had to be helped from the ring. Daizee Haze announced a new attendance record but didn’t say what it was. Delirious came out dressed, wearing a long tie and wirh a rose behind his back. In his own lizard way he asked Daizee Haze to dinner at Nobu, a popular Japanese restaurant in Manhattan. Before she could answer, Rhett Titus came out and did some corny rhymes putting over his physique. He wanted to get with her but she left the ring. Rhett followed leaving a forlorn Delirious in the ring with the crowd chanting “You got cockblocked” at him. Towards the end of the Tag tTitle match, which was No DQ, Necro came out. Then Mark Briscoe, came out, with a big cast on his wrist. He took care of Necro and executed the springboard doomsday device on Tyler which led to the pin. All in all this was a great debut show for the Hammerstein and it ended at 11:00PM, a good twenty to thirty minutes earlier than normal. The next show at the Hammerstein is August 2 and the Motor City Machine Guns will be on the card.
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Честно казано очаквах повече и изглежда не се е получило толкова добро шоу.Дано все пак репортите да лъжат и когато го гледам да се насладя на макс,а и не се съмнявам,че ако не качесвото на мачовете,то публиката е била страхотна.Явно Necro vs. Mori не се е получило толкова добро,а аз очаквах това да е един от мачовете на вечерта.

Явно tag team мача е бил страхотен,но това се е нормално.Аз не знам скоро да е имало слаб мач с участието на тези кечисти!

На 2ри Август отново в Hammerstein!!!!!!!!!!!!

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