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AJPW - резултати от 29-ти април 2008


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Suwama finally pulled off the victory he longed for against Kensuke Sasaki! The Aichi crowd was solidly behind the young ace as he pulled off a succession of big moves and finished off Sasaki with his new Frog Splash to win the Triple Crown! Osamu Nishimura lost his three match series, defeating both NOSAWA & MAZADA, but losing out to TAKEMURA, meaning that he lost the match overall. Ryuji Hijikata is also the new Jr. Heavyweight Champion, and Kaz Hayashi will be his first defense! TARU dawned all black hair for the first time in quite a while for the World Tag Title bout which was said to be pretty good as the VM combo had Muto bleeding profusely, but in the end with the overwhelming support of the Aichi crowd (most of whom where there to watch Muto win the IWGP in Osaka), the Muto/Joe combo retained the title. GURENTAI members, Taiyo Kea & Minoru Suzuki intruded after the match and nominated themselves as the next challengers to Muto & Joe's titles. Hiroshi Yamato canceled his appearance on what has been disclosed as emergency business so the opener was changed to a tag with Hajime Suruga being removed from the show.

AJPW, 4/29/08 (GAORA TV)

Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium

1. Nobutaka Araya & Nobukazu Hirai beat T28 & KAI (10:56) when Araya used a moonsault press on T28.

2. Kaz Hayashi, El Samurai & Katsuhiko Nakajima beat Shuji Kondo, "brother" YASSHI & Al Daivari (13:14) when Hayashi used the Final Cut on YASSHI.

3. Taiyo Kea & Minoru Suzuki beat Seiya Sanada & Manabu Soya (14:42) when Kea used the TKO34th on Sanada.

4. NOSAWA Rongai, MAZADA & TAKEMURA beat Osamu Nishimura (22:27). Osamu Nishimura beat NOSAWA Rongai (12:40) with the figure four leglock. Osamu Nishimura beat MAZADA (13:27) with an inside cradle. TAKEMURA beat Osamu Nishimura (22:27) with a German Suplex hold.

5. AJPW World Jr. Heavyweight Title: Ryuji Hijikata beat Silver King © (17:41) with a modified armlock (Hijikata becomes the 25th champion).

6. AJPW World Tag Team Title: Keiji Muto & Joe Doering © beat TARU & ZODIAC (18:48) when Muto used the Shining Wizard on TARU (1st defense).

7. Triple Crown: Suwama beat Kensuke Sasaki © (29:55) with a frog splash (Suwama becomes the 37th champion).

Всичко се е развило както трябваше да се развие. Звучи като стабилно шоу. Ключовите мачове ще се гледат.

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